The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Marauder


To a Necromancer, recalling the dead souls to summon their own Skeleton Warriors is indubitably their 1st lesson. As for the 2nd lesson, naturally it is to finely control the undead beings.


If you allow the unintelligent low-tier undead to move instinctively, the efficiency and effectiveness is unreliable. He might just trip on his right leg, fall on the ground and disassembles. For a Skeleton Soldier which only comprise bones, there is not a single thing cute about it. Furthermore, if you were expecting it to save you and it disassembles its body while moving towards you, it would really make one want to cry.
TL: Exact phrase -> Want to cry but no tears come out, used to refer to ridiculous yet depressing situations


Thus, placing one’s consciousness into one’s own undead creation, align and resonate along with it and using one’s will to direct the movement of the undead creation, this has become a necessary lesson for Necromancers.


And I, Lord Yongye, at very least, is a qualified Necromancer.


When I realised that the control system that I designed last-minute out of interest is laggy and that orders aren’t conveyed clearly, it goes right when you point left, I naturally gave up on it. Instead, I used the most basic undead control technique — Convergence of Consciousness.


“Hah, eat my Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm! Although there isn’t any dragons.”


With a steady horse stance, Ah Dang steps forcefully on the ground and his whole body shoots out.  The next moment, the claws are at Crimspur’s head. His deformed upper arms acts like the barrel of a cannon and the powerful strength of metal bursts.
TL: The claws are the cannon ball while the arm is the cannon.




A low howl and the Dragon Head, kacha, is reduced to just fragments which are blasted all around.


“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” “Impossible!!”


Crimspur’s remaining 2 heads exclaims in shock. He has crossed blows with Ah Dang before and back then, he wasn’t that powerful to be able to destroy his head at the first encounter.


As a talented Swordsman in the past, I have seen innumerable martial arts and the techniques hidden in secret manuals from foreign worlds are totally different from the mainstream martial arts of Eich continent. What martial arts in Eich continent aim for is to improve oneself from within and transcend the limits of a mortal. It doesn’t focus much on the little technical details. In contrast, the martial arts from foreign world aim to dig out the every inch of potential of the physical body, exchanging one point of strength into 3 point of power. It is similar to the techniques Battle Monks use in exerting their strength, but it is much more exquisite and refined.


The only regret is that their martial art lack the reinforcement of mana and instead, require a special kind of mana to support the skill (Ki and internal energy), so it has only served as decorations for my home. But, with Ah Dang’s perfect physique, the lack of mana could be made up for with his strength.
TL: If you haven’t watch chinese martial arts drama, the concept is like Chakra from Naruto. Although Rock Lee using taijutsu, he also has the support of chakra to boost his attacks.


Right now, Ah Dang, who is in sync with me, is using such a perfect strength exertion technique for the first time. Looking at its tremendous might, he is also quite surprised.


But this isn’t the time to be surprised.




Ah Dang places his 4 limbs on the floor and starts sprinting like an enraged ape. Every jump of his brings a great shock that the earth cannot bear. His entire body is like an unstoppable rolling snowball, getting faster and faster.


“Dodge!!” Crimspur could no longer underestimate my attacks. However, it is impossible the much larger and slow Lamost to dodge my attacks.


Ah Dang’s speed bursts and when he reaches the side of Lamost’s body, he suddenly stands up and treating his whole body as a cannon tower, he rams into him unreasonably like a raging bull.


“Metal Mountain Crush! Although there isn’t any metal mountain!”
TL: It is a move from China’s Bajiquan




The massive six-legged giant ant couldn’t even make a single noise when it was sent flying. His 6 legs danced wildly as he flew backwards, destroyed everything in his path.


His trait of Gluttony has allowed Ah Dang’s physical body to evolve to the point of perfection while the martial arts of foreign worlds allows one to maximise the potential of one’s body to the maximum. Combining the both together, the fighting prowess of Ah Dang shoots up rapidly.


When the giant ape beast sets its sight on the final Undead Senator, Lich Penny immediately creates a Dimensional Gate and escapes immediately without leaving behind a single word.


