The Trembling World

Chapter 414

Chapter 414 - Spirit Essence

TL: LifeisaJourney

“You know her?” Zhan Nan Shan asked, discouraged. This was his last remaining trump card, but it wasn’t useful at all.

“She’s my friend. I came from the south to the north, riding in her jellyfish,” Liu Gan replied. Now most of his suspicions were answered.

Zhan Nan Shan established this village for two reasons. The first reason was for his Dragon Commander to find a suitable body with high innate potential. The second reason was to exchange unnecessary players as commodities to Su Nina for use as specimens. In return, Su Nina would provide them with weapons and food.

The only thing Liu Gan didn’t know was what Zhan Nan Shan and his army were trying to do in The Trembling World. What mission could they be undertaking that could be so important? From Liu Gan’s perspective, this secret mission could be the link that tied together why The Trembling World existed and what this existence was.

“Everything that he had said so far, matches what I found in the database. However, there is one discrepancy,” Yin He leaned over to whisper into Liu Gan’s ear.

“Oh? What could that be?” Liu Gan whispered back.

“In the soul storage equipment… There were originally 41 souls. With the 11 souls that were just removed, there should be 30 souls remaining in storage. However, there are only 17 souls left in storage.” Yin He glanced at Zhan Nan Shan.

“So in the Beginner Village, there are are still undercover spies.” Liu Gan understood the situation immediately.

“You want to obtain the roster of those people? Besides that, I’m sure you are very curious as to what secret mission we have been ordered to do. And most importantly, the truth behind The Trembling World, right?” Zhan Nan Shan smiled wickedly again. Seemed like he had another trump card that he could use for negotiation!

“Not interested,” Liu Gan ignored Zhan Nan Shan. Instead, Yin He and NaNa escorted the staff of scientists down to the ground floor of the laboratory.

“I am now in charge of this laboratory. One by one, you will report your research findings to me. Most importantly, be sure to tell me what benefits I can get from here. If you don’t give me an answer that I am satisfied with, I will kill you one by one until everyone is dead,” Liu Gan threatened them calmly.

Liu Gan’s threat was very effective. These scientists were threatened and intimidated by Zhan Nan Shan to work. Now that Zhan Nan Shan had been suppressed by an even fiercer person, it was natural that they obeyed the law of nature where the strongest was in command. So when Liu Gan spoke up, these scientists quickly reported their research findings to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan definitely couldn’t understand the technical jargon and reports, but Jiang Jin-Yuan was present. Jiang Jin-Yuan communicated on Liu Gan’s behalf and asked about the findings. Once Jiang Jin-Yuan understood it himself, he simplified the results for Liu Gan.

“I know you want to strengthen your body’s abilities and raise your level on the wristwatch. My research can help you accomplish that goal,” a scientist who looked around thirty-years old stepped up to Liu Gan.

“Oh? Let’s hear it,” Liu Gan was very interested now.

“The soul storage equipment still holds 17 powerful souls. If we do some sort of treatment to these souls… such as wiping away their memory and resistance factors, we can turn the souls into clean spirit essence. This will make it them easier for your soul to absorb, and become nutrition for your soul. During this time, your soul will become strengthened in the process and your levels will rise,” the scientist continued to explain.

“You are so wicked and immoral. How could you think of something that will terminate their life!” Zhan Nan Shan shouted loudly when he heard the scientist’s plan.

“Wicked? What about everything you’ve done? You don’t consider that wicked and immoral? You bait the players to take the trials, then take over their bodies once they are suitable and you trade players as commodities! People like you deserve to have their life terminated!” Zhao Meng walked over to kick Zhan Nan Shan.

“I am doing this in the name of justice! It is to save all of humanity!” Zhan Nan Shan shouted back to Zhao Meng.

“Justice my ass!” Zhao Meng continued to kick Zhan Nan Shan.

“Ahh, what you have said does interest me. Continue to explain it to my Brother Jiang here.” Liu Gan ignored Zhao Meng and Zhan Nan Shan’s bickering. Instead he patted the scientist on the shoulder to have him continue the conversation with Jiang Jin-Yuan.

After Jiang Jin-Yuan and the scientist talked, Liu Gan was able to understand most of it. This operation still required the spirit-seizing capsules, and the method was quite similar. First the player would enter into the capsule, without any drugs to suppress the player’s soul. Second, the souls in the storage would have to be treated to remove memory, resistance factors, and become harmless spirit essence. This spirit essence would be used as nutrition once injected into the body of the player.

Within the control center, there was a soul detection analyzer, it could clearly distinguish how many souls and spirits were in a body. The analyzer could also read the unique soul code for each soul. By using this instrument before and after soul injections, it could give the definitive answer for which soul was in control of the body.

After explaining the whole procedure, the scientist demonstrated it to Jiang Jin-Yuan. Jiang Jin-Yuan also confirmed that this theory was feasible. Now, they needed someone to test out the experiment’s effect. Zhao Meng hesitated briefly, before volunteering himself up for this test. Jiang Jin-Yuan would have to stay behind with the scientist to monitor the operations. This was to avoid an incident where the scientist decided to play tricks.

Just to be safe, Jiang Jin-Yuan asked Yin He to directly monitor the computer mainframe and database to watch for any suspicious activities. This way the scientist wouldn’t do anything when Jiang Jin-Yuan took his eye off him.

Liu Gan and Zhao Meng walked back to the reward capsule room. All 11 players had died on the spot. It was fortunate Liu Gan did not have to fight in that room. Otherwise, these reward capsules would’ve been destroyed in the process.

“Lord Liu, when I wake back up the next time can you ask me these questions. If any of the questions are answered incorrectly, then you know that I am no longer myself… If I become like them… If I’m not myself, please kill me,” Zhao Meng asked before stepping into the reward capsule. He was shaking from being so nervous.

“Okay, tell me,” Liu Gan nodded.

Zhao Meng continued to tell secrets about himself that took place in the real world and only he would know. The next time he woke up, if he answered any of the questions incorrectly, it would mean the experiment had failed; his body was taken over by another soul.

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