The Trembling World

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Fresh Meat

Liu Gan appeared in the plaza, surrounded by nine other males lying on the ground.

“Today’s technology has reached this type of virtual reality to such a realistic degree? It allows the person to be immersed into the game world and have the same feeling as real life?” Liu Gan sat up and absorbed everything that he saw around him.

This was supposed to be a computer-operated virtual reality game that utilizes sensors, so how could everything be so realistic? Unless this was a dream? It had to be a dream. Liu Gan bit his own lower lip, and a painful sensation overwhelmed his sense of logic. He no longer believed that he was dreaming.

Then, am I really in the game? Otherwise… How else could I explain this?

Liu Gan raised his head and looked up at the sky, at the overcast clouds that covered up the sun. The clouds looked as if they were brewing up a storm, ready to release rain at any moment. Nearby there was a huge billboard that seemed to reach up to the sky. On it was “The Trembling World” in three bright red colors. It had the server opening date, which was today.

Advertisements even within the game?

At the same moment, the other nine men around him were just as surprised. One moment, they were sitting in front of the the computer monitor; the next moment, they were in the San Xing Corporation’s weapon selection menu for the game then they appeared here…… it seemed like it was a large plaza.

The large group of people felt both confused and surprised at the same time. Just like Liu Gan, they stood up and stared at the sky. Then, they looked around and their expressions were priceless.

The ten of them were not alone; all around them were wandering subjects that didn’t look like normal people. These otaku immediately recognized those wandering subjects as zombies!

[TN: otaku- used interchangeably with gamers]

Closest to them was a very beautiful zombie: long but not filthy hair, a busty chest, slim waist, a white dress shirt, and a bright red mini skirt. Overall, the body wasn’t too bad. The only downside was the face.

The beautiful zombie was originally wandering around aimlessly until she saw ten people appear out of thin air. It seemed like she also smelled the tenderness of their fresh meat in the air. She immediately rushed toward the source at an astonishing speed. Within a few seconds, she was able to reach the front of a green-skinned player.

“Damn! Pretty girl, haven’t you seen a handsome guy before? You don’t need to be all up on me.” The green-skinned player used his iron rod to defend against the female zombie by positioning it between them.

If zombie didn’t have blood red eyes, a pale-textured face, and drool at the mouth, it would definitely have been a hot looking girl. A busty chest, hourglass-shaped waist; it was the type that would cause you to snap your neck when she walked by you.

The beautiful female zombie was getting held back by the iron rod stretched out to try to scratch the green-skinned player. With her mouth wide open, it released a monstrous sound, as it had interest in his fresh meat.

“This texture, modeling, and physical rendering…. aren’t the effects too realistic? The hair trailing behind is smooth, and it isn’t glitchy at all. DX 11.3 is not bad at all! The San Xing Corporation did a really good job with these effects!” As the bald-headed male player walked, he was wobbling left and right, as if he was really drunk. He closed in on the beautiful female zombie, and was eventually within striking distance.

This scene attracted the attention of most of the wandering eyes, and they temporarily forgot all of their confusion.

After smacking the beautiful female zombie, the bald-player lewdly lifted up the female’s skirt and revealed her panties, which had a cartoon. Before she became a zombie, she must have been very adorable.

“Ha ha….. Hurry up and pull it off and let’s have a look. Let’s see how well the panties are done,” suggested the surrounding male players as they got excited and encouraged the bald player to continue.

The bald player, under the instigation of the other male players, stretched out a hand and pulled off the female’s panties. He really wanted to find out the extravagant patterns that lied on the panties, but the moment he reached out, the female zombie that was originally reaching out to scratch the green-skinned player immediately changed target to the bald player. Facing towards him, she bit down on his neck.

The bald-player felt that something was wrong and instinctively pushed it aside, but it was too late. The female zombie had already taken a bite of his neck. The bald-player put pressure on the wound that was leaking his fresh blood and cried for help. The fresh aroma of blood spread like wildfire to the surroundings.

“Damn! The effects of gushing blood are really realistic! Hey baldy, how much did your HP drop?” asked the green-skinned player. While he was asking that question, he was also trying to understand the things occurring in front of him; he was shocked and filled with disbelief.

“Screw the HP! I feel like I’m dying!” The bald-player pushed away the female zombie and then gave her a spartan kick to keep her out of reach. Unfortunately, after tasting fresh meat, she was no longer willing to give up so easily. She dashed at the bald-player again after getting kicked.

“Who told you to grab miss beautiful’s adorable panties? Perhaps you made this beauty angry?” The green-skinned player jokingly laughed.

Everyone else felt differently; some were panicking, others were staring at the wound, and the rest were simply traumatized and stared into space.

Liu Gan was quiet this whole time, as he felt that something about this place was off. Everything here seemed too realistic! If this was a game, generating this many effects would require a hardware to match it. The motherboard used for the headgear screen would definitely not be able to generate this type of effect. He definitely got sent into virtual reality.

After coming back to his senses, Liu Gan remembered that when registering for the game he had to choose a starting weapon. His weapon of choice was a chopping sword which was shaped like a machete. In his hands was the exact weapon that he had chosen on the starting menu. Even though Liu Gan was very close to the bald-player, he could chop towards the female zombie’s neck. The blade was very sharp, and his nervousness due to the current situation gave him an extra boost in strength. He swung his sword at the neck of the zombie and swiftly hacked it off in one fluid motion.

A hazy black orb floated out from the corpse and seeped into the body of Liu Gan.

Liu Gan breathed deeply as his hands clenched the machete, and he was shaking as he started to second guesshimself. Was this really still a game? The smell, the touch, the senses, everything in this world was the same as the real world!

Liu Gan looked at his own leg; his legs and arms had been amputated. As a quadruple amputee, he had installed prosthetics. The thing was, his movement just now was as smooth as silk. To be able to be agile like that simply wasn’t a feature of the prosthetics. In fact, prosthetics wouldn’t even be able to grip the handle of the blade. Now, all impossible action moves seemed to be possible with this body.

Once he familiarized himself with gripping the handle of the blade, he waved his sword as he pleased, since he was unable to do so in the real world anymore…