The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Demon Slaying

The conclusion has been decided the moment ?The Infallible Diffindor? descended.

In the face of the Mist’s War Flag drifting in the sky and the loyal knights who have survived the trial of time, when the horn to advance is blown, the vast demon army isn’t worth mentioning in front of me.

I have always believed that in the face of this drifting Mist’s War Flag, no matter which Demon or Devils from the Lower Realm or Angels and Heroic Spirits from the Upper Realm, they aren’t able to withstand the charge of my army. We will be invincible.

Camisia, who is opening up the road of me, is currently back in the pinnacle of his strength and incredible muscles are hidden underneath his gigantic armor. The Nightmare Horse he is riding on is rushing forward with all its strength, leaving fiery footprints in its trail, while two 4-meter long Dragon Lance serves as his spear.

How many years has it been? As my strongest warrior, he still stands at the forefront of the army.

Regardless of whether it is a Hezrou with boundless strength or the gigantic Bebilith, in the face of Camisia who is blessed with God’s Strength, they fall down like little chicks with just a little bump by their sides. Even the extremely heavy adamantine Dragon Lance which normal people are unable to lift, he can use both of them simultaneously easily.

On other days, this extremely powerful expert who can’t be stopped when he begins his charge has a fatal flaw. That is, due to his heavy weight, it is easy for his mount to tire. However, when his Undead Mount has also stepped into the realm of Heroic Spirits, his fearless charge no longer holds any possibility of being stopped.

On his right, the young man Carlos who is dubbed as the ‘most useless Knight’ carries his shield up high, blocking arrows and magic spells for him. At this moment, he is the grindstone which ensures that the sharpness of the flying arrow.

‘The Mobile Fortress’ is the prided nickname of that young Knight. In terms of skills as a Defender, Carlos still remains the top among the Royal Knights. Even when this noble Heroic Spirit is stuffed into the body of an abhorrent Abomination Undead, this tall and strong young man still solemnly blocks the attack for him comrade using his body as a shield.

He might not be skilled in offensive martial arts or magic. But, if there is someone who looks at him in despise because he isn’t suited to offense and calls him ‘useless’, then he can prepare a coffin now. That’s because the comrades that Carlos saves will step out and use their life to protect the honor of this young Knight without any hesitation.

But, looking at how this beige-hair young man easily wards off the arrows and magic, it seems that his ability with the shield is much stronger than the past!

On the left of Camisia is old Sir Feyde. He is the Swordsmanship tutor for both me and Karwenz and the strongest Swordsman of the Royal Knight. Even more so, he is the father of the Great Sword Saint Fayde and the one who guided him on his path.
TL: Yes, both of their name have the same hanyupinyin :X

The old general’s hair has long turned completely white. Facing the Demon army, he didn’t even use the Swordsmanship that he is most proficient in. Instead, he lifts up his silver bow and shoots. Squinting his eyes, he pulls the bowstring and shoots 6 arrows at once. None of Demon Captains that he sets his eyes upon has yet to live.

Regardless of strength or prestige, he is the Knight that is most qualified to respond to my call. However…

“Respected Sir Feyde, are you still blaming yourself for not being able to complete your mission? Please don’t, it really isn’t your fault. No one would have expected that the undefeated Knight would run out of time and die of old age while carrying out the mission. Perhaps, it is my fault. If I had seen through the meaning of the 3 cups of heavy liquor you had before heading out and your forced smile while holding on tightly to the remnants of your lifespan, I wouldn’t have allowed the retired you to head to the battlefield and carry out a mission that is destined to end in failure.”

At this moment, the old General seems to to have venting his will to fight. As a lightly armored cavalry, he often charges too far ahead accidentally. But, if the Demons think that they could make use of this opportunity to get rid of him, this old Sword Saint will use his sharp sword to prove them wrong.

The female Holy Knight riding behind Camisia, Lenny, the older sister of Fanderk, is spreading the radiance of the Holy Light around the battlefield. The sacred glow of Light heals her comrades while purifying and destroying the Demons.

The war hammer-carrying ‘Human Siege’ Lucas, the one whose spears are as swift as the wind, Slance, the Great Sword Saint Fayde, the Mistress of Plague Kakana who is throwing Alchemy reagents around and last but not least, the Dragon Knight Timier… In the midst of the arousing drum beats, countless Legend Knights gather under the Mist’s War Flag. These Heroes who have underwent countless battles seem to view the battlefield as another celebratory banquet as laughed heartily while charging fearlessly.

