The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Elf


The City of Platinum which has a rich history, in this instant, is no longer as prosperous as it was before.


The far spreading inferno creeps across the streets full of history, swallowing everything it sets its sight on. In the eyes of the destroyers who have lost their sanity, these preciousness of these scars of history isn’t worth a second look.


In the sky, an army of Dragons and Demons were fighting. The eyes of the white-winged angel went red from all of the slaughter. Just like butchers, they were killing of the ‘evil’ they see in front of them, even if they were still ordinary peasants the moment before.


“They are dead! They are all dead!!”


“The High Priestess Kajah has been assassinated! The Dark Elves have all gone mad! They are killing everyone in sight!”


“Why are there Gold Dragons and Angels in the underground world? Are the Order Gods getting rid of us? Or is the army from the Surface invading us?”


“The Beastman army has entered the city, they have started fighting with the Dark Elves!”


There is not a trace of the peaceful Vance of yesterday. Countless beacons of war has been ignited and the thousand-year old ancient city is on the brink of destruction.


To tell the story, I must start from the auction which is bound to end in war.


4 in the morning, the auction which was supposed to be conducted in the Platinum Chapel has changed its location at the last moment.


No other reason, the Chapel which has a capacity of 10000 people was too small for the number of people attending the auction this time. Due to the condition I listed in my contract that ‘everyone is allowed to attend the auction’, before 3 in the morning, the Chapel where the auction is supposed to held at 12 is already over crowded. Thus, there was no choice but to change the location of the auction.


Considering that the new location for the auction should be wide, they chose the location which the auction house normally used. There is a large basin there where the edges cannot be seen from the center, it is definitely wide enough.


It is impossible for the auction to end peacefully. Since the Alliance Conference has ended, the restrictive rule of not allowing fights to occur in the period of the Conference has been annulled. Vance is a neutral zone that restricts fighting? I’m sorry, but if it wasn’t for the balance in power and that the powerful factions are wary of each other, this city is a natural location where others would fight for.


In reality, everyone knows that no matter who manages to win the auction for the God Equipment, it would be snatched on the spot. Without power and influence that is able to suppress everyone, they are definitely unable to take it away.


However, humans are born greedy and everyone still believe in luck somehow.


“Isn’t all the novels about the legendary knights all written in such a way? Perhaps, during the fight for the God Equipment, it might just fall in front of me. Afterwards, I might be able to decipher its secret and not long later, ascend as the next Undead Emperor of Xiluo Empire, marry a beautiful and rich wife and walking to the pinnacle of life. Just the thought of it makes one agitated.” This kind of thought is whirling around everyone’s mind. Those are quite a few who, thinking they are strong enough and blessed with good luck, couldn’t resist the temptation of trying their luck to earn a bargain on the spot.


It is said that when the auction begun that day, the entire ‘field’ has been blocked to not even allow water to pass through. The few items in front may be all rare treasures, but no one paid them any heed. In fact, under the threatening gaze of tens of thousands of experts, no one dared to bid for them, causing them to be passed immediately.


Why would I say that it is said? Stepping into a hole that I dug myself would seriously be foolish. No only did I not go, I even strictly ordered all of my subordinates to not go to the auction. At the same time, I heightened the wariness around the base and activated everything that could improve our defenses. Everyone was equipped in their armor, ready for battle anytime.


Why? I am thinking too much? Actually, it isn’t excessive at all. Under normal circumstances, there should be only an owner in each city. Only this way will the citizens and army know where they belong to. However, in this city, there is at least 4 cores.


It might be a multiracial city but different form Liu Huang Mountain City, the different races aren’t governed under the same laws and governance to promote mutual trust and co-existence. In this city, Dark Elves are Dark Elves, Beastmen are Beastmen and Humans are Humans. Their habits and even the districts they live in are totally different. Naturally, the Autarchs govern their own districts. If one were to walk to other district at night and they were killed or robbed, in the eyes of others, this is perfectly natural, the person who deserved it.


“This isn’t right, isn’t right at all.” This excessive segregation made the idea of a multiracial society pointless. On the contrary, due to the rumors that were blown big that promotes discrimination and misunderstanding, the fracture between different races just keeps getting deeper.


When I first arrived at this city, I realised that there was something amiss with the situation. A legendary ancient city with ten thousand years of history may sound amazing, but if they had lived separated like that with friction constantly occurring among different groups, wouldn’t that also mean an accumulation of ten thousand years of resentment?


The countless infighting and even destruction of this city throughout history has ascertain my guesses. The structure of this city has doomed it into a cycle of ‘accumulating resentment’, ‘venting of resentment’ and ‘rebuild’. Right now, when all 4 Autarchs are gathered here, the debate and even fighting over the interests of their races in the Alliance have caused sufficient resentment to build up. What is left is just an igniter.


