The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Charge With Me


What are the Demons? No matter what race it is, the first reaction they would have towards this question is abhorrence, extreme abhorrence.


It isn’t to directly say that no living being would like Demons, including themselves. They mostly feel resentment and hatred to their own brethren as well.


Chaotic, violent, malevolent, destructive, greedy and untrustworthy. Other than scheming, it seems that almost all of the negative adjectives could be attached to them. The only reason why no one would blame the Demons for being scheming is because this kind of Chaos life form often do not have the interest or the time to spare for interaction. If it is a problem that can be solved with violence, then it will never be solved verbally. Thus, needless to say, they wouldn’t go out to use their head to scheme against others.


The equally evil Devils, despite their bad reputation, but they are much more welcome than Demons. The main reason would be because they like to sign contracts and exchange with others. They are rational and can be reasoned with. Even if there are terms written that shirks them from responsibility and hidden terms within such that there would definitely be fraud and hidden methods within the exchange, but Devils are known to be trustworthy. In a way, they are much better than the Demons who simply destroy everything.


Demons are the 1st generation that is created by the Goddess of Chaos Cynthia. There were the ones who tempted the 1st generation of humans to fall into depravity to become Devils. They were also the one who created the Undead Calamity so going by logic, they should be the original inhabitants of this multi-dimensional world, the core of the Chaos Faction. (In this novel, Devils belong to be Chaos Faction and they follow the Goddess of Chaos. However, as they used to be from the Order Factions, their way of doing things are more sided towards the Order)


In reality, the Demons are the archenemies of the Devils, the common foe of the Undeads and the infighting between them is savage. Despite all of the races hating them, they are still able to control most of the dimensions in the Lower Realm and do as they please in each realm.


The reason for that is that they are strong enough and that there is enough of them around.


As long as the River Styx continues to flow, the souls of the dead flowing within will continuously convert into the lowly Dretch. This way, there would be endless backup for the Demons. The dimensions where the Demons live are always fraught with internal battle and after a cruel infighting and devouring, a new powerhouse would be created. If a Demon and Devil of equal rank were to fight, there is a 90% chance that it would be the Demon who lives.


Every time a hole leading to the Demon’s Dimension opens in the Main Dimension, it would cause a huge trouble even if it is just a small group of Demons entering.


After leaving the Lower Realms, they would gradually grow weaker. But, before the grow weak until the point they die and return to the Lower Realms, they will bring countless souls away with them and souls are forever the most valuable currency in the Lower Realm.


This time, we are really in for it deep. On other days, the Demon worshipers only dare to secretly sacrifice a few people, even sacrificing a thousand people is a shocking big amount. This time, tens of thousands of veteran soldiers and over a thousand Legend experts been sacrificed has indubitably created a new record. A tribute of a level that was never seen before allowed the Demon Count to descend with his true body. This is a catastrophe that was never seen in history.


Demon Count, it may seem that his position as a noble isn’t high and there are quite a few of them in the Abyss as well. But, he is already an existence of a division leader of the Demon army. If he were to progress another step upwards, it would be the Demon Duke. They are often the leaders of some dimensions and they are able to fight equally with true Gods. (The Marquis and Grand Duke are just noble titles within the Demons. The Demon Marquis are stronger than most Counts and the title is used for those who don’t have their own dimension and thus, aren’t able to rise up to the position of a Duke. Thus, that title is used for the stronger Demon Counts. As for Demon Grand Duke, they are existences that can scoff at normal Duke-level Demons.)


Vance City is already in a mess. The news that a noble among the Demons has descended has already spread around somehow and even Lorci couldn’t spare the effort to bother about her own daughter getting killed. After being banished by the other Elf Gods, the underground world serves as her only territory and her source of Faith. If it were to be turned into a wreck by the Demons, she would have go to into hibernation or even descend.


Of course, it would be more embarrassing if she sent an incarnation down and got beaten up on the streets. She is probably discussing the decision to send out troops together with the other Gods of the underground world.


But, when the true Gods really move out to settle the problem, the entire underground world would probably be partially wrecked.


Dimension Summoning and Dimension Movement are the expertise of the Demons. Making use of the Spatial Distortion and the Demon Altar, the gate to the Abyss is pulled open.


Responding to the summoning of their leader, Kakajil’s direct army rushes frenziedly into the Main Dimension. Dretch, Quasit, Succubus, Bebilth, Retriever, VrockGlabrezu, many different kind Demons who could be classified and the many Demons who can’t be classified come rushing into the Main Dimension until the Dimension Gate can no longer handle the pressure and kacha, it breaks into fragments.
TL: Too much DND reference, copied from here for the names.