“Mist’s War Flag? The Spirit of Mist? What is that.”

When I was young, I viewed myself as the protagonist of the world, so there is no way the Spirit of the Knight of these natives would resonate with me. Towards the me who spoke arrogant words, my father, the King, only patted my shoulders and said ‘You are a descendant of the Mist. You will understand.”

When I was 12 years old and urgently summoned back from the Headquarters of the Holy Church to lead the army, I thought that I would just be a puppet General. After all, a large portion of time was spent in the Holy Church training as a Holy Knight. Furthermore, the Holy Church had a hostile relationship with the Mist Country, so how could the 12 year old me then get everyone to submit to me?

But, regardless of whether it is the old veteran soldiers or the young and arrogant genius Knights, they all followed my commands. Even if I made some mistakes, they would secretly correct them. In the war, they continuously imparted to me what they were skilled at, all kinds of battle experience.

“As expected of a descendant of the Mist.” Every time I had outstanding results and led an army to victory, they would say so gleefully as though this was their pride as well. When I made a judgmental error due to my lack of experience, they would say “You’re still young, it is fine like that” and forgive me like how a doting grandfather would. Then, they would sacrifice their blood, sweat and even their lives to correct the mistakes that I made with any hesitation.

Those who gave in their life just for me to grow up were innumerable. Towards these people, how could I not grow up quickly.

“As expected of a descendant of the Mist.” Gradually, these words that made me uncomfortable became my greatest pride!

The Mist Country were often in a state of war with foreign tribes. Our country is in an isolated land far away from the prosperous center of the continent. We might have precious and rare mines, but they had to be exchanged for different kinds of food and resources. In a place where half of the year is a bone-breaking chilling period, it is obviously a bad place for humans to live in.

In the course of thousands of years, the soldiers and civilians gave their all to trust the descendant of the Mist Royalty to protect this barren land. The Mist Royalty used equality and sacrifice to repay their trust. For generations, the Prince of each generation served as Generals and treated dying on the field as an honor.

I finally understood what is the Spirit of the Mist. It isn’t some high and mighty teaching. It is like the mist of a valley, intangible but definitely existent. It is like the fortress among the raging wind on the Battle Flags, the final defense when pushed to a corner!

“You are a descendant of the Mist. You will understand.”

Haa, indeed. Father, I finally understood. I didn’t expect to understand it that quickly.

In this instant, we were still in the battlefield where ice and fire intertwines all around. The Mist’s War Flag still flies up high. Our battle has yet to end.

“I am the descendant of the Mist. I am a pitiful person who couldn’t even protect his own country and citizens. I admit that we are just lonely souls who miss the mortal world, that we are defeated soldiers. But…”

“We are dead but we aren’t willing to die like that! We are defeated soldiers but we are unwilling to put down the past! There are still too much unjust and tragedy in this world! How can we shut out eyes and sleep peacefully. Our remains has yet to rot and our arms are still capable to lifting weapons. We want to ride on our mount and charge, launching a crusade against the ambitious who creates war and chaos!

The cheers of the Knights are their lingering will which allowed them to become Undeads and the faith that allowed them to become Heroic Spirits.

Under the Mist’s War Flag, I point my Roland Sword towards the direction of advance and the Knights used their faith and courage to repay my trust.


As a loyal cannon fodder, under the commands of their master, the bloodthirsty Beastman army blocks our path. However, just like how a mantis is unable to block a carriage, they were crushed under our advance.

In the chaos, isn’t the one who old Sir Feyde beheads with one hit the Beastman Sovereign who never regrets? He didn’t even stop us for a single second.

Maybe, dying meaninglessly is a suitable punishment for an ambitious and ruthless person who steps on other people’s life to fulfill his own desires like him.

When the gigantic Ancient Hell Dragon is forcefully dispatched by her master to block us, that familiar gigantic Dragon already had a destined enemy waiting for her.

“Molly, you are really a big disgrace!”

Before she could even swipe down to assist, Ein Mezus, who suddenly descends down, tackles her, causing her to continuously roll in the air.

Yes, the previous Chaos Demon Dragon from before is the Dragon Empress Molly. Due to the unexpected battle that occurred, she, who was supposed to serve as a tribute, survived. Afterwards, facing the Demon Count, she gave up her pride and chose to convert into a Demon Dragon – Hell Dragon.
TL: The Chaos just means that she is a Demon Dragon sided towards the Chaos Abyss.

