The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Circles of Nobles Sure is Messy


After thousands of years of reparations and restructuring of the city, the multiracial city Vance underwent thousands of years of change. Its streets are messy without order, the districts which were once defined clearly through squares and rectangles changed completely after numerous expansions of the city.


The Gnomes who came to the city built their Alchemy Experimental Lab, Engineering Experimental Lab and a large-scale racing track. The Beastman brought along their Coliseum where fresh blood and glory could be found. With the arrival of the Elves, Theaters and Man-made Jungles starts materializing in the city. The Mages appeared together with their high-rising Mage Towers that reaches the clouds.


On the both sides of the streets, infrastructure of different cultures from different eras could be seen. The solemn Dwarf’s baroque-style buildings, the mysterious and sorrowful Dark Elf’s gothic-style buildings, the Gnome-style buildings that were infused with metals and the smell of smoke and even the recent-times serene rural-style buildings by the surface Elves due to the Druid and Black Shaman’s residing in this city.


Perhaps, the equally diverse Liu Huang Mountain City might have the potential and liveliness to become a similar a well-known historical city. But in the face of this ancient city, it is still too young and impetuous now.


The buildings of the new generation intertwines with those that has settled down in history. The different tribal styles of the accessory and the special products sold by the street vendors could also be treated as a beautiful scenery. The charm in this ancient city forged by the assembly of many different races cannot be denied. From another perspective, this shows the ancientness and the changes in the City of Platinum.


In current times, as eras changed, the original orderly design has totally disappeared. Time and history has changed the different districts into countless ?-word shape, ?-word shape and an disorderly picture of a ‘valley’ on the map. As the Alliance chose to station their headquarters here, more and more race and underground cities chose to dominate a plot of land in this city. Facing a city that is changing everyday, even the old Vance-ians who had been living here their entire life cannot be sure how many different race or their unique buildings are here or which alley would lead to where.
TL: Probably looks something like this?


But, there is a place here where all Vance-ians will never forget — The Platinum Chapel.


Of course, the reason has to do with the large surface area it takes up and the 7 tall Mage Towers in the vicinity. Since it can be seen from every single corner of Vance City, it is impossible to forget it.


It was once called the Residence of the King of Platinum, well-known for its extravagance in history. At that time, the Underground Autarch who rules over this city and hundreds of other underground cities in the vicinity suddenly gets a stroke of inspiration and used up an hulking amount of money to build this city within a city that is more than 6 kilometers long. In fact, to be true to its name with its name, mithril and platinum is used to plate the outer walls. Under the rays of light, the castle shines, seeming like the homeland of the Angels in the castle of clouds. Within it, jewels and treasures were glowing by the streets, beauties in faille were all around, ready to serve, and the pond of wine and forest of meat were prepared everyday…
TL: Faille is a type of fabric similar to silk.


Fine, let’s not mention about how that fellow ruled oppressively and overtaxed the population, or how the resentment of the public accumulated against him and he was overthrown. The hero who ruled the days then had been reduced to just bone ashes. But, the Platinum Chapel that he left behind became the symbol of Vance City.


Even if the extravagant plating of precious metal has been long scraped away and the walls are filled with vine-like magical plants, but that humongous and luxurious palace still remains as Vance and the underground world’s most beautiful palace.


The underground world today isn’t like back then, when the Platinum King was the only big faction. The 4 Underground Autarchs restraining each other keeps Vance in a state without a city lord. No one dares to claim ownership of this palace but today, it is about to be used once again. It is the location for the Alliance Conference and in fact, its scale would be much larger than when the palace was in its peak condition.


The fireworks in the sky never stopped as Griffons and Scorpion-tailed Lions walk to and fro welcoming guests. The majestic gigantic Dragons could only serve as the sentry and door guards for the gathering. Each and every carriage were pulled by powerful Magic Beasts. The ingredients for the food on the lunch table were all precious top-tier Magic Beasts. The attending underground city lords were full of experts, true to the saying ‘Saints are everywhere and Legends are like dogs’. Maybe there isn’t the luxurious and wealth of a Human Kingdom, but in the underground world where the strong reigns supreme, they used their own way to decorate this biannual Conference.
TL: The author really likes to use this saying although it sounds so awkward in English.