And I just had to deliver the Yongye Scepter at this moment.


Alright, I admit that it was a suicidal move, but that there would be such circumstances under the image of a beautiful and harmonious city.


If the Scepter is the reason for the fighting, then when the ‘Onlooker’ agents who brought back the igniter, the reason for the war, when the war finally breaks out, I felt even more helpless.


“Just after the auction is concluded, the fool that paid 10000 gold coin was split into 13 pieces and everyone broke out in a fight. At that moment, a Fire Angel threw his sword, but it was deflected by a Tauren Master Smither. The Blazing God Sword ended up being rebounded towards a Dark Elf Matriach, frightening her?


“The Matriach is dead? But that shouldn’t be enough for the situation to escalate to such a level that they would go all out in a war? Isn’t Kajah overdoing it like that?”


“No, the one who died isn’t Luciana.Syfan from Morsblight City. She immediately tried to pull a person beside her to serve as a barrier block the attack. Back then, it was completely chaotic and the Matriarchs are all Priestess who have slow reaction. In the end, she really succeeded.


Pu, which fellow is so unlucky?”
TL: The sound of bursting into laughter


“High Priestess Kajah. Her heart was pierced directly, she died to the point she cannot be even more dead. She returned to Lorci’s embrace in an instant.”


If I were to take off my mask now, it would definitely be a ? expression. The Supreme Leader of the Dark Elves in name, Lorci’s secret child, died just like that? In such a ridiculous manner?


“Impossible, I have already warned her not to go to the location…” My shocked mutterings stopped halfway. I did warn my ‘allies’ that there would be danger there. But if they were to listen to my advice, that would be unbelievable as well.


“How did this happen? Is her luck really that bad? Is she destined to die as a foot soldier?”


My mutterings to myself was treated as a question by the Elf spy in front of me. She nods her head.


“Lord, in order to ensure her safety in the chaos, Kajah brought out the SemiGod weapon that Lorci passed down, the Nine Serpent Spear. However, the God of Misfortune never turns the other way just because of a person’s social standing. The powerful High Priestess would actually meet with such misfortune. Afterward, there were people who recognised that spear and quite a few people started to fight over it. There were a lot who died because of it as well.”


I was dumbfounded. This is simply too effective.


I expected that there would be chaos, but Kajah’s sudden death caused the chaos to plunge into a large-scale war.


The sudden death of an Underground Autarch, especially the secret child of Lorci who the Dark Elves worship. Following the traditions of the Dark Elves and Lorci’s past history, if there weren’t sufficient blood tributes, Lorci’s rage would hit everyone and the Dark Elf Matriachs don’t have the kindness in them to wait for God’s Punishment just not to sacrifice innocent people.


Thinking about this, I shivered. The Dark Elves are one of the main races of the underground world. There is at least a few hundred thousands in Vance. What if all of them were to go mad at once? Probably after the catastrophe, there isn’t even a need for Vance to be rebuilt.




“Un? Is there something else?”


“It’s like this. Luciana.Syfan has caused Kajah’s death, so Lorci sent a curse to change all Syfan Priestesses into spiders. The First Family of Morsblight City is wavering, empty on both inside and on the surface…


“You are saying Victoria, Victora.Syfan?”


At this moment, Elisa walks out from my back.


“Yes, Master. Victoria has sent me a request. Right now, she is probably the only Lorci Priestess in the Syfan Family in Morsblight that is still in Elf-form. Following the traditions of Dark Elf and the rules of Lorci, she should be able to be promoted to a Matriach straight. Thus, Victoria hopes to gain Liu Huang Mountain City’s support in helping her gain control of Morsblight City. Of course, she made a lot of promises in exchange and these promises are quite attractive. What do you think, master?


Based on what Elisa said, as long as we are willing to send a fixed amount of fighting power to support her, then we would be able to obtain a city that is close to Liu Huang Mountain City. I have no reasons to reject her request, but instead, I fell into deep thoughts. I am really starting to hesitate.


What that made me hesitate isn’t the matter in front of me.


“Kajah is dead and Victoria is starting to ascend up the ranks. Is this the trace of ‘history’? Can the rise of the Dark Elf Queen unpreventable? This is the supposed flow of history? It can’t be that the wings of the butterfly is going to be corrected by history again? Are my efforts destined to end in vain?


If everything ends up back to its starting point, then what is the use of my plans. In an instant, a sense of weariness start to arise from the depths of my soul, making one feel despair, not wanting to do anything at all.




But, a warm and caring voice brings back my sanity.


