The Trembling World

Chapter 406

Chapter 406 - Meaningful

TL: LifeisaJourney

“You people still haven’t thanked Lord Liu for his kindness! Without Lord Liu guiding you through these three trials, you wouldn’t have been able to obtain level 10 at all!” Zhao Meng angrily shouted at the players.

Even now Zhao Meng felt that it was quite unfair. These people had gained everything, but they still hadn’t given thanks to the person responsible yet. Rewards like these were supposed to be meant for loyal players who had been with Liu Gan since the beginning.

“Yes, you are right! All this is due to Brother Liu!” several players started replying to Zhao Meng. In their manner of speech, they were quite arrogant with a slight condescending tone. They were very respectful towards Liu Gan, when they were still level 5 and 6. Now that they were all level 10, they felt like they could disregard Liu Gan.

Since they were all level 10 now, they felt that they were peers now. So even saying the “Brother” in Brother Liu, they feel like they had paid their respects to Liu Gan already. When they returned to Beginner Village, no one could stand against them. So if they worked together now, even Liu Gan would have to respect them, right? There was no way they could let just one person rule the village.

Upon hearing the words “Brother Liu” and their rude attitude, Zhao Meng got even angrier. Zhao Meng glanced at Liu Gan, at which point he discovered that Liu Gan wasn’t angry at the attitude of the outrageous players. Liu Gan had on a calm demeanor, which discouraged Zhao Meng. If Liu Gan wasn’t mad at this, then what right did he have to be mad?

Judging from Liu Gan’s former style, he would be in a bad mood when dealing with players like these. He wouldn’t be this calm.

After another slow two hours, the reward capsule released four more players. When Liu Gan left the village, he brought along 15 players. Along the way, two players had died. The first batch of four players accepted the rewards after the first unnamed player. Then, another batch of four players came out. All that were left were Liu Gan and four other players.

After the second batch of four players left, another two players rushed into the available capsules. Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng really wanted to enter into the reward capsule, but it was only right that they ask Liu Gan first.

“Lord Liu, you should go in first,” Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng suggested to Liu Gan. Even though they didn’t want to be the last batch of players to claim the reward, they were used to seeking Liu Gan’s advice.

At the same time, they highly respected Liu Gan. It was due to his guidance that they were still alive, so his opinions are highly valued.

“I won’t enter it. You shouldn’t enter it either. This is a trap. These people are in big trouble. You will see the reason very soon,” Liu Gan told the two. Maintaining his expression, Liu Gan sat in the chair.

“Lord Liu, did you discover something?” Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng whispered in concern. The rewards were too generous, it was quite an enticing offer. As proof, those previous players who had claim the reward were still live and running about! There was nothing visibly abnormal about them.

Deep down, Zhao Meng and Jiang JinYuan hoped that this reward capsule wasn’t a trap. If it was a trap, then it was quite disheartening. They thought that this was a rare chance to rise to level 10 in one go! Those players didn’t deserve the rewards, and they were quite ungrateful about it. But, since they were all there, it was inevitable.

“It is hard to say now, but the result will show itself. You guys, don’t have to be too disappointed. If it doesn’t work this time, there will always be another chance in the future. I will find a chance for you to reach level 10. The right way to reach level 10. Not like them…” Liu Gan looked at the bunch of excited level 10 players.

Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng glanced at each other. This type of jumping levels was an alluring offer. However, the moment Liu Gan warned them, they didn’t want to attempt something that dangerous. They knew that Liu Gan was very cautious, so he would never miscalculate.

“Why haven’t you claimed your reward?” the rewarded players asked the three remaining people - Liu Gan, Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng. It was strange, why they haven’t claim their reward yet.

“We… choose to give up the reward” Zhao Meng whimpered once. Then, repeated it louder the next time so the players could hear it.

“What? Why would you give it up? This is such a good opportunity!”

“Yes! Are you stupid?”

“You are overly cautious.”

“This is unreasonable…”

All the player had on unimaginable expressions.

“We like our current level now, why would we want to rush the level up?” Zhao Meng glared at those players. The question was something he wanted to direct at Liu Gan instead of the players. With Liu Gan’s warning, these rewarded players will have trouble in the near future.

This was something that Zhao Meng didn’t quite understand. The rewarded players still hadn’t shown any troublesome signs yet. So he could only hope that Liu Gan was right. If these rewarded players didn’t show any problems, then only he and Jiang JinYuan hadn’t obtained the reward. What a depressing day.

The rest of the rewarded players kept discussing how stupid it was to forgo the reward. At the same time, they started discussing their newly awakened abilities; they cared most about how they could show off their might in the village.

Naturally, one or two players felt that Liu Gan’s actions were strange. They also worried that the reward capsule were a trap, but such worries were brushed away by the success of awakening an ability. Subconsciously, they brushed away any worries.

Even after such a long period of time, there was nothing wrong with the rewarded players’ bodies. So what was the worry? Liu Gan and the other two must be stupid, to give up such a good reward!

After another two hours, the last two players also claimed their reward, and finished obtaining it a similar amount of time later. They walked out of the capsule toward the other players as they compared their abilities.

The last two players claiming their rewards were excited to demonstrate their abilities to the others. One after another, they were debating who had the better ability.

“We people need to bond together. If we bond together, we will become an unstoppable force. That way we don’t have to be dependent on other people!” The first player who had claimed the reward started to rope in the other level 10 players. This was also the same player who had cursed at Liu Gan.

This person knew that after cursing at Liu Gan, his future was very limited. So even if he returned back to the village, he wouldn’t have it easy. Now that he was level 10 and had activated new abilities, he had to rope in new allies. With more allies, they didn’t have to fear Liu Gan, since they would have strength in numbers.

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