The Trembling World

Chapter 412

Chapter 412 - All in vain

TL: LifeisaJourney

“Amongst his companions, there is one important person to Zhan Nan Shan. It is the person whom he calls Dragon Commander.”

“Since they no longer have their own bodies, they have to forcibly take over other player’s bodies.

“Due to their previous experimental results, if the player doesn’t have a high level, then the discrepancy between body and incoming soul will cause severe damage to the body.

“So Zhan Nan Shan created the Beginner Village in hopes of gathering talented individuals with high innate skills. By centralizing all resources, the mundane tasks can be left to others and the talented individuals can focus on leveling up as quickly as possible, at least until their bodies reach the minimum requirement,”

“If the soul and body level difference was quite minimal, then after the takeover, the original level will be retained. However, the chance of finding a player that is close to the original level of the soul will come with a diminishing return.

“Clearly, this is a long-term plan. For the fulfillment of this objective, they can selectively pick out the talented individuals from the flock. That is why they didn’t stop searching for more players.

“I am a target that they highly value. I displayed my strength in public, so Zhan Nan Shan knew that he couldn’t force me in here. If I was like other regular players, he would have simply ordered me to come here.

“Everything was according to his plan. He pretended to nonchalantly hand the map over to me so I could find it like a treasure hunter.

“Then he came up with the idea of three trials, with the incentive of giving rewards after finishing the trials. We would’ve been so invested into working for the reward, that we would voluntarily enter into the reward capsule. At that point, we would only be thinking of what generous reward it might be.

“They were really racking their brains with all this scheming. All of it was in vain, since I wouldn’t fall for it so easily. Now their plan is coming apart. Second Elder, what do you say about my speculation?” Liu Gan knelt beside Zhan Nan Shan.

“You are right. About 70 percent of it,” Zhan Nan Shan sighed.

“These people have really bad intentions! To have established a village for an evil purpose like this shady business!” Zhao Meng and Jiang Jin-Yuan were shocked and resentful.

They were looking forward to reaping the generous rewards of the three trials, but now they understood that it was all a scam. They felt betrayed and lied to. It was understandable that they were in a bad mood, it was even acceptable if they had intentions of killing Zhan Nan Shan.

“As for the remaining 30 percent, it probably relates to establishing the village, right? You are supporting so many players on your payroll. Your reasoning can’t be as simple as using it to selectively choose better candidates, right?” Liu Gan guessed. He could tell that Zhan Nan Shan was a true soldier; no matter what torture was used, Zhan Nan Shan wouldn’t spill any secrets.

“I am a soldier. During the beta period, I was with over a hundred elites following a Major General. He is the one I call Dragon Commander. We were in the game to execute a crucial mission…” Zhan Nan Shan said to Liu Gan.

Since they entered the game relatively early, they were using a mouse and keyboard to level up to 10. Under the leadership of the Dragon Commander, he was able to reach level 15.

When catastrophe struck the Central Island, the conditions were far worse than they could imagine. It was so dreadful that it was hard to even survive. There weren’t only zombies, monsters, and beasts. There were strange encounters with extraterrestrials and aliens with their flying saucers and androids. These strange beings had an armor that was practically impenetrable, most attacks were useless against them.

The majority of the beta players were dead or severely injured, everyone had the same idea. It was to escape into the surrounding satellite islands. Without a functioning form of transportation, it was close to impossible trying to escape the city.

Zhan Nan Shan’s army of soldiers was well-trained. They even had more information than the average beta players. Their Dragon Commander was able to lead them to the Spatial Transfer Gate on Central Island. It was there that Zhan Nan Shan captured another beta player Qiu Zi Tao as the first guinea pig to send through to the Spatial Transfer Gate. Both Zhan Nan and Qiu Zi Tao were the first two to arrive at the secret laboratory behind the College of Agriculture.

Which was their current location at the laboratory.

Mr. Sheng’s map wasn’t wrong at all. This laboratory did have a Spatial Transfer Gate, but this wasn’t the Spatial Gate that could send someone back to the real world. It was unable to send anyone through the gate. This Spatial Transfer Gate was an exit, a one way trip that received players that had been sent to it.

This Mountain Valley secret laboratory specialized in studying the transplanting of human souls into new bodies, and anti-rejection drugs. A few of the instruments were connected to the Spatial Transfer Gate. After Qiu Zi Tao and Zhan Nan Shan arrived through the gate, it became unstable. The members on Central Island followed in Zhan Nan Shan’s footstep, but only their souls were transferred over. Their bodies were torn apart in a different dimension.

At that time on the Central Island, there were androids patrolling and closing in on the location. Even though the Spatial Transfer Gate was unstable, they were forced to pass through the gate. One by one the players were forcibly transferred over. Zhan Nan Shan sensed the severity of the situation, but he couldn’t communicate with the players on the Central Island to stop. His only option was to pressure the scientist staff in this laboratory to stabilize the Spatial Transfer Gate.

Unfortunately, the staff of scientists didn’t have the technology to stabilize the Spatial Transfer Gate. Under Zhan Nan Shan’s coercion, they thought of a compromise. They opted to use their soul storage equipment to temporary store the souls that were transferred over.

Of over a hundred soldiers, only Zhan Nan Shan was able to make it through safely. Around forty souls were stored in time, as the rest of the souls transferred before the solution was reached. Among the stored souls was the Major General, their Dragon Commander. Only their Dragon Commander was able to interact with the outside world through simple communications.

As such, only Zhan Nan Shan could revive his companions into appropriate shells. Then they could continue on their secret mission they had received from the real world.

It was unfortunate for them that after the server was released to public, all of the new players in NinJing City were level 1. They couldn’t encompass a level 10 soul within their bodies. Zhan Nan Shan found that out the hard way. He experimented twice with forcibly injecting a soul into a body; the result was the body exploding. After losing two comrades-in-arms, he didn’t want to do any more experiments haphazardly.

Zhan Nan Shan consulted with Dragon Commander on what to do. This was when Zhan Nan Shan had the idea of starting up a very large village. Using his level advantage, he was able to unite most of the northern district. By recruiting players into the Beginner Village, he was able to provide a comfortable and safe environment to train and select the best candidates.

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