Despite coming pretty early, it is already crowded everywhere. The event location is split into 3 main district. The Outer District is the outer area of the Platinum Chapel. Normal civilians are allowed to enter and this is where the guards of the city lords will stand on guard. There are also many different kind of activities and performance here. The buffet set up would at least remain for an entire week. The Middle District is where the city lords of smaller cities and well-known heroic figures will hold a drinking party for 3 days straight. As for the Inner District, it is also where the session would be shortest. Within 2 days, the different influential figures from different places will wreak havoc with their arguments.


More than 10 Roland Robots walk together, their footsteps in sync, creating a light earthquake with every step. The carriages in front are forced to give way to us. A gigantic Metal-backed DemiDragon who blocked the way with his gigantic bottom was lifted up and kicked away by Roland No.2 like a metal ball… I wouldn’t waste money for nothing. Although they could only be placed on the grounds outside of the Outer District, it was perfect to showcase our might.


Very few underground city lords have good temper, so there were many sparks on the road. The security personnel also tacitly remained silent. On our road here, we saw quite a few duels and among them, there were no lack of Legend-rank fighters.


In truth, the reason why a large portion of city lords brought their strongest guards were to showcase their might and for their security. The Underground Autarchs, even more so, aren’t able to skip by that tradition. There were already 7 to 8 Red Dragons guarding the gates, an obvious show of power by Molly.


By the way, Xiao Hong should have came but as she was unwilling to give up her bed (give up those treasures…), I could only send her a signal to come when I require her presence when signing the Alliance pact…


But when Molly saw us, she heaves a sigh of relief. She knows the personality of her daughter. If she were to get group lynched in the middle of the meeting, then she wouldn’t know where to put her face… Or, could it be that the bunch of Red Dragons at entrance are used to block Xiao Hong from entering? Somehow, I feel like I got a glimpse of the truth.


“Hi, old lady, I am here. How have you been these days?”


Starting a battle in the duration of the Conference is forbidden. Those who break this rule becomes the public enemy of the Alliance, but this doesn’t stop me from taunting them. Or rather, in such an occasion where everyone can only move their mouths, it is more convenient for me to attack them verbally. As I started the topic of how the experience they had these few days, the beautiful face of the Dragon Queen immediately distorts in anger.


Of course I know that they haven’t been well these few days. After all, they suffered multiple attacks from thieves, underground city lord and even Undead Lords. Even if they have many hidden aces, but how can they take proper precautions when everyone is the enemy. It must have been suffocating to live like a rat crossing the street.
TL: Rat crossing the street -> Means someone which everyone hates


“Hehe, looks like the 6th Senator has appeared. It is fortunate that the first 3 aren’t here… If they came, I probably won’t be seeing you all now. How is the ant poison from Lamost? You must be dying from the excruciating pain.”


From the outer appearance, the Dragon Queen is a red-haired beauty. However, she brought a pair of black gloves which extends all the way to her shoulders and her fur coat covers her entire upper body. This style of dressing is vastly different from her usual. It is apparent to see that she is wounded. Furthermore, I heard that she crossed blades with Lamost yesterday, so it is very possible for her to have been afflicted by that deadly plague-like Ant Poison. I am purposely jabbing at where it hurts.
TL: The word used is ??, which the first one means Ant. But the word also means Formic Acid, which is secreted by ants.


Of course, Molly was so enraged that her magic tattoos starts to deforming. But then, she grinds her teeth and tolerated it.


Grabbing over a cocktail from the tray of the servants, she swallows it in one shot and left a word behind before leaving.


“You won’t be gleeful for long.”


I immediately reply to her taunt.


“Right, your daughter says that she wants to beat you up. Remember to bring more bodyguards along, the bunch at the door isn’t enough for her to beat.”


I purposely said it loudly. The surrounding underground city lords were surprised that there were someone who dared to challenge the Dragon Queen. Even more inconceivable, the Dragon Queen merely grinds her teeth and leaves, not even returning the taunt, seeming to accept reality.


