The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Capture


Looking at the Elf in front of me, I understood what was happening in an instant. Why did Spider Queen Lorci’s High Priestess suddenly die of an accident and why Harloys, despite already being in Vance, didn’t appear.


Looks like she has set her eyes on Kajah’s physical body from the very start. There is also a 99% chance that Kajah’s supposed accidental death was caused by her.


“Aiyo, not even greeting your teacher when meeting her?”


Yes, the person in front of me, in a certain sense, is my teacher in Necromancy and Ice Magic. Of course, she had a motive in imparting her teachings to me.


The Senators are actually the warlords of the Xiluo Empire. Gria of the Royalty Faction might have taken the 4th place, but no one believes that there is only a step away between the 3rd Senator and the 4th Senator.


The 2nd Senator Feyman is a rather ancient King of Lich. There are innumerable Liches under him and the Council of Dark Nights that were formed by the Liches under his control is the leading faction of the Xiluo Empire. In ‘history’, he led the Undead Lich Alliance to open the gates to the Dimensions of Death, causing an Undead Calamity that swept the entire continent.


The 1st Senator, Ancient Bone Dragon Gricasio was once a mount for the God of Holy Light and his most trusted subordinate. Now, his individual strength cannot be calculated because he is too lazy to move and that there is no one that is able to pressure him to move. However, from the fact that Feyman chose to obediently remain as number 2, he is definitely an existence above the other Senators.


The 3rd Senator’s circumstances is unique. There is indeed a group of Banshees under her, giving her the title of the Queen of Banshees. But, she doesn’t really interfere in their affairs and she isn’t interested in authority either. Her only goal is vengeance.


Yes, vengeance, just like me.


As it is too far back, other than the academics who specialise in the history of Ancient Elves, there’s probably no one who is sure how the Ancient Elf Kingdom which dominated the continent was destroyed. However, looking from how the Elf Gods were destroyed and the Order Gods rose in power, there is probably a lot to do with the Order Gods.


Back then, the me who was wholeheartedly aiming to exact vengeance on the Church of Holy Light got along well with her instantly. Not only did she impart me vast knowledge on magic, she is also one of the founders for the Yongye Alliance Army. At least, without a veteran like her linking the bridges, the me who ‘just came out’ probably won’t be able to gather so many thousand year old monsters, and I probably won’t be able to keep them in check either.


Back then, the first 3 Senators were only in a partnership with me (There are other 4 unlucky fellows too who died in the infighting) and if it wasn’t for the system which allowed me to break through to become the only SemiGod Undead Emperor in recent times, I would probably just be a puppet Emperor.


High-tier Undeads are a stubborn life-form which is driven by their lingering will. My will is to change fate while Harloys only wish is revenge against the Order Gods.


Hundred years ago, she almost succeeded in her aim. If all of the living were to die and an Empire of Undead were to be established, the cycle of reincarnation of Eich continent would be broken and that would be the best revenge against the Order Gods. Perhaps, there may be even a few Guardian Gods who will fall because of this. Back then, she was nagging beside me on how to destroy the churches of the Gods, how to sully the reputation of the Holy Light Church, how to convert the living into Undeads and how to make true Gods lose their faith…


Fine, I learnt from Death God Ayer afterwards that if I really proceeded on with it, the Gods will risk everything to descend to the mortal world to destroy me. There is a 100% possibility then for my physical body to be reduced to ashes and my soul destroyed completely.


Perhaps, the one who took the destruction of the Yongye Army the worst is her. After all, this is the first time she came so close to success in thousands of years.


I don’t think that she is able to change. If she changed, she would have long ascended to the heavens and be reincarnated.


I don’t think that the little tricks I played would be able to fool her. This time, since she came to find me, there are only 2 possibilities. One is to settle the scores with me while the other is to force me to continue our rebellion… Based on my understanding of her, there is a 90% possibility that she would make use of the difference in our strength to beat me to the brink of death. Then, she will take control of me and make use of my name to reorganise the entire Xiluo Empire.


