The Trembling World

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Chance

Thinking back on it, leaving with the helicopter probably wasn’t a good idea, these guys have a ship so it is possible they are part of the local military. They could bring him back and torture him; use iron chains to tie him up, treat him like a guinea pig, while performing all sorts of experiments on his body. Even extracting his blood or perhaps even injecting him with the virus to see he would become a zombie.

{ED Note: Wow this guy really is really thorough with how he thinks he’ll be tortured.)

After thinking for a little while, Liu Gan felt a lot better in his heart.

The moment after I entered the game, not all of the tens of thousands of players should have had as bad of luck as I did right? There should be many others who haven’t been infected yet, perhaps the rescue helicopter found the other players and caught them to be their guinea pigs?

As Liu Gan laid on top of the iron support structure, as he was recalling his experiences he had in moments of despair and fortune, suddenly a chance appeared.

From a few streets outside of the plaza was a loud explosion, the sound echoed and shook the nearby structures. Sitting stunned on top of the fragmented billboard, even Liu Gan felt the shockwave. The explosion suddenly lit up with fire that was bright enough to color half the sky with a bright orange.

Liu Gan guessed that it was the gas station or chemical warehouse that was the cause of the explosion, as that would be the only reason behind the overwhelming power in the explosion. He was unsure who would’ve caused such a thing… Was it a player who entered with him or was it the locals?

After the violent explosion was over, from the same direction of the street, was a loud car alarm that went off. This continuous noise instantly attracted the attention of all the zombies in the plaza. Rushing on top of each other, the zombies charged towards the direction of the noise. First were the zombies on the surrounding plaza, then the zombies by the iron pillar, which was located a bit further away from the sound. The scene Liu Gan was witnessing at that moment was similar to when audiences leave from the movie theaters; the zombies were constantly pushing and shoving to leave the plaza.

What gave Liu Gan a headache was that after the sound died out, by the billboard there were at least a dozen zombies that stood guard, raising their heads to look in Liu Gan’s direction. The explosion and sound generated definitely attracted their attention. However, because the corpse tide was too crowded, these zombies didn’t leave in time. So by the time the car quieted down, these zombies hadn’t moved too far away.

If below him were only a few zombies, Liu Gan could take a chance to slip down and kick them away in an attempt to escape, but below him were at least a dozen zombies… Liu Gan felt that he shouldn’t take this risk. If he slips down now, and falls into their hands, it will definitely mean game over.

There must be a way to leave this billboard and plaza, this is probably my best chance of escaping. It was unsure of whether the zombies that had left the plaza might come back, and if they did, when they would. If this chance passes by, Liu Gan was very wary of whether he could find a better opportunity to escape.

Oh, what to do?

Just when Liu Gan was contemplating about what to do next, the same street from earlier that caused an explosion, created another explosion. This secondary explosion was even stronger than the first explosion. The flames formed a mushroom cloud that illuminated the night sky brightly.

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The nearby skyscrapers also shook wildly, and many of the windows were shattered by the shockwave. “Pa cha cha”, the pieces of glass fell down from the skyscraper.

At the same time, Liu Gan also felt the large shockwave, though luckily, he was expecting it. Laying low and grabbing onto the fragmented structure, with his legs hooked onto it as well, all this was to prevent himself from flying off of the structure.

The explosion once again set off nearby car alarms. The remaining zombies below the billboard were knocked to the ground. After they got up, they didn’t gather around under the billboard, instead all of them rushed towards the noise.
With zero effort on Liu Gan’s part, shortly after, the plaza became empty.

Trapped on top of the billboard, Liu Gan would never have thought that his trapped situation causing him headaches and no solution of escape would be alleviated, so it was shocking when this rare chance would erase away all his problems.

Of course, this was not strange, Liu Gan just slightly remembered that when he was reading on gaming companies website. It said [The Trembling World] game zombies have no preset. It merely uses television and movie zombies as reference. The explosion would definitely be sensitive to the dead, and they will follow it to the source.

When Liu Gan and the players were transferred here, the amount of zombies in the area weren’t that many. It was because Liu Gan and the others were running, battling, and creating noise to attract all of the surrounding zombies into the plaza that the corpse tide was created. If a nearby place was able to generate a loud sound, naturally all of the zombies would continue onto that direction.

Now, the plaza was empty. Leaving behind only the heavily injured, unable to run, but slowly crawling was the colossal zombie that was left behind.

The colossal zombie wasn’t able to leave because in the previous battle it was heavily injured. All of the molotov c*cktails had burned it quite severely, and then it managed to survive a few more hand grenades. It was definitely no longer in pristine condition, as its body had burnt spots as well as exposed bones. When it got up and walked, it limped on one side.

Because it was limping, it was having to trail behind the normal zombies. Heading towards the explosion it was slowly but surely walking there.

Liu Gan watched the severely injured colossal zombie, in his brain he had so many thoughts… He remembered that after killing the normal zombies before, a black orb of mist seeped into his body and on his alloy watch, he went from level 1 to level 2. With his body rejuvenated full of strength and energy, his vision and hearing had all improved.

It was good to remember that within [The Trembling World] killing a zombie could raise the level and stats. Killing a normal zombie would benefit him a little, but if he kills a colossal zombie, would it give him a huge benefit?

Within this world, Liu Gan has renewed control of his arms and legs, enabling him to kill a bit more zombies even if it was a colossal zombie. If his body’s strength, agility, sight, hearing all improved, it will improve his survivability significantly.

The sacrifices of the eight players caused this much injury to the colossal zombie, nearly to the point of a deformed condition, and this chance was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Although with this type of thinking, Liu Gan still didn’t dare to just rush down and charge headfirst into the wounded colossal zombie. Within the game, would killing the BOSS give a generous amount of experience, valuables and equipment drops? However, it comes at a risk of using my own life as a gamble to obtain these benefits, right?

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