The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Marquess
The small boat advances slowly on the River Styx. Despite it moving so slowly that it seems stationary, but in reality, it is jumping between dimensions, shortening the distance to our destination.

The water of the River Styx that is full of the silent dead flows peacefully through countless dimensions, collecting the souls of Chaos. If someone isn’t worried about being robbed of their souls and memories by the River Styx, they could use it as a convenient tool to transverse between dimensions.

However, it is a pity that only Death God Ayer’s small boat is able to travel on the River Styx. Previously, a Demon Duke from the 63rd level of Chaos Abyss created a Soul Boat out of dead souls, but the boat and the Duke himself ended up erased by Ayer himself. This not only shows that Ayer restrics the right to travel on the River Styx, even more so, it proves that the Death God which rarely appears isn’t some good guy.

Even I cherished this hard-to-come-by experience.

The priceless River Styx (The main reason is because extracting it is too difficult) is just in front of me. That is an important ingredient to countless top grade Alchemy Potions and right now, I am trying to scoop some of it up. After all, if I don’t take some of it back, how can I be qualified as a thrifty Lich that manages his family.

Very quickly, after scooping it up, I realised that my soul don’t have any containers to fill it with. Borrow from the Watcher of the River Styx, Ayer? What is the difference from a burglar taking too much money and borrowing a sack from a police?

“You want to take the River Styx’s water? Here.”

Looks like this ‘police’ really don’t regard the thing he is watching over as anything important. He casually throws an old and broken bottle to me, but my system evaluates the bottle as a precious treasure.

Bose’s Drinking Bottle. Ancient Unique Object. Able to fill 7 different kind of liquids within. This bottle has been blessed by Bose, so the water stored within will retain its original quality as long as it is kept within.

Bose is an Ancient Sea God but he has already long fell in the long river of time. After going through countless eons, it is to be expected that Ayer’s fortunes would be massive. Even a casual object that he gives out turns out to be an Ancient Unique Object. However, the thing that surprised me is that there is already 2 types of liquids stored within.

The First Generation Human Mountainous Tribe Royalty’s Concentrated Blood, Diamond-class Order Bloodline. If this were to be submitted to the System while forging your new body, it will provide you an additional option in choosing your body — This dull red blood has witnessed the rise and fall of countless tribes. As the first generation sons of Order along with the Ancient Angels and Ancient Demons, this blood might not have much power left in it but it contains limitless potential.

The Devil Lord’s Concentrated Blood, Diamond-class Chaos Bloodline. If this were to be submitted to the System while forging your new body, it will provide you with an additional option in choosing your body — The depravation of the entire First Generation Humans created the evil race of Devils that are able to stand toe-to-toe with the Demons. There is limitless power that is hidden in this blood. However, please take note that this power cannot be obtained without a price. The fall to depravity that comes along with the Devil’s Bloodline cannot be avoided.

“These are?”

Ayer was once the King of the Ancient Humans, so it is normal for him to have the Bloodline of the Ancient Humans. However, the Devil Lord’s Concentrated Blood is the core of a Lord-level Devil, it cannot be obtained even by killing them. The only way of obtaining it is to get them to submit it willingly at the risk of them losing great power and to make a Devil Lord lower their head like that, looks like the rumors of Ayer colluding with the Devils might just as well turn out to be true.

“You are probably going to recreate your body. Although I have no idea what kind of method are you going to recreate your body with, you would still need ingredients and you could probably use these.”

Should I be thankful that I managed to hug on the correct leg? If I had these in the past, I wouldn’t be so gleeful over having Silver Bloodline. It is Diamond Bloodline, an existence that is able to suppress the Golden Tribe, the Dragon Tribe’s Bloodline. In front of these, even Xiao Hong’s Golden Bloodline that has evolved into half a Diamond Bloodline’s Ancient Dragon Bloodline is considered as trash.

Thus, I happily accepted the bottle. Ayer shakes his head and mentions another matter.

