The Trembling World

Chapter 403

Chapter 403 - Generous Rewards

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Seeing that Liu Gan was charging over, the Kingler held out his pincers just as quickly to squeeze Liu Gan. However, Liu Gan wasn’t like his past self. This time, his speed was much higher than when he first encountered a Kingler. He was at least ten times faster. So, in other player’s eyes, a Kingler’s pincers were fast. However, in Liu Gan’s eyes, it was fairly slow. Liu Gan easily dodged the attack.

Then, Liu Gan activated his [Crescent Blade] ability onto the Kingler’s face. Instantly, the Kingler’s face had a deep gash that was ten centimeters deep. The pain surprised the Kingler and caused it to jump backwards. It was getting violent. With both pincers swinging around wildly, it would brush against the columns like an explosion. Even the platforms were dented in the process. The dust from concrete and rubble covered Liu Gan’s body.

Other players heard Liu Gan’s order loud and clear. They ran far away and climbed onto the platforms to watch the fight scene. This type of fight was beyond their capabilities, and they were in shock and awe. That was when they understood what it meant to be a trial. If it weren’t for Liu Gan fighting against the Kingler, they wouldn’t have lasted more than a few seconds. Their fates would be the same as QiuTao’s.

Liu Gan took advantage of the concrete platforms to get around to the Kingler’s back side. Since the Kingler’s body shape was huge, it had limited mobility in that terrain. Surrounding Kingler were concrete platform towers. So whenever it tried to attack Liu Gan, it had to destroy the concrete platforms first. Liu Gan was building up fury for his [Crescent Blade] ability, and it would land on the Kingler’s body without fail.

The level 10 Liu Gan was definitely more powerful than pre-level 10 Liu Gan. Before, when Liu Gan had to face off against the Kingler, he didn’t have any chance to retaliate. Now, he was kiting this Kingler easily.

Building up his rage, Liu Gan took the chance to use [Enhanced Crescent Blade] on Kingler’s body. Since it had a huge body, it was impossible to miss the attack at his distance. The [Enhanced Crescent Blade] landed on Kingler’s carapace and left a deep wound that started leaking a black substance.

The ability seemed to do a lot of damage to the Kingler, and it went berserk. However, since there were still multiple concrete platforms in the nearby vicinity, Kingler couldn’’t focus on its target. It could only unleash its frustration on the platforms.

The ten-meter tall concrete platform collapsed under ten strikes. Once it crumbled, a dust cloud scattered.

After the dust settled down, Liu Gan appeared by the Kingler’s side. He continuously attacked its carapace where it had been damaged by [Crescent Blade] earlier. With his greataxe, he broke off a piece of the Kingler’s carapace.

Within Liu Gan’s dimensional storage ring, he still had two hand grenades. There was no need for him to use those. He continued with this method of using [Crescent Blade] to penetrate the carapace, then attack it with his greataxe. All his abilities landed on the Kingler’s body. Several more wounds opened up. When his rage build up was at max, he would cast [Enhanced Crescent Blade] on Kingler’s pincers or carapace.

After an hour of using this strategy, the battlefield was a mess. The platforms all became rubble fragments. The Kingler’s carapace was fractured in multiple places. On its back internal organs exposed. Of the two pincers, only one remained. It could still move its pincer around, but it was losing strength fast.

Liu Gan jumped onto the top of the Kingler’s shell and slammed his greataxe down. Then, he threw an [Enhanced Crescent Blade] into the Kingler’s brain. After this attack, the Kingler’s body slumped heavily down onto the floor, where it lay motionless.

Originally, when Yin He was still in her original body, she had sacrificed her life to kill the first Kingler. Now Liu Gan could walk out unscathed after fighting solo against a Kingler. The difference in power after reaching level 10 was incomparable. From this fight, it was clear to see the difference.

Shortly after, a large dense black orb seeped into Liu Gan’s body. Liu Gan’s expression didn’t change. He wasn’t particularly happy. It didn’t take long before Kingler’s body also dissipated into the surroundings as black mist.

“Congratulations on passing the ‘wisdom’, ‘valor’, and ‘massacre’ trial! You have successfully survived to this point! You will be able to receive generous rewards from The Trembling World!” the mainframe’s voice echoed out from the loudspeaker.

“The Trembling World?” the players looked at each other. They each had a strange look on their faces.

When they transferred in, every player knew that The Trembling World was just a game. However, this was the first time they heard the game name announced as it dispensed rewards. This place was only a copy of The Trembling World!?

When Liu Gan heard the mainframe speak through the speakers, his expression changed.

“The path through the door has been opened for you. You can pass through to obtain your reward in that room. That is where you will obtain your generous reward,” the mainframe announced.

After the mainframe spoke, a loud rumbling noise could be heard. In front of them, at a far corner, a metal door had opened up. At the same time, all the high-powered lights extinguished. Only the light that shone onto the door remained lit.

When the word ‘reward’ was announced, everyone was very eager. They didn’t wait for Liu Gan to scout ahead. No one was afraid anymore. They rushed forward as if they were afraid of lagging behind other people, or afraid of getting their reward stolen.

Jiang JinYuan noticed that Liu Gan wasn’t in a hurry, so he stayed back with Liu Gan. He humbly followed by Liu Gan’s side. 

Walking through the well-lit door, they found another tunnel, a bit over twenty meters long. At the end of the tunnel they arrived at another room. This room’s interior design was very special. It resembles a spaceship feel, something that was very futuristic.

Surrounding this room were different instruments, with different flickering lights. In the middle of the room were four hibernation chambers, similar to the ones seen in movies. It gave off an elegant feeling despite its unknown purpose.

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