The Trembling World

Chapter 390

Chapter 390 - Fatherly Love

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Heard of it? Wait, have I told you my name before? That can’t be possible. Maybe Pan Hua told you it? No… I never even told it to Pan Hua, even if he was a superfan…” Lin ShiYa looked at Liu Gan with a strange expression.

“I think I remember… You can’t be… No…” Liu Gan smacked his own forehead. He finally remembered part of Treadmill’s conversation. In the communications room, he spoke with Treadmill, and a picture had been mentioned. Liu Gan reached into his pocket to search for it. Then, Liu Gan looked for it in the dimensional storage space of his ring.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the picture Treadmill had handed to him. From a distance, he noticed Han GuangMing. Liu Gan waved Han GuangMing over, and Han GuangMing pulled out a crumpled photo from his pocket. It was the very same one that Treadmill had handed over to him.

The picture had been soaked in sea water, so it was quite blurry.

“Brother Liu, what are you searching for?” Lin ShiYa asked Liu Gan with a strange expression. After hearing her name, why would he have this response?

“You know this man?” Liu Gan handed over the crumpled photo over to Lin ShiYa. The bearded old man Lin Feng had handed this photo over to Treadmill.

“Him…” Lin ShiYa started acting strangely.

“He is called Lin Feng, he has a huge beard” Han GuangMing chimed in. It couldn’t be this big of a coincidence right? Lin Feng’s daughter was LuLu?

“It is him! You… How do you have his photo?” Lin ShiYa stared at the photo with her eyes wide. Her expression became more and more shocked, her eyes like saucers.

“He really is your dad?” Liu Gan finally understood.

“Why would you have his photo?” Lin ShiYa asked Liu Gan again.

“Fifth Elder, you can’t be the daughter that he wants to find right? The Lin ShiYa?” Han GuangMing was getting excited at the turn of events. Han GuangMing had heard the name Lin ShiYa multiple times, so he was very sure.

“She is Lin ShiYa, she just told me” Liu Gan responded to Han GuangMing. This time Liu Gan could remember the name clearly.

“Brother Liu! You still haven’t told me why you have this picture!” LuLu was becoming more emotional as she held onto Liu Gan’s arm.

“Your father… He is in this world. He came in to this world to search for you. The day he entered, I was nearby. That day there was a thunderstorm, and tsunami. He nearly died from hypothermia. The very next day, I I took him to the base in the southern region. Before he left, a copy of the photo was passed out to everyone. He can’t be your dad, right? This is too much of a coincidence,” Liu Gan was surprised at the sudden turn of events.

“He is my father…” Lin ShiYa glanced at the crumpled and fuzzy photo. Looking at the photo, her eyes were tearing up.

“He had your photo, but I didn’t see it when I was with him since the situation didn’t allow for it. Otherwise, I would’ve recognized you immediately. I didn’t think that it would be you. If I knew that it was you, I would’ve brought him along with me to search for you.” Liu Gan was surprised that a father and daughter could reunite in this world.

“He is really foolish! Why? Why would he come in here?” Lin ShiYa was losing control of her emotions. She leaned forward onto the table and drops of tears can be heard hitting the surface.

Drip, drip...

She had been looking for a way out of this world and back into the real world. Her motivation? To meet her father for one more time, so she could ask him for forgiveness. She wanted to be forgiven for being unfilial. She thought he was disappointed in her and possibly despised her. She wasn’t even sure if he would forgive her. The last thing she would’ve thought was that he had left the real world to venture into this dangerous realm to search for her.

Unconditional fatherly love; she finally understood what it meant to be loved as a daughter. A father’s love was very deep and forgiving. He had never blamed her at all. He never even despised her. He was just unwilling to express this emotional side to her.

“Fifth Elder, we better hurry to the communications room. I think he left the southern base yesterday. We should see if we can find him. If he is there, then you can talk with him so he can stop roaming aimlessly around looking for you,” Han GuangMing reminded Lin ShiYa.

Frantically, Lin ShiYa got up and rushed out with Han GuangMing. With Jiang JinYuan’s help, they were able to broadcast the news to the prison compound. However, Treadmill was telling Lin ShiYa regretful news.

Yesterday, when Lin Feng arrived back to the prison compound, he hadn’t heard any updates of her daughter, so he left this morning. Treadmill asked where he would search for her next, he said that he searched through most of the southern district so he wanted to enter the city. His next step was to continue toward the northern region to continue searching.

Lin Feng added that he wouldn’t come back in the short term to the prison compound. Even if he was able to come back, it would be at least one or two months later.

“That night, we were at the seaside base when we met your father. There were some tremors in the sea that caused multiple tsunami. The entire seaside city was wiped out. At the crucial moment, Elder Liu lead us to climb to the roof of the lighthouse. Everyone was freezing cold. Right when the water receded, Elder Liu brought us one by one into the lighthouse. That saved our life, your father’s life included…” Treadmill explained in detail.

“It was Brother Liu who saved him?” Lin ShiYa asked Treadmill in a daze.


“When I was transferred in, I also encountered Brother Liu. He also saved me too…” Lin ShiYa didn’t know what else to say.

“Ah? How could it be so coincidental? You met with Elder Liu that long ago?”

“Yeah… It was that time…” Lin ShiYa explained her situation to Treadmill. Then she explained how Liu Gan personally taught her how to kill zombies, so she could have a fighting chance to survive in this world. However, she left out the part where Liu Gan abandoned her.

“Ah… You said you used your stage name? If you had used your real name, then when Elder Liu saved your father, he could’ve told him knew you. Your father wouldn’t have had to search so hard looking for you…” Treadmill replied regretfully.

“I am to be blamed…” Lin ShiYa was crying in the communications room. Now she had thoughts about searching through the entire southern district in search of her father.

“ShiYa, you best stay right there and don’t go anywhere. If you leave now, then when your father comes back here, he wouldn’t know where to go. Can you tell how worried he would be?” Treadmill tried to convince Lin ShiYa not to go.

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