The Trembling World

Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Three Agreements

“You really don’t want to go? Then tell us the path to get there, so we can go ourselves.” The red-haired player said, looking down on Liu Gan.

“Walk straight in that direction fifty meters, take a left, and you’ll come up to a slanted alleyway. Walk straight from there, where there’ll be many wide streets ahead, and after going through them you will reach the plaza. The plaza possibly has a miniature corpse tide, with around a dozen zombies, that should last you awhile.

“If that isn’t enough, walk straight past the plaza heading west. That’s the location of the gigantic explosion you saw earlier, with thousands of zombies. That will probably give you the feeling you experienced from [Peerless Zombies].” Liu Gan generously gave the directions to the plaza to the three youths.

“You three experts should find something to eat first, and then head to the plaza to kill zombies.” The plump player kindly suggested to the three youthful players.

“Killing zombies and finding something to eat could occur at the same time, but you only know how to eat! No wonder you are so fat!” The red-haired player turned his head and said to the plump player with discriminating eyes.

The plump player couldn’t help awkwardly laughing it off, but didn’t say anything after that.

The three youthful players had been trapped for too long, so they couldn’t contain their excitement. They just had to go in the direction of the plaza to find some zombies and fulfill their cravings. However, the plump player, as well as the other male and female player wanted to scavenge for food.

After a little bit of arguing, the five males and single female split into two groups. The red-haired player being the leader of one group along with two other males were going to head in the direction of the plaza to kill zombies and level up. The other two males and the female were going to follow Liu Gan in the direction that was safe, and search for food and water.
After deciding, the three youthful players immediately turned and left. In a very cool pose, they left with their machetes on their shoulders, and headed toward the plaza. As to why they had to use their shoulders to brace the weapons which weren’t even that heavy… it was illogical, and perhaps only a certain type of people, like manga readers, wouldn’t find it strange at all.

To this type of action that was clearly suicidal, Liu Gan didn’t try to dissuade them. Since those people didn’t have a connection with him, then whether they live or die didn’t really matter to him.

Originally, Liu Gan didn’t want to stick with the other three players. He didn’t want them to discover his secret or become a liability, but once he saw that his fatigue level was in the red, he knew that having someone stand guard would be a lot better for maximizing rest, and a lot safer so that he could sleep peacefully.

There’s also the factor of searching for food and water. In situations where it was unknown, they could scout for him. If they happened to find zombies, the zombies would chase them, and that would buy time for Liu Gan to tactically retreat.

(Editor Note: Hydro- *Tactical Retreat* = (cough cough) run away)

After considering all of the factors, Liu Gan agreed to temporarily group up with them.

“If I join up, you guys have to remember walk lightly, don’t talk too loudly, and don’t generate loud noises. If you attract too many zombies, we noobs will have a terrible ending.” Liu Gan gave his terms of agreement to the three players.

“Fine, you are the boss, so we will listen to you.” The plump player quickly nodded. The other two didn’t have much objection since it was a temporary team. Since someone stood up to take the responsibility of being a boss, they could relax.

While the four players were scavenging for food and water, they introduced themselves to Liu Gan. The plump player was called Pan Hua, and was an internet shop owner, also selling computer parts online. The skinny player was called Wang ChangShun, a college student, with his major being marketing.

(Editor Note: Hydro-Welp, rip to minor characters not having names)

The female player, self introduced as LuLu, was a famous female online game broadcaster, and Pan Hua could actually recognize her. He was her fan and donated to her all the time. Liu Gan heard she was famous, but it didn’t matter to him as he just couldn’t bring himself to care.

LuLu was the female player's in-game name, which she borrowed as her broadcaster’s name, so she didn’t tell people her real name. LuLu was within [The Trembling World] to prepare for tonight’s broadcasting topic. However, the result of joining this game was getting trapped. So currently, she had no interest in the game at all and only wanted the fastest way to exit this game, so she could make it on time for tonight’s broadcast.

Of course, judging from the time, the broadcast had already been delayed.

LuLu definitely had the qualities to become a well-known broadcaster. She was naturally beautiful, with silky hair, large round eyes, and soft white skin. After getting drenched from the thunderstorm and frightened by the lightning, she looked devastated. Her clothes and hair were sticking close to her body, with a bewildered expression.

Liu Gan heard LuLu’s self introduction, also hearing her fan Pan Hua complimenting her throughout. It was hard now to have ill intentions after hearing all this… If the female broadcaster didn’t leave this world quickly, then within the next few days, her torn clothes and messy hair would start releasing strange smells.

Maybe shortly after, she might accidentally get careless, and get scratched on her beautiful face, or eaten through her stomach with her intestines torn out. It would definitely release a stinky smell… Upon entering the game, this wouldn’t be the first time Liu Gan had witnessed this horrifying scene.

The apocalyptic world was harsh, and it had no place for a beautiful girl’s existence.

“What is wrong with this game? Why can’t we log out? Your alloy watch has the function call GM and logout, which are also greyed out right?” LuLu caught Liu Gan’s eyesight, revealing the alloy watch to him.

“Mine is also greyed out, so maybe the game is not completely finished? or that function is not yet available.” Liu Gan glanced at his own alloy watch and replied.

“The feeling here is so realistic! Other than the strange alloy watch, it doesn’t feel like a game at all. I feel like we have been transferred from our world to this zombie world here.” The plump Pan Hua sat on the side, chiming in his comment..
“This is indeed very realistic. The other players that were with me got bitten, having agonizing deaths. According to them, the feeling of pain was very real. I witnessed them getting surrounded by the zombies, being eaten and ripped from the stomach and intestines, but they hadn’t yet died. They just laid there screaming nonstop…” Liu Gan replied to Pan Hua.

“Can you not be so descriptive?” LuLu got defensive, as perhaps these men were too vulgar?

“No need for me to describe any more. I believe in the near future, you will be able to witness, or even personally experience it.” Liu Gan replied to LuLu.

“Boss, don’t scare the pretty girl, she’s no guy…” Pan Hua tried to mediate the situation. It was obvious that he liked LuLu very much, and didn’t want Liu Gan to frighten her anymore.