The Trembling World

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Taking Pleasure in Other’s Misfortune

Pan Hua and LuLu both stood still with their faces showing signs of hesitation, as they looked at Wang ChangShun and then at Liu Gan. The red-haired player had a conniving look – the type that would take pleasure in other’s misfortune. If it weren’t for Liu Gan’s impressive agility and skill, he would definitely take the chance to kill Liu Gan, then take his backpack for himself.

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“If you choose to follow him, it doesn’t bother me at all. I can survive this world fine without anyone.” Liu Gan turned to tell Pan Hua and LuLu.

“Boss, of course we’ll follow you.” Pan Hua immediately replied. His hesitation earlier wasn’t because he was considering about leaving Liu Gan. It was actually because he felt pity for Wang ChangShun. Being left behind like this would surely mean death.

All the food was currently in Liu Gan’s bag. If they didn’t follow Liu Gan, it was safe to assume, they couldn’t carry away the water. Wang ChangShun’s wound might actually turn him into a zombie, and the red-haired player had been broken ever since his friends had died. If it were only him and LuLu, based on their survivability, leaving Liu Gan would lead to one route – death.

The next moment occurred quickly, as two zombies hidden away appeared after hearing Wang ChangShun shout, and charged towards him. In but a moment, Wang ChangShun was suppressed underneath the two zombies. One of them bit into his neck, and fresh crimson blood shot out of the bite mark like a fountain. The other zombie grabbed onto Wang ChangShun’s clothes and bell, after which the zombie ripped through his clothes and into his intestines, and stuffed them into its mouth greedily. Slowly all of his organs were eaten bit by bit by the zombies.

As per what Liu Gan had mentioned previously, Wang ChangShun did not die immediately. He was struggling and shouting while the zombies ate him. His struggles were useless, as the zombies were much stronger than him.

From the sudden appearance of the zombies, to the now half eaten Wang ChangShun, it had all happened over merely a few minutes. All this was just a few meters away from Pan Hua and LuLu. Personally witnessing this gruesome sight made both of them tremble in fear. Lulu uncontrollably shrieked in fear.

“This is definitely not possible…” Pan Hua murmured, as he took a few steps back and fell backwards onto the ground. This was his first time witnessing such a gruesome sight, and he was shocked speechless.

“Stop screaming!” Liu Gan rush forward and covered LuLu’s mouth to stop her from screaming for too long.

Wang ChangShun who was being eaten by the zombies a few meters away gradually stopped moving and passed away. The street was dead silent, except for the sound of chewing and swallowing of Wang ChangShun’s organs by the zombies.

Liu Gan removed the backpack and threw it onto the floor. Lifting his axe, Liu Gan rushed towards the two zombies. The zombies who were eating Wang ChangShun lifted their heads when they heard Liu Gan approaching, and immediately pounced towards him when they saw him approaching them. His axe cleaved down the skull of one zombie, while his lightning fast hand grabbed onto the throat of the other zombie.

Liu Gan was able to crush the zombie’s throat with his bare hands, but after considering that Pan Hua, LuLu, and the red-haired player were looking at him, he decided not to. At the same time that he crushed the zombie’s throat, he swung his axe and severed the zombie’s head from its body to make it look like the axe killed the zombie.

After killing the zombies, Liu Gan started to look around the area to see if there were any special item or clues.

“He… He… He’s really dead?” Pan Hua slowly got up from the floor and asked Liu Gan with a trembling voice.

“It would be a miracle if he’s not dead after being bitten to this state.” Replied Liu Gan after seeing Wang ChangShun’s ruptured stomach with his intestines spilled out all over the place, and his skull missing a piece after the zombie attack.

As Pan Hua wanted to say something, he accidentally looked at Wang ChangShun’s dismembered corpse under the waning moon light. Instead of words coming out of his mouth, vomit almost spewed out as his stomach churned from the gruesome sight.

Pan Hua endured and stopped himself from vomiting. However, Lulu who also noticed the corpse, wasn’t as resilient. She couldn’t take the sight, and vomited almost immediately. She vomited out the biscuits and the water she’d consumed earlier all over the floor. Pan Hua endured the first turmoil in his stomach, but couldn’t resist anymore when he saw LuLu emptying her guts out – he followed suit and joined her.

Liu Gan shook his head and wondered if they’d never seen such horrendous scenes when they were playing zombie themed games. Was it that bad that they needed to vomit so much?

Maybe what they saw on the computer screen was different from seeing it in real life.

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Suddenly, Liu Gan had a bright idea. He walked over and squatted down beside Wang ChangShun’s corpse and looked at his alloy watch.

Wang ChangShun’s menu on his watch had already faded off and disappeared. No matter what button he pressed, his watch wouldn’t light up.

Liu Gan lifted his axe and severed Wang ChangShun’s forearm, and removed his watch from his wrist. He was determined to do some experiment on the watch.

Taking off Wang ChangShun’s alloy watch, Liu Gan discovered that the face of the watch and the watch band were merged together, so it couldn’t even be called a watch band. Then, when Liu Gan placed the alloy watch on the floor and started hacking at it with the axe, it wouldn’t break.

Liu Gan continuously used full force to smash with his axe at the alloy watch, yet no one could’ve expect that the alloy metal wouldn’t even budge. Turning over the watch to a different side, Liu Gan continued to smash at it with his axe. After using all his strength for a few dozen tries, the floor had a few potholes, but the alloy watch was in mint condition.

What was this thing made out of? How could it be so sturdy?

With such a durable material, the other players definitely wouldn’t be able to take off the alloy watch at all. It was definitely impossible, unless they cut off their own arm.

The moment Liu Gan put down his axe, and his hand reached for Wang ChangShun’s alloy watch to look at it some more, it suddenly disappeared. A black hazy orb took it’s place and floated lightly up into the sky, vanishing as quick as it had appeared.

Liu Gan was shocked when he saw it vanish into the sky, wondering what the supernatural black orbs were. When he killed the zombies, the moment it died, black orbs would be emitted from their body into his body. It was like a variation of experience. But how come the alloy watch that was so sturdy to physical damage, become a black orb too?

Perhaps these black orbs were the player’s soul?

Liu Gan finally realized something… When he was searching around after getting off the billboard, the players had left behind a hand grenade, but he never saw the alloy watches.

The red-haired youth saw that Pan Hua and LuLu were vomiting their guts out, and that Liu Gan was squatting on the floor with his head up looking into the sky. Suddenly, the red-haired player had an evil thought. He quickly ran and picked Liu Gan’s pack off the floor, then reached into the carton to take out two bottles of mineral water. Then, he headed towards a dark, nearby alley, and ran straight ahead.

However, the red-haired player didn’t get too far when an axe came flying straight at him from behind. ‘Bam!’ In one hit, it stuck deep into the back of his head, and killed him instantly.

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