And I would be unable to accept both of this scenarios.


Thus, my first reaction upon seeing her isn’t drinking tea and chatting like when old friends meet once again but instead…


“Adam, come out to beat this one, this one is a little tough!!”


Fine, I really shouted it out loud.


I have never been so glad. Yesterday, finding the opponents too strong and that our fighting prowess wasn’t sufficient, I called for support form Liu Huang Mountain City, asking Adam to sneak in to serve as my hidden ace. I am even more glad that he only arrived this morning, making it impossible for the news to leak.


Listening to my call, the smiling Harloys suddenly stuns. Then, she disappears all of the sudden. A black metal longsword drives into the space where she was at earlier. If she was just slower by a split second, she would have ended up stabbed.


The secret weapon Adam takes off his mantle. Facing the escaping Queen of Banshees, his playfulness on his face is replaced with his rare serious look. After closing his eyes for a few second, he suddenly points his sword downwards and taps lightly on the floor.




The entire space seems to become like a spider web-like shattered glass. When the space was cut by the will of an expert, vaguely, gaps in space starts to open. The next moment, a shout of agony could be heard from the corridor.


“Ah!! Damn it!”


Without any hesitation, ‘bam’, Adam rushes through the wall and swings his sword towards where he heard the voice.


“Incantation of Law: Judgement! Incantation of Law: Restriction of Freedom!”


As I expected, Harloys who just committed murder is instantly shrouded by red light. Then, the effect on the restriction of movement takes effect.


Due to the great disparity in power, the restriction can only be sustained for a short instant. But, an instant is enough… I know that someone won’t waste the opportunity I created.




A flash of blade and the right arm of the Dark Elf flies away along with blood and flesh. However, the long sword was stopped by the body which turned metallic.




The piercing scream continues but this time, it is an attack by the Banshee.


The sound wave that brought along a dark mana with it, The Scream of Siren, which is known as the scariest death magic, didn’t have any effect on us.


I am already dead and the indestructible Adam wouldn’t fear the calling of death by the Queen of Banshees.


He charges straight at the scream filled with negative energy, and as though ignoring his opponent, he closes his eyes and started to recite some words.


“A century passes in an instant, nothing is constant. Companions depart, only I continue existing. The cycle of the withering and blooming of flowers repeat every year, I only pray that I die in the midst of a bed flowers, remembering the past in a semi-drunk state. The Severance of the River of Time.”


After obtaining the old eastern philosophy culture of a foreign world from me and a local book on philosophy and secrets of space-time from Magaret, in a span of hundred years of refining, Adam’s techniques have started to become one with his life, becoming a kind of philosophy of himself. Perhaps, this is the basis of how he managed to enter the SemiGod realm with the body of a mortal.


Right now, as the SemiGod Warrior recites the words to hypnotise himself, The Severance of the River of Time laments the seemingly slow flow of time broke the boundaries of space and time, making the slash seem slow yet fast. No, speed is already meaningless for this slash.


Just like how no one is able to avoid the aging from the flow of time, everyone is equal under this sword, there is no way to avoid it. In fact, under this dreamlike sword, they would instinctively stare at this sword, being unable to avert their eyes and get slashed obediently.


A normal longsword that could be bought with half a gold coin brought about a mysterious pink glow and elegance. It seems like the dazzling smile of a drunk beauty among peach blossoms, attracting everyone’s attention.


“So beautiful… No!!”


Even if it is the Queen of Banshees who have survived countless fall and rise of eras, she still fell for the technique in that instant. However, in the next moment, she woke up.


“What is so beautiful about that broken sword.”


However, when Harloys’s attention was attracted in that instant, the conclusion was already decided.


The longsword cuts through the waist. The Queen of Banshee Harloys couldn’t resist the slash whatsoever. The newly revived physical body was cut into two and a pale-white soul starts to leave the body, intending to escape.


“Incantation of Law: Restriction of Freedom.”