“Right, didn’t you talk about Hades and Hell back then? Also the Ghost Guards? Do you know that there is Hell in our world as well?”

Of course I know but it is a totally different thing. The Hell I am referring to is a jail in the Underworld, used to lock up and torture the souls of the sinner. However, the Hell of Eich is the dwelling of the Devils.

“I have talked to little Tias about it. If we are really able to create Hades, then he is willing to give in Hell and even allow all of the Devils to try to become Prison Wardens.”

Little Tias? Camier Tias? The head of the current 9 Devil Lords? Making the other party give in Hell to serve as Hades? I can finally confirm that the rumor is false. Looks like it isn’t that Ayer is colluding with Devils but the Devils are serving as the subordinates of Ayer!

This leisure chat and suggestions has exposed the greatest secret of this world as well as the many risks involved. This is an assistance out of goodwill, the boasting of the partner’s own power as well as an attempt at trying to sound me out.

However, if the powerful Devils were to be able to join in this plan, the success rate would be increased significantly. Of course, the prerequisite is that their involement mustn’t be revealed. After all, their terrible reputation will make many things become complicated.

However, my greatest goal is the realisation of my plan. Since this matter is helpful to the realisation of my plan, there is no reason for me to reject it. But, even close brothers will count their debts, there are some words that must be clarified.

“Alright. However, the leader of Hades and the Supreme Judge must still be under the control of Wumianzhe. Also, what does the Devils intend to achieve form this? Just say it directly, otherwise it really makes one worried about what they might do.”

Of course, Devils are well known to be cunning. Why would they do unprofitable work?


I wouldn’t be surprised no matter what Ayer says. But, that word was incomprehensible to me. Freedom? Could it be that the powerful race of Devils are slaving under someone? This way, won’t they also be controlled by someone even if they join Hades eventually?

“It is not the freedom on the surface, but true release. You also know that once one becomes a high-tier Devils, even if he were to be killed in other dimensions, they would just be forcefully sent back to Hell with their power taking a blow. However, if they were to die in the Lower Realm, that would be true death.”

Vaguely, I guessed what Ayer is going to say.

“You mean the reincarnation?”

“Yes, in order not to join the Sacred War, my people sided with the Chaos Goddess. In the end, in every Sacred War, Devils still ended up serving as cannon fodder. Those old fellows are already sick and tired of the war and swindling they do as Devils. They hope to be released but yet, they don’t want their souls to be destroyed. The reincarnation might open to any other race and tribes but Demons and Devils don’t have to think about it. After all, they are the main army of the Sacred War.”

“How many of them? This can’t possibly be a decision supported by the entire tribe. How many of the 9 Devil Lords agreed to it?”

“Including little Tias, 4 Ancient Devil Lords that converted from Ancient Humans have expressed their approval of the plan. Of course, it is not that the others don’t agree but we didn’t tell them at all and we don’t intend to tell them either.”

Looks like it is a secret agreement? However, I like it. Your reputations are really too soiled. If we get exposed, there will be endless trouble in the future so this kind of secret agreement is the most suitable.

Afterwards, it is time to discuss the terms of the contract.

The Devil’s Contract is well-known in the world. As long as you are able to get by all of the language traps, it will be the most effective promise in the world and the Contract that is personally signed by the Devil Lord cannot be changed even by the Chaos Abyss.

Even if the Devils express sufficient sincerity and the terms are beneficial, but since you are looking for me for a partnership, I would be a little silly to not exploit food that is sent to my doorstep. Thus, after more than 3 hours of difficult negotiation and among Ayer’s praises of ‘you are even more devilish than the devils’ ‘you are even more greedy than the demons’, I finally managed to get a Contract with terms I am satisfied with.

“Lord Ayer, are you tired as well?” Looking at the desire for reincarnation that the Devil Lords expressed in the Contract, I started to form a new opinion of Ayer who is bind to the seat of the Death God.

