The First Hunter

Chapter 32

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The first thing Kim Taehoon did after he dove into the narrow space between cashier stands was analyze the current situation.

He did not try to think about the fireballs.

Kim Taehoon recalled the short moment when he pulled his trigger.

‘It did hit the target.’

The aim was perfect.  

Two bullets Kim Taehoon shot hit the body of the awakened who had thrown the fireballs.

‘But he did not collapse.’

But that particular awakened did not take any damage from the gun; which was a rather powerful weapon.


No one could handle a gunshot if they weren’t wearing any ballistic armor.

‘No, they wouldn’t be wearing one in this situation.’

Kim Taehoon excluded that possibility from the pool.

Ballistic armor was like a spare life against guns, but not with monsters. It would be better than not wearing it but one should use more effective defense tools other than ballistic armor which was only for stopping bullets.

Such as an armor made out of a tough monster skin.

‘Black Orc’s skin.’

Then Kim Taehoon recalled. The monster he killed once. The horrendous monster with the dark skin. The monster corpse he left.

The black orc!

Kim Taehoon had only taken the heart out of the dead black orc and left the body behind.


Unless the Messiah and Lee Jinsung were totally stupid, they would have done everything possible to utilize the corpse of the black orc.

It had been ten days since Kim Taehoon slaughtered the black orc. Ten days were enough to make a coat out of the dead black orc.

That was an accurate assumption.

“You have guns, are you a survivor from the military? Division 17?  I’m sorry but guns wouldn’t hurt me a bit. I have something awesome on my side.”

Lee Jinsung, himself, confirmed what Kim Taehoon was assuming but he wasn’t explaining everything to Kim Taehoon because he was a nice guy.

Although they had a defensive tool against guns, the things a bullet could do did not change. A gun was still a powerful weapon even with ballistic armor. Therefore, when you deal with a person with a gun, you had to mess with them to make their thoughts complicated.

Ballistic armor was powerful enough to stop bullets but if you knew that your target was wearing it, you would rather shoot at the limbs where it was not covered by the bulletproof material.

“Why don’t we talk first? I would not mind a conversation.”

Trying to draw Kim Taehoon’s attention was one of his purposes.

The proof was that Lee Jinsung was talking non-stop like a lunatic.

At the same time, the guy struck by Kim Taehoon’s bullet was carefully approaching the checkout stand where he was hiding.


Naturally, Lee Jinsung’s voice got louder.

To hide the footsteps with his voice. To distract Kim Taehoon.

It was like child’s play for Kim Taehoon. He pulled something out of his pocket and threw it in the direction where Lee Jinsung’s voice was coming from.

“F*ck, run!”

He could hear Lee Jinsung’s gasping voice, the guy who was approaching Kim Taehoon threw himself facedown on the ground.

Kim Taehoon stood up from where he was crouching and pointed his gun at the guy who was facedown on the ground.


The gun immediately fired. That was the only source of noise. There wasn’t any explosion.

What Kim Taehoon threw was a ball of metal that looked similar to a grenade.


The guy who was shot screamed in pain.

“Damn it!”

He could also hear Lee Jinsung.

Kim Taehoon quickly threw the arrow towards the voice.

Straight, with speed.


The arrow stabbed right into the chest of the skinny woman who was standing in front of Lee Jinsung as if she were a human shield.

‘He’s a f*cking telekinetic!’

Lee Jinsung started to sprint within the dark superstore with a rigid face. It didn’t take long for him to disappear in the superstore that lacked electricity.

The only thing he left behind was the sounds.

Kim Taehoon was chasing the sound with his ears and walked towards the guy on the ground who was full of pain from the gunshots. He then put his foot on the guy’s neck.

“Ple, please…”

And stomped down on the guy’s neck without any hesitation.


The guy’s body dropped to the floor with a terrifying sound.


Out of nowhere, white powder started to fill the inside of the dark superstore.

Kim Taehoon stepped back instinctively.

‘Fire extinguisher.’

The white powder was coming from the fire extinguisher.

It would be impossible for his eyes and nose to work properly with the white powder in the air.

It was a trick to mess with his telekinesis.


Kim Taehoon was prepared to retreat at this point.

He already had a plan in case the Messiah had any awakened like Lee Jinsung.

It was pretty dangerous to fight against Lee Jinsung according to his assumptions. The chance of Lee Jinsung being alone was very low, and there would be a pack of guards ready to attack in case Lee Jinsung was in danger.

Suddenly, the powder that made the air murky separated itself like the miracle of Moses and Lee Jinsung appeared in the middle of it.

His movements were incredibly fast and accurate. By the time Kim Taehoon acknowledged Lee Jinsung’s presence his sword was already touching the muzzle of Kim Taehoon’s gun even as Kim Taehoon aimed at Lee Jinsung.


The gun was cut in half instantly. That wasn’t the end. Lee Jinsung’s mouth was full of something, as if he were holding something in his mouth, that he then spat out.


A giant flame wrapped around Kim Taehoon.

Kim Taehoon fell to the ground and started to roll his body.

Lee Jinsung chased after Kim Taehoon as he was rolling around on the ground.

Tata, ta!