“Uncle Bones, if you taunt her like that, won’t she obstruct our entry into the alliance?”


“Will she not obstruct us if we don’t mock her? Since we are destined to offend her, we might as well just go through with it. Besides, in the underground world, only those who are strong will be respected. We might have offended the Dragon Queen, but at the same time, we would receive the goodwill of her enemies. Look, the bald fatty there is smiling so happily.”


The bald fatty that I just mentioned is currently chatting happily with Kajah. Seeing that I am here, he waves his hand and gestures for me to come over. Shock gasps could be heard everywhere. Not mentioning how we just triumphed verbally over the Dragon Queen, just the invitation from the Underground Autarch Eduar is sufficient for us, the group of ‘freshman’ to be on the headlines.


Ainsterna.Eduar, his body is round and almost devoid of any hair. From afar, he seems quite similar to a moving boiled egg, but there weren’t any who dared to express such an opinion out loud.


In response to the invitation, I retreated instead to allow Annie to fulfill her responsibilities.


Due to the recent chaos, Annie had many opportunities to fight. Also, due to there being many people taking the initiative to assault her, there are some improvements in her strength. After listening to the experiences of her godfather during his break through, she seems to have grasp onto something, it wouldn’t be weird if she were to break through anytime soon.


But, compared to the fast-progressing Annie, Elisa behind my back was somehow solemn. Different from Annie who has taken up the role as the future city lord of Liu Huang Mountain City, Elisa is unsure of what she wants exactly and it is impossible to enter the realm of Legends with doubts about the future you wish to walk on.


These few days, she had been quite silent and irritable.


“Don’t think too much into it, you are good the way you are now.” Even if the words of the outsiders isn’t useful to the ones choosing their path, but I couldn’t help but to say these useless words.


My consolation makes Elisa jolt suddenly. She seems to be on the verge of saying when ‘dang dang dang‘, the sound of the bell echoes. A bunch of colorful flags hangs in sky along with the firework and the chatter outside was so loud that even the heavens tremor. The Conference begins.


“Let’s go in.” Looking at the underground city lords who start swarming into the Inner District, I also hurry my footsteps. I can’t leave Annie to attend the Conference by herself in the Inner District.


“I propose to form an Alliance Army to completely wipe away the spies sent by tailless monkeys on the surface.” The furious howl of the Lion King reverberates in the large hall. Those eyes of fury stares at me. It was obvious he was talking about when he mentioned the spies.


“Even their city lord is a Human Hero from the surface. Whose side are they actually on? What rights does Liu Huang Mountain City has to join the Alliance, aren’t they just intending to join in as a spy? I propose that we kick them out! Whoever who opposes my suggestion will be enemy of the Dragon City.” The Dragon Queen’s threat is very direct and effective. Offending the Dragon City means represents all of the subordinate Dragon Tribes under the Dragon City and that isn’t something small.


As expected, the moment the Conference starts, before we could even be introduced to join the Alliance, the Lion King and the Dragon Queen starts shooting at us. But, looking at this situation, I am so happy that I smiled.


“Then, let’s treat it as the first matter at hand. All of the city lords, please make your decision.” What that surprised the Lion King and the rest is that Kajah and Eduar didn’t try to stop them but rather, they even proposed to vote on the matter directly.


Following which, a shocking sight appears. If a matter were to receive over half of the votes of those present here, it could be passed. However, in the big hall filled with a few thousand people, only a few hundred people raised their hands in agreement.


“Alright, the first proposal is rejected.”


At this point, they would really be dumb if they don’t get that something is amiss. The Dragon Queen and Lion King stares at each other with astonishment and disbelief on their face.


The underground cities tend to be quite far from each other, and many of the Alliance member have deep-seated grudges against each other, so the Underground Alliance was originally built as a loose organisation. Even the Underground Autarchs don’t dare to say that they have definite control over their own supporters. But now, even the underground city lords with good relationship with them gave up on their rights to vote. What exactly is going on!


