Records of the Human Emperor

Chapter 997

Chapter 997: Absorbing the Giant!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Haha, if Milords are just worried about Abu Muslim, there's no need to worry, because I've already thought of a way."

Wang Chong faintly smiled.

Rooooar! At this moment, an earth-shaking bellow grabbed everyone's attention.

"Damn Tang, I'll definitely kill you! You despicable lowlife, using the Behemoth to ambush me. If you have the skill, let me go so we can fight one-on-one! That's the way of a true warrior!"

The thunderous voice bursting with anger echoed over the entire battlefield.

Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli turned to look with raised brows, and what they saw was a fully armored giant nearly thirty meters tall, his hands and feet bound, ranting and raving as he was carried in the hand of the giant ape.

Wang Chong strode toward the captured King of Giants, Ghareeb Hassam, and stopped before him.

"Speak! What final words do you have!"

Wang Chong looked up at the king of giants. Ghareeb Hassam was currently being held upside-down from the giant ape's hand like a bird in the hand of an enormous butcher.


Ghareeb Hassam's pupils constricted, and the raging anger on his face finally showed a tinge of fear. At this moment, he finally understood that this human was far more frightening than he imagined.

"Release me. Human, you can't do this. I'm the King of Giants. You can't kill me. If you release me, the Caliph will definitely give you a big reward!"

"Are these your last words?"

Wang Chong looked up and smiled.

"No, no! NO! I still have things to say! You can't treat me like this…"

Ghareeb Hassam's face contorted with panic as he tried to get his words out, but Wang Chong had no more time for him.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

Wang Chong's entire body flashed with light as he raised his hand and pressed it onto Ghareeb Hassam's head. Like air out of a punctured balloon, the vast sea of energy within Ghareeb Hassam began to pour out and flow into Wang Chong.

It took more than an hour for Wang Chong to drain the last drop of energy from Ghareeb Hassam. With one last scream, Ghareeb Hassam's body went limp, the last ember of vitality going out.

Incredible! I didn't think that the King of Giants would have this much energy.

Wang Chong inwardly rejoiced as he ended the technique. His greatest harvest in this battle was probably this King of Giants. In this battle, Wang Chong had spent a great deal of energy on the constant fighting, but after absorbing the tremendous energy reserves in the giant, not only had he restored all his lost Stellar Energy, he had even risen from Saint Martial Tier 8 to Saint Martial Tier 9, the level of Brigadier Generals.

Moreover, Wang Chong's strength had risen so high that he was now only a sliver away from advancing to the peak of the Saint Martial realm, the level of Great Generals.

"Only one last thing left!"

Wang Chong exhaled and quickly turned to Cheng Qianli and Gao Xianzhi, who were both slack-jawed and wide-eyed. For Wang Chong to suck the King of Giants dry of Stellar Energy right in front of them was truly unbelievable.

And as they emerged from their shock, they couldn't help but feel a tiny sliver of envy and admiration.

"I finally understand why he didn't want us to worry," Cheng Qianli muttered.

"With this kind of technique, he will be stronger than any of us in the future. Even Abu Muslim might eventually be no match for him," Gao Xianzhi praised.

Wang Chong had reached this level of achievement while still only seventeen years old. Any normal person who saw this would definitely feel envious, but not Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli. On the contrary, they were happy and gratified. It was truly a blessing for the Great Tang to have a person like this.

"Milords, please begin to meditate and cooperate with me…"

Complying with Wang Chong, both Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli seated themselves, crossed their legs, and calmed their minds. The moment they were prepared, Wang Chong pressed his slender palms on their backs.

A torrent of Stellar Energy immediately began to pour into them, causing their auras to rapidly swell and assisting them in repairing their damaged organs and meridians.

After a while, white steam began to rise from their heads, and Wang Chong finally drew back his hands.

"Milords, these are two pills. Take them and adjust your breathing. They can help you recover your energy even faster!"

As he spoke, Wang Chong took out two pills about the size of quail eggs and handed them over.

Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli slowly opened their eyes, and as they did, storms of energy rose from their bodies. If one observed their auras, who would believe that these two had been heavily injured just moments before?

The two did not immediately take the pills, instead using their bright eyes to carefully examine the youthful face before them as if seeing it for the first time. These two commanders of the Anxi Protectorate army had originally believed themselves to know Wang Chong very well, but every time they thought this, Wang Chong would always deliver to them a new surprise.

In just a few short moments, eighty percent of their injuries had been healed and all their energy restored. Even supreme experts like Gao Xianzhi and Cheng Qianli found this impossible to imagine.

"Lord Wang, we've troubled you. Rest well. Leave the rest to us!"

The pair took the pills from Wang Chong as they stood up.

Wang Chong smiled, a nigh imperceptible hint of fatigue flickering through his eyes as he nodded.


Just when Wang Chong was preparing to turn and leave, he heard hurried footsteps and a voice tinged in panic.

"Milords, the giant ballista was destroyed. Both giant ballistae have been destroyed by the enemies."


All three were stunned by these words, Wang Chong twisting his head to look at the messenger. The two giant ballistae were of strategic importance. Even though the threat of the Behemoths was no longer present, the mere existence of the giant ballistae could still threaten any non-human beings the Great Tang might face.

No one would dare guarantee that the Arabs had no more special tricks up their sleeve.

The giant ballistae had been developed by Wang Chong, and more could be built in the future, but at this very moment, the giant ballistae were playing an important role in stabilizing the morale of the army.

After all the losses sustained in this battle, the giant ballistae had more potential value than actual value.

"Was it the Skyquaking Giants?" Wang Chong asked.

Only the Skyquaking Giants had the strength to destroy the giant ballistae. But he was still a little confused, as he had used the Behemoths to drive away all the Skyquaking Giants. Why had the messenger come now with the news that the last giant ballista had been destroyed?

The messenger lowered his head and gave a completely unexpected reply. "Lord Protector-General, it was not! The one who destroyed the giant ballista was the Celestial Wolf Great General of the Western Turkic Khaganate, Duwu Sili!"

For a moment, all three commanders were dumbfounded.

"I'll explain what happened!"

An elderly voice suddenly spoke. Under the confused gazes of the three commanders, Zhang Shouzhi anxiously barged through the crowd, at the head of several craftsmen.


While Zhang Shouzhi was explaining how the giant ballista had been destroyed, in the distance, a stalwart figure on a mighty steed was galloping toward the hills in a cloud of dust.

"Great Minister, Duwu Sili is coming back."

Three pairs of eyes on the hills focused on Duwu Sili, their gazes moving with him.

Both Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje had rather strange looks in their eyes as they watched the Celestial Wolf Great General. Nearby, the commander of the Mutri Great Cavalry, Huoba Sangye, was franker with his emotions. Although he was only a mere Brigadier General, Huoba Sangye did not hide his disdain.

"Hmph, and what could he do if he didn't come back? The battle's over, Abu Muslim has retreated, and he didn't even get to see Wang Chong's face. Did he want to stick around so the Tang could laugh at him?" Huoba Sangye jeered.

Huoshu Huicang and Dusong Mangpoje arched their brows, but no one said anything.

The Celestial Wolf Great General had left with great bravado and momentum, but he had spent the entire battle engaged in a fierce conflict with Arabia's Skyquaking Giants. As for the main target, Wang Chong, Duwu Sili hadn't even seen him, so Huoba Sangye could not be blamed for his contempt. In truth, that Huoba Sangye had not claimed that Duwu Sili's reputation was empty was quite decent.

After thinking about it for a few moments, Dusong Mangpoje decided to speak up on Duwu Sili's behalf. "You can't say it like that. Duwu Sili's luck was just a little lacking. At the very least, you can't deny that he destroyed the Great Tang's last giant ballista. He had managed to come back with some result."

Unexpectedly, Huoba Sangye's mocking smile only widened at Dusong Mangpoje's words. Huoshu Huicang's eyes widened, his expression turning strange.

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