They were only working together because of the alignment of their interests. Furthermore, the Yongye Scepter isn’t in their hands yet, so the 3 Senators didn’t have the intention to go all out from the start. When Gria appeared and expressed her intent to help our sides, in consideration of their relationship with their colleague, they started to secretly go easy on us.
TL: Not really relationship, it is more of giving someone face so as to not sever the relationship to a point it is irreconcilable.
Go easy (???) -> Truthfully I have no idea what it really means. Literally means Fist of Peace.


Right now, looking at the rampaging Ah Dang who cannot be stopped, he is obviously in a frenzy from fighting. If this silly fellow really ignores their previous ties and knocks them to death, then wouldn’t they become the laughingstock of the people, dying for nothing.


Powerful races like Undead Lords and the Dragon Tribe depends heavily on their talents. Xiao Hong is only in the basic stage of Myth-rank, one tier below SemiGod, but if complemented with the talents of the Dragon Tribe as a Golden Race, even Adam might not be able to deal with her easily if they start fighting.


Initially, Xiao Hong would be sufficient to deal with 2 Senators by herself (A large of portion of the Senators are only Saint-rank, but due to their race talents and their army of undeads, they are able to stand on equal footing with Myths). Now that the opposing side has the support of another 2 Senators, furthermore their rankings are above theirs, they are obviously at the losing side.


A good man doesn’t suffer the losses in front of him, for an Undead Lord to be able to survive for such a long period of time, just having strength isn’t sufficient.


Thus, noticing the raging Ah Dang and the departure of Penny, the long-lived Crimspur decisively carries Lamost away. There is still a few days before the auction, the main show has yet to start and I still need them to play their part. Thus, I had no intention on chasing them.


“Lo…” Gria’s expression is agitated and she tries to say something, but I stop her with my Telepathic Voice. “We’ll talk later.”


When Ah Dang releases his transformation and turns into a lively small Dwarf, I habitually took out a small manual from my back and passes it over to him.


“Lad, I see that you have a unique bone structure, you have potential for martial arts that can’t be found may not be found in ten thousand people! The mission for protecting the world depends on you now! I have a secret manual Buddha’s Palm here. Seeing that how we are fated to meet, I will lower the price and sell to you at a price of $10.”
TL: Kung Fu Hustle


“Ka cha.” The hungry Ah Dang swallows the manual in one mouthful, almost biting my hand in the process. Then, he stares at me with expectant eyes, hoping that his Ah Pa will continue feeding him.


“…Eaten, wait, spit it out! I am just joking, I haven’t made a copy yet and I haven’t succeeded in learning it yet. This toy is the real thing, even if I can’t practice it, I can also treat it as a family heirloom to trick others.”


Ah Dang looks very wronged at the old thing who is digging something out from the mouth of a small Dwarf. If other people tried to play this on him, he would have long swallowed them. But, seeing that it is his Ah Pa, he can only allow him to act as he pleases. He stares very pitifully at his Big Sister Gria, hoping to be saved.


However, Gria, who has transformed back into a human, couldn’t care less about saving her younger brother at this moment. Her pair of beautiful eyes is locked onto her Emperor. The disguise is meaningless in front of her. Everything in her surroundings has been neglected, her eyes of passion is sufficient to burn down everything.


“Emp…Lord, long time no see.” Remembering that her Emperor is in disguise now, seemingly trying to conceal his identity, Gria changes her words.


Like a young girl that is in crush, Gria with embarrassment on her face pulls on the sleeves of the Emperor, playing with her own fingers while tip-toeing about.


What ‘question why the Emperor abandoned everything to fake his death’, what ‘the mission that Lionheart entrusted’ has been all thrown to one corner. Right now, the agitated cold-faced Queen can’t even speak properly, tinge of red actually appears on her pale face. Her inverted black-white eyes didn’t have the deepness and intrigue that it used to have. She stares intensely on the heartless person in front of her, afraid that he would suddenly disappear.


