The Trembling World

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Large Campground

Liu Gan shook his head, originally there were only a dozen zombies, but with their yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs, they were practically asking for the attention of all the nearby zombies.

With that many zombies following behind, what would screaming for help do? Even if there was someone willing to help, they would not take this risk…

The three escapees coincidentally found the hardware store that Liu Gan’s group had used as a resting place previously. It was half open with the grated gate still up. Quickly, they tried to closed the gate and shut the door. However, the dozen of zombies following close behind didn’t give them a chance to escape. The moment right before the metal grated gate was all the way down, a few zombies dove in between the floor and the gate. As the gate was not able to close completely, it started to crawl through.

A lot more zombies started to crowd in and soon the metal gate was forced to rolled up. Following which, three screams resounded from within the house.

Even if this were a game, the difficulty was too high. If players came in here halfheartedly, they would not survive. Same could be said for inexperienced players who lacked survival skills, as they would be faced with different variations of carnage; but either way the ending would be the same – death.

There were two stragglers from the zombie train that seemed to have smelt Pan Hua and LuLu, and was charging towards the location where they were hiding. After discovering them, the two zombies let out a shriek as they pounced forward.

Pan Hua was trembling, and could only hold up the machete, adopting a defensive stance while letting loose a bellow; the same kind of sound used to scare away wild dogs, except it was not effective against zombies. Without even the slightest hesitation, the two zombies just kept madly charging towards them.

Liu Gan appeared from above and landed heavily onto one of the zombies, swiftly killing it. At the same time, he jumped and killed another zombie midair with the axe in hand. The zombies were definitely dead and Liu Gan landed perfectly.
[xDh20: Perfect landing 10/10]

“Run!” Liu Gan ordered the two in a low voice. He walked in the same direction the three males had come from; since all the zombies in the area were attracted to them, that path should be the safest route.

One road at a time, because of those three males’ ‘contribution’, there were only a few zombies encountered en route. Liu Gan gave his other backpack to Pan Hua. With one hand wielding machete, the other hand an axe, every time he saw one, he would kill one. After slaughtering a dozen zombies, they arrived in front of an institution. The courtyard had signs of a recent battle.

Liu Gan signaled them to stay, as he proceeded alone ahead.

The institution door had a sign that read “Bureau of Industry and Commerce of NinJing City”. The institution’s metal gate was distorted and on the floor. Observing the pools of blood and messy footprints on the ground, this was probably where the dozens of zombies earlier came from.

From the bloody mess, Liu Gan was able to notice a few particularly large footprints that were headed towards a different direction. This footstep reminded him of the plaza where he first killed the colossal zombie.

Across from the institution was a large building, the front of this building was an open space that, at this moment, had become a slaughter ground. Dead bodies of zombies littered all over. One of the corpse was burnt black. There were a few zombies that were feasting on a body, greedily chomping on the organs and the meat.

Needless to say, this must have been the campground where players and lucky survivors gathered, but at daybreak they were ambushed by a corpse tide and a colossal zombie. Although the institution door looked like a really sturdy iron door, the colossal zombie was able to easily strike it down with his humongous body; no matter the size or the defense of the gate, it was useless in the face of the colossal zombie.

Those people had engaged in close combat with the corpse tide and colossal zombie. The difference in combat strength was too obvious. From the footprints, it was evident that only two groups of players were able to escape – one group being the three males that ran in the direction of the hardware store and finally died there; the other group were chased by the colossal zombie and headed in a different direction. Liu Gan guessed that the other group was likely to have perished as well.

Liu Gan looked at the corpses, bags and boxes on the floor. After hesitating for a little while, he finally decide to enter the institution.

Several zombies that were eating their fallen comrade lifted their heads and growled at Liu Gan before charging at him.

Liu Gan raised the sword and the axe in hands and charged forward. He was able to kill the zombies with ease. He eliminated the first two zombies, then kicked another two zombies that were behind him. Quickly, he impaled the head of one of the zombies standing.

Pulling the axe from the head of the zombie, Liu Gan turned his back to end the other two zombies that he kicked earlier. After confirming that it was safe in the area, he started searching through backpacks and boxes. Pan Hua and LuLu carefully followed behind and after discovering that the institution was safe, theystarted to help Liu Gan scavenge the bags of those who had died there.

These three got their hands on bountiful loot; they were able to find a good amount of food and bottled water. There were a few canned goods and plastic packaged food. These were definitely the remains of the previous people who survived here. However, they were not able consume the food. So the three had four huge backpacks and two full luggages, that they manage to cram everything into.

“Boss, should we eat here before leaving?” Pan Hua suggested to Liu Gan since last night he had not eaten much. Now, his stomach was empty.

This time we were able to scavenge a lot of food, but half of it were the type that was not meant to be stored for long. Looks like Liu Gan won’t be as thoughtless as to waste perfectly good packaged food.

“No way, there is a colossal zombie nearby, it could wander back here. If we come across the colossal zombie, you two will definitely die.” Liu Gan told Pan Hua. Liu Gan carried two backpacks and pulled a luggage retreating to the front of the institution door.

“Colossal zombie?” Pan Hua said in a suspecting tone, while struggling to keep up with Liu Gan.
“You don’t want to meet it, trust me. When my original group and I started, we were annihilated by it. I was only lucky to be able to escape,” Liu Gan replied Pan Hua.

“That zombie must have been terrifying!” After hearing from Liu Gan, Pan Hua now knew that the colossal zombie was too strong, and even Liu Gan, who was overwhelming the other zombies, was afraid of this colossal zombie. One can imagine how fearsome it truly was.

After leaving the front entrance of the institution, Liu Gan surveyed the fork road; he must choose one of the two paths to escape to.

After choosing a path, they walked along a silent street that was a few tens of meters long, only to arrive at the gate of a residential district.