Alright, the perpetrator, without doubt, is the soul of the Queen of Banshees. Thus, she is forced back into that incomplete body. Then, her heart, which already has a hole on it, is pierced once again by a longsword. Kajah’s upper body is fixed onto the ground.


At this moment, I heaved a sigh of relief. If it wasn’t for Adam secretly sneaking into the camp, I might have been dead by now. Fortunately, she just obtained the physical body and hasn’t synchronised it it perfectly. In this state, she is even weaker than her soul state. Otherwise, even Adam who is an entire rank stronger than her would be unable to take her down easily.


“You… You actually dare to treat me like that. You actually dare to kill your mentor!”


“Firstly, you aren’t dead. Can a thousand year old disaster die? I’m sorry, it should be ten thousand. Or is it hundred thousand? Million? Auntie, I accidentally forgot your real age. As for killing mentors, isn’t it the tradition of our bloodline?”


Harloys is speechless in an instant. Back then, she was telling me gleefully about some past events about how she managed to dupe the Great Saint Cecily’s trust and after obtaining the magic knowledge from the other party, she killed her mentor to obtain her flesh.


Alarms are ringing and people would be coming soon. Kajah’s corpse being here won’t be easy to explain.


I whip out a small bottle. It is a commonly seen tool in Necromancy, specially used to trap soul body.


“Soul Sealing Bottle!? You, you can’t treat me like that. I am the Queen of Banshees, not an inferior dumb wraith!”


“Of course I can. Come, go in obediently.”


Looking at the struggling soul body in the bottle, I am so happy that I felt like singing. This time, I really got a big bargain.


From the way she operates, she probably found me a long time ago but she continued to investigate secretly to make sure that there is no powerful fighters around me before moving out personally. After attaining her ideal body, she got complacent and thought that she could get rid of my steadily, thus she appeared in her weakest state. Not only did she not do a secret assault as she would usually, she even insulted me directly.”


If she thought that her power wasn’t sufficient and took over the body of the people around me to give me a sudden blow, that would be truly be a disaster.


“Right, Roland, I think I am in love again. Who is that girl? She is so gentle and she has such a sweet smile.” Adam’s sudden words scared me out of my wits.


I shake my head, already used to it. Adam’s crushes come several times every spring and he has been teased by us for having an animal’s mating season.


But, if he were to really pursue it seriously, most of it ends in tragedy. No, ignoring the scenario where it ends in a farce, if the other party ends up really is interested in him and wants to date for real, this fellow would back away the last moment.


“Don’t harm the lady. Which one?” However, there has been too much vexing matters recently, so looking at Adam ending in tragedy could help change my mood.


Following Adam’s finger, I looked out of the window. Then, I smiled. Should I say as expected of Adam? His choice in people is really excellent!


“As expected of our City Lord! That is the top 2 beauties under my command. Rest easy, we have been brothers for many years. No matter which one you like, I will support you.”


“Really? You aren’t having a fever? You actually aren’t trying to trick me?” Adam’s happiness made me harden my will to continue luring him into the trap.


“Un, rest easy. Have I ever tricked you?”


“I can’t even remember the exact times now… You really aren’t tricking me this time? It can’t be that they have a boyfriend? They won’t be like that lesbian Lily you introduced last time right?”
TL: The Lily used here is the flower.


Ignoring that look of deep resentment, I was surprised that a single-cell organism would have such a good memory. After a light cough, I honestly spoke the truth.


“They don’t have boyfriends and their sexuality are normal. Relax, I am not lying.”


“Un? You didn’t lie at all!! Then, thanks!!” The dumb fellow’s intuition has been quite sharp. However, towards a truthful lie, it is useless.


Alright, an hour later, I hear the long-awaited shout of agony ‘I will never believe in love again!”. I feel my mood lifting.


“I didn’t lie. Victoria and Krose are really the most beautiful people under my command. Besides, they definitely aren’t engaged and they aren’t gay.

Undead Emperor -> SemiGod
Undead Lord -> Myth