The Trembling World

Chapter 410

Chapter 410 - Witchcraft

TL: LifeisaJourney

“Even with such a strong anesthetic, it is fucking useless against you… Seems like I still haven’t been able to grasp the full extent of your potential. No matter, you will be forced into the reward capsule!” Zhan Nan Shan was getting more aggressive, and appeared to be getting more nervous by that fact.

“You planned for such a long time, it can’t be just these tactics?” Liu Gan frowned disappointingly. He was still waiting for Zhan Nan Shan’s big move!

“So you really want to do things the hard way. Then, I can only resort to these uncivilized means! Everyone charge! Force him into the reward capsule!” Zhan Nan Shan ordered the players around Liu Gan.

“Yes, sir!” these soldiers responded as they charged toward Liu Gan with circular weapons.

“You can all go die!”

Right as the soldiers reached within a meter of him, Liu Gan casually waved his hand from left to right. He was masking his [Psychic Shock] with the hand motion; the ability was simultaneously used on the players. In his other hand, Liu Gan readied his greataxe to prepare for the next strike...

The next following series of events surprised Liu Gan; it even surprised Zhan Nan Shan. The soldiers suffered from the ability as they collapsed into fetal positions on the ground. The soldiers kept screaming in pain as they held onto their heads.

They all tore off their gas mask, blood was flowing turbulently from their noses. One by one, the soldiers fell. The soldier’s body were twitching from muscle spasms. They were contorting to different shapes that he had only imagined. The painful expressions the soldiers had on their faces showed that they had lost the will to fight.

“HEY! HEY! HEY! What did you do?” Zhan Nan Shan couldn’t sit still; he couldn’t figure out what Liu Gan had done. Relying on data from the hour-long fight of Liu Gan against Qiu Zi Tao, Zhan Nan Shan thought he had evaluated his enemy’s ability correctly. Not only did the anesthetic gas fail to affect Liu Gan, but a casual wave from his hand was able to cause all the soldiers to suffer. Every soldier lost the ability to fight.

Could it be a never-before-seen type of witchcraft?

“This is so disappointing. I didn’t even start to fight and they are overwhelmed already?” Liu Gan shook his head. It didn’t take long for Liu Gan to figure out how what had happened.

These soldiers had their souls forcefully implanted into the body of the players. Normally, the body would require time to adapt and therapy before full control was attained. It was similar to being going through organ transplant surgery. Even post-surgery treatment would require immunosuppressant drugs to suppress the body from rejecting the new organs. However, Liu Gan didn’t fall for Zhan Nan Shan’s scheme. The soldiers were in no condition to put up a fight.

The new souls contained within the bodies were still highly unstable, but only on a spiritual level. Their bodies wouldn’t have had a problem in a normal fist fight. In fact, they would’ve been quite capable in pressuring Liu Gan if they worked together. The problem was that right before the fight, Liu Gan activated [Psychic Shock]. This was the psychic ability he had obtained in the Island Lake laboratory.

This psychic ability was suitable for weakening an opponent. Against these players with unstable souls, it was like striking their Achilles heel. It caused their souls to lose control by detaching from the body.

The new souls were also harmed in the process. This allowed the original souls to temporarily regain control. By natural order, their bodies favored the original soul. The internal conflict between new and old souls competing intensified the stress reflected on the body. The body was never meant to contain two disharmonious souls. The byproduct of the conflict was their body contortions, muscle spasms, and nose bleeds. The internal damage to their organs was more severe than the damage displayed on the surface.

“You aren't human. You are a demon!” Zhan Nan Shan couldn't sit back any more.

“Second Elder, no need to hide anymore. Come fight against me. Your plan has been foiled already!” Liu Gan shouted loudly. He wanted to spar and stretch his muscles, but wasn't able to get what he wanted.

Zhan Nan Shan didn't reply back. With the anesthetic gas proving to be ineffective, it had been turned off a while earlier. Jiang Jin-Yuan and Zhao Meng started to show signs of regaining consciousness..

“What happened?” Jiang Jin-Yuan and Zhao Meng asked when they woke from their slumber. They witnessed the players in contorted positions that you could only find in horror movies.

“They wanted to force us into those capsules. They aren’t dangerous. One of my moves was able to knock them all down,” Liu Gan shook his head regretfully. He missed his chance to fight against close to a dozen players. If he had known that his actions would have this effect, he definitely wouldn’t have used [Psychic Shock] so early on.

“Lord Liu! Save me…” one of the contorted players whispered to Liu Gan. The player stretched his hand to reach out to Liu Gan; it seemed his ability was able to return the original soul to controlling status. It didn’t mean the new soul had been expelled, like an exorcism had been performed. No, the new soul was still contesting for its new shell. The endless torture was like they were in purgatory.

“So this… is this their original self?” Zhao Meng heard the honorifics being used by the players again.

“The new souls suffered intensive damage, so the original souls took advantage to regain control,” Liu Gan nodded.

“Oh, so does that mean they will be fine now?” Zhao Meng asked.

“Yes, seems like the original souls will maintain their foothold on the body. Except, their bodies are completely useless now,” Liu Gan nodded.

“Now you know how to beg Lord Liu for help? Didn’t you say that you wanted to gang up on Lord Liu? You ingrateful inbreds! Go die!” Zhao Meng kicked the player aside. Seeing the player’s suffering faces, Zhao Meng felt relieved.

“What about the Second Elder?” Jiang Jin-Yuan asked Liu Gan. Before they had fainted, the Second Elder was still mumbling through the speakers. Except, it was quiet now. Very quiet.

“I don’t know, he is probably terrified,” Liu Gan looked around alertly. As of now, Zhan Nan Shan hadn’t made any new moves.

“I have taken control of the laboratory. Zhan Nan Shan has been captured by me,” Yin He’s voice came through the speakers.

“Haha… my darling, you got here quite fast!” Liu Gan had a warm feeling. He felt uneasy with the silence, but now he felt much better. Earlier, NaNa had transmitted a message to Yin He, requesting backup. He hadn’t thought she would come to his rescue so fast. She had even charged right into the control center to capture Zhan Nan Shan.

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