It was rare for Elisa to show such a worried expression. After being together for so long, it is her first time seeing her overly energetic master showing such a tired look.


“That was dangerous, too dangerous. Undeads depend on their lingering will to remain in this world. My greatest will is to change that darned fate. That kind of state is really too dangerous. It would be ridiculous if I end up going to heaven just like that.” I shake my head and dispel my other thoughts. I know that I accidentally pushed myself to a corner again.


“I am just overthinking it. History has already been changed. No matter what, Victoria has started late and her personality is much milder then how it was in ‘history’. The personality would determine her future fate. She is destined to be different from the Victoria in ‘history’. Furthermore, even with my support, it is impossible for her to gain control of the entire Dark Elf Tribe within 10 years. Maybe, it is just that Victoria is fated to not live an ordinary life. If so, then having an Elf Matriach that is close to Liu Huang Mountain City and perhaps, a Dark Elf Queen who would make peace with the surface, no matter how I look at it, is a good thing.”


Thus, I nod my head in agreement.


“Accept her request. Send a few people to take over the remaining power of the Syfan Matriach. Try your best to take over, but retreat immediately if you all meet with danger. After this incident, send a group to help her gain authority in Morsblight City. Right, give this note to her.”


Thus, I quickly wrote a letter and passed it to Elisa.


It isn’t some incredible plan within a pouch but a double insurance again a certain someone.


?Actually, there are somethings which isn’t easy to say and not up to me to say. But, if I don’t say it, I will be really worried about your future. You were turned into a female due to God’s Punishment. As a Priestess, you should know that a God’s Punishment represents the will of the God. If the offender were to dispel the punishment, then that would be like slapping on the face of the true God. You should know that Lorci was never a forgiving Goddess. There’s no benefit in saying more, so take care.?


Everyone knows how much Victoria wanted the Belt of Edwina. Even if Victoria seems like a nice person, but the horrid reputation of Dark Elves and Lorci’s Priestesses made them wary of her, even if she is still underage.


So, for the sake of Krose’s safety, I better prepare an insurance. This way, for fear of enraging a true God, Victoria should try to suppress the desire in her heart.


Of course, things are never do coincidental that everything I want would come. The message on the note may be all true but when putting all of it together, it makes a big lie.


God’s Punishment is indeed related to the reputation of a true God. If you were to dispel a God’s Punishment of a God punishing an evil sinner, you might just end up getting struck by lightning the next moment. However, Lorci’s situation is quite unique. Other true Gods are careful with the God’s Punishment, for fear it might hurt the innocent.


However, Lorci often showcases her might in Dark Elf Cities and there are multiple times when she sent an incarnation down. She also imposes God’s Punishment quite frequently that it is just like a thunderstorm in summer. It comes randomly and after the rain would be sunshine. When everything goes back to normal, a person receiving God’s Punishment can no longer be considered a news.


Given Lorci’s ‘busy’ schedule in leaving her traces, she might have long forgotten how many people she have punished. Personally, I think that even if the God’s Punishment were to be dispel, she might not even notice. Un, so saying that dispelling God’s Punishment will bring about her anger is true, Lorci not being a forgiving Goddess is also the truth. It is just that I forgot to add in a line saying that ‘The situation with Lorci is unique’, so it turned into a big fat lie. This is a linguistic technique that I learnt from those scammer in the underground prison.


I don’t think that Victoria is able to see past my lies. For a Priestess, the will of the God is just like the sky. It may seem not far away, being able to see it just by looking up. However, it is something that cannot be approached. She knows the significance of the God’s Punishment and what would happen if it is dispelled. There is not a single book of the teachings of a true God that would teach you how to dispel God’s Punishment or what would you meet with after dispelling it. After all, it would be blasphemy.


Fine, I am also doing it for her good. For her who is intending to return to the Dark Elves to spend ‘his’ days, it is definitely a good thing. After all, male Dark Elves are no different from slaves in their society.


Aiyo eh, in order for them not to end up killing each other, for there to be a good ending, it has been tough on me, their superior. I think I should present myself with a plaque — ‘The 10 Good Boss who Moves Liu Huang Mountain City”.


Just awhile after Elisa’s departure, a voice of a delighted female and the depressed sigh of males could be heard from the windows. After that, I took the chance to fix the content of the lecture next week — Discussing the importance of normal sexual orientation to the development of the society.


When the world outside is plunged into chaos, I was busy on my office desk. Countless reports were passed to be through Elisa, waiting for me to make the final judgement.


