The First Hunter

Chapter 29

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January 10th, 2017, 4 pm

The sun was about to set and the streets of Bucheon, which were supposed to be filled with people and cars, was very silent.

It had been snowing since yesterday and the snow had stayed where it was since, the trace of the living thing on the snow was very rare and dim.

It did not have any vibe of a lively city. It was like a city of the dead.

“Boss… Isn’t it too quiet?”

Jang Sunghoon had to open his mouth. He felt like he would turn into a dead person if he didn’t.

“Not all of the Bucheon citizens have died, have they?”

Kim Taehoon put his finger to his lips in response to the worried comments of Jang Sunghoon.

Jang Sunghoon became silent.


Kim Taehoon was only clicking his tongue to himself while looking at the silent town.

‘What happened?’

Kim Taehoon recalled the last few days inside his mind.

After setting up a base at the library Kim Taehoon had to spend busy days forming the Clan’s system.

He had to show the awakened, who would become his hunting dogs, the carrot and sticks he would be offering them. He also had to make the library into a fort, not just a base.

He did not have time to do something out in the streets of the city of Bucheon.

What made Kim Taehoon start to move was the snow that had started to fall since yesterday.

Monsters were close to animals and animals do not move while it was snowing.

Therefore, a snowing day was a perfect time to get in contact with other survivors while avoiding the monsters. So Kim Taehoon prepared to venture out into the city.

The goal of the trip was to get in contact with survivors and to get more supplies.

And then Jang Sunghoon wanted to come too. He said he knew one freaking rich guy’s house who had lots of art to play with.

‘It’s to quiet as Jang Sunghoon said.’

He had prepared himself for anything horrendous that could happen in the city.

‘But this is not what I was expecting.’

The situation was very different from what Kim Taehoon expected.

‘If everything was as I expected, there should have been a pack of survivors around here.’

Kim Taehoon expected the streets to be a bit more organized by now.

One thing about humanity was that they adapted to new environments quickly through trial and error. Even if the world were full of monsters and had no more social system, he expected people to get used to the situation.

It also wasn’t like there was a huge incident that happened that could even surprise Kim Taehoon.

For example, if another dragon flew by in the sky that would have been very chaotic but that did not happen. There weren’t any signs of another horrifying monster he could sense, even from far away.

On top of that, Kim Taehoon and Jang Sunghoon were approaching Sinjung-dong Station.

Sinjung-dong Station in Bucheon was a big commercial area. There was a department store, superstores and there was also a decent sized police station as well.

‘If there were any survivors, they should have left some traces, at least around here.’

There weren’t many places in Bucheon that the survivors could seek refuge in.

Kim Taehoon suddenly stopped walking. At the same time, he raised one hand causing Jang Sunghoon to stop as well.


In the blistering wind, Kim Taehoon was staring at a pile of snow which was on the road they were trying to pass.

It wasn’t anything special by the looks. It looked like a stack of fertilizer bags with snow on it.

But Kim Taehoon was sure that it wasn’t fertilizer bags underneath the snow.

Soon Kim Taehoon opened his eyes wide and stared directly at the pile of snow.

And imagined a scene.

A scene of a giant hand brushing the snow off of that pile.

Shhussh, Shush!

Soon the things underneath the snow were exposed.

It was a frozen solid dead human body. It wasn’t just a dead body. It was lacking a head.


Jang Sunghoon barely stopped himself from vomiting, and said, “There should be a monster. F*ck…”

Jang Sunghoon could easily recall the mud troll. The monster that they could not get rid of even with guns. The monster that only consumed the heads of people.

It was a trauma that he would carry for the rest of his life. Because of the trauma, Jang Sunghoon was shivering a bit. The snow on the werewolf skin that he was wearing fell to the ground with the shivers.

But Kim Taehoon looked different. He wasn’t thinking about the mud troll eating people’s head. What he was thinking about had nothing to do with mud troll.

“It wasn’t monsters.”

Kim Taehoon could say it for sure.

“It was done by people”

That this murder wasn’t done by monsters.


Kim Taehoon looked around the surrounding with wariness, putting Jang Sunghoon’s surprise behind him.

‘Murder could happen.’

It would be rather funny to wish that things like this, the murder, wouldn’t happen.

A murder could happen any time.

‘But cutting the head off is a different story.’

Beheading someone is a different story. A spontaneous homicide, a killing for survival doesn’t produce a headless corpse.

At that instant.


They could hear a scream.

