The Trembling World

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Outside of the Window

This residential district had the words “Lucky Garden District” on the sign. This was a newly built district, and the interior designs of the buildings were very new. Only a portion of the houses had finished interiors, so a large portion of the houses were still empty.

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Looking in from the outside of the gate, there weren’t any zombies wandering around inside. There were only zombies on the ground from the looks of it. It seemed like all the zombies were dead. According to Liu Gan’s analysis, this was possibly the first choice of the campground survivors since they had looted everything in these buildings and killed the zombies inside.

The inside appeared to be really peaceful, so Liu Gan considered leaving Pan Hua and LuLu behind in this district. He would leave all the food and drinks that he could not carry for them as a token of his compassion.

Five days ago, in the vicinity of Lucky Garden District.

Torrential rain, booming thunders and flashing lightning.

A man wearing a suit was running in the rain without an umbrella. His home was in the Lucky Garden District that was only a stone’s throw away. Half a year ago, after saving his salary from slogging his guts out for five years, he managed to purchase an estate in the Lucky Garden District, and renovation was completed a month ago.

The man wearing a suit was called Li Zhu Liang. He had a happy and blessed family which consisted of his pretty and gentle wife and his clever and obedient son. Today was the forth birthday of his son, Dong Dong. Therefore, even though the rain was very heavy and the sky was constantly battered by the sounds of thunder, Li Zhu Liang unhesitatingly braved the rain and ran in the direction of his house.
As the torrential rain splattered on the ground, the rainwater that was not able to drain off accumulated into big puddles on the streets. Normally, this was a very normal scenario, however the water was red! As the rain accumulated on the streets, the red color of the water became more and more bright and glaring. The ground looked like it was filled with blood!

At the same time, a weird bloody smell started to emerge out from the streets overflowing with the red-colored rain water.

Li Zhu Liang stood in a courtyard which had a sign hanging above his head with the words “Bureau of Industry and Commerce of NinJing City.” Li Zhu Liang subconsciously touched his face and looked at his hand, which gave him a shock. When he saw that his hand was drenched in a blood-like liquid, he couldn’t help but give a scream. His face lost all color and was very pale.

At the same time, there were other pedestrians who were running in the rain and also found out that they were drenched in a blood-like liquid. Their faces became as pale as Li Zhu Liang’s and they looked at their surroundings. Crying in fear, they cowered on the sidewalk, determined to avoid this torrential blood rain.

Li Zhu Liang hesitated for a moment but ultimately decided to continue running towards Lucky Garden District. After all, he was already drenched, and it was only a few meters until he reached home. Whatever the situation, rushing home was his priority.

Li Zhu Liang, after running in the blood rain, rapidly found that he had started to feel very uncomfortable. The places where he had contact with the blood rain like his eyes, nose, ears and mouth started to feel a burning pain, as though his body was getting corroded.

Several dozen meters away, in the Lucky Garden Residential district.

“Mummy, it is raining outside.” The four year-old Dong Dong, who was lying against the window, said as he stared outside.

Dong Dong’s home was situated on the third floor. The housing complex was situated to the right of the gate after entering the district, so from there he was able to see the entrance to the gate clearly. Every day at this time, his daddy, Li Zhu Liang, would enter this gate after he got off from work. Hence, Dong Dong had the habit of lying beside the window and looking in the direction of the gate every day.
“En, don’t open the window, do not let the rain water enter.” Dong Dong’s mother, a young and pretty lady, casually replied to Dong Dong as she busily set up the table with food and Dong Dong’s birthday cake.

“Will Daddy buy a spaceship for me?” Dong Dong eagerly looked out of the window and asked his mummy.

“Of course he will. He has already promised you that he will buy it for you.” The young mother replied Dong Dong as she slowly and carefully inserted the candles into the cake.

The young and pretty mother’s name was Xu Qing. Her husband, Li Zhu Liang, had a pretty decent salary. Therefore after she gave birth to Dong Dong, Xu Qing resigned from her job and became a housewife. Every day for the past few years, she would take care of Dong Dong and prepare a warm and delicious meal while waiting for her husband to get off from work.

“Mummy, why is the rain red in color?” Dong Dong curiously asked his mummy as he looked at the reddish layer of water on the other side of the window.

“The rain is red because the light emitted from the streetlamps are red my dear boy.” Xu Qing replied to Dong Dong casually as she inserted the second candle into the cake. A four-year-old kid, with their curiosity at its peak, would have millions of question they would ask.

“It is raining so heavily, will Daddy be able to come home?” Dong Dong stretched out his tiny little hand and rubbed the window pane. He wanted to have a clearer look at the situation outside, to confirm whether his Daddy was going to reach home at this time like any other day. However due to the torrential rain outside, it was a futile effort.

“The rain will definitely subside. Wait till the rain is lighter, and Daddy will definitely reach home.” Xu Qing inserted the third candle and was preparing to insert the last candle.

At this moment, there was a flurry of footsteps outside the door. After which, there was the sound of jingling keys and the clicking of the door being unlocked. Xu Qing put down the last candle and looked towards the door. The four year-old Dong Dong, however, had already rushed over to the side of the door.

As the door opened, the mother and son pair looked at the daddy that was walking in and uncontrollably gave out a scream.

His whole body was drenched in blood as if he was a bloody person.

“Don’t worry! I’m not covered in blood; it’s all the red-colored rain.” Li Zhu Liang put down the box that contained the toy, quickly removed his shirt and pants, and threw them out of the house. After which, he closed the door and proceeded to the bathroom for a warm shower.

Xu Qing walked towards the window and saw that the glass had been coated with the reddish water. With eyes widening, she couldn’t even see through it.

After a few minutes, Li Zhu Liang came out of the bathroom. The blood rain had already been washed off cleanly from his body. He changed into a clean set of clothes and walked towards the living room.

“What happened? Why is the rain outside red in color?” Xu Qing rushed into Li Zhu Liang’s embrace and asked him with a trace of shock in her tone.

“I am not sure. Turn on the TV; there should definitely be news regarding the red-colored rain.” Li Zhu Liang and his wife moved over to the sofa and turned on the TV.

“Dear citizens, please do not panic. The relevant departments have already started investigating this phenomena of red-colored rain, and the results will be released shortly.”

“According to my preliminary inference, this should be caused by the excessive red algae that have been aggressively breeding in the ocean and would have been carried up as the seawater evaporated to form rainclouds. Creating this blood colored rain phenomenon…” said from an expert on TV as he chatted with the TV host.

“I said there shouldn’t be anything wrong, so let’s not delay Dong Dong’s birthday celebration any more.” Li Zhu Liang patted his wife’s Xu Qing’s shoulder and moved towards the dinner table.