The Trembling World

Chapter 409

Chapter 409 - Impossible To Escape

TL: LifeisaJourney

“Hahaha, Brother Liu, you know me really well. I am starting to admire you even more! If it wasn’t for the mission that I have to fulfill, I would love to have a friend like you. I bear the burden of an important mission; it carries the significance of the fate of the human race!” Zhan Nan Shan laughed loudly.

“Thank you, you put me in too high regard. Ever since I met with Second Elder, you have been praising me nonstop. If it was anyone else, they would’ve succumbed to your sweet talk. I’m a rather clear-minded person. When I hear flattery, I will become even more suspicious. I won’t be fooled that easily,” Liu Gan replied back to Zhan Nan Shan.

“You are truly a perfect host. A person with strong soul and firm willpower would definitely have a strong shell. You should be proud to be the next host for my organization’s true leader - the Dragon Commander. He will enjoy your shell once he takes control of it. Aside from you, I don’t think there will be a more suitable candidate to sacrifice to the Dragon Commander. You are definitely the miracle we were waiting for! It was as if you were specifically prepared for us!” Zhan Nan Shan continued.

“Your organization’s true leader, Dragon Commander, should be at least level 15 or above, right? He only has the soul left, I can imagine how hard it would be to find another body that is level 15 to match his soul on NinJing Island. So people like me, level 10 is the most acceptable?” Liu Gan replied to Zhan Nan Shan.

Hearing Zhan Nan Shan and Liu Gan’s conversation, Jiang Jin-Yuan and Zhao Meng were still confused. They couldn’t follow the content of Zhan Nan Shan and Liu Gan’s discussion. Who is the person that they speak of, the Dragon Commander? Was Qiu Zi Tao was still alive? What is this issue about level 15 and above? The more they asked, the more they realized they how much they didn’t know.

Zhan Nan Shan’s true leader, Dragon Commander, wasn’t the already dead Qiu Zi Tao? It was Zhan Nan Shan’s organization leader. Everything Zhan Nan Shan had planned so far, it was all to revive the Dragon Commander.

Evidently, their technology was very different than Su Nina’s technology.

“With a perfect shell like yours, even if your level isn’t high, it is acceptable. Your body is very fit and you possess unlimited potential. If Dragon Commander occupies your body, it wouldn’t even take long for him to level back up. I’ve talked with Dragon Commander about you, he was quite satisfied with your shell. I am forced to make a move on you,” Zhan Nan Shan continued.

“You really want me to take over my body, but that isn’t as simple as you would imagine,” Liu Gan chuckled.

“Do you think you have the right to negotiate? You are trapped meters underground, with reinforced concrete and steel plates built into the foundation of the structure. It will be quite difficult for you to escape! Did I mention that you are surrounded by level 10 players that are under my command. Their original levels exceeded level 10, many souls were up to level 13 and 14. During the beta period, we were all on the Central Island with a mission to fulfill. We have our unrelenting spirit and determination to rely on! With military background from different fields, we have to do what is necessary. We are Special Forces!

“So, even if you beat two or three of them, can you handle all ten soldiers at the same time? I encourage you to behave yourself and enter the reward capsule on your own. If I have to use force, I have a hundred different ways to make you submit to my will! Even though we were once friends and I admire you, I don’t want to resort to that. If your shell gets hurt in the process, I wouldn’t want to damage the goods,” Zhan Nan Shan urged Liu Gan.

“On active duty?”

Liu Gan narrowed his eyes as the conversation progressed. Zhan Nan Shan’s statement hinted that during the beta period the army was already settled in The Trembling World when it was still a game. That would mean their conspiracy wasn’t limited solely to the creation of Beginner Village. If the conspiracy was planned even before the server release date, then everything from the catastrophe to the trapped players would fall under this conspiracy.

“Yes, I am a Major. I am carrying out my my duties as a soldier. This isn’t a game, it is a war! It is a war to save our world. I will do whatever methods it takes to succeed. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I must use everything at my disposal, including your body! No matter how hard you struggle, it is futile! Just obey my command and enter into the capsule!” Zhan Nan Shan’s tone became more aggressive.

“So you were a ranked officer? It’s too bad that I’m not your soldier. Your commands are meaningless to me…” Liu Gan shrugged. According to all the clues given, his speculations were almost complete.

“Okay, since I’m unable to command you. I can command the soldiers that are surrounding you; they are my best subordinates. They have devoted their life to this cause. Needless to say, they will do their best to carry out their mission,” Zhan Nan Shan reminded Liu Gan.

After Zhan Nan Shan’s statement, it was cue for the remaining players to make a move on Liu Gan.

“No problem! Let them try! I love getting into fights. Fighting one to one isn’t fun at all, it is only satisfying when fighting against a group of people!” Liu Gan instigated as he stretched out his muscles. Bones cracked throughout his body at the joints, it was a horrifying sound.

“You refused my kindness and prefer to do things the hard way! Dragon Commander fancies your body, consider that a honor! When we finish our mission, we will tell stories of your sacrifice! As a martyr, you will be hailed as a hero! If you put up with a stubborn resistance, then you are declaring that you are an enemy of humanity! You will have to forgive us for being rude!” Zhan Nan Shan continued to exert his influence.

“Bullshit! You give yourself too much credit. If you want to test my patience, then let them come at me!” Liu Gan unrelentingly announced.

The rewarded players didn’t immediately lunge toward Liu Gan. They moved to the cabinet doors on the walls. The cabinet doors were popped open remotely by Zhan Nan Shan. They equipped themselves with never-before-seen weapons, and put on gas masks.

White gaseous smoke was released into the ventilation ducts and leaked into the room. This gas had anesthetic properties. For that reason, Zhao Meng and Jiang Jin-Yuan held their breath, but they couldn’t last more than a few minutes. Zhao Meng and Jiang Jin-Yuan collapsed onto the floor shortly after.

Liu Gan stood in place as if nothing was wrong in the first place. Zhan Nan Shan didn’t know about Liu Gan’s ability to breathe through his skin instead of his mouth. Liu Gan could extract as much water from his Dimensional Storage Space for oxygen as he needed.

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