The Trembling World

Chapter 386

Chapter 386 - Voting Rights

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“So the situation is like this…” QiuTao continued to side with the new leader since he had already offended Xie Dong Cheng. Now that it had come to this, QiuTao had to add details to his story about Xie Dong Cheng’s plot to hurt Liu Gan.

At this point, Xie Dong Cheng’s supporters started cursing at QiuTao. Phrases like “curse your family”, “scum”, “liar”, “spineless critter”, “they were doing it in the name of justice”, and “punish LuLu” were shouted out.

Since the first phase of the kidnapping was unsuccessful, the second phase of the plan was never carried out. Xie Dong Cheng and his men denied all allegations. It was now a case of he-said-she-said.

After both sides were finished giving their statements, the Elder Committee started debating the proper judgment. Since this situation was a severe matter, it took half an hour before results were out.

The jury of Elders decided that QiuTao had no evidence, so his claims wouln’t hold up in this court. As for the punishment of Xie Dong Cheng and the other two for their attempt to capture LuLu for the former leader, it was pardonable. Since their actions didn’t reach the point where they had grave consequences, Xie Dong Cheng and the other two were fined five thousand points each, and three full days of community service. As for LuLu’s punishment for poisoning Qiu Zi, she would lose her position as the Fifth Elder, and become a free sex slave in the red light district for a month.

With the majority of the Elders supporting this judgment, according to the village rules, it would mean that the case had reached a verdict.

So this is the Elder Committee? Liu Gan chuckled as he listened to the results of the judgment. Seems like democracy has democracy’s benefits in mind. The so-called ruling class of democracy, seems like this is the extent of it. They can willfully jail the men, and force the women to prostitute. As long as it fits their benefit, it is no wonder that this village has the player-survivor ownership system in place.

“According to the village’s rule, as a leader is there the power to veto?” Liu Gan asked Zhan Nan Shan. In any situation, it was always a correct move to have diplomacy before violence.

“According to the village rule, as a leader, you have about ten percent of the voting rights of the entire committee. After the addition of the ten percent voting, if it counterbalances the decision of the Elder Committee, then the leader has to obey the Elder Committee’s decision,” Zhan Nan Shan replied to Liu Gan.

From the Elder committee's decision, the majority sympathized with Xie Dong Cheng and he received the support of over seventy percent of the Elders. So even with Liu Gan’s ten percent of votes, it wouldn’t be enough to change the ultimate verdict.

“In that case, what is the point of having a leader?” Liu Gan asked Zhan Nan Shan.

“This… for the day-to-day operations, big decisions have to be decided by the leader. Then, afterwards the Elder Committee will discuss the judgements so they can be rectified for future incidents,” Zhan Nan Shan responded.

“So this village, you are sure you want to hand it over to me?” Liu Gan asked Zhan Nan Shan one more time.

“I’ve said that it is yours to keep. I am a man of my words. Why would I retract my statement after I’ve promised you?” Zhan Nan Shan nodded.

“Okay, as your new leader I will make a new rule announcement. In the village, if the leader didn’t inquire about it, then the Elder Committee will decide. Otherwise, the leader’s suggestion will be the standard. Elder Committee can’t have any objections!” Liu Gan announced as he walked to the center of the stage. Liu Gan did so while facing hundreds of Elders.

The audience of Elders started countering ferociously. Amongst them, one Elder felt that his moral indignation had been violated, he stood up to shout ‘I OBJECT! Even though you are the leader, you can’t take away the voting rights of the Elders! Otherwise this isn’t a democratic society, it is a dictatorship! This precedent must not be set!”

“There is no way we can let this precedent set! The moment this is allowed, there will be disorder!”

“Yeah! Yeah! If the Elder Committee doesn’t have the vetoing rights, how will we keep the leader’s actions in check?”

“This is something that can’t happen!”

All other Elders started making similar shouts and the Proceedings Hall was very noisy. Voices shouting over each other made it hard to distinguish what some people said.

“You there. Come up, I didn’t hear what you said before,” Liu Gan pointed at the first person who stood up in objection.

That person hesitated for a moment, while he was surrounded by other Elders cheering him to go forth. Slowly, the person walked toward the stage.

“You said I was a dictator?” Liu Gan walked closer to the oncoming Elder.

“Yes. This village was able to thrive because the Elder Committee had strict rules for people to follow. The moment it is destroyed, the aftermath will be unimaginable. The United States is so advanced, but why is it flourishing? It is because of the effect of having a long-term democracy, with legislative, executive, and judicial branches keeping the checks and balances,” the Elder rebutted. This Elder studied political science, so he was confident in his answer as he shouted back at Liu Gan. He was helped by all the other Elders in the audience cheering him on.

This type of change in power affected the benefits of every Elder present. They would not back down on this. The moment they backed down now without putting up a fight, it would be hard for them to regain control of the village.

“Okay, seems like I have to demonstrate what a real dictatorship would do!” Liu Gan finished his sentence as a large axe appeared in his hand. With a smooth downward slash, the opposing Elder didn’t have a chance to retaliate. His head was cut clean off and sent flying to the far corner. While blood was still gushing from his neck, his body flopped over onto the floor.

Originally, the audience of Elders were all being rowdy with chatter, but now there were only screams.

“Now, is there anyone else that objects to my new rule?” Liu Gan pointed his axe at the audience.

There was absolute silence in the the entire Proceedings Hall.

“He wants to kill us all! Quick run!” Xie Dong Cheng cried out loud as he tried to escape from the hall. Originally he was tied down by the rope, but someone must have snuck him a razor blade so he could cut the rope loose.

Even now, he was very weak. His poor health condition made him a slow runner. There were two escape routes. One of the escape route was guarded by Jiang JinYuan and Zhan Nan Shan. The other escape route was the one Xie Dong Cheng wanted to take.

Liu Gan was fast like lightning, relative to these slow Elders, as he chopped down on Xie Dong Cheng like a log. Xie Dong Cheng lost his [Mist Armor] earlier, so when this axe struck his left shoulder, it was enough to split his body in half. Intestines and organs tumbled free from his body as it spilled onto the floor.

It was unnecessary for Liu Gan to rush over to kill Xie Dong Cheng. Since Yin He and NaNa were guarding the back door. Prior to the proceedings, Liu Gan placed this trap so no one could leave without his permission.

“All of you sit still! Don’t you dare jeer and incite trouble. Leave your seat, and you can meet them in the afterlife!” Liu Gan shouted loudly enough to echo throughout the Proceedings Hall.

Chapter Notes:

[TL note: Ah, democracy in action." While noting that a proper democracy has a judicial branch, which is independent of the popularity contest that is the legislative branch...which is what happened here.]

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