The Trembling World

Chapter 401

Chapter 401 - Repeat

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Scattered on the floor were various types of weapons: machetes, axes, spears, iron rods, pikes, shields, and so forth. Players scattered to look for their favorite weapon of choice to prepare for the oncoming battle.

In the gigantic room were multiple concrete platforms of various heights. Some were two meters high, others three, four or even five meters high. The highest platform was ten meters high. Alongside the platforms were ladders that could reach the top. Even before the third trial started, Liu Gan climbed onto the highest platform to map out the geography. This entire room was around two hundred meters long, several hundred meters wide, and twenty meters high. There were around twenty or so platforms.

With these concrete platforms were in place, it gave the room areas more suitable for combat. They could take advantage of this terrain to set up their battle formation. They could also set up their formation around a particular platform to maximize the potential of the players.

He was unsure of how this ‘massacre’ trial would turn out, but it had to do with a upcoming battle. It could be zombies or beasts or anything.

“Lord Liu, I shouldn’t have cursed you. It is my fault! Please forgive me!” the player who cursed at Liu Gan walked over apologetically. This was when Liu Gan climbed off of the platform.

“Now you know your own fault? How dare you curse Lord Liu? Are you trying to die!?” Zhao Meng walked over to punch and kick that player, enough pain to cause that player to scream in misery.

Liu Gan frowned.

“Lord Liu, there is something wrong with this scene. Didn’t we say those exact same words and actions before?” Jiang JinYuan walked over to whisper into Liu Gan’s ear.

“You remember them saying those exact same words?” Liu Gan looked at Jiang JinYuan.

“Lord Liu… You couldn’t have forgotten already?” Jiang JinYuan was scared as he looked at Liu Gan.

“Of course I remember.” Liu Gan looked at Zhao Meng and the player getting beaten up. Liu Gan frowned as he kept thinking.

Under the other players persuasions, Zhao Meng stopped beating on the player. Rather, Zhao Meng was looking at Liu Gan to see if he was still angry.

“Who are you? What place is this? Why am I here?” Jiang JinYuan looked at Liu Gan, as he suddenly blurted out.

“Who are you?” Liu Gan grasped Jiang JinYuan’s collar.

“I… I… What did I just say?” Jiang JinYuan was puzzled and nervous.

“Your mental state seems to be the problem.” Liu Gan looked at Jiang JinYuan. According to the symptoms that Jiang JinYuan had displayed, he understood the situation with these players.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. I feel like these trials were just a bluff to scare us. As long as we don’t mess up our own formation, we won’t have any issues. Oh yeah, don’t aim your weapons at one another, then we won’t have massacre among our own,” QiuTao spoke up.

“Yes, Ninth Elder is right!” the other players started to agree with QiuTao.

“Those words he just said. I feel like I’ve heard it before. What is this deja vu moment?” Jiang JinYuan continued to speak. He was very nervous as he crowded around Liu Gan.

Liu Gan didn’t say anything back. He turned and waved to NaNa. They walked behind a concrete platform, where he turned on the quantum communication system to send a message to Yin He. Then Liu Gan returned back to the group.

“Why did you say those exact same words twice?” Jiang JinYuan asked QiuTao.

“Say what words twice? I did that?” Qiu Tao was curious at the sudden turn of events.

“When you arrived onto the shore embankment, you said the exact same words. You, him, and also him have said the exact same words!” Jiang JinYuan pointed out to the players.

“I have said those words before? Wait… I think that did happen! What is going on here?” QiuTao suddenly remembered something. His facial expression was that of shock and fear.

“You there! You have apologized to Lord Liu already, why did you need to apologize again? You also beat him up already and yet you did it again… You guys are repeating the same things over. Why?” Jiang JinYuan walked over to confront Zhao Meng and the beaten up player.

“I seemed to have been beaten up twice at the same spot,” the beaten-up player sighed.

“Yeah, your nose is bleeding,” Zhao Meng said to Jiang JinYuan.

“You… You… You… are bleeding too!” Jiang JinYuan touched his nose. Then Jiang JinYuan pointed at Zhao Meng, and QiuTao’s noses.

“I’m also bleeding from my nose…” other players started to touch their noses.

Unconsciously, Liu Gan also touched his nose. He didn’t bleed from his nose. He was the only one without a nose bleed.

“What is going on here? Why hasn’t the third trial started yet?” Jiang JinYuan held onto his nose as he retreated back to Liu Gan’s side. He panicked as he looked at the other players, then at Liu Gan. When Jiang JinYuan noticed that Liu Gan was the only one without a nose bleed, he grew even more nervous.

At this moment, in a certain direction the ground started trembling. It was followed by loud noises, like a heavy door was opening. After that were footsteps of waves of zombies charging at them. These zombies made their way around the platforms and charged in one direction - at the players.

“These are all normal zombies! No need to get onto the platforms! Stay on the ground to ready your battle formation!” Liu Gan stood at the top of the highest platform ladder to survey the area. Then, he jumped off and issued the commands.

By now, the nose bleeds had stopped. When they heard Liu Gan’s command, they quickly picked up their weapons and fought off the oncoming zombies. There were around a hundred zombies, and the majority of them were just normal zombies. Only 5 or 6 Black-Spot Variant zombies were in the mix. This type of situation was just an intimidation. There wasn’t much of a struggle as the players killed the zombies. Under Liu Gan’s leadership, these zombies were like slicing up tofu. Soon the hundred zombies were all dead.

Once the zombies fell onto the ground, they dissipated as black mist and scattered away.

“These zombies don’t even leave behind corpses, so it must be a hallucination! So this trial is just to scare people! There is no danger involved!” QiuTao announced as he jumped to conclusions.

“This type of situation isn’t as simple as it seems. You best not jump to conclusions so early!” Jiang JinYuan disagreed with QiuTao’s point of view. Everything that had happened so far was very strange, so he felt deeply worried as his heart was pumping rapidly.

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