Kim Taehoon somehow managed to pull a revolver from his waist and pull the trigger.

The bullet struck Lee Jinsung’s torso and he stumbled a bit as if he were pushed by something.

But that was all. Lee Jinsung did not fall to the ground nor was he bleeding.

After putting the fire out from his body Kim Taehoon stood up where he was and pointed his revolver towards Lee Jinsung.  

Kim Taehoon was staring at him. Lee Jinsung lifted both of his fists and guarded his face while he was still holding the sword. Like a boxer.

That meant Lee Jinsung also realized that he wouldn’t die unless he was shot in the face.

Kim Taehoon did not make any particular movements after having Lee Jinsung in front of him. Just gently stared at him.

Lee Jinsung also didn’t make a sudden move.

The man Kim Taehoon was facing was also an awakened.

First, Lee Jinsung did not cover his whole body with the black orc skin.

The face was exposed. As long as he was shot in the face, if he didn’t die, he would at least lose an eye or get a concussion.  No one could stop that even an awakened.

‘It’s been a while since the truck rushed in, the other guys should show up soon.’

Second, Lee Jinsung was expecting his minions to show up after hearing the banging sounds. He would be stupid to just have two awakened working for him.

He allocated his people here and there. He did that to keep an eye on the monsters and the sacrifices. It was also to make the guards scared of the awakened so they would do their job well.

Therefore, time was on Lee Jinsung’s side.

“Are you the first hunter?”

That was why Lee Jinsung started to talk again.

“Considering how powerful your telekinesis is, you must be the first hunter, the name was…. Kim Taehoon. Right, Kim Taehoon was the name. I heard you had colleagues, are you here alone?”

Kim Taehoon did not respond. He was just standing still, like a mannequin.

“I heard a lot about you. Bucheon somehow does its job thanks to you. For your information, there are not many places left in this world that are safe. I ran from Chungnam district, I thought I was the only one alive in the world until I reached Bucheon.”

Lee Jinsung kept talking to Kim Taehoon.

“I found out about this recently, Bucheon was lucky thanks to its geographic traits. It’s located in between the terrifying monsters’ territories.”

The information he was speaking was pretty interesting.

“It’s kind of like the DMZ now. There are dreadful monsters around Incheon, Siheung, Kimpo. Humanity does not own the land anymore.”

Precious information. Whether the information was true or not didn’t matter. The information he was sharing was something an awakened should pay attention to in order to survive in this world.

This was also part of Lee Jinsung’s plan. If he were talking about the weather the enemy would not pay attention. The more valuable the information was, the more focused the enemy would be.

Lee Jinsung put a small smile on his face.

‘1 minute more.’

Just 1 minute. Or less.

After that time, at least ten awakened would walk into this place.

They were not ordinary people. They were the best. They were the ones who had the power to allow the Messiah to do the things they shouldn’t do as an organization.

“Anyway, why are you attacking us? You don’t like how we do things? You didn’t sound like a righteous hero from what I heard.”

Lee Jinsung kept talking to earn more time.

“How about we work together? It seems like you have the weapons from the nearby military base, let’s work this out together. We should form a monster hunting pack based in Bucheon first. We’re lucky. We got Bucheon as our starting point. Let’s talk first. Put down the weapon, huh?”

Kim Taehoon put his gun away to what Lee Jinsung said.

Lee Jinsung’s eyes glared.


Lee Jinsung’s plan was to shorten the distance between the two of them and then cut his whole body in half.

Taking a drastic measure.

The sword Lee Jinsung acquired was a great weapon and deserved to be described as  God’s miracle. It was powerful enough to cut orange-eyed monsters and even the yellow-eyed monsters!

‘I knew you would be one of my biggest problems!’

He did not even hesitate. He had heard about Kim Taehoon and assumed he would be the greatest obstacle he would have.

Lee Jinsung did not want to be working under someone. As soon as you work for someone, you become expendable.

The world had turned just like that now. To survive, you had to be a consumer, not an expendable.

That’s why Lee Jinsung wanted to move. Without any hesitation, full of determination. He tried to move.


But his body did not move. Some invisible chains were pulling his body all over.

And that was predicted to happen.

Kim Taehoon wouldn’t simply do nothing with his enemy right in front of him unless the enemy was hiding behind the fire extinguisher powder or moving quickly inside the dark superstore.

On top of that, Kim Taehoon’s telekinetic rank was A. That was a power that was strong enough to restrain the horrific black orc down.

It was only a matter of time to tie Lee Jinsung down regardless of what kind of Energy and Strength levels he had. And Lee Jinsung, himself, gave Kim Taehoon enough time.

“You, you bastard...”

He approached Lee Jinsung who was showing frustration for the first time. He pulled the sword from Lee Jinsung’s hand as if he were no different from a mannequin.

“Ahhhh! F*cckkk!!!”

Kim Taehoon pointed the sword towards Lee Jinsung.

Lee Jinsung was cursing out of anger, but his face turned pale with the sword in his face.

“Wa,wait…. Deal, let’s make a deal! I’ll give you everything I got…!”

But that was everything Lee Jinsung got to say.

“I don’t need it.”

< Chapter 12. The Messiah (2). > The end.

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