The Trembling World

Chapter 296

Chapter 296 - No Where To Escape

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After looking at the reflection in the glass, Treadmill lost himself for a moment. His pupils were dilated as he witnessed in the reflection of the glass a scene more horrifying than a Black-Spot Variant zombie.

In the reflection of the glass, it showed that Treadmill was the only one in the room. Liu Gan didn’t have a shadow or reflection at all.

Yet, Liu Gan was slowly walking step by step toward him…

He wasn’t a Black-Spot Variant, he wasn’t even Elder Liu. What was he? How could he be translucent in the reflection of the glass? This was something Treadmill couldn’t figure out.

In that moment, Treadmill was even more scared now that he had confirmed why Huang WeiTao had pulled him back.

Earlier, Huang WeiTao must have seen it in the mirror. For it to have been more horrifying than the Black-Spot Variant…WeiTao must have seen Han GuangMing talking to air in the mirror.

Treadmill rapidly pulled the trigger at Liu Gan. He quickly emptied his magazine, and all the bullets that struck Liu Gan produced a hollow sound, ting ting, along with gunfire flashes that lit up the room.

But Treadmill wasn’t able to hurt ‘Liu Gan’ at all.

Treadmill quickly threw aside the empty assault rifles, and pulled another assault rifle off his back. This time, he shot at the glass behind him. He created an opening in the glass behind him to escape from the communications room. Treadmill ran for his life toward the stairs to the top of the ship.


The second floor of the ship didn’t have light, but Treadmill didn’t dare to keep running recklessly. Treadmill looked back at the stairs that he came up from, and didn’t see the fake Liu Gan following. After a short period of waiting in the darkness, no one chased up the stairs from the first floor.

Could it be possible that Elder Liu was a spirit?

Is that why there was no reflection of him in the glass?

Or could it be his body changed in the process somehow?

Why didn’t he chase Treadmill up the stairs?

Could he went back into the reception hall to look at the situation there?

If Elder Liu saw that Han GuangMing had been killed, he would bring forth his fury. It would be unfathomable to think that Liu Gan would let him go. Being stuck on a stranded aircraft at sea, drifting aimlessly. the moment Elder Liu caught up to him, it would be over for Treadmill.

Now it was just a waiting game for Treadmill.

Now that Treadmill had more time to collect his thoughts, he realized he shouldn’t have shot indiscriminately at Elder Liu. Instead, he should’ve tried to talk things through first.

But…was that really Elder Liu? Or was it an imposter? Why didn’t the reflection show a shadow? Was it an ally or was it an even more advanced zombie than the Black-Spot Variant? That would explain why there weren’t any shadows!

What exactly was happening aboard the airship?

As Treadmill had his eyes glued on the stairs, from the corner of his eye he saw lights turning on for the entire floor.

What could it be? The lights weren’t on at all a while ago.

Treadmill vaguely remembered that the electrical system for this airship was supplied by section, and the whole second floor was considered one section. As quickly as the light turned on, it went off. Except for one light still on, in one particular cabin. What could be the meaning behind this?

With the fear lurking in Treadmill’s heart, he still edged closer toward the brightly lit cabin. Looking around the cabin room, he heard a sound… coming from the room. Once he got closer to the room, the sound stopped.

Finally, Treadmill walked up to the edge of the cabin room.

“Is someone here?” Treadmill carefully asked.

No response.

Treadmill took out his small mirror, and used the reflection to peak inside the room. Since the door to the cabin was wide open, the small mirror was able to show the inside of the room clearly.

The reflection in the tiny mirror didn’t display any abnormality. It turned out to be a typical cabin in the ship. There was a simple bathroom within this room, and alongside the wall were two beds. Closer to the window was a table desk. This would be where the crew members slept, at least before the catastrophe. After Raincoat and his men took over Serenity, it became their camp.

Treadmill took small steps into the cabin, and took a seat on the bed. With stress and fatigue setting in, Treadmill was about to drift off.

Originally, Treadmill was very tired and stressed out, along with his enhanced state of nervousness, it caused him to navigate toward the bed. With his stamina drained, he really wanted to lay down and sleep.  

But he didn’t dare to sleep. He tried his best to get up. Then placed his assault rifle back behind his back. Treadmill headed into washroom to wash his face. Looking up, he looked into the mirror right above the sink.

He saw his own face. It was filled with Black-Spots. His own sclera were also black. Treadmill released a high pitch scream. He smashed his fist into the washroom mirror and ran out.

Walking back into the cabin room, Treadmill sat on the bed again and repeatedly touched his own face. He didn’t dare to look at another mirror.

Something was wrong. When he was looking into the mirror earlier with Huang WeiTao, his face was still fine! Why did it change? Why were there Black Spots? What do the Black Spots mean? Did he get infected? Will he become a Variant Zombie now?

Why does he still have awareness?

Treadmill lifted up his wristwatch to check on his own status. to see if his state of infection was on the red indicator. What he saw was a black screen. No words were visible.

From the window he heard a noise. It was the sound of wet meat slamming against the window of the airship, the sound of it would make anyone uncomfortable. As curiosity overtook rational thought, Treadmill shone the light in the direction of the source. On the window there were large suckers of pale white colored meat covering the entire window.

What was this? Treadmill wanted to start shooting through the window, but held back. He realized that the window itself was preventing the thing from entering. It hadn’t been able to enter the interior of the ship on its own, but the moment he broke the barrier, he would be the one that allowed the monster in.

At that moment, the cabin lights started flickering and sounds of light bulbs popping could be heard.

Zi Zi

The lights started becoming dimmer, and that spooked Treadmill. He ran out of the cabin and the light from his room extinguished behind him. Shifting from the light into darkness blinded Treadmill like a flashbang effect. He couldn’t see his five fingers in front of him.

Neither side of the hallway had any lights on. It seemed all sources of illumination had died aboard the airship at the same time.

Trapped in the darkness, Treadmill started suffocating as if someone was holding on his throat. Unable to breathe, he just kept running forwards. He ran back down the hallway to the floor below. Afraid of getting stuck with the creature, he just continued running even if it meant getting trapped in the dark.

The problem was that he kept running, but the hallway would never end. His suspicion rose, but he didn’t want to stop. After a few more yards, Treadmill felt like he was stepping on something soft, like bedding. It was definitely not the normal floor in the airship anymore!

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