The Trembling World

Chapter 295

Chapter 295 - Mastermind

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

TL: End of chapter releasing spree!

“You…you wouldn’t…you didn’t kill him, right?” Qi Shaohua took a step back as he asked Treadmill. He felt that Treadmill wasn’t in a good mental state. With his face flushed red, either from fighting or from running, if Treadmill could kill Han GuangMing, then who was there to stop him from killing others?

“He wanted to kill me, so I acted in self-defense! He wasn’t Squad Leader Han, he was just a Black-Spot Variant!” Treadmill continued walking towards Qi Shaohua.

“Don’t come near me…” Qi Shaohua was terrified. He took a few steps backward, but immediately behind him was the communications room.

Treadmill with a face covered in blood, was in high alert and alarmed. With two assault rifles in his hands, anyone who saw him right now would be scared.

“Why are you afraid of me? I’m a normal person! Right now onboard Serenity there are a lot of Black-Spot Variants. They really want me to be a part of their team. I am holding the guns to protect myself!” Treadmill continued moving closer to Qi Shaohua, step by step.

“Get away! Don’t point the gun at me!” Qi Shaohua found himself cornered into the communications room. It was a dead end. He became even more frightened.

“It’s just me, why are you so scared? Could it be that you are hiding something? Are you a part of them too?!” Treadmill suddenly stopped at the entrance of the communications room. He shook his head at Qi Shaohua, and continued down the stairs to the rear end of the ship to find Liu Gan. However, Treadmill stopped short as he looked at a nearby broken shard of glass on the wall. His face turned pale.

The communications room was well lit since the electricity was running in that room, but outside in the hallway it was dark. The broken shard of glass acted like a mirror. It clearly revealed the reflection of Qi Shaohua’s face.

The reflection of Qi Shaohua, his face was full of black spots. His eyes were black without any white in them. His sinister malevolent face was looking at Treadmill, like a tasty treat.

“You are one of those horrible zombies! I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU! GO DIE!” Treadmill started opening fire with assault rifles in both hands at Qi Shaohua.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom! 

Several bullets passed through Qi Shaohua’s chest and brain. Qi Shaohua was riddled with holes. He collapsed into a pool of his own blood and didn’t move again.

“Terrible Zombies!” Treadmill moved closer to the communications room to add another few shots, feeling that something was wrong.

Why is it that when these zombies died, they wouldn’t resume their original zombie form? The body didn’t reveal the disgusting black-spots! Could it be that only with the mirror, it would show the black spots?

Treadmill pulled out the small mirror, with his sleeves he wiped it clean. Then, he held his breath as he studied the reflection of Qi Shaohua’s corpse...

In the mirror’s reflection, Qi Shaohua’s corpse didn’t have any black spots, it was just full of bloody wounds…wounds caused by his assault rifles.

What was going on? In the broken mirrors, he clearly saw the black-spots with a sinister face, but now that he was dead, there was nothing like that?

So that is to say, these black-spot disappeared after dying and it reverted back to the zombie form? Could it be that these strange creatures didn’t infect them? It was just a parasite that leeched on their body? Only after it died, it would leave the host?

If that was the case, since Elder Liu wasn’t here, he had taken up arms to kill Han GuangMing, then Qi Shaohua. How would he explain things to Elder Liu clearly? If they were alive, he could still use the mirror to prove that their faces were full of black spots! Even Huang WeiTao saw it! That could be used to prove his innocence!

The problem was, Huang WeiTao was dead!

Since Huang WeiTao had died, Treadmill wanted the Black-Spot Variants to take care of HuJun. He didn’t report it to Elder Liu. So if he spoke up now, it would bring up suspicions and doubts. So even if he said now that he saw that Zhou JingJing, Han GuangMing, and Qi Shaohua were all black-spot variants, it was doubtful that Elder Liu would believe him.

He was finished. First he was accused of being a rapist, he couldn’t come clean before. Now that he is a true murderer, he definitely can’t right his wrongs on this one. Killing Qi Shaohua was a small thing, but killing Squad Leader Han? Elder Liu won’t let this go so easily!

What should he do now?

Upon thinking about Huang WeiTao, Treadmill thought of another thing. He thought about the sequence of events, from the beginning. Suddenly, as if a light bulb appeared in his head, he shook from fear.

Huang WeiTao wanted to stop him from saying Zhou JingJing was a Black-Spot Variant. Treadmill thought the reason was because Han GuangMing was a Black-Spot Variant, to prevent the zombies from being aware that they were noticed.

However, Treadmill put himself in Huang WeiTao’s shoes. He was right. It was more than what met the eye.

If Han GuangMing was the Black-Spot Variant, but Elder Liu wasn’t, then Huang WeiTao wouldn’t have pulled Treadmill away. He would’ve called Elder Liu from afar to have Han GuangMing suppressed, then explained the situation.

This was normal person’s typical response.

However, in everyone else’s heart, Elder Liu is invincible. He is omnipresent and fearless. Even Kingler was no match for his fist. Huang WeiTao under that circumstance didn’t remind Elder Liu, but he chose to pull back Treadmill. It is possible that the person that was infected wasn’t Han GuangMing, but Elder Liu!

Or it could’ve been both Elder Liu and Han GuangMing. So Huang WeiTao chose to pull back Treadmill!

When Treadmill understood this point, he broke out into a cold sweat.

Who he thought was the most reliable, most dependable and safest person, could possibly be the mastermind behind the mysteries of Serenity! If even Elder Liu was infected as a Black-Spot Variant, then aside from the dead Huang WeiTao, there was no one left to trust!

Treadmill stood back up as he got off the ground. He went into the communications room. While he was figuring out where to hide next, he turned around to see Liu Gan appear silently at the doorway. He was frowning as he looked in.

“Elder Liu…” Treadmill shocked. Before figuring out the truth behind it, naturally, the question was, should he aim at Liu Gan or not?

“What is going on?” Liu Gan walked into the communications room as he pointed at the body of Qi Shaohua.

Treadmill didn’t respond to Liu Gan’s question. He just kept staring at the broken glass of the communications room to see what Liu Gan’s face was like. He really wanted to know the true reason behind why Huang WeiTao had pulled him away. What was the real reason?


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