“No, no. The world is a beautiful place and the evolution of different races are interesting. There are still things that I would like to do. This seat as a Death God may be slightly unbearable, but it is carefree so I don’t have much of an opinion of it. But, I am a King after all and I must spare a thought for the wishes of my people. If you are a King as well, you should be able to understand.”

Nodding my head, I didn’t question him further, although he aroused my curiosity of history. Ayer in front of me may seem young on the outside, but he is an immemorial monster that existed in the same era as the 2 Goddesses. Perhaps, I am able to find out many true secrets from him.

“You should have met the Goddess of Order Astrya and the Goddess of Chaos Cynthia. What kind of people are they? Why would they cause the eternal war?”

Ayer turns around to look at me. The calm look in his eyes somehow made all my goosebumps rise but I was fine with it. Anyway, the man in front could easily kill anyone, even Gods. Since there is nothing much to lose, it would really be a great pity to lose this opportunity to listen to ancient secrets.

In the end, Ayer sighs a long breath and starts speaking.

“Mother Goddess, she is a good woman. She treats all living beings as her son and daughter. However, excessive maternal love could impede the progress of the children. She hopes that all of the races could live in the way she planned out, but that was impossible. Big Sister Cynthia is the extreme opposite. She is lively and likes to look at duels and battles. She admires the relentless spirit of warriors and hope that her children can evolve independently. Can you believe that the Ancient Demons aren’t actually evil, they just like all kinds of competitive sports…”

On this small river, time isn’t a problem. Countless ancient secrets were exposed through the mouth of this old God. Despite it being an epic legend, but in through this mouth of this seemingly young old man, it sounds like the fight of the 2 unfilial and useless sons of the neighbors on the streets. Despite it being the bloody slaughter in the forceful replacing of Gods, he said it in a way as though it is a prime-time drama full of romance and vengeance. However, I was still absorbed in it.

“Un, this might turn out to be useful. I didn’t expect Demons to have such a weakness.” Yes, history is also an intelligence and intelligence is often the stepping stone to victory. I would probably only have this single opportunity so how could I not grasp onto it tightly.


As the boat approaches the shore, I heave a sigh of relief before anxiety comes hitting again.

After seeing me, Elisa seemed to have heave a sigh of relief as well.

This is a dark river in the underground world but under the prompt of the Death God, it became as part of the River Styx. After coming to shore, the flowing River Styx disappears along with Ayer himself.

“I am back.”

“Hmph, looks like you still remembered to return. Then, I won’t sell your old dwelling to pay for my wages for now.”

“Hey hey hey, don’t burn the bridge after crossing it. It is bad enough that you cut the formalities and stopped calling me as master. To think that you would sell your master’s house after he is gone, is this acceptable?”

“Do couples still need formalities? Or perhaps, you like this kind of master-servant humiliation PLAY?”
TL: PLAY is in English.


“You’re too much! Now you’re acting dumb, didn’t you just accept my confession.” Elisa in the midst of faking tears…

Remembering that darned confession, I was at a loss of what to do.

“That is counted as well? Back then…”

“Hmph, that wasn’t enough? No matter what, I am a girl. As a man, it is enough that you weren’t the one confessing, now you are even complaining about my confession being insufficient?” Elisa roars. However, as someone familiar with her, how can I be unable to see the worry beneath her incredible aura. She was worried that I would ‘regret’.

“That…” After hesitating for a moment, I feel like I really owe her too much. Thinking about the figure who refuses to back down even when the Light of Order is descending down and looking at her current look, I lost all my will to continue pursuing the matter.

“Alright, alright. Is Liu Huang Mountain City still fine?”

“Liu Huang Mountain City is fine, but the old City Lord Adam isn’t fine.” Although she said it calmly, it seems that she is still quite delighted in seeing that I didn’t object vehemently and take back my words.

While feeling sentimental that there would be a day which I get a girlfriend, I am a little curious over hearing that Adam isn’t fine.

