The Trembling World

Chapter 15

[TN: Parkour, if you don’t know what it is. There are some wonderful videos on youtube]

Chapter 15: Alloy Metal Material

Liu Gan raised his arm to block the colossal zombie’s punch, and the impact sent him somersaulting through the air. Using his previous experience with parkour, his legs and feet touched the ground first, bending at the knees so as to bring him into a roll, cushioning the force of his fall. He then charged at the colossal zombie once more.

This time, Liu Gan didn’t rush to aim for the colossal zombie’s head. Instead, he sliced at the zombie’s remaining arm, targeting the parts that were extremely damaged. That way the colossal zombie wouldn’t be able to try and attack him anymore.

The colossal zombie used its wounded arm to block several of Liu Gan’s attacks, soon it was too weak to block any more attacks and dropped its arm. Liu Gan was still worried so he didn’t charge up immediately, but kept chopping a few more times. By doing this he managed to cut the arm of the colossal zombie, then started to slashed down on the neck.

The colossal zombie’s skeletal and muscular structure were really tough. By the time he was done slashing at the arm, the machete was already slightly dented, so when he slashed at the neck of the colossal zombie the machete turned out to be completely useless. “Looks like the quality of the starting weapon isn’t that great. After a few slashes, it is out of commission.”

Liu Gan’s grenade did end up attracting the attention of some zombies, with at least a dozen of them appearing at the corner of the street, close to the edge of the plaza. They must have heard the noise at the plaza, so they came back. Seeing Liu Gan, the zombies started to charge at him, though luckily this time, they all rushed toward him from one direction. Soon after a couple of straggling zombies almost surrounded Liu Gan.

“You know what! Go to hell!”

Liu Gan shouted loudly, threw away his broken machete, and used his fist instead to smash the head of the colossal zombie. After ten brutal fists to the head of the colossal zombie, its brain became a pile of mush. At the same time, one large hazy black orb leaked out of the colossal zombies body and poured into Liu Gan.

Liu Gan felt like his whole body was was drowning within boiling water, the blood in him was seething.

The next moment, Liu Gan felt rejuvenated with energy, and was able to sense a significant power up in his sight and hearing. His arms and legs also felt like they were heating up as if metal alloy limbs were being forged.

Liu Gan suspiciously looked at his own fist that was perfectly fine even after smashing the head of the colossal zombie open. It seemed as if his fist had more strength and durability than any normal person would have in real life. They definitely didn’t look like they were anything special. But the colossal zombie’s bones were abnormally hard, and if these fists were normal, then they definitely couldn’t damage the zombie like that. Even after all the smashing though, his fists looked normal without any injuries.

Perhaps the moment when he got transferred into this gaming world, his limbs were miscalculated in the confusion? Because his metal alloy prosthetics were on at the time, perhaps now his arms and legs had combined with the metal alloy material in his muscles. So compared to other people, his arms and legs were relatively harder?

[TN: in the land of 1 and 0, is what the author was trying to say by miscalculated]

On his alloy wrist watch, it displayed that Liu Gan was already two levels higher than his previous level 2, instead jumping straight to level 4!

Liu Gan didn’t have time to think for too long, as he turned and noticed that dozens of zombies were forming a squad to capture him. Liu Gan immediately sprinted toward the part of the plaza where there were no zombies.

Compared to his previous body, if Liu Gan wanted to escape a dozen zombies chasing after him, it wouldn’t have been easy. Now, after killing the colossal zombie and absorbing the dark orb, Liu Gan felt that his body movement was even faster. It was as if almost every stat seemed to have increased significantly, and after he started running, the crowd of zombies slowly fell behind.
In front of him appeared a zombie, yelling and charging at Liu Gan in order to bite him. Liu Gan couldn’t dodge in time, so with his fist, he swung towards the brain of the zombie, leaving a bloody depression on the zombie’s head. It stumbled backward, and after a few steps it didn’t get back up.

“There is definitely something abnormal about my fists!” Liu Gan felt surprised. Zombies bones were hard, so shouldn’t iron rods be the only thing that could produce this kind of effect?

After clearing away the zombies that blocked the road for Liu Gan, he kept running and turned a few street corners, losing the dozen of zombies following him. Unable to see him, the zombies didn’t continue chasing and resumed their previous state of aimlessly wandering.

Leaving the plaza, the next few blocks didn’t have anything like a large scale corpse tide, but there were some scattered zombies wandering around. Previously, Liu Gan felt nervous, but now he could relax a bit. He surveyed the area, then started assassinating the scattered zombies.

Liu Gan took this time to survey and investigate his new limbs. Although he didn’t feel any different, the moment he clenched his fists he could feel a great surge of power flowing through them. It was as if he was wielding two iron hammers.

Other than losing both his arms and legs, his body was no different from normal people. The limbs and the bodies neural connections didn’t seem to have a problem, and it looked like a perfect fusion.

The most critical fact is that within [The Trembling World] he had access to his body again, and this body was able to benefit from the huge increase in stats that came from the colossal zombie’s large black orb. In the real world, Liu Gan enjoyed parkour, and being able to run, jump and flip at the height of two meters. After experiencing this, he discovered that he can jump off from a two story building, and still land steadily without causing his body too much harm.

Previously in the real world doing parkour, Liu Gan could jump off of a two story building, but his legs would sustain an injury from the force. Now he can easily jump from a two story building and come out uninjured. Both legs were fine, which got him wondering if it would give the same result if he jumped off a three story building.

Of course, this can be tested by finding the appropriate situation and opportunity to practice. If he jumped off right now, it would be too rash and dangerous.

Even though this place was running rampant with zombies, Liu Gan was surprised at himself. Especially his situation right now, since in real life he spends most of his time lying down or sitting up, eating and drinking, these simple activities which were comparable to that of a handicap. Now, he finally had the feeling of what it meant to be alive again.

His arms and legs being strengthened was certainly a surprising reward. It would benefit him in this world, and help him to survive. Liu Gan’s feelings were not like they were when he entered the game. After witnessing other players dying, he finally took the initiative to kill more zombies. His urge to level up was even higher after taking out the colossal zombie.

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