The Trembling World

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Gaining Warmth in a Group

“She has a point, even if we deplete our resource, we shouldn’t live like c*ckroaches and beggars. Brush your teeth. At most everyone should only use a third of a bottle, that way just one bottle will be enough. But don’t get your hopes high about showering.” Liu Gan finally agreed to LuLu’s plea.

“Boss you are so kind and understanding.” Pan Hua after seeing Liu Gan didn’t use his axe to kill LuLu, but also instead he agreed to LuLu’s suggestion. He could finally relax.

From Pan Hua’s point of view, him and LuLu had no special purpose to Liu Gan. Infact, they are only weighing him down. If they ask for too many unnecessary requests, they could make Liu Gan angry. Then he would kill them or abandon them.

After brushing their teeth, Liu Gan arranged the sleeping arrangement. First Pan Hua and LuLu would sleep in the same room, since LuLu felt that two guys sleeping in the third floor room with her would be inappropriate. However, if she slept in a room alone on the second floor, she would be terrified.

In addition, these two males could do whatever they want to do to her. In between, the third floor and second floor there was no barrier on the path. Lastly, the most important was that the second floor was filled with a rotting zombie smell. The bed still had zombie viscous residue of mucus. LuLu had slight OCD so it was intolerable for her.

Comparing the second floor to the third floor, the third floor was much cleaner. Finally, LuLu chose to sleep in the same room with the two males on the third floor. Pan Hua was a true gentleman, he volunteered to sleep on the floor, giving up the bed for LuLu. LuLu took up his offer and laid on the bed with her clothes on.

The bed on the third floor belonged to the female store-owner. The bed felt pretty comfortable because the bed sheets were clean and it was not stained with the blood of the zombie or any other disgusting substances.

Liu Gan moved a chair to the balcony so that he could act as a sentry outpost. He managed to find an alarm clock in the hardware shop and it was around eleven pm. When it was two am, Liu Gan would wake Pan Hua for his shift and when it was five am, Pan Hua would wake LuLu up.

“Wang Chang Shun’s death was too scary!” LuLu sprawled on the bed and told Pan Hua in a hushed tone. It was pretty obvious that she did not recover from the trauma of Wang ChangShun’s gruesome death.

“Yes, I agree! I have no intention of dying in the same way either. However the problem is that this game is too realistic. What we are feeling is all real and the feeling of getting torn apart when you are alive will definitely be painful.” Pan Hua agreed with LuLu and also had a similarly hushed tone.

Witnessing Wang ChangShun’s death first hand had also given a great mental shock to Pan Hua. The only time he saw someone dying was in the movie theatres watching some horror or gory movie.

This type of extremely gruesome death was too much for him.

“Fatty, what do you think of Liu Gan’s character?” LuLu squeezed towards the side of the bed where Pan Hua was lying on the floor and whispered. Pan Hua’s personality was very good and furthermore he was her die-hard fan who always gifted her presents. Hence he easily gained the trust of LuLu.

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“Boss Liu is so awesome and strong, with him, we are definitely safe.” Pan Hua whispered back to LuLu. He subconsciously looked towards the balcony, a little worried that Liu Gan could overhear their conversation.

“Currently we are not in any danger, therefore he is like this. However, I think that when we are, he will definitely abandon us.” LuLu whispered back. Regarding the matter of brushing teeth where she clashed against Liu Gan had made her heart raced. She was very worried that Liu Gan would beat her up out of anger. Luckily he accepted her opinion and it ended peacefully.

She felt that Pan Hua and herself were pretty useless. In addition, a girl’s problem was not merely a trivial matter of brushing teeth. Just now when she was brushing her teeth, she sneaked to the second floor when Liu Gan was not looking and used a small handful of water to clean up her private area.
Being a pretty and sought after girl, she couldn’t tolerate the notion of not being able to wash up and it was an additional burden that she would bring to them.

“Do you think we have any other better choices now?” Pan Hua asked LuLu in a hushed tone.

“He killed Little Red.” LuLu replied to Pan Hua. The Little Red she mentioned was the red-haired player who was trapped with them on the rooftop when they had just entered into this world. She gave all of them nicknames. The remaining two would then be Little Green and Little Yellow. Even though the three of them had foul mouths, LuLu and the trio could still get along after getting to know them.

“Little Red indeed committed a few mistakes…” Pan Hua replied LuLu.

“He was still young. Moreover, it was a dire situation which lead him to stealing the food. Whatever the case… That does not warrant death as a punishment. However Liu Gan just killed him so easily…” LuLu said with a sigh.

“This is The Trembling World, not the world we know. In this zombie infested world, what Boss said is correct, survival is the most important thing. Our previous notion of laws and orders do not apply to this world anymore…” Pan Hua explained to LuLu.

“You have been brain-washed by him.”LuLu said with a sigh.

“I did not get brain-washed by him, I only feel that what he said makes a lot of sense. However, I am not as strong as him therefore… I can’t protect you. The only way to stay safe is to rely on Liu Gan and follow his rules and decisions.” Pan Hua said and sighed while replying.

“Fatty, I know that you are a good person. But… What if… He tries to take advantage of me? You will protect me right?”LuLu asked Pan Hua when she thought of it.

She was a girl, furthermore, she was a very pretty girl. Liu Gan who was so aggressive made her feel very uneasy. Even though Liu Gan currently did not do anything to her, but who knows whether he would try to do anything in the future? The moment a man goes crazy, he was capable of doing anything.

“He… He… I don’t think he is someone like that.”Pan Hua replied to LuLu. From his point of view, if Liu Gan was this type of person, he would have taken advantage of LuLu long ago. He would not care whether Pan Hua was there or not.

Since Liu Gan did not do anything, it means that he would not do it.

“We must help each other! I will not abandon you, you will not abandon me either, right?” LuLu suggested and asked Pan Hua. In this cruel and dangerous world, the weak would gather in groups in order to survive, not that it was successful.

“En, I will definitely not abandon you!” Pan Hua hurriedly confirmed LuLu and promised her.

LuLu was a very seductive hot girl, whereas Pan Hua was a fat boy. In reality, the only thing Pan Hua was able to do was gawking at her from when she goes live online in her recording studio. If he was lucky, he would be able to see her face to face on the street even though she would not even give him a single look. However, he now had a chance to spend time and be in close proximity with his Goddess. Therefore he felt very blissful and would definitely try his best to please and fawn on her.

“Fatty… In the past, even though you have been constantly supporting me, I did not give you any attention. Regarding this matter, I would like to apologize sincerely.” LuLu told Pan Hua.

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