The Trembling World

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Massacre

The most important point was that Liu Gan could finally get off that damn billboard and successfully leave the plaza, which was swarming with zombies. Right now his feelings of freedom were like a fish swimming in the ocean or a bird that is free to roam the sky.

Liu Gan believed that using his outstanding parkour skills, strengthened body, and alloy metal-like limbs, even if it was in this dangerous environment, he could survive. He will become even stronger.

Not far away was a zombie roaming the streets, and it drew closer with its bloodshot eyes looking left and right. It had a glare that can send chills down the spine, with blood at the corner of its mouth and never ending saliva. Coincidentally, it saw Liu Gan at the corner of its eye, and charged at him while screaming.

Liu Gan didn’t even hesitate to charge at it, and with a vicious punch to the zombie’s head, it left a bloody depression. The zombie started wobbling and it took a step backward. Liu Gan followed up with a few more fists, and soon its brain was smashed into pieces. A hazy black mist left the zombie’s body and seeped into Liu Gan’s.

Shortly after, all of the zombies that were wandering the nearby streets were killed by Liu Gan’s fist. It was the joy of massacre that he was now experiencing and he liked it.

The whole point of entering this type of game was to search for this exact feeling of excitement.

“Ou! Brother! Thank you for your help…” Liu Gan was still adjusting to his limbs and killing the scattered zombies when a voice reached his ears, it came from the rooftop of a nearby four story building.
Moonlight lit up the area, and Liu Gan relied on it to see that on the rooftop edges stood five male and one female players. A total of six players were all looking in his direction, waving and shouting at him.

In these types of zombie games, the amount of female players was very low. A good example would have been Liu Gan’s group, as out of the ten players, all were male. It was still unknown why this small group of six players were on top of the rooftop though.

“Help?” Liu Gan asked the group of players in reply, though he didn’t move closer to them. Liu Gan looked cautiously at his surroundings, and he was trying to avoid raising his voice for fear of attracting more zombies.

While walking over to the building, the street was nearly completely cleared of zombies. Even though Liu Gan was alert, he wasn’t nervous. If this place had a small sized corpse tide, it wouldn’t stop him anymore. This location was not like the open plaza, and with his current speed and parkour abilities, he could easily climb onto the buildings, then jump from rooftop to rooftop to escape.

“We have been trapped on the rooftop since entering the game, and the exit below has an iron door that has been locked from the outside. We’re unable to crack the lock and open the door, could you do us a favor and help open it?” A plump player explained his situation to Liu Gan.

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“Me? If I help you, how will I benefit?” Liu Gan questioned the players on the building. The small building the players were on had an external stairway that didn’t have any zombies, so to reach the players, Liu Gan must travel up to the iron door at the top of the stairs.

They’re pretty stupid, didn’t they know they could use windows and the air conditioners to climb down?

“We have been trapped here since the game started, so we didn’t have a chance to get any loot from kills. What benefits do you want?” The plump player replied to Liu Gan’s question.

“How about we give this young girl to you? She is very pretty.” Another player with green hair standing next to the female player jokingly said to Liu Gan.

“You wanna die? What young girl? I’m your older sister!” The only female player pulled the ear of the green-haired player, and started scolding him.

“Brother, we’ve been trapped here for a very long time. Do us a favor! Help us open the iron door up!” Another player also started pleading to Liu Gan for help.

“When you entered the game, what did you choose as your starting weapon? Show it to me. I have to make sure there are no hidden traps prepared for me.” Liu Gan said after thinking for a little while.

“Absolutely not! We were really trapped here since entering. I chose the iron rod…” The plump player confessed and revealed his iron rod.

“I chose the machete…”



“I have a hand grenade…”

“I also have a hand grenade…”

The six players honestly displayed their starting weapons to prove that there were no bad intentions, or ideas of harming him.

Liu Gan’s true intention of wanting them to display their starting weapon was to see if the players were honest, and not because he was scared of them. He could tell that these players weren’t bad people. They had not yet come into contact with the evil side of humanity that shows itself when coming across zombies. Liu Gan also had a secret agenda when he asked them to reveal the weapon. It was to benefit off of them.

“How about this, your two hand grenades, if you drop your grenades and give them to me, then consider that as payment for me rescuing you. Remember to not pull the ring for the grenade!” Liu Gan negotiated his terms.

The six players up above started arguing, and one of the players wielding the hand grenade, under peer pressure, agreed to give up the grenade in his hands. The other player though was reluctant to give up his hand grenade. The plump player had no choice but to offer up his own iron rod in trade for the other player’s hand grenade. They then proceeded to drop the two grenades from the top of the building down to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan waited a while, just to make sure that the hand grenade didn’t go off. Then walked up to them, picked up the two hand grenades and pocketed them safely.

Hand grenades have limited quantities, with a formidable power, and were best used against colossal zombies. At a crucial point, it can also be used to clear a path when there is a corpse tide. It can only be found on players that carry it as a starting weapon, so once it was used, it was gone forever. Therefore, this is a very valuable supply to have.

Once an agreement was made, Liu Gan didn’t go back on his word. He went up the stairs, cautiously looking around. There was a thick heavy iron door, and it had a heavy duty slide-in bolt lock. Sliding the lock away, Liu Gan easily got the iron door open.

“Thank you! Finally we can leave this place! The previous heavy lightning scared all of us, and we were so afraid it might strike the top of the roof…” The six players chattered and expressed their gratitude to Liu Gan.

The rooftop had limited space, at around ten square meters, so it was no wonder these players were reluctant in using the grenade to blast open the door. If they attempted to use it on the door, then they definitely would have blown themselves up in the process.

But with them having been trapped in this rooftop situation, Liu Gan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. This type of four story building had walls with openings for air conditioner framework and lots of windows. If it had been Liu Gan himself in this scenario, Then he would have scaled along the exterior wall, and from the window or air conditioner framework, easily jump safely to the ground.