The two Ancient Giant Dragon tears each other apart while howling furiously. Despite the fact that the Hell Dragon should be much stronger in a physical battle than the Giant Dragons on the surface, but the one who had advantage in all aspects was the smaller and younger Ein Mezus.

“Where did the dignity of the Dragon Tribe that you often said go to? Did you swallow it down? I can’t stand looking at such an ugly appearance! Die!”

The furious Ein Mezus discards the final inch of kindness of hope in her heart and for the first time, attacks Molly with the intent to kill.

Ein Mezus, the master of two elements, showcases her deep understanding of magic. There is no need for incantation or hand gestures, just the breathing of the Dragon Tribe, whose bloodline is full of mana, is magic itself. Just by flapping her wings and staring at Molly, Wind and Fire were created continuously.

The Wind gives a boost to her while interfering with Molly’s flight. On the other hand, the Fire is more flexible. Sometimes, it changes into smoke to block the Molly’s vision. Other times, it explodes in front of Molly, breaking her scales. Furthermore, every single attack of Ein Mezus is infused with the power of Elements.

As the fight went on, Molly’s heart chilled as she realised that she had no hopes for victory. Thus, her fickleness acts up again and without regards for the severe wounds she just incurred, she abandons the boss she just chose to serve under and escapes into the horizon.

The rapid loss of the two original Underground Autarch seems to start a domino effect and the Demon army falls back continuously under the assault of the army of Heroic Spirits. Not too far away, the battle between the 100-meter fall giant Demon and Adam could be seen. The light of victory is within sight.

As long as the Demon Commander who summoned the Demons is killed, those low-tier Demons would naturally be driven back to the Abyss.

Even the bloodthirsty and frenzied Demons treasure their lives. In the face of the unstoppable charge, they have started to scatter.

But, before we even arrive, a large silhouette couldn’t hold in its anger any longer.

That large black silhouette leaps up and despite being a 60~70-meter tall gigantic beasts which should have slow reactions, but it seems to be as agile as a leopard. It bypasses the few Balor Demons who serves as bodyguards and crashes violently into the giant Demon Count.

That is the Captain of the Red Hunting Hounds, Demonic Spatial Hellhound Bastian!

The gigantic Demon Lord falls to the ground with his Demon Halberd supporting his body. His upper body is similar to a goat while his lower body is like an incomparably bid lizard. Bastian uses his 3 heads and directly tears apart one of his limb!


The gigantic Three-Headed Hellhound Bastian, in the formation of our Knight Order, the job of this Captain was never a Knight. Instead, it is a Giant War Beast and a Siege Machine!

It normally serves as the vanguard to tear apart the enemy’s formation. This huge black war beast would jump into the enemy’s formation and cause a fatal chaos within. That gap would then be torn apart to become a fatal blow that couldn’t be fixed.

The reason why I use ‘huge’ to describe his body and not fixed numbers is because his size is never fixed.

The center head of Bastian is the incarnation of Wrath. He doesn’t have any name or rationality, but he is responsible for using his fangs and claws to rip apart the enemy. When his rage reaches a point, he will grow bigger because of his anger. For a Giant War Beast, a large mass means greater strength than cannot be countered.

Just like how there is no limit to rage, as long as Bastian turns back into his original form on the battlefield, as the battle proceeds on, his wrath and size is limitless. We once encountered a difficult battle for 2 days and 2 nights. There was an Ancient Gold Dragon that suppressed our army but in the end, it was crushed to death by a single leg of Bastian! Not to mention, the number of city walls and city gates he crushed under his feet.

The reason why he usually splits into 2 different body and keeps his main consciousness in that pitiful Skeleton Dog is to suppress his endless wrath.

But, if he only has this much, he wouldn’t be worthy of being called the Head of the Four Heavenly Kings, the strongest General that I trust the most.

The head of the savage beast in the middle who moves instinctively only listens to the order of the other two heads. The left head is Ah Bao (his sub-consciousness). His soothing voice brings about the order of death. The right head is Bastian’s main consciousness. Having a vantage point of the entire field, he often roar orders to command the movement of the entire army.

It is said that the Three-Headed Hellhound is the gatekeeper of Hell and for Wrath, I only designed one ability for it — Soul World Gates of Hell.

When the Three-Headed Hellhound howls together, the vague image of the gates of hell will appear behind them. When Ah Bao opens the left door, the Undead allies who just died in a distance not too far away who has his soul intact would be revived. When Bastian opens the right door, the Air of Death would rush out, causing all surrounding life to wither away.