The entire battlefield is filled with black Demons who looks at the faraway Vance City. The desire for fresh blood and souls of the lower-tier Demons were suppressed by their master. Suppressing their own instincts, each and every of them goes through another permanent Spatial Distortion — Liu Huang Mountain City.


The vast and mighty Demon army advances and the Rules of this dimension are eroded by the group of them standing together. Wherever they past, plants naturally wither and die. The ground turns red and barren and very soon, new bizarre plants start growing out. They are likely to be carnivorous plants with great offensive power.


The existence of the Demons created by the Chaos Faction by itself is sufficient to destroy the Rules of the dimension. Right now, half of an army of the Demons have descended to the mortal realm, coupled with the true body of a Demon Count, if they aren’t driven off quickly, the Rules of this dimension might be totally twisted, possibly turning here into another Lower Realm.


A low-tier Hellhound’s body is crimson-red and it looks even more ugly than the ugliest wolf. They serve as the dogs and the hunting pack simultaneously. Without even waiting for the arrival of the main army, they started their assault. After clearing away all of the different tribes in the way, they captured an unlucky family of Terrorclaw Beasts and just as they were about to earn some credit from the master, they realised that there was one person blocking in front of the entire army.


Yes, just one person. A figure wearing a light blue robe, she still carries the same green vine wand in her hands and she looks quietly in the ancient books in her hands. Even when the hellhounds come rushing forward, she didn’t even raise her head.




The low-tier Hellhounds were frozen in midair and turned into an ice sculpture. Then, the sculpture breaks into fragments of ice and falls onto the floor.


At this while, Magaret’s attention remains on the book.


Only when the great army closes in does she raises her head and lightly taps her wand on the Saint Stone floating beside her.


“Ice Aeon.”


The long-prepared Forbidden Spell explodes instantly. The Ice Elves carol in midair and the entire underground world turns into a scenery of white snow. Endless frost and hailstorm rushes towards the Demon army.




After the hailstorm, the entire world turns into ice. The number of frozen Demons are uncountable, but Magaret frowns. After all, she was only copying other people’s magic. Without the augmentation of her Soul Imprint and talents, what she is unleashing is only the basic might of the spell, making it much inferior to the original version.


If it was the Ice Aeon used by Lord Yongye, even the Demon Count would be destroyed, being blasted head on like this. However, if Magaret was the one casting it…


“Kill her!”


Among the white snow, a hundred-meter tall figure stands up. Its body is full of blazing flames and it begins charging while roaring.


“As I expected, a large of portion of the might was blocked by this Demon Lord huh?”


Shaking her head, Magaret doesn’t lose heart. She waves her wand and the other Saint Stone shines a bluish-purple light of the essence of space. The next instant, she was transported to another location a few miles away.


“Foolish bumpkin from the Main Dimension, to dare to make a fool out of the great Kakajil! I will pull you apart and feed you to the dogs. Then, I will roast your soul on fire for ten thousand years!”


However, Magaret who has escaped far away would not hear this vicious curse.


The large portion of the might of the Forbidden Spell was blocked by the Demon Count. Other than the Fire-element low-tier Demons who died instantly from taking double damage from Ice Magic, the losses of the army weren’t great. However, after walking a few miles, the exact same event happened again.


“Integrated Forbidden Spell: The Harmony of Fire and Wind!”


It is an original Forbidden Spell by Ein Mezus that combines both fire and wind. A fire tornado hundred of meters high is created and it even pulled the powerful Kakajil far from the surface. However, the result of this attack is even worse. This magic uses wind to complement the flames and it mainly depends on the flames to destroy the enemy. However, as Demons have strong natural resistance against flames and Magaret, once again, can only deal the basic damage, the Demons who died don’t even number in thousands. Rather, the ‘weak’ Beastman fodders who was caught in the flames and died instantly numbers over ten thousand.


Afterward, looking at the female Saint who disappears in a Dimension Gate once again, the furious Kakajil could only grab a few Beastmen and chew on them to vent him anger.


However, what was bizarre is that the other Beastmen didn’t resist when looking at their brethren getting devoured. In fact, none of them even discussed about it.