Of course I would recognise that passionate gaze, but I am unable to reply her and could only secretly cry in agony. I might be dead, but I am not a necrophile, thus I don’t have any feelings towards a dead human, no, a dead dragon…




Just when I am trying to squeeze out my brain juice to come up with some nonsense to say, I suddenly sense danger and lower my head instinctively.


At the same time, the person who is immersed in the joy of being reunited with her Emperor suddenly feels a gush of cold air from her back, jolting her awake. She spreads her bone wings and flies away.


On the spot she was on, there is the traces of cuts from an Ice Blade.


“Elisa, you don’t have to…” My shock lingers in the air as I notice something wrong with Elisa.


Her eyes are bloodshot and even slightly yellow. Her pupils narrow like a wild beast, her emotionless face that she normally equips disappears completely. Scales appear on her face as she pants heavily while staring deeply at Gria.


Her right arm has already completely transmogrified into a Demon’s hands with reddish-orange scales on it. The horns behind her ear is growing thicker at a pace visible to the eyes. The tail behind her is also gradually distorting and changing shapes.


“High Demonification!! How can this be!!”


I immediately take out the Devil Contract and didn’t find anything wrong with it. However, without a doubt, Elisa has broken the seals of the contract and underwent High Demonification.




The frenzied Elisa jumps into midair and spreads open a reddish-orange wings of flesh. Then, with a bend of the wings, she actually rushes downwards to deal a deadly assault towards Gria.


To a normal person, just the wind pressure from the demonified metal fists is sufficient to claim their life. Looking at this stranger which suddenly charges at her, Gria frowns, feeling frustrated for being disrupted during her reunion with her Emperor.


Her opponent isn’t weak, but she is still lacking compared to her.


“Finger of Death…”


“Gray.Sin! What are you doing!”


The furious howling of her Emperor made Gria, who don’t fear anything, shivers. She scatters the magic which she was casting and obediently bends down hugging her head, not even bothered by her silky silver hair getting dirty. That turtle-like defense could be said to be perfect, the wires and sharp claws couldn’t even scratch her.


“Incantation of Law: Obligatory Enforcement!” I shout while lifting the Devil Contract up in the air. Under the help of my Soul Imprint Mark of Justice, a 7-circle spell instant-casts.


In midair, a silver gavel knocks down and 2 silver light encircles me and Elisa. The scale representing fairness appears, the contractual relationship between me and Elisa is being examined.


Following which, as Elisa broke the contract, the scale loses its balance and a large amount of Power of Order shrouds around Elisa’s body, restricting her and starts to enforce the terms of the contract to undo the Demonification.


However, the Chaos Abyss and Origin of Order are equal powers. In the end, the rampaging Power of Order couldn’t do anything and the effects of the spell scatters. It could only restrict Elisa’s movement, but the Demonified portions were like water that is spilled, unable to be undone.


Even when she is unable to move, Elisa stares furiously at Gria, her beast-like eyes full of killing intent. That is a heavy grudge that makes one want to grind the other party’s bone even after killing her.


“Pah.” Xiao Hong knocks on Elisa’s head, leaving her unconscious. Then, she carefully carries her.


“Roland, it is all my mistake. I forgot to remind you not to bring Elisa her. Back then, it was Gria who killed Elisa. Looks like when she saw the person who killed her in her previous life, the resentment in her soul is incited, allowing her to break the shackles of the contract and to lose her rationality.”


I carry my maid over from Xiao Hong and shakes my head, sighing.


“No, it isn’t your fault. It is all my fault, all my fault…”


The deeply asleep Elisa seems to be floating within the comfortable sea and countless powerful existence accompanies her. As long as she is willing to take it, the secrets of the Abyss, limitless power and the seat of the Demon’s nobility, it is all within her grasp.


“No!” Instinctively sensing that there is more important things to do, Elisa rejected the temptation from the Abyss.