Of course, resurrection cannot be without a price. For every 10 taken away by the right door, only one can come back from the left. When both doors are opened together, there will be endless destruction.

In this instant, Bastian has already rushed into the midst of the Demon army. In an instant, Adam who was using his Inferno Wings to deal with Kakajil became part of the audience. When Bastian and Kakajil was pitting together physically while tearing each other apart with their fangs, the doors of death has been long opened.

Perhaps, as the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Bastian’s individual fighting prowess may not be on par to Ah Dang of Gluttony. But, in a team battle, Bastian who can revive, command and serves as a war machine still serves as my strongest General.

“Don’t duel if you can lynch. I have said that before. This is one of the basic strategies of war — Gathering soldiers to get in the upper hand to destroy the enemy’s isolated and weaker soldiers.”

At this moment, when Kakajil’s arm that was holding the Demon Halberd and his throat was bitten firmly by Bastian, the God Sword of the man in the sky strikes relentlessly on the vitals of the Demon Lord. The isolated Demon Noble who can no longer move fate is sealed. He can only serve as the punchbag of the charging army.

In the face of the absolute army formed by 24602 Heroic Spirits, no matter how strong he is individually, the only possible ending for him is to get crushed.

However, in the face of a critical situation, the infuriated Demon activates the talent that he can only use once a day.

“Soul Extraction Curse!”

That is a powerful curse created by combining the ability of the Demon Lord and his SemiGod Equipment ?Kakajil’s Soul-Burning Lantern?. The target of this curse would have their soul forcefully extracted and for a soul that has left the body, there is no way it is able to withstand the attraction of the Soul-Burning Lantern.

However, it chose the wrong target.

The gigantic finger points towards me. The black tattoos of the curse spreads rapidly across his body in the shape of a spider’s web. The next second, it went still.

Indeed, if the summoner of the Soul World dies, the Soul World would disappear along with him. The Royal Knights will turn back into their original forms as Undead Knights, becoming significantly weaker. Thus, using his strongest talent, his curse, to kill me instantly is a correct strategic move.

But, even though I look like a living being, I am still dead. Let’s first not discuss how can a soul be extracted from the body of a dead person, even the River Styx which has the greatest ability to attract and eat into souls cannot do anything to my soul, so what can a SemiGod Equipment do?


Seeing the master they serve being attacked, the Knights were enraged. Even without my orders, they won’t stop their charge.

After a large AOE Holy Light buff, the silver arrows carrying with it the nemesis of the Demons, Holy Light, with it turns into a rain of arrows that fills the entire skyline.

The tip of the arrow is filled with the bane of Demons, Power of Holy Light. Just like how corrosive poison works on living beings, the areas hit by the Holy Light causes the wound to widen. The area around the impact immediately bloats up and explodes. Perhaps, it might not be really effective against the massive Demon Count, but it is definitely excruciating.

“AHHHHHH! DARNED WORMS!!” Enraged, he smacks away the equally big Bastian. With his remaining hand, he summons a destructive Forbidden Spell.

But my Knights won’t simply sit back and allow him to do as he please.

As the Heroic Spirit Mages start to show their might, innumerable Magic Restrictions forcefully caused the casting of the Forbidden Spell Meteor Rain to fail again and again. In the end, only a small flame in his palm remains.

That is the helplessness of a Great Mage without cannon fodders to shield him. Facing an entire army of Mage’s Magic Restriction, the fact that he is able to summon a small flame means that his basics are very solid.

After Camisia, leading the charge, cuts out a terrifying hole of flesh and blood on the tower-like gigantic legs, the other Knights follow suit like carnivorous ants, inflicting severe wounds on the body of the Demon Count.

Adam made use of this opportunity to stab the Blessing of the Phoenix into Kakajil’s eyes, destroying an eye of his among screams of agony. When Bastian expands once again and crushes Kakajil to the ground, everyone knows that it is the end of the powerful Demon Count.

Kakajil is strong, extremely strong. But, war isn’t a duel. Even if he is strong individually, but there is a limit to what he can do alone.

He rolls around on the ground in pain, using his Demon Halberd to shake off the ‘little worms’ on his body. But, this was no different from suicide. The corrosive blood of the Demon flows out continuously and due to excessive corrosion, the land he is on starts to turn into scorched land.

Very quickly, when his neck was severed, the Demon Count Kakajil finally falls. His massive body gradually turns into ashes.