“The Dark Elves who have lost the daughter of Lorci have gone mad. They are urgently trying to obtain more souls and fresh blood so that they can avoid God’s Punishment, so it is impossible for to remember our alliance. Also, the Dragon Queen and Lion King who has been savagely attacked by us won’t let us get away scotfree. The chaos will soon spread throughout the entire city so get everyone to prepare. For the sake of our position as an Autarch for the next decade, not only must we win this war, we must do it beautifully.”


When I finally made my judgement on the oncoming war, I nodded my head towards the ‘secret weapons’ in the room, so that they can prepare themselves.


Just when I was about to get prepared myself, I suddenly recall a treasure that I have neglected before.


“Right, what about Kajah’s corpse?”


Yes, that treasure is Kajah’s corpse. To a Necromancer, the corpse of an expert is an excellent material. Furthermore, the physical body of Kajah, the daughter of Lorci, is flowing the blood of a true God, making it a treasure among treasures. If I can obtain this Half-God body (different from the SemiGod realm), I have the confidence of creating an Undead Lord that wouldn’t lose to any of the other original sins.


However, the Onlooker spy shakes his head.


“The corpse has disappeared. The Dark Elves are searching frantically, but there were totally no traces of it. It is as though the corpse has walked out by itself.”


“A corpse can walk? Bullshit! Wait… It could be possible.”


Isn’t what I want to do now making a corpse move by itself? There is more than one Undead Lord in Vance now. If it is the other lower ranked Undead Senators, they would only waste this hard-to-come-by Half-God body. However, there is an Undead Senator who hasn’t appear recently. Furthermore, she has been wanting to attain a perfect physical body of an Elf.


“The 3rd Senator, Queen of Banshees Harloys. This is going to be troublesome.


The placing of the Undead Senators are dependent on their strength. However, the top 3 is on a whole new level than the others. There are even people who say that the rest are just there to fill up the numbers, so that the first 3 won’t be so striking.


Among Emperor Yongye’s subordinate, Gria is able to rise to the position of the 4th Senator, but it is impossible for her to advance any further. That is because those above her in the rankings are ‘colleagues’, their relationship with the Emperor is a ‘partnership’ rather than subordinates. Just this point itself is enough to prove the how extraordinary these 3 Undead Lords are. Also, from their history, they are all seniors of the Emperor.


Of them, the 3rd Senator Queen of Banshees Harloys is once the princess of an ancient Elf Kingdom. It is not the Elf Kingdoms that are fractured into small countries by the descendants but one during the Era of Elves, the ruler of the Supreme Kingdom that rules over 70% of the continent by itself. She is also known as ‘The Omniscient One’, a praise directed towards her vast understanding in the field of magic.


Also, the only reason why she is ranked 3rd is because the physical body she was using before was destroyed in the Undead Calamity before and she wasn’t willing to find an ordinary body to replace it, so she could only make do with the 3rd. If she were to really get hold of Kajah’s body, the rankings would probably have to be reshuffled.


“Yes, half a month ago, there were quite a few people who remarked that they have heard the epic ballad by the Ancient Elves, ‘The Sunset of the Gods’, but they couldn’t find the singer. That is her trademark, so people started guessing that the Queen of Banshees is here. That’s why I said that despite 6 Undead Senators have arrived, only 5 have appeared.


“Yeah, if it is her then it would really be troublesome. She is not easy to deal with.” My mumblings were acknowledged by the Elf Onlooker in front of me.


“Yeah, she is indeed known to be smart, wise, strong, charming…”


“Wait! How do you know the song is called ‘Sunset of the Gods’, that should be the language of Ancient Elf! There isn’t more than a handful in the entire Eich that can understand it!!”


My query made the Elf spy in front of me smile. She slowly takes off the mask on her face.


It is a very familiar face, so familiar that I just seen it 2 days ago…


The white skin of the High Elves started turning black and the red hair started changing into a silver-white color unique to Dark Elves. The face that belongs to Kajah seems even more mature and confident than previously. The slightly raised eyebrows on her face gives a feeling of Elf arrogance and pride, just like a Queen who was born with everything, the right to look down on everything else on birth.


“Yo, long time no see, little Yongye. How have you been?”

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So to clarify some content (they were written previously but just to jot memory)
There are Order Dragons and Chaos Dragon
The Chaos Dragons are the Elemental Dragon while the Order Dragons are the Metal Dragons. Currently, they don’t really belong to any faction due to a peace pact.

The Senators ranking are determined by their strength. The top 3 are so strong that Emperor Yongye can only be of equal standing to them (as comrades) rather than subordinate

Incredible plan within a pouch -> Reference to Liu Bang, which his strategist gave him 3 pouches which he is supposed to open in times of crisis and it would help tide him over it.

After the rain would be sunshine -> Not very explicit, but it refers to Lorci’s mood.

And wooo, one of my favorite character in the novel just appeared.