The Trembling World

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Unkillable

Shortly afterwards, the source of crying came nearer, and was followed by a bunch of footsteps.

Even though the three youthful gamers had left going in the complete opposite direction of Liu Gan’s group, these parts of the streets and alleyways were rather complicated, and were easy to get lost in. Both the groups had separate events. Liu Gan’s group were wandering for at least 15 minutes in the area, and found the supermarket. The three youthful players had gotten lost, and the distance between them ended up not too far off.

After listening closely, it was confirmed that the steps were coming towards Liu Gan, and from the direction of the small alleyway a few blocks over. Liu Gan scanned the area, then rushed across the street to the side of a five story building. If anything went wrong, there was a windowsill and an air conditioner support structure on the exterior of the wall. Liu Gan could easily use that to scale the building, and to avoid the oncoming danger.

The other three players weren’t sure of what Liu Gan was doing, but seeing that Liu Gan had started running, they felt something was off, and started to trail behind Liu Gan. The four players then stood still by the wall. Before the three youthful players had left to go to the plaza, they had been boasting about how they would kill all the zombies. Now, it was only the red-haired player, who was covered in blood, getting chased by three zombies behind him. The red-haired player turned the corner, and rushed in the general direction of the street where Liu Gan was.

“Help! These machetes can’t kill them!” The red-haired player shouted to Liu Gan’s group when he saw them standing on a nearby street.

Pan Hua, LuLu, and Wang ChangShun all saw the red-haired player covered in blood, and then realized that there were three zombies tailing behind him. The zombies were getting ready to eat him if the players hesitated. Shocked by what they had just witnessed, they didn’t move – infact, LuLu started her high pitch scream.

Liu Gan frowned at the situation, and upon seeing that the red-haired player had only three zombies on him, Liu Gan didn’t attempt to climb the building. Instead, he charged forward and grabbed the blade from the hand of the red-haired player. He immediately slashed, and off went the head of one of the zombies. Then, he leapt forward with a flying kick that knocked down the other two zombies. The moment he landed, it was followed by another slash at one of the two zombie’s necks, and there was only one left.

The other zombie struggled to pick itself off the floor, then changed its target to Liu Gan. It didn’t even come close to reaching Liu Gan, before its head was met by Liu Gan’s fist. This was followed by a swift blade stroke on it’s neck, which separated the head from the body.

“They… can’t… be killed…” The red-haired youth was paralyzed on the floor repeating that phrase to Pan Hua and the group, as the stench of urine leaked from his body.

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“It’s not a big deal now, they’ve all been killed by boss.” Pan Hua tried comforting the red-haired player, who stared bewildered at Liu Gan.

Didn’t the red-haired youth claim they could come out unscathed, and as gold medal achievement wielders? Such an amazing game expert was unexpectedly chased by only three zombies to this sad scene. He had been pissing in his pants and calling for mommy all the way here, and all it took was a few hits from Liu Gan to exterminate those three zombies.

Amongst them – who was the real gaming expert, and who was the newbie – was clear as day.

The red-haired player turned his head to take a look, and saw the three zombies with their heads separated from their bodies. Liu Gan casually put away the machete, and walked back towards the group. The machete still had the dark red blood from the zombies dripping down. The red-haired player was still unquestionably afraid, and yet at the same time, his face displayed how ashamed he was.

Before, he had looked down on Liu Gan – calling him a noob, and self proclaiming himself as a game expert. Now though, he’d been schooled by these zombies, which had also killed two of his companions, and had scared him to the point of pissing himself. The worst was that he was rescued by Liu Gan, whom he had previously looked down upon.

Even though he claimed that the zombies couldn’t be killed, Liu Gan easily pulled this off. As a [Left 4 Dead] game expert that had received the gold medal achievement, all these factors had really made him lose face.
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“Where are the other two players?” LuLu knelt down beside the red-haired player and asked.

“They… They… They were eaten…” The red-haired player lowered his head while shivering.

The three had followed Liu Gan’s directions, and had headed toward the plaza. The moment they had arrived in one of the alleyways, they’d encountered a wandering female zombie. Excited, the three youthful players rushed up to it. Cooperating, the machetes in hand, they slashed at the female zombie’s neck. They didn’t expect that their arm strength wasn’t enough, and after they chopped at it for a good few minutes, its head still wasn’t cut off. Throughout this process, the red-haired player and yellow-haired player were both scratched by the female zombie.

This struck fear into the heart of the three youthful players, and they had wanted to escape, but four zombies from the dark had silently wandered up behind them. They knocked the green-haired player and the yellow-haired player onto the ground, then bit into their necks, causing fresh blood to spew onto the red-haired player’s body.

Hearing the dying screams from green-haired and yellow-haired players, and watching them getting torn apart, the red-haired player got scared and only knew to run in the opposite direction. Once he found out that there were still three zombies tailing behind him, he screamed at the top of his lungs, crying for help.

Later, he saw Liu Gan’s group on the side of the street.

“You are really black-hearted! You saw us hiding on the side of the street, and purposely lured them to us! You know how powerful these zombies were, they even killed both your friends, and now you want to harm us too?” Liu Gan walked back to them, laying his machete on the neck of the red-haired player as he questioned his motives.

“I… I didn’t… I … I didn’t mean it… I’m sorry! It was my mistake! I was very scared… I just panicked…” The red-haired player’s face paled with tears streaming down his face as he looked at Liu Gan for mercy.

“People like you should just be killed off so you don’t harm others!” Liu Gan’s eyes were full of bloodlust.

“Boss Liu, he is rather young and probably still in shock, so he probably didn’t mean to do us any harm…” The plump Pan Hua tried his best to help persuade Liu Gan otherwise. Previously, when the six of them were trapped on the roof, they chatted with each other for a few hours, so it could be said that they were rather familiar with each other.
“Yes, they’re rather young. It probably wasn’t on purpose, so you should forgive him this one time.” LuLu saw that Liu Gan was really going to kill him if she didn’t chime in.

“Next time this happens, I will do to you what I do to the zombies – I will separate your head from your body!” Liu Gan declared to the red-haired player, then took the machete away from his neck.

The red-haired player still had some use to him, so Liu Gan temporarily wouldn’t kill him. Using his machete to frighten him was a tactic that would cause others that followed him to be more obedient.

“No! Absolutely not!” The red-haired player promised. When he was rushing towards Liu Gan and them, it was under distress. It was typical behavior, without any bad intentions in it.

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