“Un? Could it be that some problem occurred when he was blocking the Light of Order? Did something happen with the Titan Heart? I don’t think that there would be a problem with my transplant surgery. Adam’s thick flesh shouldn’t be that weak.”

“No. It is just that after Wumianzhe just Ascended to Godhood, he and Magaret announced that they were dating and were preparing for the marriage. In the end, a rumor started to arise that ‘Lord Adam has been abandoned by Lord Wumianzhe and Lord Magaret attacked in the time of his weakness’. There are even playwrights who used it as a topic and they added it into the newly published Legend of Wumianzhe. Now, it is a bestseller in Liu Huang Mountain City, especially those previous grudges and love-hate relationship, it is really heart-wrenching and exciting. I didn’t expect that we would have such an intertwined relationship back then. Right, are you and Adam really blood-related brothers? You have a fiancee with leukemia?”

“Intertwined relationship your head! Didn’t you remember your time back then when you were still Lisa? Despite being present, you still listen to these falsehood they made up. Damn it, to think that the rumors that I was together with Adam still had a continuation!! Right, didn’t you spread the rumors? You still dare to say it!”

But Elisa replies confidently.

“Of course, as your true girlfriend, I have the right to keep watch to ensure that you retain a healthy private lifestyle.”

“Alright, then as your true boyfriend, can I ask what happened to you? Why are you only an avatar right now? Also, when did you have the ability to project an avatar!”

Yes, I have long realised that the Elisa in front of me is Elisa but not Elisa. She is only a projection of her avatar and only the true Gods of the Upper Realm and the Demons and Devils of the Lower Realm can have this kind of ability!

“Hehe, looks like I can’t fool you. Right now, I am not the Half-Demon Elisa. Please call me Marquess Elisa. Congratulations, to become the girlfriend of a Marquis-level great Demon, this is really a record breaker.”

Marquess? Even if Elisa Demonifies completely, it shouldn’t be possible for her to rise through the ranks so quickly? To surpass Kakajil in an instant, how is this possible? What happened in these two months!

Just when I was shocked about it, Elisa’s avatar starts to blur. Looks like her time in maintaining the avatar is running out.

“Alright, looks like today’s projection time is up. About the matter that has happened, I have written them in a letter on the work desk in your old dwelling. You can also ask Annie.”

Suddenly, the dissipating Elisa walks forward, shifts her hair to the side, lowers her head and lightly kisses on my red lips. On the moment where our lips touch, I only felt a slightly cold sensation before she backs away.

She smiles with a bright-red face, as though as she is the happiest person on the world.

“Un, my target has been achieved. Also, you aren’t allowed to philander. Be careful of my sudden checks.”

Afterwards, the avatar projection disappears in midair. The only thing remaining is me and my shocked face together with a silver ring on my hand.


An ominous omen lingers in my head. The shout of my soul reverberates by the riverside. It can’t be that I turned single right after I just got myself a girlfriend.

Suddenly, a familiar voice rings by my side.

“I am not dead yet so stop shouting. So loud, my ears are turning numb.”

Elisa’s voice came from the ring.

In this moment, in a certain battlefield in the Lower Realm, a silver-haired Demon Marquess lies on her throne. While calmly directing the battle in front of her, she speaks to a familiar skull she holds on her hand.

In front of her, an endless army of Demons were engaged in a slaughter. It is a Demon Count who is in the midst of a coup d’etat. As a Demon Marquess who is favored by the Abyss and soared to the top suddenly, there are still many battles she has to face.

“I have said that I will not let go of those which I set my eyes upon. Regardless of whether it is the power to determine my fate or you, remember, before I return, you definitely aren’t allowed to take off the ring or philander. Otherwise, you still remember what happened that day. I can tell you honestly that your skull is now just a decoration on my coronet!”

Alright, in the face of such a cute threat, I am at a loss again. Finally, it turns into a helpless sigh.

“Sigh, System, time to finish the quest. I want to revive.”