The Trembling World

Chapter 294

Chapter 294 - Impending Danger

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“I'm not playing any games. Ahh, where did Elder Liu go,” Treadmill starting to become more flustered as he looked Han GuangMing. If even Elder Liu fell into their trap, then there is not much to hope for.

“Why are you so worried where Elder Liu went?” Han GuangMing watched as Treadmill’s complexion worsened.

“I'm just asking, Squad Leader Han, no need to be so nervous,” Treadmill looked at Qi Shaohua, then at the locked cabin with HuJun and Zhou JingJing.

This wasn't a good situation to be in.

Could it be that Han GuangMing purposely locked HuJun in there with Zhou JingJing so that she had time to convert HuJun? With more of them turning into Black-Spot Variants, there would be less normal people onboard.

“Me, nervous? What would I be nervous about? From now on, you won't leave my line of sight. Otherwise I will lock you up with HuJun,” Han GuangMing threatened him.

Treadmill didn't dare to make another sound. He was already deathly afraid. From his analysis, Elder Liu must have gone down to the cargo bay to check on the anchor situation. Now this Black-Spot Han GuangMing had chosen him as the next target, which would explain why he wouldn't let him go out of sight.

In addition, Hujun being trapped meant that HuJun could've been turned into a Black-Spot Zombie already. Being trapped with two Black-Spot Variants, the outcome was easy to imagine.

Right at this moment, the communications room produced a strange sound. It sounded like verbal communication. The reception hall was located quite far away from the communication room, but since it was quiet in the middle of the night, even the faintest sound traveled a long ways.

Han GuangMing looked in the direction of the communications room, as if he wanted to check it out. But with HuJun and Zhou JingJing trapped in the cabin, and tricky Treadmill in the reception hall, he decided to stay. Instead, Qi Shaohua was sent to figure out the mystery call.

“You want me to go alone?” Qi Shaohua asked Han GuangMing again.

“Yes, you be careful now. Just take a look, no need to do anything else. Then come back and report the situation in,” Han GuangMing nodded.

“Why don't I go with him,” Treadmill quickly suggested. Han GuangMing wanted to send Qi Shaohua away so there would be time alone with Treadmill in the reception hall. Then, Han GuangMing can have his way and turn more people into Black-Spot Variants.

“You aren't going anywhere, you will behave yourself and stay here,” Han GuangMing said to Treadmill. Earlier, Han GuangMing was still suspicious of whether or not Treadmill raped Zhou JingJing, but Liu Gan suggested the presence of Shapeshifting Variant Zombie. Otherwise, Treadmill would've been locked up due to suspicion.

Now that Treadmill is acting suspiciously, with averted eyes, Han GuangMing has more reason to suspect something is wrong. As a police academy student, Han GuangMing hated rapists the most out of all criminals.

“Then, I'll go.” Qi Shaohua figured something was wrong between the two. Ultimately, he felt safer with Elder Liu and the others in the cargo bay. Since Elder Liu was closer to that end of the ship, Qi Shaohua would head to the communications room, then down to cargo bay to meet up with the others.

As soon as Qi Shaohua left their location, Treadmill felt as if his heart was clogging up his throat. All alone, he was as good as dead in the hands of Han GuangMing. Nothing good would happen from this. Looking on the floor, Treadmill realized that the knife HuJun dropped was less than two meters away.

“Stand up slowly, place both hands to your back and don't resist,” Han GuangMing ordered Treadmill.

Treadmill glanced at Han GuangMing. Han GuangMing had pulled out ropes from nowhere and was planning to tie him up.

Being tied up by a Black-Spot Variant, the ending wouldn't be good. Treadmill could think of many ways to die, but only one way to live. If he didn’t think of a good strategy to get out of this predicament, he was done for.

“You dare resist my command, do you know that going against my command is the same as revolting against Elder Liu’s command!” Han GuangMing was worried that he couldn’t suppress Treadmill alone, so he would rather bind him first. That way, there would be no worries that Treadmill would do something rash. The fear in his heart was real.

Treadmill suddenly reached down to the floor to grab ahold of the knife. Han GuangMing saw it and tried to remove the knife from Treadmill’s hand. The moment Treadmill saw Han GuangMing rush over, his fear was at its peak. With all the energy in his body, he shoved the knife’s point at Han GuangMing.

HuJun loved his knife. He polished it everyday, so it was sharper than anyone imagined. It had pierced cleanly through Treadmill’s palm and completely beheaded Huang WeiTao. Han GuangMing wanted to control Treadmill, but he didn’t want to take Treadmill’s life. Treadmill felt that he was facing an immense threat, so he slashed the knife forwards.

Han GuangMing couldn’t avoid it at all. It sliced through his neck, rupturing his carotid artery and leaving a deep bloody gash. His throat was also slashed through, so his mouth could only gurgle uselessly. Han GuangMing tried to apply pressure onto the open wound, but fresh blood kept spewing out. His hand was not effective in covering it.

“You are a part of them! You want me to become one of you, it won’t be that easy!” Treadmill took a few step backwards before screaming at Han GuangMing.

Han GuangMing reached out his other hand toward Treadmill before both his eyes became dull. Then his body flopped onto the floor.

Treadmill was covered in blood, his whole body was shaking. Suddenly, as if he remembered something, he ran over to the lobby where the guns were tied up. He took a few assault rifles in his hands, along with the ammunition in a bag. Then, with his back loaded with assault rifles, Treadmill charged in the direction of the communications room.

“What happened?” Qi Shaohua asked, as he had just finished up checking the communicator. Qi Shaohua saw that Treadmill was covered in blood, so he immediately panicked.

“Squad Leader Han became a Black-Spot Variant Zombie, it is also has the ability to shapeshift. He wanted to kill me,” Treadmill was trembling as he informed Qi Shaohua.

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