Furthermore, their looks seem to be abnormal now. Their originally big bodies have grown a notch bigger and countless blood veins appeared in those blood-red eyes of theirs as they stare at the land in front of them blankly. No matter which Beastman Tribe one originally belongs to, an unhealthy blood-red color starts to grow on their skin and on the bodies of the large portion of the experts, there were a symbol exclusive to the Demons.


“Demon Blood.”


Yes, just like I originally overheard, as a final ace of Shou, Demon’s Blood has been long mixed into the drinking water this morning. The moment it activates, Shou would not be able to retreat anymore.


In this instant, the Demon Blood which was granted by the Demon Lord personally has been activated, granting these Beastman elites the ability to maximise the potential of their physical body. While becoming numb to pain and having their fighting prowess increase exponentially, they also became a puppet of the Demons.


As for Shou himself, he is the number 1 cannon fodder who rushes in a daze. Right now, half of his body was frozen and the other half burnt. To be able to survive a Forbidden Spell, one can only say that he is really resilient.


In the top of the mountains far away, Magaret looks at the darkened Saint Stones and roughly calcuates. She is slightly surprised.


“Escaping through a Dimension Gate after dumping a Forbidden Spell, the classical kiting technique of a Mage. I didn’t expect that messy strategy of that fellow would be effective. But, it is a pity that I don’t have anymore copied Forbidden Spell. Using a normal large AOE spell would probably not be effective at all. No, at least I was able to stall for some time. They should be arriving soon.”


Before disappearing once again in the Dimension Gate, killing intent appears in the tranquil eyes of the Great Saint. That is the anger when something that one treasures is being threatened. From this position, the figure of Liu Huang Mountain City could be seen. If the Demon army were to be allowed to enter Liu Huang Mountain City…


“Definitely not! I definitely will not allow it!”


But, things never go along with one’s wish. After the Demon army and Kakajil were prepared, this kind of kiting strategy was no longer effective, especially when the Saint has finished the magic which she copied and stored, her own offensive magic require a long time to cast and its destructive power is lacking.


In fact, after the somehow familiar Chaos Demon Dragon warned her, there were 2 times Magaret almost got Dimension Anchored. If her reaction was slightly slower then, the only outcome awaiting her is getting surrounded and killed.


Finally, realising that she is no longer able to stall them and she was just wasting mana, she grinds her teeth as she looks at the Demon army and teleports to the city wall.


But, what surprised her is that the city wall were full of people.


Liu Huang Mountain City doesn’t have any army. After half of the Town Security which could be reluctantly called an army were taken away by Wumianzhe, the remaining half are all here.


However, what that surprised her the most were the ‘civilians’.


Engineers of all races were doing their best to put cannons and catapults together. The Wild Bull Alliance Druids, on a rare occasion, were wearing their leather armor and carried their wooden wands. The Nanxiang students carried their wooden swords as they walked up to the city walls. However, the Priests of the Holy Church were giving their own equipment to the young people to equip.


At least they can still fight. Those aunties and uncles who were equipped with a pot on their head and wielding choppers as weapons made one at a loss of whether to laugh or cry.


“This…” Looking at the people who were busy preparing for war, Magaret felt a little touched yet speechless at the same time.


“Who asked you all to come, ridi…”


“They volunteered.” I stopped Magaret’s words. By one side, Xiao Hong was so tired that she was lying on the floor with her tongue out. On the other hand, Adam was sitting on a cannon on the city wall while squinting into the distance. He may look leisurely but I know that all of his attention were fixed onto that tall Demon Lord.


Initially, Adam and the rest intended to halt the Demon army halfway, but looking at the endless Demon army and the incredibly powerful Demon Lord, I suggested waiting for them to come knocking in Liu Huang Mountain City. After all, my final trump card is hidden here.


“Yes, everyone did it voluntarily. Everyone just wanted to use their own hands to protect their own homeland!” Looking at this busy sight, Annie’s fighting will has reached the peak and the crimson-red inferno on her God Sword burns intensely. Looking the will of the people uniting as one, she has vaguely felt the boundaries of her own road as a Legend.


“This feels not bad.”


There are many capable people in Liu Huang Mountain City. When the news of the invasion of the ill-reputed Demon army spreads, the civilians of this city which lacks an army didn’t all flee as expected. Instead, those who are stronger equips their full battle gear and walks up to the city wall while the other weaker civilians organised themselves to settle the logistics. Everyone worked hard within their own capabilities under the same flag, using their own hands to protect their own homeland.


