The Trembling World

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Cruel

The red-haired player’s body fell forward with the inertia from running, then he just collapsed with the two water bottles which were in his hand and as he fell the bottles rolled aside.

This bullseye struck the back of his head and took his life instantly.

The flying axe was obviously thrown by Liu Gan. Ever since he killed the colossal zombie and reached level 4, his hearing, sight, and all his other stats received a major boost.. Just now even though he was investigating Wang ChangShun’s alloy watch, Liu Gan was keeping an eye out monitoring the surrounding for any sign of danger. When the red-haired player picked up the backpack and started booking it, that noise couldn’t escape Liu Gan’s heightened senses.

Pan Hua and LuLu had just finished vomiting after witnessing Wang ChangShun’s gruesome death, now when they were able to lift their head just to see the red-haired player with an axe sticking out behind his head. Once again they were stunned and without a moment to rest, their stomachs started to act up again.

Before they signed up, Pan Hua and LuLu’s knowledge of the zombies was limited, only knowing the monitor representation of a zombie. Previously, when Liu Gan described the scene he witnessed at the plaza, LuLu couldn’t be bothered to listen his story. After witnessing everything close up and personal, it was even more realistic than seeing it from monitor or how Liu Gan had described it.

“Did you guys finish vomiting yet? If you are done, then let’s leave this place.” Liu Gan walked over to the red-haired player’s head to extract the axe. Then he explained to Pan Hua and LuLu that in this apocalyptic world, food would soon become even more scarce so if they keep vomiting every time they eat, then it would just be a waste.

It was obvious that Pan Hua and LuLu haven’t recovered yet, especially with the scene of the red-haired player dying. They were clearly shaken up and trembling with fear. They felt that if Liu Gan could easily kill the red-haired youth, then if one day he got annoyed with them he might kill them without hesitation just like how he killed the youth player.
The red-haired youth was Liu Gan’s first player kill, but Liu Gan didn’t experienced the displeasing feeling of killing people. Perhaps, it was because he had killed so many zombies which resembled humans. The feeling of killing a human was not too different, but he didn’t feel any pleasure when it comes to killing a human.

Originally, the red-haired youth attracted the surrounding zombies nearby when Liu Gan rescued the youth, but the youth kept looking at Liu Gan with an expression full of hate. The youth tried to steal Liu Gan’s food, if the youth succeeded then Liu Gan would starve for tonight and tomorrow morning.

Especially within this dystopian world, stealing someone else’s food was equivalent to killing them. The red-haired youth knew what he was doing and of course Liu Gan wouldn’t let him go. So he killed him with his axe, prevented any future conflicts with the youth.

If Liu Gan didn’t kill the red-haired youth and took back the backpack and allowed him stay in the group after reprimanding him. Then based on the red-haired player’s temperament, he would hate Liu Gan even more deep within his heart, with more hidden intentions of causing more harm to Liu Gan. This was unacceptable to Liu Gan as it was detrimental to his safety.

“We are a squad, and that youth player continuously brought harm to our squad’s existence. So I had to kill him. As long as you don’t do anything wrong, then I won’t do the same to you. If you think I’m cruel and don’t want to remain with me, then we can part ways here. We will split the water and food equally so that you can go wherever you like.” Liu Gan saw their fear so he was willing to part ways if they wanted.

“Boss, no. I agree with what you did as it was all for our own good. LuLu and I will not follow in their footstep. Please do not abandon us.” After Pan Hua heard Liu Gan telling them that they could leave if they wanted to, he woke up from his stupor and immediately promised Liu Gan.

Even if he gave Pan Hua and LuLu a portion of his food and water, in this pitch dark environment, he didn’t know where was safe. Even an existence of a safe place in this zombie filled world was uncertain. With his meagre strength and limited resources, he was very sure that he couldn’t protect LuLu or himself. The role of protecting could only be fulfilled by Liu Gan.

“Very good! Since the two of you are willing to stay by my side, I will treat you as my comrades and do my best to protect you.” Liu Gan replied and subsequently as he picked up the backpack and the carton of mineral water from the floor as he walked off.
Pale faced, Pan Hua and LuLu looked at each other and nodded. Pan Hua lifted up the half filled box of water and passed it to LuLu. After that he picked up his own carton of mineral water, Pan Hua chased after Liu Gan with LuLu after comforting and pacifying her.

Even though Liu Gan looked very violent, Pan Hua could see that Liu Gan was also someone who had morals and values. His principles strictly revolved around the need for survival. As long as they did not break any rules or rebel against his instructions, Liu Gan would not kill someone innocent.

Since they were saved by Liu Gan, he had already promised that he would protect them more than once. Regarding Wang ChangShun’s incident, Pan Hua felt that if it was not for Liu Gan’s saving him before entering the minimart, Wang ChangShun would be long dead.

[TN: Remember outside the minimart, a few zombies creeped up silently behind Wang?]

Furthermore, the reason Liu Gan wanted to chop off Wang ChangShun’s arm was to save him. However, Wang ChangShun refused to let him do that.

Regarding the red-haired player, his character was not very good and he was very selfish. However Liu Gan killing the youth over a theft was a tad overboard. On the other hand if Liu Gan did not kill him, the red-haired player might look for Liu Gan for his revenge. In the cover of the night, he could have ambushed them when they were resting.

After pondering about the situation for awhile, Pan Hua felt much better in his heart.

They could feel a gust of cold wind. In the sky, ominous black clouds were gathering, concealing the bright full moon. The moon quickly disappeared behind the clouds causing the streets to descent into darkness. Gusts of wind continuously blew against them.

Looking at the sky, Liu Gan wondered why the weather in the Trembling World was so weird. From afternoon to night, the weather was bright and sunny after the storm. However, it was getting dark now and thunder could be heard and lightning could be seen. Gusts of cold wind continued to howl above their heads.

We better find a shelter first and hide. If not, they would be caught in the rain, drenched and a chance to get hit by a lightning. From his billboard experience, Liu Gan definitely did not want to experience lightning striking around him ever again.

Just when Liu Gan lifted his head to observe the sky, the patch of clouds above him started to rumble even more loudly. As if the devil had revealed his ferocious face and extended out his claw so as to devour all the humans on the street.

[TN: I saw this video yesterday, and I realize it can solve all of Liu Gan’s problem if it was viable. I read that some people think MC is a douchebag. I think he is doing this more for survival, his emphasis is more on survival than anything else. You have to remember that he witness everyone wiping out. The fear is real.]