The Trembling World

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Outsmart

Laying near the five zombies were scattered pieces of bones and meat, it should’ve been the remnant remains of the female. Judging from the looks of the blood stains it still looked quite fresh.

If Liu Gan had to guess, the undergarments hanging above air-drying belonged to the half-eaten corpse. This female could’ve possibly been the store owner. Liu Gan focused on the third floor of the building and noticed that one of the windows were open. That window had a rope dangling out of it.

Of course, something urgent must have happened to the female store-owner that forced her to try and escape from the third floor window by using a rope. In the end, she got ambushed by five zombies; and now, she laid within their stomachs.

Liu Gan was unsure of why she didn’t leave directly from the first floor by opening up the metal gates, but instead chose to leave from the third floor window. However, this wasn’t the time or place to be thinking about that. To him, speculating the real answer served no purpose, and would only aid him when he had to think about it later with more information. His main concern was focused on the bodies of the five zombies in front of him.

Previously when there was the huge explosion by the plaza, it had attracted most of the surrounding zombies, so these zombies must have been physically stuck or left behind when they were en route. So these five zombies weren’t part of the gathering of the corpse-tide at the plaza.

Even though these creatures didn’t have any awareness, their sight, vision, and sense of smell are all better than an average human. Luckily, Liu Gan was positioned downhill from the wind, so these five zombies hadn’t noticed Liu Gan and continued eating.

Looking at these five zombies, Liu Gan raised his eyebrows, he had an important decision to make. To forfeit this location and select a new one, or to fight these zombies.

If he chose this building complex as a hideout location, he must clear up those five zombies. Otherwise, any of their movement would alert them. Once they had been exterminated, they wouldn’t be a problem anymore. If Liu Gan didn’t kill them, it might even alert more zombies toward their location so they get trapped in this building, then it would be worse than that situation in the plaza. This time, if enough zombies were gathered, it would be enough to reach the top of the apartment.

If he chose to forfeit this location, then Liu Gan would have to scout and look for a better location in this dark night. A better location that has an overall view of the area and has many escape routes.

Right now it was getting darker into the night, and Liu Gan had to decide. The nightly gales had gotten stronger, and it looked like it might possibly thunderstorm at any moment. The thunder could aggravate and alert more hidden zombies, so in the rain it would be even more impossible to defend.

Since it was unlikely to be able to quickly find another suitable resting location. With all these factors to consider for, Liu Gan quickly decided to settle for this location. Liu Gan calmed down and decided that the zombies must be removed. Tonight he would be staying at this three story building.

If there were just three zombies, Liu Gan wouldn’t hesitate because he already knew that three zombies wouldn’t be too much of a threat. He was hesitant though, because he had never handled more than five before. Especially in a setting that was not his favor, it was completely pitch dark at night so trying to fight would be inconvenient.

Normal people when combatting would avoid getting injured, but these zombies had no fear. Zombies weren’t afraid of getting injured or dying; it was completely invested in the offensive aspect, without a concern for its well-being. Normal people couldn’t compare with that mentality. Normal players would think of a way to kill it while not getting injured, because all it took was just one bite or scratch during combat to lose it all.

So now that Liu Gan was level 4, with an overwhelming bonus in stats, and if conditions were optimal, then these five zombies wouldn’t be a big issue. Even if he didn’t take the risk of going against the five zombies, this was a good method of obtaining combat knowledge.

Going against a foe with greater numbers, the best strategy to counter was a diversion. Separating each of them and killing them one by one. Liu Gan decided that was the method he was going to use. Crouching down he picked up a small rock, and threw it onto the back of the closest zombie.

The zombie that had a rock thrown at it turned and saw Liu Gan in the distance behind him. Seeing Liu Gan made it yell, as it gave up the food it had in it’s hand and charged toward Liu Gan. Liu Gan tactically retreated toward the corner from which he came from. Then, he waited for the zombie to follow so he could kill this zombie away from the vision of the others.

Just in case he lured all five of the zombies at the same time, this was also a good strategy for retreating.

Liu Gan’s strategy was very successful, as it only attracted one zombie. Liu Gan backed up a few more steps then silently threw a punch at the zombie’s face. He then gave it a hack at the neck separating the head from the body. Without much noise generated, Liu Gan was able to easily kill it.

After killing the first zombie, the rest were simple. Liu Gan repeated the procedure for the next two zombies, and when there were only two zombies left, he was no longer afraid. He charged up directly at the last two zombies in a battle frenzy to kill them.

After killing the five zombies, Liu Gan returned to the street near the front of the store to tell Pan Hua and LuLu about the situation. He didn’t want Pan Hua and LuLu won’t be too confused and do anything rash. His plan was to return to the back of the store and climb solo into the building window, then open the gate to let the two in.

Looking at the rope that was dangling from the third floor window, Liu Gan suspected that there might be zombies within the building. Otherwise, the female store-owner wouldn’t have climbed out from it and accidentally fallen to the ground, only to get ambushed by those zombies waiting below.

In other words, Liu Gan had to be extra careful when climbing up.

Liu Gan tugged onto the rope, just to test the sturdiness of the knot tied on the other end. He had to be sure that it was sturdy since he would be climbing up with this rope. He wasn’t completely reliant on the rope, putting one hand on the rope, and the other on the wall to brace himself, just in case the rope accidentally ripped.

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