The First Hunter

Chapter 38

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When Kim Taehoon said he was going to hunt the devil snake the reactions of the survivors were divided into two.

Either they wanted to participate in the hunt or they just prayed for the hunt to succeed.

No one hoped for the hunt to fail.

At the same time, no one could even imagine that the hunt would fail.

It wasn’t because they lacked imagination, it was that they started to tremble out of fear and pale even out of imagination.

Just imagining it made them feel despair. That was why they weren’t even thinking about it.

But now.


Kim Taehoon was eaten. Literally, the devil snake opened its gigantic mouth, which was big enough to swallow a car, and took him inside its mouth.

At that moment, no one was able to move properly.

The majesty of the devil snake was like Medusa’s head, turning everyone into stone.

That giant mouth swallowed their last and only hope.

But the devil snake did not stop there. In order to swallow Kim Taehoon more easily, it straightened its humongous body up like a tall tower.

Everyone just watched the scene. Looking away wasn’t allowed.

The solid body did not allow anyone to turn away, or even close their eyes.

It was torture that everyone had to witness as their only hope turned into a dark despair.


What ended their torture was a single sword that rushed towards the devil snake even though it had lost its master.

The sword burrowed into the ‘neck’ of the devil snake, and its stiff body started to tilt like the tower of Pisa. But unlike the tower of Pisa, its body did not stop tilting and continued to collapse. In the end, its body fell to the ground.


The ground shook like an earthquake and some people witnessing this were knocked to the ground. That was all. The people who collapsed just froze there like mannequins. The people who did not collapse were not much different, they just stood there.

Despair was still everywhere, no one seemed like they were able to escape from it.

Because there was only one guy that could give them the answer.

Kim Taehoon.

He appeared out of the mouth of the collapsed devil snake.


Gulp gulp!

Kim Taehoon’s Adam’s apple moved up and down as he leaned his head back and drank from the thermos.

Ahn Sunmi immediately handed a small shot glass to him after he finished whatever was in the thermos.

Kim Taehoon quickly finished the full glass of healing water.

“How do you feel?”

After taking in the pills that Ahn Sunmi made out of mud troll’s flesh Kim Taehoon opened his mouth that was filled with a dusty aftertaste.

“I’d like to have a cup of coffee.”

“Oh, yeah?”

With a sarcastic answer, Ahn Sunmi made a really, really deep breath. It was a sigh of relief.

Kim Taehoon saying that meant he was not in the worst imaginable state.

“Make your own coffee.”

After a rather grumpy comment, Ahn Sunmi got out of the place.

Kim Taehoon didn’t look at her. Instead, he closed his eyes.

Then started to recall the memories.

‘It was the worst.’

The devil snake hunt, from the beginning till the end.

‘Everything was the worst.’

The worst. No other vocabulary was suitable enough to express and describe the hunt.

‘From preparation until the action.’

He thought they were well prepared, but when they actually started the hunt they fell right into danger as soon as the opening moves were done.

In the end, Kim Taehoon was eaten by the snake. He felt and heard his whole body getting crushed inside the devil snake.

It wouldn’t be weird to be traumatized. A memory he might prefer to forget or wish to lose.

‘I could have died before I’ve seen the dragon.’

But Kim Taehoon tried to remember with as much detail as possible about the moment rather than avoid it.

He focused on not forgetting the feeling he had at the time. ‘The only prize was that.’

The moment his body was getting crushed, he was able to do it. ‘The sword reacted to my telekinesis.’

Kim Taehoon’s desperation reached the sword.

The great general’s sword stabbed the heart straight away.

It was the first time.

‘All I could see was the darkness…’

So far Kim Taehoon had to rely on his vision while using telekinesis. No, rather the vision was an absolute necessity for using the telekinesis.

Kim Taehoon did not have the talent of moving things he couldn’t see. Of course, Kim Taehoon, himself, did not even think it was possible.

Of course, the moment Kim Taehoon was eaten by the devil snake, the sword disappeared from his sight and his senses.

No, in that second, Kim Taehoon forgot about using telekinesis to move the sword, to be honest.

He just wished. That the sword of the great general would just reach the heartbeat of the devil snake that he was hearing.

Him recalling the moment was to more accurately feel the same thing once again.


But the feeling didn’t come back that easily. Because it was more of a miracle from Kim Taehoon’s obsession… No, rather the determination of his life towards survival.

It wouldn’t be a miracle if it was easy to experience.

‘There’s nothing I could do.’

It wouldn’t be easy to feel the same way again.

‘Nothing I could do other than being satisfied with the possibility.’

But this made things clear. The potential telekinesis had was limitless.

At the same time, Kim Taehoon had another ability that he could immediately acquire.

Kim Taehoon stood up where he was.

He could see the big empty ground and the devil snake’s giant body that filled up that space.