They have expected Liu Huang Mountain City to try their best to pull the other underground city lords to their side. But, these underground city lords are arrogant and aloof and they are quite far away from one another, so it is a daunting task to try to bribe them.
TL: Quite far as in the distance.


These few days, they became the thorn in the eye of everyone else. They couldn’t spare any attention to set up obstacles for Liu Huang Mountain City. From a certain sense, my goal for throwing out the Scepter has been met.


Eduar nods his head and continues.


“Alright then, Kajah and I will be proposing the 2nd matter. We want to accept Liu Huang Mountain City as one of us and give it a status equal to me Shou, Lord Dragon Empress, Kajah and I. Yes, we might have another Alliance Vice-head.


After this proposal was said, a commotion breaks out in the hall. The position of an Underground Autarch isn’t something the Alliance can decide, but if this proposal is passed in the Conference where all powerful underground city lords attend, then there’s no difference between Liu Huang Mountain City and the other Autarchs. As for the Alliance Vice-head, it is just an official way of calling and Autarch.


“This matter is more important so going by the rules, we require more than 80% of the members to not disagree. It will be an anonymous vote so everyone can rest easy and just vote as you wish.”


No one felt that this incredulous proposal would be passed, except for me…


– I told Kajah and Eduar, “This proposal definitely won’t be passed. After proposing this, if we take a step back and propose something less extreme, it would be easier for it to be passed. Give us a hand, we need an explosive entrance. To repay you both, we will…”


“Those in favor, 110 votes…” Hearing this vote number, the Lion King and Dragon Queen’s face are full of smiles, their gazes full of contempt against me, as though saying ‘a countryside bum wants to ascend the Heavens in a single step, dream on.”


“… Those against, 206….” “Impossible!!” It is natural for the votes in favor to be little, but the votes against being few is inconceivable as well, the Lion King stands up abruptly.


The Lion King’s expression seems like he is ready to eat anyone made the speaker quiver.


“Neu…Neutral votes and abandoned votes come to a total of 2367, the number participating in the Conference is 3583, the proposal is passed! AHHHHH!”


After throwing the conclusion at the audience, the speaker immediately crouches down and rolls away.


The Lion King snatches the voting results and looked at it for several times. The results were clearly written in his face. In the end, he could only express a nasty face and tear it apart to vent his anger.


“How did you do it?” Kajah leans over and says in my ear, her breath smelling like flowers. However, I simply smile mysteriously, refusing to answer.


Actually, it is not that big of a deal. Just when everyone thought that I was playing around, I did quite a bit of important preparations.


For example, as a veteran Lawyer who is skilled in exploiting the loopholes of the law and a Legislator who fills these hole, I studied the rules and regulations of the Alliance one by one…
TL: Veteran (???) -> In a way means veteran, but it means someone who is been in the industry/trade/anything else for very long and became quite cunning in dealing with its matter. Can also be used to refer to a cunning/’slippery’ person.


‘Important decisions can be passed as long as at least 80% do not oppose it.’ Yes, in order to prevent a decision being unable to be made due to its diverse members, each having differing views, such a rule was made. So, when the Underground Autarchs are unable to come to a consensus, this rule allowed a large portion of the underground city lord’s proposals to be passed.


But, they neglected the fact that just because they are not against it doesn’t mean that they are for it…


It may be difficult to pull the votes of the underground city lords over to our side, but it isn’t entirely possible to stop them from voting against us.


“The portion of the information of the law is indeed lacking, but if you are willing to not vote against us joining the Alliance, I will pass the rest to you after the Conference. Yes, it is sufficient as you don’t vote against us, we just don’t want to lose that badly…” This is a threat…
TL: He means the book he sold.


“Hah, this is Liu Huang Mountain City’s present. Your clothes should be destroyed in the catastrophe right? These leaves and rattan clothing are rushed out by the Druids of The Release of Heaven’s Body Group. It is made of natural materials and we guarantee that it is in line with its teachings. Hehe, you don’t have to pay us, it is free. It would be sufficient if you all can help us a little in the Conference voting. You know, we are new and don’t know much about here. I hope to be able to rely on you big brother.” This is a favor…
TL: There are 2 types of you in Chinese. ? -> Casual ? -> Used to address others who are more noble or respected. The more formal one is often used when they address Adam and Wumianzhe. He is also using it to address the person now as it makes one seem more humble.


