The Trembling World

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Lightning Rod

“Ah… no, no, LuLu, don’t say it like that. Supporting you is a given. If we are really able to return to the real world, I’ll continue supporting you because you’re a very talented broadcaster.” Pan Hua replied to LuLu.

“I’m very talented?” LuLu didn’t have confidence in her voice, leading her to question what he said. When she was in her mansion in the real world, the internet had a lot of people who would compliment her. But there were even more people who’d disgrace her. This was her first time meeting up with a fan, and having a conversation with one.

“You are definitely outstanding! I first watched your broadcast when the gimmick was about beautiful girls playing video games. My impression towards you wasn’t that deep then, I only thought you were very beautiful, but ever since that day…” Pan Hua began thinking of the past.

“What day?” LuLu’s curiosity was sparked by what Pan Hua had said.

“Until the day when you were in-between broadcasting, and you sang a song. The song was [See You Again]. It moved my heart the way you sang. After that moment, I couldn’t resist falling for you. Then every night after, I would go straight to your broadcast.” Pan Hua blushed revealing his sweet expression — the same butterfly feeling and expression of a young man in love.

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“I don’t remember…” LuLu showing a face of regret. She had too many fans because she was a female game broadcaster. Even though she was a broadcaster, she could also sing with her soothing voice. So even during broadcasts, she would often talk and even sing a little bit. As to which song she sang, she definitely didn’t remember the moment Pan Hua had mentioned.
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“LuLu, could you sing [See You Again] one more time?” Pan Hua eagerly asked LuLu.

“I’m not in the mood…” LuLu shook her head. If she was in the broadcasting room, she’d be glad to entertain her fan with the song, but with the current situation she wasn’t herself.

Pan Hua tried to laugh it off, and didn’t say anything afterwards. Right now, he already felt very fortunate and lucky for being able to be with LuLu.

“Fatty, if I don’t go back tonight, or these next few days… or even the upcoming months, will my fans forget me?” LuLu asked Pan Hua. This was her main concern as to why she wasn’t in the mood.

“Of course not, we’re your hardcore fans. If you aren’t here for a few days, or even a few months, we’ll wait until you’ve returned.” Pan Hua quickly replied to LuLu. As a die-hard fan, he would do anything for her.

“Fatty, you really are a good person! We don’t even know how much longer is left until we can actually return…” LuLu said as her eyes began tearing, as she laid in bed. This time was when her broadcasting usually ended, but since she was trapped here, her fans must’ve been really disappointed…

She knew that Pan Hua was trying his best to comfort her.

“Don’t worry, we’ll think of a way out of this alive.” Pan Hua motivated LuLu.

LuLu didn’t make a sound, she was exhausted. She laid on the bed with her eyes closed. Being trapped in this apocalyptic world, she had no feeling of safety. She had to be wary of zombies, and now she had to be even more careful of men. She knew that law and order was a thing of the past — men will become more like beasts. In this chaotic world, females have no protection. In the end, they’ll become the playthings of men.

Since LuLu didn’t say anything, silence filled the room. Very soon, Pan Hua started snoring — it seemed like he’d passed out. LuLu was impressed with his ability to be able to fall asleep so fast even in this type of situation.

Meanwhile on the balcony…

Liu Gan was sitting on the balcony — all he had to do was focus, and the conversation between Pan Hua and LuLu suddenly became as clear as if he was right next to them. He could definitely feel confident that his hearing and vision were a lot better than before.
After listening in on their conversation, Liu Gan knew that his judgement of the two were correct. They were both kind-hearted, and not the scheming type. So with them, he was rather safe. At least, he didn’t have to worry about them ambushing him when he was sleeping.

Of course, that didn’t mean he’d completely drop his guard. Only the strongest will survive. You can’t completely trust someone else — you can only believe in yourself.

The wind’s breeze blew stronger down the alley. The dark street below had no movements. With the streets close to pitch black and strong gusts blowing, it was good to assume that the lucky players that survived wouldn’t wander around at this time. Without those players, the zombies wouldn’t be alarmed and lurking around.

It seemed as if the world had quieted down, with the exception of the sound of the wind blowing into the cracks of the houses, and the distant thunder drawing ever closer.

At the edge of the horizon the thunderstorm gradually closed in above them. With a flash of lightning, the roaring sound of thunder deafened them temporarily. Next came the sound of rain droplets — as it fell down from the sky onto the ground.

With every flash of lighting, it showed the shadow of a large skyscraper in a certain direction. With the shadow, it created the hallucination that it was larger than it really was. Only, the lightning was striking the top of the skyscraper. This was the skyscraper that diverted the lightning away. Liu gan was very familiar with this skyscraper, it was in the direction of the plaza with San Xing Corporations buildings nearby. It towered around one-hundred stories high.

As the frequency of the lightning increased, it all began to strike the top of the skyscraper. Liu Gan got highly suspicious at this… it was as if the skyscraper’s lightning rod actively drew lightning in. Could there be a device near the lightning rod? Was there an experiment going on? Why was there such a high lightning strike rate? Over ninety percent of the lightning was striking that lightning rod, as it continued to draw in all the lightning towards the building.

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These guesses seemed to be meaningless, but other than that there was nothing for Liu Gan to do.

Liu Gan put his chair closer to the wall, as he looked outside at the thunderstorm. Watching the rain, he couldn’t help but think about his time being trapped on the billboard. Thinking even further back, it stimulated his memory of being alone on the mountain villa. Those lonely days…

Everything in the real world seemed like it was from a different life, now that he’d been through so much…

With his limbs having been amputated for at least a year, Liu Gan felt as if he was just a walking sack of meat. Eating then sleeping, and sleeping then eating — while he slept, he’d have endless nightmares. And only to wake up again to see that his limbs had been amputated. That was his harsh reality. It was an endless vicious cycle that he’d often find himself in. So it was hard for him to tell between nightmare and reality.

Just like now, could all this be one big dream? He had his limbs reattached back onto his body, and here he was in this nightmarish world.

On his alloy watch the indicator for fatigue level was already deep red in color, Liu Gan was drawing close to his limit. He was slowly getting drowsier, but he did his best to remain awake.

With a gust of wet rain on his face, he felt the breeze and cooling effect. Liu Gan came back to his senses, then he wiped his face and noticed his hands.

The rain was still good, still normal. It wasn’t like the introduction of the game, displaying blood red rainwater.

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