It was time for him to practice the right of the winner.


The devil snake was still terrifying even if it was now a corpse.

So no one could approach near it.

It was same for the Maek Clan’s armed soldiers who were restricting the surrounding area to protect the dead body.

Their faces while having the dead devil snake body behind their backs were pretty expressionless. Like a mannequin, the only difference was the steam coming out of their mouths.

One guy approached the place filled with horror. The people who couldn’t turn their eyes away even though they were almost scared to death spotted Kim Taehoon.

But no one realized it was him right away.

Kim Taehoon’s name was very famous around the area, but not many had actually met him.

Even if they knew what he looked like, not many of them had the vision that was good enough to recognize him from that distance.

But no one really had to explain who that man was. It was only one man who could kill the monster that had put the survivors of Bucheon into nightmares, horror, and despair, and earned the spoils from that dead body.


‘That’s him!’

As Kim Taehoon got closer to the devil snake’s corpse everyone realized who he was. When Kim Taehoon finally reached near the devil snake, someone started shouting.


A shout. It was a shout of victory, and at the same time, it was their first one.


The war against the monsters that started on December 31st with the sudden appearance of the monsters created that shout from the survivors.

Until now, everyone had to be quiet to survive. There hadn’t really been much of a victory either. They survived because they didn’t die, but they had to act dead to survive.

They had no time to shout out in victory, nor were they entitled to one.

That was why this was the first one.

The survivors who always got mugged and were always running away had gained their first real victory, and as the prize, they were able to shout as much as they wanted.


Like that, the shout spread. The hot passion of the shout started to melt the world and made everyone's hearts beat faster.

Pound, pound, pound, everyone’s hearts were about to burst with the calling of the shout.

At the center of everything, Kim Taehoon looked at the sword that was still stabbed deeply into the ‘neck’ of the dead devil snake.

Only the handle of the sword showed. As if it were waiting for its master to come.

Kim Taehoon took the handle and pulled it out. Like the legend of a certain king that pulled a sword out of a rock.


Without any hesitation or obstacle, the sword once again sliced the body of the devil snake and showed its silver blade to everyone.

That silver glow scattered all over the place as it reflected on the sunlight.


The people who saw the gleam once again screamed from their stomach.

Kim Taehoon immediately went to work. He cut the skin as if he were digging a hole, separated the flesh and pulled out the black heart of the devil snake, and put his smartphone up to the yellow stone that had been encased in the heart.

[ Crystal of the Black Snake ]

  • When consumed, Strength and Stamina grows enormously.
  • When consumed, Energy rank increases enormously.
  • When consumed, Magic rank increases enormously.
  • When consumed, Defense rank increases enormously.
  • When consumed, Black snake’s ability [ Black Snake’s Eye ] can be acquired.

Kim Taehoon immediately took the yellow gem and put it in his mouth.


There was no hesitation.

Put it into the mouth, and swallow it right away.

Kim Taehoon’s body also immediately accepted the black snake’s crystal and the Black Snake’s Eye ability.


The Energy inside his stomach reacted first. The thing that before now felt like a tiny fish started to go crazy and enlarge. It became a snake.

The increased Energy started to spread all over his body.

The uncontrollable power was about to burst his body when the power of the Energy became focused on his two eyes.

The white of Kim Taehoon’s eyes vanished until only the black pupil remained.

At the same time, the Energy that was full inside his stomach started to very quickly dissipate.

‘Is this the Black snake’s eye?’

For the price of using the Energy in this way, he could see the world changed. Everything he could see became clearer. It was so clear he could even count the feathers on a passing bird.

He could also see things he couldn't ever see before.

Kim Taehoon looked at the back of his right hand.

[Basic abilities]

- Strength: 135

- Stamina: 122

[Special abilities]

- Energy:  D

- Magic: D

- Telekinesis: A

- Defense: D

- Magic resistance: D

[Acquired ability]

  • Black snake’s eye(level 4): With the ability of the black snake, you could see the truth of a thing.

Kim Taehoon, he acquired the eye.


Jang Sunghoon did not participate in the hunt. He did not have the right to participate in that terrifying battle. But he was able to get the report after everything was finished.

Kim Taehoon was eaten by the devil snake but like a miracle, he was able to stab the heart of the devil snake with the sword and crawl out, and he had the devil snake’s crystal.

Jang Sunghoon became dizzy as he heard the report.

‘We were almost doomed.’

The only thing that happened according to the plan was attracting the snake. Everything else was outside the plan.

It wouldn’t have been weird to have Kim Taehoon dead. No, Kim Taehoon might have died if this was an ordinary case.

But eventually, they won.

Now was time to take the victory prize.

Jang Sunghoon stood up.

‘The old man who used to work at the leather shop was named Park Gabsoo?’

< Chapter 14. Acquired the Eye (1). > The end.

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