The Trembling World

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Survival and Risks

The colossal zombie was already heavily injured, but Liu Gan wasn’t sure how much of its combat strength remained. If he just charged at it head first without a plan, then any mistake would cost his own life.

First things first, now was the time to leave the safety of the billboard and go down the pillar. It didn’t matter if it was to combat the colossal zombie or to escape, because staying on top of the pillar was not a solution. If those zombies decided to return to this spot, then he would once again be surrounded by them at the base of the pillar, and that would be troublesome.

Liu Gan maneuvered himself over the deformed fragments of the support structure and carefully proceeded to descend to the iron pillar. With both hands gripping tightly onto the support structure, Liu Gan lowered his body and legs first. Then he used his legs to grip onto the iron structure, and once secure, he hugged with both arms onto the pillar. Of course, it was at a controlled speed that he went down.

The ground had puddles everywhere, the only area without puddles was an area that had some dirty sticky substance that covered it, and the burnt helicopter that was scorched black. Scattered all around were the spare parts of that helicopter. Once Liu Gan slid to the ground, he picked up his weapon that he left behind on the ground. He was surprised and happy to see that right by his machete was a leftover hand grenade.
(Editor Note: Hydro- Hip hip hooray!! He finally got down xD)

This hand grenade was probably the glasses player’s starting weapon, so in the midst of confusion while escaping, he didn’t get a chance to throw it. Even if he did have the chance to use it, his body was torn apart as food for the zombies.

Borrowing the bright moonlight, it was easy to see from afar the colossal zombie, but it didn’t notice who was behind him. Liu Gan searched nearby a bit more. From the spot where the female crew member fell from the billboard, what was left behind were scattered bones and clothing in the area.

It’s too bad that Liu Gan wasn’t able to find useful equipment or tools from searching her remains.

[TN: Corpse looting is allowed in apocalyptic world, I approve!] (Editor Note: Hydro- to TN, “Psh, I’d loot you if you were alive”)

Unsatisfied, Liu Gan went up to the scorched helicopter to investigate. The inside had burnt corpses melted together, so it was impossible to differentiate the bodies of the crew from the zombies. Liu Gan searched in the vicinity near the helicopter for a little bit and then gave up. Firstly, there was nothing left behind after the items had gone through an explosion and burning from the helicopter. Secondly, he really didn’t want to dig through the burnt corpses inside of the helicopter.

It was best that he didn’t stay behind in this plaza any longer. If he decided to take the risk to kill the colossal zombie, then he must take action right now, and the battle must be swift. If he chose to ignore the colossal zombie, then he must quickly leave now and not wait for the corpse-tide to come back, because if that happens, he definitely wouldn’t escape.

Liu Gan quickly decided to risk assassinating the heavily injured colossal zombie.

To survive and take risks are two completely different choices. There are times when it was necessary to take risks to have a higher chance of survival. Just like right now, Liu Gan wants to improve his chances of surviving by a lot, so he must think of ways to improve his strength.

This was a good chance for him to quickly increase his strength, and if he abandoned this opportunity, then he might not be able to forgive himself for the sacrifices of the eight players… They contributed their life to do this much damage to the colossal zombie.

The colossal zombie’s leg had the most severe injury, with a lot of places exposing the bone. There was an obvious bone fracture, and that was why it was limping as it walked slowly towards the streets outside of the plaza. Liu Gan was thinking about using the hand grenade against the colossal zombie. Maybe one hand grenade would be enough to take away its life.

If that didn’t work and taking into consideration on the colossal zombie’s current movement speed, if Liu Gan couldn’t win then he could at least outrun it. Liu Gan’s escape plan was to go back to the plaza where it’s already empty, so it should be safer than the streets.
Using the hand grenade definitely has its flaws, as it could re-attract the zombies that were distracted by the explosion and car alarm from earlier back to him, generating another corpse-tide.

So Liu Gan decided he would end it quickly, if the hand grenade can kill it then good, if not then based on the situation he must slash it a few times with the machete. Hopefully that would end it, otherwise Liu Gan would be left running away.

Being able to assassinate the colossal zombie for experience was the best situation, because it is always important to protect his own life.

After Liu Gan decided what his plan of attack was, with a machete in one hand and grenade in another, he snuck up slowly behind the colossal zombie.

Although Liu Gan tried his best to be quiet, the moment he got close enough the zombie noticed. It was because of its sense of smell for fresh meat was particularly sensitive. When Liu Gan was around ten meters or so from the colossal zombie’s back, the zombie turned its head, saw Liu Gan and let out a roar. Changing directions, its body began to charge at Liu Gan.

Although the colossal zombie was rushing at Liu Gan to tear him into pieces, and eat his fresh meat so it can revive, the previous injuries were too severe. This made the colossal zombie even more angry, full of bloodlust and thirst as it slowly crawled toward Liu Gan.

Liu Gan retreated while preparing to take the safety off for the grenade. Based on his previous gaming experience, judged the distance he needed to be from the colossal zombie. After pulling the safety, two and a half seconds later, Liu Gan decisively threw it at colossal zombie and instinctively covered up his ears while getting onto his stomach.

The grenade flew through the air for about a second, before landing brilliantly in front of colossal zombie. Then it exploded!

“Bang!” the colossal zombie that was three to four meters tall with a heavy weighted body, but easily flipped onto the floor, both legs heavily damaged to the point where the bones were shattered and the legs flew off. One of its arms was blown off as well. Losing both legs and an arm, the colossal zombie lay on the floor angrily howling a few sounds, unable to pick itself up.

However, this colossal zombie was really sturdy, and the grenade wasn’t able to take its life. Liu Gan already expected that the explosion of the grenade could attract a part of the zombies back toward him. So he wanted to kill the colossal zombie as soon as possible, so as to gain more strength for himself, thus, he must use this opportunity.

Liu Gan got up and charged machete first into the colossal zombie, the moment Liu Gan lifted the machete for a quick downward slash at its head, the colossal zombie laying on the floor punched with his remaining limb. The limb was half exposed to the bone, with the size of its fist being like that of a soccer ball. The punch easily sent Liu Gan’s body flying backwards.

Damn this fatass, it’s almost dead, yet can still pack such a punch, I can’t be careless around it!