The Trembling World

Chapter 395

Chapter 395 - Set Up

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The moments before a heated fight usually have verbal exchanges. Through these types of arguments, the opponent’s ability can be evaluated. It was possible to tell if someone was bluffing.

With that strategy, Liu Gan kept asking the mainframe several questions for this purpose. By buying time, Jiang JinYuan and NaNa could look around to find a terminal.

“If there is one person alive, then I will open a path to the next trial, and the door behind you. Then, the survivor can choose if he wants to continue to the next stage or withdraw,” the mainframe answered without any hesitation. On one of the walls, a clock appeared. There was a timer with 30 minutes that started counting down...

“Do we have the option of withdrawing out from the selection?” a member shouted out loud. Now it was clear why Qiu Zi had killed all his trusted aides.

If they couldn’t withdraw, then after half an hour is up, no one knew how Liu Gan would react. Even if Liu Gan didn’t kill them all, then they would risk the threat of being eliminated by vacuum bomb. If it was anyone else was in Liu Gan’s position of power, they might just kill everyone for their own survival.

“No. Now that you have entered, you must pass the first trial. Only the sole survivor has the choice of continuing to next trial, or withdrawing completely,” the mainframe answered the player’s question. Following that, no matter who asked the question, the mainframe didn’t respond.

When Qiu Zi faced this trial, the result was a sole survivor. Undoubtedly, Qiu Zi mercilessly killed everyone he was with. Being the only one standing after half an hour, Qiu Zi made the choice to withdraw from the trials. As for the unfortunate souls that were sacrificed, they were all exchanged for Qiu Zi’s safe passage. To these still living players, they realized that their situation was similar to their dead predecessors. However, they couldn’t even compete against Liu Gan’s monstrous strength.

If the gentle personality of Qiu Zi would do such a thing, then the violent personality of Liu Gan would have a higher possibility of committing such an atrocity. The question of who lived and who died would be determined by Liu Gan’s whim. However, Liu Gan was still thinking about the question given to him by the trial, he didn’t have any intentions of killing anyone.

“He will kill us all! He will kill us all! We must kill him before he makes his move! Otherwise, none of us can return alive!” a scared player suddenly whispered to his nearby fellow players.

Liu Gan’s sensitive hearing heard the treacherous whispers clearly. However, he didn’t do anything. He just sat there just thinking about the trial.

Meanwhile, everyone else was looking at Liu Gan with scared expressions. Under this situation, Liu Gan still didn’t make a move. Whether it was because he didn’t have the nerves of steel to do it, or he didn’t want to make a move, was still uncertain. The moment he decided to make a move, then no one could put up a fight.

No one would’ve thought that this laboratory would be a set-up. With just one order, they would have to kill each other in this trap. Originally, everyone thought that Qiu Zi had fought against an Advanced monster, but it seems like the dead players had fallen prey to their own leader Qiu Zi instead.

“We must work together to kill him first. It is a few of us, or none of us survives!” The scared player kept glancing toward Liu Gan. That was when he noticed that Liu Gan was showing his back to him, a weakness, as only amateurs would let their guard down.

The nearby players knew their own limitations, and they didn’t want to take any actions that would be irreversible. Plus, they didn’t have an urge to seek death so they were just sitting and thinking.

Liu Gan was still in his thinking mode, those traitorous words could still be heard by him. Upon hearing the scared player trying to upstart a rebellion, Liu Gan got annoyed and threw his axe at that player. The player was unable to dodge the sudden attack and his body was split in half.

Other players scattered in every direction away from Liu Gan, looking at him with terrified expressions. It seemed he was going to exterminate everyone!

“I’m thinking of a way to rescue everyone. If anyone tries to instigate events, then they will end up the same way as him!” Liu Gan picked back up his axe as he pointed at the fallen player. Liu Gan walked back to the sofa.

Seeing that Liu Gan didn’t continue with the killings, the players calmed down a bit. Aside form Jiang JinYuan, no one else wanted to get close to Liu Gan.

“NaNa is still looking for an electronic port. If we can manipulate the port, we can find a way to hack into the mainframe and change its decision,” Jiang JinYuan reported back.

“No, this issue can’t be that simple.” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Do you have any plans?” Jiang JinYuan asked. Since his life was saved by Liu Gan, even if Liu Gan wanted to take his life, he wouldn’t have any complaints.

“For the time being, I don’t have any plans, but I am thinking that these trials are a set-up,” Liu Gan replied to Jiang JinYuan.

“How did you come up with that theory?” Jiang JinYuan was trying his best to help Liu Gan analyze the situation.

Hearing Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan’s conversation, others started to move to the walls to see if they could find anything useful. They didn’t want to have the same endings as Qiu Zi’s companions.

“Qiu Zi killed everyone he was with. His actions would’ve made him pass the first trial. Seems like he didn’t advance to the second trial. He made the decision to withdraw. If we go by logic, he wouldn’t have given up since he already sacrificed his companions. Then, it must mean that the entrance to the second trial didn’t open. Only the door to return back to the surface opened, so that’s why he returned alone” Liu Gan summarized his theory.

“Then this first trial isn’t to eliminate everyone here? That must mean the true answer to this trial is something else? What do you think we should do?” Jiang JinYuan asked again.

Woof, Woof!

NaNa seemed to have found something, as she barked to alert Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan.

Jiang JinYuan rushed over to where NaNa was. It was in the hallway they had passed through to get to the current lounge. They broke a piece of the wall off, then they moved the tea table and a chair over to that location. Using the tea table as the base, the chair was placed on the table and Jiang JinYuan stood on top of the chair to reach the ceiling. Running his hands along the ceiling, Jiang JinYuan was able to find something. This was all thanks to NaNa’s guidance.

”What did you find?” Liu Gan looked up at Jiang JinYuan. Issues like these that required technical skills should just be left to Jiang JinYuan, Liu Gan had decided.

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