The Trembling World

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Late Night

Wang ChangShun could only keep silent after Liu Gan threatened him. However, his look was of pain and agony, while with his one good hand he held his wounded hand tightly. As Wang ChangShun looked at Liu Gan, his gaze revealed a strand of hatred and resentment.

“I have to remove your arm as you have been bitten by the zombie and it's infected. If not, you will become a zombie when the virus spreads to every part of your body.” Liu Gan looked at Wang ChangShun’s mangled and bloodied hand and said as if he was suddenly knew that.

“What joke are you pulling? Isn’t this a game? How could a player change into a zombie after getting bitten?” Wang ChangShun hurriedly escaped towards the back of the minimart, away from Liu Gan. The look on his face showed terror and outrage over what Liu Gan said as he looked at him. His amputated fingers were already very painful and now, Liu Gan wanted to sever off his whole arm. Wouldn’t he be in even more pain if his whole arm was severed?

“Although the game introduction did not specifically say that after getting bitten by a zombie or dying would turn you into a zombie, they hinted that they will be following mainstream zombie movies, tv series, etc. You can look at your own alloy watch and check whether your infection status has changed to red or not? If you do not want to turn into a zombie, cut off your arm immediately to stop the infection!” Liu Gan walked towards him while lifting his axe up and encouraged Wang ChangShun.

[TN: I can imagine Liu Gan smiling as he says this and walks up to him]

Wang ChangShun looked alarmingly at his player’s status on his watch and he found that his infection status had turned red! The section that was previously green is now red!

“I would rather turn into a zombie than let you cut my arm off!” Wang ChangShun shouted from afar as if he was trying to avoid something.

“If you don’t let me cut your arm off, then don’t follow us. We don’t know when you will become a zombie and then turn your back on us with a bite.” Liu Gan replied to Wang ChangShun, while picking up his backpack full of food and supplies and three cartons of mineral water, as he proceed to exit the minimart.

Pan Hua, LuLu and the red-haired player also quickly followed him. It was clear that they were shocked by the news and frightened by what Liu Gan had said about Wang ChangShun becoming a zombie.

The moment Liu Gan left the minimart, he put down the three cartons of mineral water and took two bottles for Pan Hua and LuLu to share. From his backpack, he took two packs of cookies out and gave them each a pack, but he didn’t split it with the red-haired player and Wang ChangShun.

Pan Hua and LuLu were extremely hungry and thirsty, so they quickly emptied what they were given into their stomachs.

“How come I don’t get a share?” The red-haired player pouted and whispered.

“Judging from your performance and everything you’ve done so far, you should be glad that I spared your life. Yet, you still want to leech off me?” Liu Gan coldly replied.

Before, Liu Gan gave this youth a chance of redemption, but now, he was very reluctant in giving him another chance. Red-haired player also told Pan Hua about the food in his bag, clearly, it was evident that someone wanted to rebel. This youth player, after being rescued, was dishonest and ungrateful, so of course Liu Gan didn’t even think he was qualified to be cannon fodder.

LuLu gave the red-haired player a glance, then looked down at her remaining half bag of crackers and half a bottle of water, after a moment of hesitation she gave it to the red-haired player.

Red-haired player was very hungry, he quickly tore off the remaining wrapping and stuffed it into his mouth and drinking the remaining mineral water. Then, looked at the carton of mineral water and Liu Gan’s backpack.

Wang ChangShun walked out of the minimart and attempted to group up with the other guys, but Liu Gan raised his axe defensively and charged at him. Wang ChangShun shrieked in fear and retreated backwards.

“Three cartons of mineral water, you three each carry one carton of water, tonight we will find a location to settle down. Right now, we are a squad, so everyone in the squad must contribute, otherwise why would we let you stay in this group?” Liu Gan told Pan Hua, LuLu and the red-haired player.

Pan Hua quickly moved half of a carton of water and gave that box to LuLu, and added the extra water to his own carton that he had to carry.

The red-haired youth looked with eyes full of hatred at Liu Gan, but the moment Liu Gan turned towards him, that hateful look was hidden away, Quickly, the red-haired player lifted the carton up from the floor. What he really wanted to do was take a bottle out of the carton and drink it, but he didn’t have the courage to do so.

To the red-haired player, this tyrant, Liu Gan, seemed to have keen senses, with a pair of eyes on his back. So the red-haired player didn’t risk it.

Liu Gan looked at his surrounding area before he took the group and walked along the street, hoping that they would be able to find a suitable and safe place to rest and take a break for the night.

The sky gradually turned darker, signifying that it was getting late into the night. The incidents that happened during the day had caused all of them to become very drained. If they did not get to rest anytime soon, their energy level status on the alloy watch would turn from red to black. As black signifies the danger zone, prolonged periods of time in the zone would cause problems to their health and well-being.

“How could you guys leave me behind?!” Wang ChangShun, after running away from Liu Gan’s threats, started to walk back towards the group. The throbbing pain from his mangled hand brought him to reality that this was not merely a game. If Liu Gan and gang were to abandon him, the probability of something even scarier happening to him was very high.

“Boss, isn’t leaving him alone morally wrong?” The fatty Pan Hua asked Liu Gan as he caught up to him from the back of the group.

“If you think that what I did was wrong, feel free to stay back and accompany him. It’s not like I didn’t give him a choice. I wanted to cut off his arm to stop the infection, but he refused. So I have no choice but to abandon him because I definitely do not want to be in close proximity with someone who will turn into a zombie.” Liu Gan replied. The performance of Pan Hua had been pretty good and hence, Liu Gan was more inclined to look after him.

Pan Hua did not continue talking and walked back to LuLu’s side and continued following Liu Gan.

Wang ChangShun continued to follow them, neither far nor near with fear written all over his face. He was thirsty and hungry. The moment he loses sight of the group, he would be left alone and he did not know where to go for the night. In this Trembling World, human beings are so scarce while there are zombies everywhere. Powerless people like him, especially with one hand gone, going solo spelt certain doom.

“You better stop following us! If not, I will use this axe to cleave you in half!” Liu Gan walked back while waving his axe and threatened Wang ChangShun when he realised that he had been following them.

Wang ChangShun hurriedly turned and ran a few steps away when he saw Liu Gan’s ferocious and merciless face. His gaze was resentful. Previously, it was agreed upon that Liu Gan would clear all the zombies in the minimart. However, he did not live up to his promise to clear all the zombies which caused him to be bitten then abandoned.

Liu Gan turned back towards the group after seeing that Wang ChangShun did not have the courage to follow them anymore.

“Fatty! Lulu! Since he abandoned me, I’m sure he would do the same to you guys in the future! Following him will not prevent you from dying faster!” Wang ChangShun chased the group and shouted at them.