The Trembling World

Chapter 407

Chapter 407 - Capsules

TL: LifeisaJourney

“Yes! You do have a point. We should group together!” Another rewarded player glanced in the direction of Liu Gan. Then he started chiming in with the other players. As members of the Elder Committee, their relationship with each other was a lot better than it was with Liu Gan. It was fortunate that they were able to level to 10 together, so they could work with each other.

Once they bonded together, at least they didn’t have to be dependent on Liu Gan’s will; Liu Gan couldn’t order them around like he used to, they felt. With strength in numbers, they could even expel Liu Gan from the village and pick a new leader.

“Lord Liu, did you hear what they just said? These people are such…” Zhao Meng was in such disgust when he heard the unrestrained conversation between the players. He was at the end of his patience.

Even though the players were now level 10, Zhao Meng was only level 6. If he had an angry outburst, he didn’t have the strength to provoke these players. They could kill him like an ant. If he was left alone with these players, his life would be as cold as ice.

“Relax.” Liu Gan wasn’t angry at all. All he did was sit on the chair with a relaxed look while petting NaNa.

“The remaining players, please claim your reward. Afterwards you can safely ride the elevator to return. If you choose to give up on your reward, then after half an hour the reward capsule will remain sealed forever.” The mainframe noticed there were three players who hadn’t claimed a reward yet.

“Lord Liu, we really shouldn’t enter?” Zhao Meng asked Liu Gan one more time. He was hoping that Liu Gan’s judgement was wrong, or his mind would change if he asked once more. The rewards didn’t seem to come with a side effect, could it be that they are overly cautious.

“Mainframe, don’t rush us. Why would you need to rush?” Liu Gan glanced at Zhao Meng.

“Lord Liu is right.” Zhao Meng glanced at the reward capsule. Everytime someone mentioned the word reward, it was just too tempting to refuse.

“Mainframe, can we leave first, then?” The other players didn’t want to continue standing around in that location.They wanted to rush out to gather more support and scheme.

“No. Once everyone claims their reward, they can leave together. Shortly after, I will seal off this part of the laboratory forever. After that, no one in the future can obtain rewards if they pass through the trials,” the mainframe responded.

“The reward laboratory will seal in half an hour. Brother Liu, you should hurry up!”

“Yes! We are very tired. Let’s hurry up and go back to the village to sleep…”

“Don’t waste other people’s time!”

The player heard the mainframe’s answer. One by one, they urged Liu Gan. After they decided to work together, they lost all respect for Liu Gan.

“If you want to leave, then leave. Why are you still here mumbling?” Liu Gan finally spoke up.

“Brother Liu, you are quite funny. Didn’t the mainframe tell us? We need you to come with us! Otherwise, none of us can leave,” the player angrily spoke back.

“Yeah! You are wasting our time!” The other players started to work with each other. As Elder Committee members, they were able to forge bonds quickly.

Liu Gan glanced at the players, he didn’t care for them anymore. That was when he started petting NaNa on the head again.

Sigh… how can someone be like this?”

“No team spirit!”

“Poor manners!”

“Seems like it is due to the lack of proper education…”

Several players continued to vent their frustrations and blame Liu Gan. In fact, they were quite loud so everyone could hear.

Zhao Meng continued to glare, as that was all he can do. What he wanted to do is beat up these ungrateful players. He regretted not doing that before, and he definitely can't do that now. Even one of their punched would be lethal to him.

At this time, lights in the room darkened, warning lights started flashing. The fire alarm siren was echoing.

“Please hurry and claim your reward! The system is failing. If you don't claim the reward now, it will become ineffective! If you wait too long, then don't regret if you can't get any reward later!” The mainframe started becoming more impatient.

 Liu Gan patted NaNa on the head. Without any expression, he replied to the mainframe, “Then render it ineffective. I never had any intentions of claiming the reward.”

“You three should just obediently claim your reward! Don't waste our time!” The arrogant players started to lash out at Liu Gan, Zhao Meng, and Jiang JinYuan.

“You can't wait that long? You should be nose bleeding anytime now,” Liu Gan continued.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, the players started to bleed from their nose. They wiped it off as if they didn't mind it. Now they were glaring maliciously at Liu Gan, like completely different personalities.

“Lord Liu, what is the matter?” Zhao Meng and Jiang JinYuan were surprised at how accurate the prediction was. Then, with the change in attitude, they could confirm that something suspicious was going on.

“If my guess is right, these aren't reward capsule. It is some sort of high-tech spirit-seizing device. The players that entered the capsule were injected with another person's soul. Since it was forcefully implemented into the new body, it was in an unstable condition. With the hostile takeover of the new body, it was still hard to adjust to the player’s body.

“Now that they realize I won’t enter the spirit seizing capsule, they want to use physical force to pressure us. To do that, they need complete control of their new bodies. By forcing the process of adapting to the new body, it causes harm to the new body. The biggest clue to that was the nose bleeding.” Liu Gan told Zhao Meng and Jiang JinYuan.

“However, when I climbed out of the water, I also had a nose bleed…” Zhao Meng recalled.

“Ever since entering the laboratory, you have been breathing in the air that had special chemicals mixed in. It must have some gaseous volatile drug mixed in. The more you breathe it in, the easier it is for your body to adapt to accepting new souls. So the more drug there is in your system, the more harmful it is to your body. Certain phenomena, like nose bleeding, will show up,” Liu Gan continued to speculate.

“You also inhaled the drug?” Zhao Meng and Jiang JinYuan started to sniff out the surroundings with fear.

“As long as you don’t enter those spirit seizing capsules, then nothing will happen. However, if you enter the capsules, your body will be taken over by someone else. Just like how they are now. Before the nose bleed, they were still themselves. After the nose bleed, they are different people.” Liu Gan looked at the malicious players.

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