Then, she went from one dream into another. In the dream, she is a small Thief whose goal is to become the richest person in the world. Following her Big Brother Holy Knight, Big Sister Mage and that fool Adam on an adventure, the small team of adventurers traveled across the world. Be it the underground world, the deserts or the glacial, they left their traces around the world. Gradually, these rookies start to mature, becoming the legends in the mouth of new rookies…


Life is an adventure and adventure is living, all emotions were mixed within the journey…


There were happy things and depressing things. During the journey, her goal has unknowingly changed. Seeking treasures has somehow became a hobby and becoming the richest person on the world has become just a phrase that she is used to.


The one most important to her is the one who is always walking around with a cheerful smile and yet, his heart is full of sorrow and pain. The one who kept giving discreetly, the silly big brother who protects her and her other companions…


“…Elisa, Elisa, can you hear me?”


A familiar voice rings by her ear. Elisa knows that her dream is about to come to an end. In her confusion, that hand of withered bones overlaps with the pair of big and warm hands.


“…Is it Big Brother Rolo?” In the gap between reality and dream, Big Brother Rolo’s refined face stuns before turning into an expression at a loss of whether to cry or laugh.


This is the expression he shows whenever he clears up the mess for her and that fool-dam. Back then, when she wasn’t matured yet, she loved looking at the helpless and over-spilling loving look of her Big Brother Rolo. For that, she even caused trouble around, causing her Big Brother Rolo to have to drag her to house after house to apologise.
TL: fool-dam -> Shortform for Foolish Adam.


But the next moment, the illusion scatters and the warm smile of Big Brother Rolo turned into the skeleton head that makes one grind their teeth. Maybe, the only thing that didn’t change is that helpelss expression and the over-spilling love and happiness that comes from within


“…Oh, so it is the bastard Master.”


“It’s good that you’re okay, it’s good that you’re okay. You have been unconscious for 3 days, so it is normal for you to feel weak. Rest more.”


When her master leaves, Elisa struggles to get up. Looking around, she realises that it is her own room. On the tea table beside the bed, there is plain water and porridge prepared for patients. There are even a few plum candies.


Porridge is the only food that her Big Brother Rolo and her equally clumsy master can make. Looking at the traces of yellow within the white, it seems that it was the best among several failures. As for the candies…


“Heh, how many years has it been? Bastard master, you still think that I’m that little girl, who in the midst of a fever, would drink my porridge obediently when offered candy?”


Even though she complains, but Elisa still slowly removes the wrapper and throws the candy into her mouth. She closes her eyes to savor the taste, it is still the familiar taste in her memory, sourness within sweetness.


The gallery of memories is still playing within her mind. Bits and pieces of events that happened in the past flashes past her window in her mind. The happenings of her previous life and her current life all become real memories for her. The weak lady struggles by the bed side and struggles to stand up.


“What have I become, to be unable to even face the real me. No wonder Master said that I was unqualified to enter the realm of Legends. Isn’t the goal of my life already decided? I am not the over-rational Magaret, nor am I the weak Lisa. I am Elisa, the one and only Elisa. I won’t be like those 2 silly ladies, waiting until the end of time. What I want, I will take! I will take it with my own strength!”


Following Elisa’s declaration, boundless fire pillars and sea of ice drowns the entire room. Unexpectedly, there isn’t a hint of warmth of cold.


“Your Soul Imprint, is to chase the your desires and obtain the item of your dream.”


Deep within Elisa’s soul, a bleeding Dragon Head is biting another Black Beast. Both of them are are frantically attacking one another to slaughter each other. At the final moment of the slaughter, it turned into an Imprint of 2 beasts biting at each other.


This Soul Imprint of fangs sinking in one another represents the unstoppable offense of its owner and in this instant, Elisa steps into the realm of Legends.


“The Marauder, that is your name.”

2nd Chapter of the Day??

The Chinese name for The Marauder is (???) which means someone who snatches by force.

Btw, due to the use of very Chinese phrases which I really find it hard to comprehend sometimes or find it hard to translate, so some parts may not be translated as literally as I wanted to. But, I will try to keep the meaning of the sentences.

The complete sentence for the Kung Fu Hustle reference, 1:28:30 (??,???????,??????????!?????????????!?????????????,??????,??????,?????????)

Plum Candies