This time, he used his true body to descend. Even if he is able to revive, he would have to start afresh from the lowest-tier Demon. Following the fall of the summoner, the Demons disappear one by one as they are banished back to their own Dimension.

This time, they didn’t get to claim much soul. After the depletion from the journey here and back, the losses they incurred would take centuries to gain back.


When the horn symbolising victory is blown, not only on the battlefield, even Liu Huang Mountain City, which is not that far away, is hit by a wave of joy. Regardless of whether they knew each other before, the citizens hugged each other in relief, celebrating their survival in this calamity!

But, this is only the start of my trouble.


The crimson-red God Sword and silver Sacred Sword clashes together violently. Despite the fact that their master was assaulted, the Heroic Spirits only had the intention to look at the commotion. In fact, a few of them even started accepting bets. All that is lacking is some stools and sunflower seeds to enjoy the battle.

Adam’s stupid face is right in front of me and the words that he squeezes out from his gritted teeth were filled with deep resentment.

“Roland, no, Big Brother Rolo, maybe it is about time for us to settle our old scores!”


PS. Since someone asked and the plot is here already, so I will explain for a bit. For all 3 of his lives, he started out as a Holy Knight, just that he got into other fields later on. After all, going with something that he was experienced with saves him a lot of effort.

The first time he died was at 14 years old. His second life would be mentioned later on in the series and his 3rd life is the one with his identity as an Adventurer named Rolo.

TL: This old Sword Saint will use his sharp sword to prove them wrong -> Exact phrase is the spicy ginger are the old ones, which, in this context, means something like the strong ones are still the old ones.

Btw, I really can’t stand the word Mist :X Somehow the feeling feels totally different from in Chinese. It is a bit like trying to convert the Han of the Han Dynasty into English. But, Lan Country looks visually ugly.

I realised how little English words there are for angry compared to Chinese today. Also, I will confess that I am getting lazier in typing properly as I anticipate the arrival of my editor.

Somehow, there is 2 different chapters for Chapter 62. The 2 chapters are quite similar in the story flow. The one that I am translating is the newer one but the older one has some details which the newer one doesn’t have. I probably won’t translate it so I will just put the summary here.

It starts out with him saying that Roland worships the Holy Light, just the Holy Light itself and not the God. After all, other than the fanatics who have a screw loose in their head, no one would worship a system that controls the god power that doesn’t have any sense of self. Even so, he is the one closest to the Origin of Holy Light. While viewing it as a tool, he studies and analyses it, which is the main reason how he was able to create the similar Power of Law.

The core of Holy Light is ‘Purification’. It is a power that mends the world, destroying everything that doesn’t belong to this world and returning the distorted Rules back its original state. It is what the Origin of Order expects of the world.

Its healing abilities is just the reparation of life. It is useless towards those who are reaching the limit of their lifespan, because life, sickness and death are a natural part of life.

However, to the Demons who can distort Rules and Undead, whose existence is a distortion of Rules, the reparation of the distortion is equivalent to destroying them.

So, the Holy Light is the nemesis of Demons and Undeads.

Thus, no matter how good it sounds, Holy Light can never rid the world of war. The Judge must be a neutral party. How can the conflict be resolved if one party wants to destroy the other. Wiping away the other party to end the war is a joke (As long as the River Styx continues to flow, Demons will be created endlessly). That is the main reason why I gave up on the Holy Light and created the Power of Law.

Starting out as a Holy Knight for 3 of my lives, I have absolute confidence in my control of Holy Light.

-Then, he buffs his sword and says that if his Soul Imprint Son of Light is still intact, even the Pope would have to bow to how pure his Holy Light was-

-He fights with Adam against Kakajil when joking about-

-Molly swoops down to help him but was driven away by Ein Mezus, who was using a weapon (talon)-

-Magaret summons her Star Spirits to fight with the Demons-

-Molly appears once again and throws Shou into the battle of Adam and Roland against Kakajil, exacting vengeance on the person who used her as a tribute-

-Shou gets destroyed by a three-pronged attack of them 3-

-Molly escapes once again after being scared off by Ein Mezus-

-Using Adam as a distraction, Roland looks for a weak spot in Kakajil’s armor and penetrates it, then cutting his veins etc from within-

-Kakajil is in pain. He destroys his lantern and commands the spirits inside to hunt down Roland who is wrecking havoc in his body-

-Roland uses Holy Light to purify these spirits-

-Kakajil falls-

-Adam and Roland starts fighting (This time it feels more like clashing on friendly terms)-