Kim Taehoon stood still where he was.

“Jang Sunghoon.”


“From now on, our enemies are humans.”

Jang Sunghoon made a rather determined face more than a surprised one.

The important thing that Kim Taehoon was teaching the whole clan over the last few days was to be determined to kill humans, not the monsters.


“Please, please don’t kill me. Don’t kill me.”

A snowing field.

A naked woman was pleading for mercy in the harsh, blistering cold snowfield.

“Please, Please.”

Her hands repeatedly rubbing together as she begged for mercy. It was miserable to look at.

There were three men around her. They were wearing thick vests and safety helmets from a construction site. They were also holding spears made out of curtain rods and kitchen knives. They looked pretty ridiculous and shitty but they were clearly fully armed.

It meant they were not ordinary people.

They put their weapons towards the lady instead of the mercy she was looking for.

“Please, Please let me go. There are others than me.”

One guy started talking over woman’s constant cries.

“Should we have some fun before we kill her? Huh?”

His words were enough to make the lady turn deathly pale.

The other two were just licking their lips rather than responding to the first guy’s dirty lust. It was a sign of consideration.

“She’s already naked, we just need to pull our pants down. Don’t we?”

The first guy tried to persuade them.

It was a disgusting suggestion. But on the contrary, the other two did not seem like they wanted to consider the idea that easily.

“F*ck, let’s have some fun here!”

“Please, please don’t kill me. I’ll do anything. Anything...”

The woman spat out the words as if she had given up.

“Look! She says she’ll do anything! She’s going to be the monster’s food anyway, who cares what we do to her? No?”

The first guy sounded rather angry now. The other two men just looked at each other.


An arrow flew over and struck the eye of one of the men who was hesitating.

It appeared out of nowhere, without any sound. The head of the arrow appeared without any noise and pierced the guy’s eye then exited the back of the head.



Everyone, including the woman who was begging for mercy, was surprised at what happened.

All of their thoughts stopped at once.

Something white started to approach one of the remaining two guys at a great speed.

It was like a panther in front of its prey, the speed was not like that of a human. The thing that appeared was a man, and the man’s dark-colored fist smashed the guy’s head.


Even with the hard hat, he was wearing parts of the smashed head scattered all over the place.

There was only one guy left, the dude who was displayed dirty lust towards the lady but that guy was still stunned at what happened.

‘Huh? Huh?’

The dark fist of the new man, who appeared out of nowhere, hit that stunned face.



The guy who got hit spat out his teeth along with a scream but the scream did not last for very long.

“Arg, arg!”

The same fist that made the guy lose his teeth grabbed his throat and didn’t allow him to continue screaming.

‘I, I can’t breathe.’

The guy tried to remove the dark fist from his neck, but the hand and arm weren’t something human.

Meanwhile, the arrow that had taken one man’s life started to move by itself.


The arrow made a sound like a snake then flew around the guy’s eyes who was choking and the sharp edge was shining brightly.

The guy started to tremble and pissed his pants.

Kim Taehoon finally started to talk.

“You’ll die if you do something stupid. You will also die if you hesitate to answer. You will die if you raise your voice too high. Nod if you understand.”

The guy nodded even though he was choking hard.

Kim Taehoon let go of the power in the hand that was holding the guy’s neck.


The guy started to breathe again.

“Haa, Haa....”

Meanwhile, Jang Sunghoon walked towards the woman and covered her with the werewolf skin he was wearing. The coat was made out of the werewolf skin was rather rough and had a bloody smell. But it was extremely warm.

“Shhh. Be quiet.”

Jang Sunghoon gave the woman a warning rather than any comfort.

The place was in a possible enemy’s territory. Any fuss would not benefit Kim Taehoon and Jang Sunghoon.

Then the woman started to speak. “I know everything that guy knows. I will tell you everything if you let me live. I was with him the whole time.”

A sudden claim.

The guy who was barely breathing gasped and screamed out.

“That bitch betrayed…”


The moment Kim Taehoon heard that word, Kim Taehoon’s arrow that was facing the guy’s eye sprang into the eye like a snake.

The guy fell to the ground and Kim Taehoon pulled the arrow from the guy’s eye. He pointed the arrow towards the woman who was wearing the werewolf’s fur coat and said.

“You’ll die if you do something stupid. You will also die if you hesitate to answer. You will die if you raise your voice too high. Nod if you understand.”

The woman nodded.

< Chapter 11. The Lawless City (2). > The end.

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