The Trembling World

Chapter 416

Chapter 416 - Aura of Rage

TL: LifeisaJourney

Over twelve hours of slow injection, the Dragon Commander’s soul was turned into essence and absorbed into Liu Gan’s body.

By the time Liu Gan stepped out of the capsule, he had jumped from level 10 to level 12. According to the scientist, that was the current limit of Liu Gan’s leveling potential. Once his body used up the essence in his body, then he could continue accepting the remaining essence so he could level up more.

Aside from that, Liu Gan discovered that he had two more abilities: one active ability, Battlecry, and a passive ability, Aura of Rage.

The active ability, Battlecry, could be activated once every 15 minutes. While fighting, Liu Gan could activate the ability with a roar. Everyone he designated as an ally would have a stat increase for up to 30% for one minute.

When the Aura of Rage affected them during battle, every ally within Liu Gan’s 50 meter range would be affected by the aura. Being in this aura would be useful for those that required rage or fury, since it would automatically increase at a steady pace. The other effect was that the recipients would become enraged and fearless; they would be brave and charge forth into battle. 

According to Liu Gan, the two abilities were definitely once the Dragon Commander’s abilities. His soul was converted to spirit essence and used to nurture Liu Gan’s soul. Aside from leveling up, Liu Gan was lucky enough to receive the two abilities.

Needless to say, the Battlecry ability was useful to everyone as a stat booster. The one especially useful to Liu Gan was the Aura of Rage; this ability could increase his own rage, in turn he would store it as fury.

After reaching level 12, when his fury counter was at maximum capacity, Liu Gan could cast up to four Enhanced Crescent Blade. They could be stacked onto one target, or scattered into four different directions. Combined with Aura of Rage, Liu Gan could have unlimited Crescent Blade ability strikes; the frequency with which he could cast Enhanced Crescent Blade had significantly increased.

“If you allow me to become the manager of this laboratory, then I will have more authority to provide for your needs,” the scientist that had been helping out Liu Gan finally proposed.

There were two lively female scientist staff working in the laboratory, so Liu Gan could understand what this scientist had in mind. Regardless of what the scientist’s intentions were, they didn’t bother Liu Gan at all. In fact, Liu Gan didn’t care who was in charge of the laboratory, as long as the ultimate benefactor was himself.

This scientist was the first to turn over to a new leaf and pledge his allegiance to Liu Gan, and proved to be useful with his contributions thus far. Liu Gan immediately agreed to his request to become the new manager of the laboratory.

“My surname is Li. Call me Li Bai Sen. I am glad to be of use to you,” the scientist introduced himself.

“Then you can refer to him as Lord Liu. You made the right decision in choosing his side. Lord Liu treats his trusted aides very well.” Zhao Meng started the brainwashing technique to Li Bai Sen

“ Ah, Lord Liu! I will be under your care! I will obey your commands and do things according to your wishes!” Li Bai Sen immediately changed the way he greeted Liu Gan.

“If you help me manage this laboratory properly, I won’t treat you badly,” Liu Gan emphasized as he placed his hands on Li Bai Sen's shoulders. The laboratory had to remain operational to reap the full benefits.

“I arranged the three trials and during one of those trials you had one companion killed by the monster. My design of the laboratory has a soul capturing containment. The technology for that is still in experimental stages, and that is a functional prototype.I could tell that Lord Liu and that person had a good relationship… if there is a suitable body, I can revive him. Is that something Lord Liu would want?” Li Bai Sen suggested out.

The three trials were something Li Bai Sen had created for Zhan Nan Shan. Li Bai Sen could tell that Liu Gan valued his fallen ally, especially with the warning shout, seconds before QiuTao had died. Li Bai Sen felt that he could use this chance to earn some brownie points with Liu Gan.

“Suitable body? You… Are referring to his body?” Liu Gan followed Li Bai Sen’s gaze to Zhan Nan Shan.

“Yes! If we place him within the capsule, we can inject your Ally's soul into his body to revive,” Li Bai Sen looked unapologetically into Zhan Nan Shan’s eyes. Li Bai Sen knew that his actions, starting from the suggestion of using souls as spirit essence, were a traitorous act. If Zhan Nan Shan ever regained power, then his life would be over. To prevent  that revenge from happening, Li Bai Sen had to terminate that possibility once and for all; Zhan Nan Shan must die.

When Zhan Nan Shan was still in charge of the laboratory, he didn’t need to force the scientists that often, since they were willing to perform their own research. Li Bai Sen’s technology was quite formidable, but he wasn’t appreciated at all. With this grudge in his heart, Li Bai Sen despised Zhan Nan Shan. Pledging his allegiance to Liu Gan by killing off Zhan Nan Shan’s comrades was an unforgivable action. One must die so the other could live, for neither could live while the other existed.

“You really believe that my fallen companion’s soul won’t be held down by his soul?” Liu Gan asked skeptically.

“The idea behind that is like this…” Li Bai Sen continued to explain carefully to Liu Gan.

Earlier when Zhan Nan Shan comrade’s souls entered into the unknowing players, there were brief moments when those player’s souls were still in control. Even after leaving the capsules, these players remained in their self persona for awhile. The reason for that was to create a false impression to fool Liu Gan into entering the capsule, so the original player’s souls weren’t completely erased.

To inject QiuTao’s soul into Zhan Nan Shan, it would be an easier process than when Zhan Nan Shan’s comrades were injected into Zhao Meng and Jiang Jin-Yuan. Firstly, Li Bai Sen would boil down Zhan Nan Shan’s soul into spirit essence, then he will inject QiuTao’s soul into the empty shell. This way there wouldn’t be a conflict of interest between the old soul and the incoming new soul.

“If my companion enter into his shell, what level would he be?” Liu Gan asked Li Bai Sen, out of curiosity.

“Normally, when there is a discrepancy between the soul and body level difference then it will be averaged out. Obviously the weaker of the two would gain the most out of it. According to my information, your companion was at level 7, with Zhan Nan Shan at level 13, then it should averaged out to level 10 or level 11 after the essence is consumed. However, reaching level 11 is a very small chance,” Li Bai Sen responded.

“So you mean to say, if there is a difference between the soul’s level and the body’s level, then during assimilation the final level will fall in the range between the two?” Liu Gan confirmed with Li Bai Sen.

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