The Trembling World

Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Minimart

“I wasn’t trying to scare her, it was only the truth.” Liu Gan gave an indifferent expression.

“We were sitting in front of our computers, wearing induction sensor headgear and holding mice when we started the game. This isn’t virtual reality, so why does it feel so real? This.. this is absolutely absurd!” LuLu had a gloomy look on her face. She was trying to comprehend everything that Liu Gan had just described, but she had not witnessed anything like that yet.

Although LuLu was a gaming broadcaster gathering information on this zombie game, it was only demonstrated through a monitor. If it was as Liu Gan described, and their real selves were here, and they would actually feel everything, then LuLu definitely couldn’t accept this.

“This is indeed absurd.” Liu Gan agreed with LuLu’s statement completely.

“Boss, you said we’re stuck in this game? Then what must we do to escape back to the real world?” The plump Pan Hua asked Liu Gan. Upon entering this game, once they discovered the harsh reality of it, and how strange it was, players like him that didn’t have much courage would want to retreat. Ever since LuLu entered the game, she had been trying to quickly leave, and since Pan Hua was her fan, he would try his best to help her find a way out.

“I’m not San Xing Corporation’s game developer, how would I know what is going on? Liu Gan shrugged, he was also just as confused as they were.

Liu Gan knew that these types of discussions were pointless, but right now was not like the plaza where there was no shelter. If a corpse-tide appeared, anyone could climb the structures on the street to escape, so it was okay to stay in the area to chat for a little longer.

The road had a lot of cars in it, and inside some of these cars were trapped zombies that wouldn’t stop howling. A large amount of the streets were destroyed by the vehicles or blockaded, so when it got dark, finding their way through would not be easy.

These vehicles were severely damaged, and all of the tires deflated. If you observed closely then you could see that the tires were clearly corroded. Whatever had happened in this world, it must have been terrifying for the tires to have corroded to this state.

The four players walked and after awhile, Liu Gan’s feeling of hunger got stronger, this game’s genuinity was really high. The feeling of pain, hunger, and thirst was undeniably real.

Hunger level, thirst level, all of this definitely raised the difficulty of the game. Players that won’t eat would become weak and possibly starve to death. Just like before being trapped on the billboard, Liu Gan’s thirst level was in the red. If it was not for the thunderstorm, his thirst level would have changed from red to black.

Liu Gan looked at his alloy watch, the attribute of the hunger was already red. This means that he must rush and find food to compensate. Otherwise, his strength and health would suffer. His thirst level was orange, so he must replenish liquid soon as well.

From a different perspective, this place was no different from the real world… Aside from the streets filled with zombies.

“Do you guys feel hungry?” Plump Pan Hua couldn’t resist asking the others, because he was obese, he gets hungry easier. When he was trapped on the rooftop, he was unbearably hungry, and now as he was walking with Liu Gan, it got worse.

“Indeed, I’m very hungry.” Wang ChangShun and LuLu replied Pan Hua. “Not only hungry, but also thirsty, so we need to find water to drink.”

“Looks like over there is a family sized minimart, the inside should have food and drinks.” Liu Gan’s eyesight had improved from before, and borrowing the moonlight, he was able to see the minimart at the end of the street.

“Excellent! we should hurry up to find something to eat!” Pan Hua lifted both hands in definite support of that idea.

The minimart had a glass door that was covered in a blackish-brown blood stain. Borrowing the moonlight that seeped through the glass door, Liu Gan’s vision could partially see inside… The shelves were knocked onto the floor, and it looked like it had been cleared by people already, so they might not find anything useful even after searching the place.

Liu Gan didn’t rush into the minimart, but walked to the front of the glass door and gave it a knock. If there were zombies inside, then that knock was loud enough to lure them to the door. The other three players didn’t have as good of eyesight as Liu Gan, so they couldn’t see inside, it was completely dark without any source of light. Deep down, they were definitely afraid, so before Liu Gan could confirm that it was safe inside, they didn’t dare to take a step further in.

Liu Gan wasn’t sure if the minimart had any zombies, but his knock didn’t lure any zombies to the front. Instead it lured a zombie from the alley nearby, which rushed toward the closest person standing from behind, and that was skinny player Wang ChangShun. Wang ChangShun didn’t react at all, instead he was terrified and remained motionless.

In the nick of time, Liu Gan left a shadow as he rushed toward the zombie,sending a flying kick to the zombie. Afterwards, he leapt towards it, and gave two heavy stomps on the zombie’s head. It completely flattened it’s brain, and a large black orb leaked from the zombie’s body, seeping into Liu Gan’s body.

“Liu Boss, you are very fast! We didn’t even have a chance to react!” The plump Pan Hua stared with his mouth wide-open at Liu Gan. This was because, he was staring at Liu Gan’s back, that was facing inside the shop. But the moment Pan Hua saw the zombie, it was already ready to attack Wang ChangShun. In that moment, Liu Gan had reacted and kicked the zombie, and it was like Pan Hua was watching an action film that was moving so fast, that he couldn’t even see it clearly.

“It’s no big deal, I killed a couple of zombies already, so I have more experience than you do. If you kill a few zombies, then you can obtain the experience like I did.” Liu Gan replied to Pan Hua. If his back grew a pair of eyes and saw the zombie, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to them, but in fact, it was the glass door with the moonlight, reflecting the image so Liu Gan saw the zombie.

“Boss, you are definitely powerful! You are hiding your strength! Much stronger than I am, probably around the same power level as those three game experts!” Pan Hua continued to display his admiration of Liu Gan.

To Pan Hua, it was the 3 youths with that gold medal achievement that were the true game experts, since Liu Gan described himself as a noob. So the moment Pan Hua described Liu Gan as powerful, he couldn’t help but compare him with the three youthful gamers.

The moment Pan Hua’s voice died down, from a few streets over came a sound. It was a terrible cry and lots of shouting. It sounded like it was from the original three youthful gamers.

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