The Trembling World

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Daybreak

What ZhangYu had mentioned earlier about ‘Galaxy’, was referring to a laboratory-created model of a biologically operable robot. It was a level seven classified, top secret project. Within the entire laboratory, the people who knew of it could be counted on one hand. Thus LiHui was given the responsibility of composing the foundations of ‘Galaxy’, and ZhangYu was responsible for the biological aspect of it. They were probably the only two alive who would know of the existence of ‘Galaxy’.

“‘Galaxy’ isn’t complete, so starting her up would be dangerous. No one knows if she can be controlled. We also don’t know where she’s being kept. Since this entire skyscraper is filled with zombies, if we looked around, we might get eaten by zombies before finding ‘Galaxy’.” LiHui shook his head, thinking that ZhangYu’s suggestion wasn’t very realistic.

“I feel that ‘Galaxy’ could be hidden within the skyscraper’s basement. It could be within the second floor of the warehouse's basement.” ZhangYu told LiHui. Since she’d been was curious, she was particularly mindful and had monitored its movement.

[TN: I think she means B2. The second floor of the basement.]

“Even if it’s within the warehouse's second floor basement, we can’t go down there now. The warehouse has officer patrol that should have became zombies. Also… we don’t have electricity. Even if we’re able to unlock the electronic door, we can’t open the warehouse’s steel door.” LiHui shook his head again, all this was too complicated to him.

“True.” ZhangYu sighed.

“Let’s not waste time, I should go down before it’s too late.” LiHui took off his white laboratory robe. He was preparing to take the risk and scavenge for food.

“I’ll go together with you.” ZhangYu told LiHui.

LiHui pondered for a moment, but eventually accepted her offer. Both of them found a backpack. ZhangYu carried the authority card and preserved bottle. She was thinking that by the time she went downstairs, if they had the chance, they could enter the warehouse in the basement, and that then these things would become useful.

Working at San Xing Corporation's laboratory, ZhangYu only had an ID authority card with level three access. All she ever wanted was to obtain level four clearance, so she could understand more of the laboratory’s secrets. Of course, it was only out of curiosity.

Now she has the executive’s level seven authority card, as well as the executive’s thumb and eye, but she didn’t have any opportunity to investigate the top secret areas.

LiHui and ZhangYu were careful as they walked over to the office’s metal door. First, they listened to any movements outside, then LiHui opened up the door a little to look outside.

The building seemed quiet enough, it didn’t seem like there were any zombies. LiHui grabbed ZhangYu’s hand, and they quietly made their way across to the fire escape staircase. Once again, they carefully listened for any sound indicating movement, then walked gently downstairs.

On a normal day, no one would walk down the fire escape stairs. Every floor of the fire escape stairs had a steel door that would normally be shut tight. Although this building had quite an amount of zombies, there were none in the fire escape. These two people had quite the luck on their side.

Upon arriving at the first floor, ZhangYu still wanted to go further downstairs to search for Galaxy, but below the stairs came the heart-stopping sound emitted from a zombie. Suddenly, she abandoned her original plan of going further down.

“Two blocks past the parking lot is a small supermarket, which sold a large variety of food. I used to take that path to work, so I frequently stopped by the store to buy crackers. Why don’t we go there and take a look.” ZhangYu suggested to LiHui after they had safely left the building.

“Good suggestion.” LiHui nodded in total agreement. Staying close together, they carefully walked alongside the buildings, monitoring any movements and avoiding the zombies, and headed in the direction of the supermarket.

Sitting on the balcony, was LuLu yawning and sighing, until she saw that the alley had some sudden movement. She became alert, and focused into the distance.

It was a male and a female, both wearing backpacks as they went into the small supermarket. It seemed like they were trying to scavenge for food at daybreak.

LuLu watch as they disappeared into the supermarket, hesitant of whether or not to wake up Liu Gan. After thinking a bit, she decided to wait a little while. If the two people didn’t come towards them, then they wouldn’t be of any threat, so there was no need to wake up Liu Gan.

At this moment, the minimart couldn’t possibly have any food left. The inside didn’t have much food left, and the rest of the drinkable fluid had all been taken by Liu Gan’s group into the hardware store.

[TN: It’s the same supermarket from before. I used minimart for Liu Gan’s group. Small supermarket from ZhangYu’s point of view.]

After a little while, from outside the minimart, came a wave of footstep noises. This time it was five brightly colored males, and judging from their outfits, these people didn’t look like normal males. It seemed like they were society’s scumbags. They had someone watch the minimart’s entrance, and the other four entered the store.

It seemed as if they’d discovered the two male and female, and then decided to corner them in the store.

Inside the minimart came a horrible scream, which soon quieted down. Then the male and female were dragged out by the gang. By the time the male was outside, his body was all covered in blood and unconscious. The female’s body had had her clothing removed, and her face and body had been bloodied. It was evident that she’d violently resisted getting stripped naked and was then beaten by them.

After the scumbags dragged the female onto the street, one of them immediately threw himself onto her, with his expression revealing how enjoyable it was.

The unconscious male woke up and tried his best to get up to pull the scumbag off of the girl. Eventually one of the nearby scumbags used his iron rod to smash his brain in. Sitting on the balcony, LuLu could clearly hear his cranial fracture sound. The male who got his head smashed in didn’t get up again.

The female getting harassed gave out a cry, with one of the scumbag still on top of her. He smacked her face several times. The female suddenly stopped crying.

LuLu having witnessed everything on the street, suddenly got up off the chair and hid behind the pole, breathing in deeply. She was very worried that the scumbags might have noticed her. Then, the next person to be dragged out to be harassed would be her. This was everything that she feared could happen.

Is this still a game? If this is still a game, how can they allow players to kill each other. How could they tolerate male players harassing female players?

Originally, Liu Gan gave the order of ‘if anything happens outside, then the person on guard duty has to wake the others up.’ However, LuLu was even more frightened now, so she hid on the balcony, not moving an inch. No one went in to wake Liu Gan and Pan Hua up.

Soon LuLu became even more scared… Afraid that the scumbags would head towards her, and take turns doing the same thing to her, after they were done with the other female.

[TN: Don’t get at me for what happens next. You guys wanted some action, well here it is]