The Trembling World


Chapter 67: Robbery

Liu Gan grabbed the PDA from Jiang JinYuan. After studying it, he turned to Jiang JinYuan and said, “We can’t go in from the front. We’ll have to look behind the building and check if there’s an entrance.”

“Then let’s go in from the back.” Jiang JinYuan nodded.

Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan took the long way around the back of the San Xing building. There were fewer zombies in the back than in the front; however, there were still more than ten zombies wandering around back and forth in the outdoor parking lot and alleyway behind the large building.

“Stay here first, and don’t make a sound. I’ll go draw those zombies away and come back for you. We’ll look for a way into the building together.” After surveying the surrounding situation, Liu Gan informed Jiang JinYuan. Afterwards, he charged towards the middle of the parking lot with large strides.

There were two zombies at the outermost part of the parking lot. One was a male wearing a security guard uniform, and the other was a female wearing working clothes. Upon seeing Liu Gan, they immediately rushed towards him. Liu Gan immediately charged towards them and waved the fire axe in his hand effortlessly as if it was an ordinary machete. He made two deadly arcs of light in the air, killing both zombies in an instant.

Upon hearing the ruckus, the zombies lingering about in the outdoor parking lot and alleyway immediately came and surrounded Liu Gan. Liu Gan bounced to his left and jumped to his right, twisting and turning along the way. He very quickly fled the parking lot with a zombie train trailing behind him in a line.

These zombies would go all out when chasing people; however, they did not tire, so an average person being chased by them would have a very hard time getting away. But after Liu Gan had reached level 5, his physical strength, speed, and more had been improved by a huge margin. He was faster than an average person and these ordinary zombies, so in this short sprint, Liu Gan was not worried of being overtaken by them.

The rambling footsteps of the zombie train attracted the other zombies from the other blocks. They all gathered towards this alley and tried to attack Liu Gan from other sides.

Feeling that nearly all the zombies in the outdoor parking lot and alleyways had been drawn out, Liu Gan used a damaged car on the roadside as his first point of contact to leap over the zombies before they had him surrounded. He used parkour to jump from the roof of the car to a nearby building roof, and then he jumped several times to the surrounding rooftops and easily disappeared without a trace from the zombies’ field of view.

Regarding this sort of massive zombie horde, it didn’t pose too much of a threat to Liu Gan as long as they weren’t all on a field or plaza. Using this building, Liu Gan could very easily draw them away from a street block and then safely escape.

After Liu Gan escaped from the zombie horde, he went back to where Jiang JinYuan was hiding, but Jiang JinYuan was not there.

The weather right now had turned gloomy, and not only had the winds grown stronger, but it seemed the sky above would soon transform into a thunderstorm.

Jiang JinYuan would not go somewhere with the PDA still in Liu Gan’s hands.

Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan took a reading when they were in the building’s front plaza, but they forgot to when they had reached the rear area.
Right now, the PDA was in Liu Gan’s hand while the probing device was with Jiang JinYuan. Liu Gan was not authorized to operate it again to locate Jiang JinYuan’s position, so he could only try and search around the vicinity.

Just when Liu Gan decided to looking once around the nearby alleyways, two men appeared from the next street.

“Put down the device, the knapsack, and all your things on the ground. Then move back in the middle of the street where we can see you. Otherwise, we will kill your partner.” A man with a machete whose blade was pressed on Jiang JinYuan’s neck threatened Liu Gan.

The suitcase Jiang JinYuan was pulling was nowhere to be seen. It had apparently been stolen by the man’s partner.

In this post-apocalyptic place, there was originally no enmity between survivors, but because of the competition for food and living resources, a hostile relationship was unconsciously formed. In particular, Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan, who carried and brought along a humongous knapsack and suitcase, couldn’t help but make others greedy after seeing them.

“He’s not my partner. He’s part of the San Xing Corporation company staff. He promised to bring me to the portal to return to the real world, so I am staying with him. If you want to kill him, then go ahead. The worst case is everyone gets trapped here, unable to return.” Liu Gan said with an indifferent expression.

“Oh, so it’s like this, then we’ll think this over.” The man holding Jiang JinYuan said in a not so startled manner, deliberately answering Liu Gan with a loud voice, distracting his attention.

Right at this moment, another man carrying an iron rod appeared behind Liu Gan. He viciously swung the rod at the back of Liu Gan’s head right when Liu Gan was about to speak. But what he did not expect was that Liu Gan seemed to grow eyes at the back of his head even before his attack had landed. Liu Gan turned around and threw out his hand the instant the attack landed. He easily caught and firmly grabbed the rod that was forcefully being smashed down.

Having his attack miss and the iron rod grabbed by his opponent, the man was unable to pull it back and couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Liu Gan’s other hand had at an earlier time taken out the fire axe and chopped at the man’s face, immediately smashing it in. The man didn’t even scream and fell on the ground no longer moving.

“F@#$!” Seeing what happened, the man threatening Jiang JinYuan with a machete couldn’t help but curse and his eyes showed fear. He and his other partners had been hiding in the nearby streets when they saw Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan approaching. Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan had been carrying a humongous knapsack and suitcase; as a result, the bandits made a plan to rob them.

After Liu Gan left, they first captured Jiang JinYuan who didn’t have any fighting power. They extorted him by threatening to kill him and more. In order to save himself, Jiang JinYuan told them of his identity, about the powerful PDA, the probing device on his partner, and more. He was wasting time while waiting for Liu Gan’s return.

After hearing what Jiang JinYuan said, these people decided to first swindle Liu Gan. Once they took the powerful PDA from his hands, they would talk with Jiang JinYuan again. They never anticipated that the person sneakily attacking Liu Gan would fail and would instead get killed by him. This foiled their original plan of killing Liu Gan and stealing his treasures.

“It seems like you’re all players who entered the game.” Seeing the alloy watch disappearing from the corpse, Liu Gan asked the person holding Jiang JinYuan.

“What do you want to say?” The person asked in response. Liu Gan’s fighting strength clearly made them somewhat afraid.

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