“Don’t you all feel like the situation isn’t right now? There are now 4 Underground Autarchs who are split into 2 factions. It is just a matter of time before war breaks out between them. Don’t you feel like we need a lubricant kind of existence in the Alliance? He should be strong, but not too strong. It would also be best if he isn’t ambitious…” This is reasoning…


When the Lion King and Dragon Queen were distracted by the Scepter, I had plenty of opportunities to pull votes over to my side. Those underground city lords, when they came with the mindset that’since they require 80% of votes for the proposal to be approved, then even if I were to abandon my vote, the proposal wouldn’t be passed anyway’, we were destined to succeed.


“Congratulations to our new Alliance Vice-head.”


Eduar’s congratulations brought along with it an ill-intent sarcasm. Ignoring the High Priestess of the Dark Elf who is already leaning on me, the other 2 Underground Autarch on the other side is already exerting their killing intent… Normally, the more cheerful a Dark Elf seems to smile, the more ruthless they would be. No one likes it when their authority is split. No matter how well I have put it before, I have already offended all of them.


Also, the looks that a large portion of the city lords looked at us with aren’t that friendly anymore. After all, I lied to them all, even though what I said was the truth.


“However, this is what I hope to achieve.” I smile, satisfied. However, being stared at suddenly by over a thousand Legend-rank experts, the two people by the side feels uneasy.


Furthermore, a large portion of the ill-intent gazes were shot towards Annie who is sitting in the middle. After all, she is the future city lord of Liu Huang Mountain City.


“I don’t have the time to wait for Annie to mature slowly. The greater the pressure, the faster the growth. From now on, the entire city is our enemy. Endure through it! This is my test towards you.”


“Roland! Hurry up and come over to help, we have met with big trouble!! The base has been attacked by Undead Lords!!”


Suddenly, Xiao Hong’s voice rings at the back of my mind. She actually used the emergency communication and for her to require assistance against an Undead Lord, the Undead Lord is at least of the level of a Xiluo Senator.


“You won’t be gleeful for long.” Molly’s taunt flashes across my brain. In that instant, I understood what happened.


“Using the right to join in the auction or to view the Scepter to strike a deal with the Undead Senators so that they can become your fighters? Infighting isn’t allowed during the duration of the Conference, but the Undead Lords aren’t restricted by this rule. Indeed, the Underground Autarchs aren’t to be underestimated.”


I stand up, intending return to the base to back the rest up, but the Dragon Queen blocks the entrance.


“Where are you intending to go? The Conference isn’t over yet. Leaving the Conference on your accord, this isn’t very respectful to the… AYO, brat, what are you doing!”


By the side, a Dwarf lad is using its short legs to kick the Dragon Queen with all of its might. What was weird is that even though the motion of his short legs weren’t fast, the Dragon Queen was unable to avoid the kicks! The kicks landed squarely on her knees every time.


“You bad person, bullying Ah Pa, Ah Dang hit you.”


Somehow, I felt that this voice is very familiar, but I didn’t have the mood to laugh at the moment. At the same time, a premonition creeps into my heart, as though something unfortunate is going to happen to me.


“I can guarantee with my years of experience of meeting with misfortune, this feeling means that a big trouble is about to come.”


The dwarf lad raises his head, his face full of pimples and his snot flowing all the way to his chin. His 2 eyes stare intently at me. Then, he smiled foolishly at me.


“Ah Pa.”


“…Ah Dang!!” If it weren’t for his unique way of addressing me, I wouldn’t be able to connect the extremely big Abomination that I personally created with this little Dwarf in front of me…


At this moment, I hear a chilling voice from the back of my ears.


“…You even have an illegitimate son, and it is a Dwarf. Master, I have nothing to say about your tastes. May I ask you what did you do with the mother of this child? Did you abandon her? Master, you are too filthy.”