The Trembling World

Chapter 118

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Amaranth

Chapter 118 - Sneak Attack

“It’s simple, I already punished the person who committed the offense. Now, Brother Liu you must kneel in front of everyone and repent for your offense! Then clean up the aisles and shelves that you messed up. In addition, for everything you’ve ate and drank you need to pay double for compensation. Then I won’t pursue today’s matter anymore.” Tiger Lord eyed Liu Gan viciously.

“KNEEL! REPENT!” The three players from elite team who followed Tiger Lord shouted.

“To kneel to repent and paying double for compensation? I think you are seeking death.” Liu Gan coldly laughed.

“Seems like Brother Liu doesn’t want to reason?” Tiger Lord complexion became more unsightly.

“You want reason with me? Fine, then I will reason with you! It was your people who insulted me and ate all my water caltrops first. I am only eating what they owed me. Since Brother Han and Brother Wang are here, I won’t continue bickering and this is your fortune! However if you choose to continue this meaningless bickering, it might lead to an unwanted result. Don’t regret your decision if it comes to that point!” Liu Gan shouted back at Tiger Lord. Liu Gan was revealing his sinister face.

This Tiger Lord used evil people like Li ChangHui, and put aside good people like Han GuangMing and Wang DeCheng. Similar people were grouped together, so Tiger Lord shouldn’t fall too far from that category.

However, Liu Gan didn’t kill Tiger Lord just to occupy the camp, which was giving him a lot of respect. Based on his current abilities, killing Tiger Lord would be easy as lifting his fist. Furthermore, he walked several kilometers just to arrive at this location, and nearly lost Zhang ShengLi. If it was any other capable player of Liu Gan’s stature and was more sinister than him. They would invade and occupy this camp and resources by force, and definitely without a reason they would empty this place out.

“The result?” Tiger Lord suspiciously asked Liu Gan.

“That’s obvious. I will kill you, take the camp by force. Then kill all those who don’t bend to my will.” Liu Gan indifferently replied to Tiger Lord. The way Liu Gan said it as if it was a casual event of sorts.

Tiger Lord didn’t make anymore sound, he was only glaring at Liu Gan.

People around them  finally quiet down. It was just like the calm before the storm, as the air thickened within the supermarket. The surrounding players in the circle didn’t dare to make a sound, they only watched silently from the sidelines, awaiting for their leaders response.

“Such an arrogant fellow! Tiger Lord, he is only bluffing!” suddenly one of the elite players shouted.

“Bluffing? Do you want to come and try me?” Liu Gan cracked his neck, then waved toward the player to beckon him forward.

“You! Go to hell!” The player eyed Tiger Lord, then pulled out his sword and got into position to charge forward. Only to have Tiger Lord ordering him to stand down.

“Tiger Lord!” said the elite player unwilling to accept his face.

“Okay! I will handle this situation!” Tiger Lord shouted at the elite player.

The elite player hesitantly retreated back towards the Tiger Lord’s back. The elite player was reluctant and ended up in a very bad mood. He should be glad that Tiger Lord stopped him, otherwise his end wouldn’t be any better than Li ChangHui’s. He might immediately turn into a corpse as soon as he charged.

“Okay, since you aren’t willing to repent, then let get this over with! Although, my camp will no longer welcome you. You and your people can leave this area.” Tiger Lord silently pondered for a few minutes, then when he calmed down he told Liu Gan his decision.

“Tiger Lord!”

There were a lot players that were standing by Tiger Lord’s side and they weren’t willing to accept this situation. Why did he let them leave? It was too frustrating to watch. He ate so much meat, drank so much beer, and he even made a mess everywhere. Even if they demanded him leave behind the girl for them to mess around shouldn’t it be fine?

“Let him go! Tiger Lord told his three elite players. Of course, he wasn’t really planning to let Liu Gan go, he was just waiting for a good opportunity to strike.

Once Tiger Lord reached level 5, he developed a new ability. As indicated on his alloy wrist watch, it was [Swift Stab], in order to use this ability all he had to do is control his breathing by inhaling and exhaling slowly, then he had to focus his concentration on activating it.  After every use, there was a 15 minute cooldown period. During the moment to strike, his body would be fast as lightning, if the target was within two meters, it would be unavoidable.

Previously, when he tested it on a few normal zombies, within two meters it was One-Hit Kill. However, he didn’t have a chance to use it on a Giant Colossal Zombie or other players. This would be a good chance for him to test it. All he had to do was wait for Liu Gan to walk past him within the two meters range. He would use the sharp blade within his hand and aim for Liu Gan’s heart. Killing this invader who dared to venture into his territory to eat his food would protect his face.

Liu Gan glanced at Tiger Lord. Liu Gan called Yin He over. She placed the backpacks she was holding on the floor. As she took out some biscuits and instant noodles all out, Liu Gan placed meat packs into his backpack and stuffed it full. As Liu Gan tried to wear the backpack, he wobbled as he stood up.

He promised to give the Lee Ding sisters some food, so he wouldn't go back on his words. Since Zhang ShengLi was still recovering, a little meat will give a nutritional boost to his health.

Liu Gan picked up one of the large bulky backpacks, and gave the other bulky backpack to Yin He.

“Tiger Lord! They are moving! Are we really letting them go?” The three elite members could only witness this scene and try to restrain themselves. Liu Gan was taking their rations! How can a person eat this much, even though Tiger Lord wouldn’t bicker with him, but he dared to stuff his backpack full.

This was too humiliating!

“Let him go!” Tiger Lord once again held back the three elite players, no matter what Liu Gan did, he must endure until the right opportunity emerges, then Liu Gan would be One-Hit Killed!

Liu Gan seemed to have gotten drunk with the beer and along with the heavy backpack, filled with meat packages; he was wobbling left and right as he walked. While holding on the fire axe, it looked like carrying it was draining up his energy. With Yin He’s arm supporting him, Liu Gan was able to maintain a steady and firm posture. Tiger Lord and his men were  following closely behind them as they slowly closed in.

“Brother Wang, thank you for your reception.” Liu Gan thanked Wang DeCHeng as he held up a half empty beer can, while giggling uncontrollably.

Wang DeCheng, stood by the shelves, sulking as he was speechless. If Liu Gan left now, Tiger Lord’s rage wouldn't simply end so easily. Wang DeCheng would be held accountable since Liu Gan was lead in by him and all of Tiger Lord’s rage would be Wang DeCheng’s burden.

“He is still bluffing.” provoked the elite player from before as he was reluctant to giving up and he whispered to the people around him.

“Shut it!” Tiger Lord once again scolded him.

Five meters, four meters, three meters…

Tiger Lord was constantly calculating the distance between Liu Gan and him. Previously, when he practiced, within two meters was his [Swift Stab] most effective distance, once he activated it was unblockable!

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So to clarify the leveling aspect of this game since someone asked. Every individual starts off with innate properties that judges from the physique of the individual when they enter the game. Example: if you are fat in real life, then you need to kill around 20 regular zombies to level up vs if you are fit, then he only needs to kill 10 regular zombies to level up. Then, from lvl 1-4, you can get experience from regular zombies, but capped at level 4. To advance pass level 4, you need to kill a variant zombie to get to level 5. At level 5, you get an ability (can be passive or active). Killing more regular zombies after level 4, serves no purpose. As of right now, there are regular zombies, variant zombies- Colossal and Tentacle types. I'm sure there will be more variant types, later on in game.