Somehow, I seem to see past the veil of time and peer into the distant future. Every city in the future would be like this, without any army to invade others. Under the radiance of the law, civilians would distant themselves from crimes and live their hardest to enjoy the pleasures of live.


When equality finally triumphs, the concept of kindness and evil won’t be something plastered on an entire race. Wars will only appear in musicals and myths. The youngsters would leisurely criticise the war heroes of the past and lament the peace has buried their talents, that they are too unlucky…


“Hehe, looks like the last 100 years weren’t in vain. Suddenly, I feel motivated again. Looks like, I won’t have trouble living another 100 years.” I look at the figures busying themselves on the city walls and I laughed, joy radiating deep from my heart.


At the same time, Magaret was still trying to persuade those ordinary civilians to distance themselves from the city walls. But, looking from the civilians who come crowding in from both sides, this attempt is bound to end in failure.


As the Demons close in on us, my laugh grows louder.


“Looks like those fellows intend to defeat us by outnumbering us. What do you think?”


“Hehe, to compete with an Undead Emperor in a battle of armies? Lord, please allow us to teach those immature Demon lads what a true military is like and what a true fearless charge is.”


That is a tall and headless Knight. The polo stick in his hand is just as striking as his bald head in the other. At this instant, he is staring cross-eyed at the Nightmare Horses, he has been wanting to change his mount for a long time.


“That’s right, I have been spinning the roulette for so much recently that my bones are aching. Finally, there is an opportunity for me to draw my sword. Waa, there is even a Eight-hand Snake officer, leave him to me. I will kill whoever who snatches him from me!” This is a Eighteen-hand Skeleton General. Right now, he is busy changing the poles with plates spinning on top on his hands with sharp swords.


“I am finally rid myself of that colorful ball. My lord, please allow me to set off. I am a general under your command, not your pet dog!!”


The one who said those piteous words was a small Skeleton Dog whose limbs were fitted randomly. Looking at him covering his nose to look piteous, no one would expect that he is actually the fearsome head of the Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath.


Looking around me, the high-tier Undeads were looking piteously at me. On their backs were a blue war flag. The picture of a castle within the hurricane is obviously one from a few centuries ago, making one feel nostalgic.


“You all even took out Mist’s War Flags, so why are you still making a show of asking me?”


Wuuuuu! This is great, my bones are almost rusty!”


“Long live Your Highness!!”


Yes, Your Highness and not Emperor. The reason why they used this honorary term to call me was never because I am Emperor Yongye but I was the final prince of the previous Mist Country which was destroyed. They are the few remaining soldiers of the kingdom, those who aren’t willing to pass on like this. Fools who are willing to walk to the end of time with me.


“My general, is our army prepared and ready to move off?”


“Of course, Your Highness. Your army, no matter is it 376 years ago, or 250 years ago, or 130 years ago, when have we let you down?! The remaining 24602 of the fallen Red Hunting Hounds have been sharpening their edges and grinding their teeth, awaiting the day for their deployment. We already can’t wait for the moment we return to the battlefield.”


He is still the same pet dog who died with regrets, he gave the exact same answer that he gave me 2 months ago at the Undead Theme Park. But, this time, the feeling it gave was totally different.


Looking from the blazing Soulfire in the eyes of the Undead, it seems that no matter how much failures we meet with, they are still determined to follow me until the end of the world.


I took a deep breath as the Roland Sword by my waist is starts to heat up. It can’t be that the blood of Undeads could boil as well? Fortunately, Undeads can’t cry otherwise, it would really be shameful of me.


This moment, my old horse, Yongye, walks to me with his sides facing me as he looks at me expectantly, as though anticipating the moment I ride on him again.


Yes, their determination has never changed. Then, what am I waiting for? What am I hesitating for? What am I considering for? What am I fearing?


“Yes, my Knights. You all have never let me down. Strike the war drums, blow the horn, rise Mist’s War Flags up high! My Knights, charge with me!”

Noble Rankings:
Grand Duke
Count/ Earl
But anyway, for now, only the position of the Count, Marquis, Duke and Grand Duke are here so it isn’t sure whether the rest of the titles would be used.

Sometimes I really hate this novel, so many names that I find it hard to translate. Truthfully, when I was reading through it, I just read through the names and ignore them :X

So, I’ve decided, for those that are easy to translate (or if I am able to google them and get a result easily), I’ll translate it but for those which I seriously cannot find and the names doesn’t make a huge impact on the story, I will just roughly translate (as long as the idea is there)

Demon Lord -> In this case, the lord means more of land lord rather than a title.