The Trembling World

Chapter 418

Chapter 418 – Train System

TL: LifeisaJourney

Once they were notified of the situation, Han GuangMing and Gao Sun spent the rest of the day rushing over. They were very excited about the given opportunity, even if they didn’t completely trust everything Zhao Meng had said.

They were skeptical. To have survived this long, people had to develop a certain degree of skepticism. There was a good reason to be skeptical about it. Without risking your life, you could sleep there overnight and reach level 10 by the time you wake up? Could there be such a good deal without any hidden dangers attached? From what they saw on Zhao Meng’s wrist watch, that was indeed the case.

Han GuangMing and Gao Sun rushed over as quickly as they could. With NaNa as a guide, they used the shortest route. They were afraid that if they wasted any time, then this golden opportunity would disappear.


“Lord Liu, there were no updates from you, so there were rumors spreading that you died in the laboratory. I wasn’t able to suppress the masses, it was fortunate that Vice-captain Yin He and Zhao Meng returned in time… Even Zhao Meng reached level 10?” Han GuangMing confirmed with Liu Gan.

“Yes, soon you will join them as level 10 warriors,” Liu Gan confirmed. At present, Han GuangMing was one of his most trusted aides. Liu Gan thought very highly of Han GuangMing. This chance to level up very quickly was definitely going to be awarded to him.

“Then… that is very enticing!” Han GuangMing shouted, starting to tremble with excitement. To level up to 10, skipping levels and without danger! This was an achievement that he could only dream of! If he had to do it alone, there was no way he could accomplish it. By following Liu Gan loyally, all he had to do was to lay down in the capsule.


Under Li Bai Sen’s instructions, Han GuangMing and Gao Sun entered the capsule to sleep, and after a few hours they woke up. They were both level 10. Along with the level up, they both had new abilities.

“Normally, who provides the supplies to this facility?” Liu Gan asked Li Bai Sen.

“There is a train system that reaches the foot of the mountain at the secret reserve depot. The train transports the supplies from the depot back to the laboratory.” Li Bai Sen pulled out a map of the facility to explain to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan knew about the existence of a secret reserve depot and in fact, it wasn’t far away from the College of Agriculture. This reserve helped supply the Beginner Village of 4000 people. No one expected that that the Mountain Valley laboratory would be connected to the reserve depot by a train system! No wonder there weren’t any signs of roads leading up to the laboratory.

If he had known that information earlier, Zhao Meng and Han GuangMing would’ve taken that transport to reach the laboratory faster. With the train’s easy access, it would be much easier and faster to travel back and forth to the village.

There were two reserve depots that were connected to the train system. Even the required access card and keys were dropped as part of Zhan Nan Shan’s personal belongings. With this train system, Liu Gan wouldn’t have to waste a day or two of travel to reach the laboratory. Ultimately, the decision was made to leave Jiang Jin-Yuan and Gao Sun behind in the laboratory to monitor and understand the laboratory’s day-to-day operations.

Jiang Jin-Yuan and Gao Sun both had technical backgrounds. This was especially true for Gao Sun, since he had access to various technologies and knowledge of soul transfer procedures from when he was in the underwater laboratory. There were some differences in the techniques for soul transfer executed by both laboratories, but after understanding the theory, Gao Sun was able to pick up on the work.


After resolving the issues at the laboratory, Liu Gan led QiuTao, Han GuangMing and the others back to the Beginner Village. Liu Gan had advanced two levels before returning there, rising from level 10 to 12. Overall, his strength had increased immensely. Even his followers had reached level 10, so they couldn’t be compared to before.

The Beginner Village was still politically unstable. Under Zhao Meng’s control, the unrest was suppressed. By the time Liu Gan returned, there were no signs of any civil unrest.

Liu Gan’s first task was to let QiuTao continue on with the facade of playing his role of being Zhan Nan Shan, to smoke out the spies that had infiltrated the village. Relying solely on QiuTao to finish the task was just wishful thinking. As a result, Liu Gan had QiuTao by his side constantly. After the first spy showed himself, the rest of the spies showed up one after another.

There were supposed to be 13 souls in the storage, but 2 people perished during the procedure so only 11 spies had to be sought out. Among these 11 spies, there were 2 people that had reached level 10. The other 9 people were level 8 or 9. Clearly these scientists were experimenting with soul transfer techniques during the premature stages and forced the souls into the bodies. The results were quite unfavorable.

“Dragon Commander has been revived, he is now in his body. To avoid blowing our cover, don’t speak of this to others. Continue referring him as Lord Liu! If other people know about our existence then the village will become more chaotic,” QiuTao followed Liu Gan’s instructions given to him earlier. This time QiuTao had to repeat it to the spies.

“Congratulations Dragon Commander!” upon hearing the good news, the spies were very happy.

“Attention! Salute!” QiuTao announced loudly so the soldiers could perform a military salute to Liu Gan. To pull off the full act, QiuTao had to perfect his military salute and posture by practicing nonstop. No one could see through QiuTao’s bluff.

Most of it wasn’t any real memorization, but rather from muscle memory.

“Salute!” the 11 soldiers uniformly greeted Liu Gan.

“At ease…” Liu Gan replied with his own salute style that he thought would match a Major General’s rank.

“Since Dragon Commander’s soul is too powerful, if it was injected into the body all at once it would implode. There is no way for this weaker body to incorporate all of Dragon Commander’s soul. As a result, Dragon Commander’s soul suffered from partial damage and lost part of his memory. This is not only his loss, but our loss as well. This is the time that Dragon Commander needs you the most! Take this chance to show off your training and don’t embarrass yourself!” QiuTao continued to fake it as Zhan Nan Shan.

“We will obey Dragon Commander’s every command!” The soldiers were veterans. They didn’t suspect Zhan Nan Shan at all.

“Thank you for your trouble, I will still need to rely on you men. We still have a long road ahead of us. We carry the responsibility of the fate of humanity. Remember that we are soldiers, we can only succeed!” Liu Gan replied calmly as an opening statement.

“Yes sir! We will always remember that we are soldiers! For humanity, we will succeed!” the soldiers replied in unison. Liu Gan’s voice was stern and confident, making it hard for anyone to say that he was a fake.

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