The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Butterfly


Looking at the gentle young ‘lady’ in front me, my mind is extremely troubled.


I once thought that if I really meet with important figures in history, I could act like the senior Transcenders in those novels and use the powers of a seer to win great benefits. Now that I’ve finally meet one, furthermore a really big one, I am at a loss at where I should start.


Following the mainstream views in novels, when facing important characters in history, I should either try my best to build up my relationship with her to reap rewards in the future or take the opportunity before she matures to scare her, shake her, shake her violently, sprinkle large amounts of money on her and collect this future expert as my underling…


But this kind of situation I am facing now has never appeared dimension-travelling novels! I don’t need her to repay me anything, nor do I need any new underlings. But if I were to help her without expectations of any rewards, then wouldn’t I be casually grooming a potential enemy? It seems like a silly move.


If it is a book with heavy taste, this would be a great development in the plot. I would give out 2 deviant laughter and grab for the candles and leather whip behind me. Then, reaching out my hands, I would follow up with a ‘hehe, your sister is in my hands, you know it…’. But if the story really develops in such a fashion, then Elisa and the rest who are secretly listening in outside would immediately rush in. Also, even if I had decided to sin, I don’t have the tools required… Somehow, inexplicable sadness wells up. O Great Will of the Universe, can you stop using this joke? It really hurts me so much.


Alright, if it is a story happening in a man-restricted dimension, at this moment, I would have fallen heads over heels by ‘her’ beauty and kindness, smitten by her and willing to do anything for her. In essence, becoming a subject under her skirt. In the end, depending on whether the author wants a ‘normal’ or ‘X beautiful’ story, I would either help her to regain her identity as a man or remain this way with her.


Of course, if the author’s sadistic side suddenly works up, then I might end up meeting with a series of tragedies before die. If the author comes with a story of pure love, we might even end up being childhood friends and lovers in our previous life. Then, we would meet with a series of difficulties… Seems like in that dimension, not once has the male lead have a good life.


Un, if it is a drama about fighting against the Japanese, then at this moment, we would have drawn a shotgun and ‘bang bang bang bang’, we would be rolling about while firing our guns. In the end, without a single wound or a trace of damage on our clothes, we would start engaging in hand-to-hand combat and depending on which one is the invader, the person would get torn apart before the budget runs out…
TL: This gun.


If this is a certain 8PM primetime drama of a certain country, then Victoria’s leukaemia should be acting up soon, or she would get hit by a car while walking on the street, or an evil mother-in-law would make things difficult for her. Also, if the drama manages to shoot on for a long period of time, an old doctor might even pop out and shout ‘actually you are siblings’… This ending doesn’t sound too bad, at least the one who suffers is the female lead.


If this is a certain detective show, then a scream of agony would be heard from outside now. Then, I would be able to shout proudly ‘the murderer is our midst’ and then a bunch of messy explanation. Un, this seems to be a nice way to take up the word count…




A warm voice echoes in the room. As the host, I have been standing in a daze from the moment I entered the room. This may be disrespectful, but Victoria made good use of this opportunity to assess this riddle-like man.


A bulky robe and a silver mask might have shrouded all of his features, but the heart rate, the gaze, habitual motions and even the rate at which the finger taps on the top of the desk at can reveal a lot to someone who specialises in observation.


Vicadore, no, it should be Victoria now, has confidence in her observation skills but even though 10 minutes have passed, she didn’t manage to get anything important.


“As expected of the great saint who single-handedly created the Power of Law. No heartbeat, introverted eyes and no excessive motions. He seems like withered piece of wood sitting in meditation, totally nothing can be seen about him.”


In Victoria’s mind, Wumianzhe, who maintained that eerie silence ever since entering the room, was testing her patience. While she was observing the other party, the other party was also observing her and the eyes behind the mask may seem lifeless, but it seemed to have seen through everything about her.


In the room that wasn’t very spacious, a formless pressure is getting stronger. 10 minutes later, Victoria, who can’t stand the situation any further, finally breaks the silence. This is also equivalent to admitting defeat in this competition of patience.


“Lord? You have something to discuss with me?”


As for me, I had no idea what went through the other party’s mind. But dazing away after calling someone here, it was quite disrespectful of me. I felt a little embarrassed.


“Cough, can you talk about your past? Including the part about your sister.”


In order not to get treated as a spy, Victoria won’t try to hide anything. Very soon, I authenticated my guesses that the reason why Queen Victoria (male) became the Priestess Victoria is because of my butterfly effect.


I took the time to look through the game walk through awhile before coming here. It is impossible for information on Queen Victoria, who played an important role in ‘history’, to be lacking. Then, I noticed a part which I had neglected before… Epic Hero Knight of the Moon Diana.


Yes, the Captain of the Town Order Security Team (simplified as Town Security) that I created on my interest and the silly female Knight that I always tease. According to the records of ‘history’, she would grow quickly in the future battles and become the general of the Imperial Guards and the most trusted general of Moon Queen Victoria.


“Where the bright moon reaches, all filth would be exposed. Despite her heritage as an evil female Elf Knight, she transcended the boundaries of race and skin color to become the incarnation of divinity and justice.”


Reading to this point, I was shocked, I actually changed this powerful and perfect female knight in ‘history’, through a few decades of peaceful life in Liu Huang Mountain City, into a person who shouts her cheers while going to exercise everyday punctually, makes use of the clear day to quickly dry her clothes and the naive lady who looks at new fresh tidbit and restrains herself from collecting dowry…


But personally, compared to the cold Epic Hero, I prefer this silly lass who is nice to make fun of…


Cough, looks like I went out of topic. Back to the main matter at hand… Knight of the Moon is the most trusted sword of the Moon Queen and now, the reason is apparent. As his only blood-related sister, it is natural for him to trust her totally.


From Victoria’s words, I roughly organised all of the reasons for this current situation. If that Moon Queen has a Legend-rank sister following him about, even the ‘lowly males’ can grow and mature properly in the Syfan family through coming into contact with magic and important knowledge of the outside world. Facing the harsh present and future, he toughens his determination to change everything. As a male Dark Elf is destined to be unable to climb up the ladder of power, he disguised as a female and with his sister’s help, he manages to build up his own power and starts to rise in power…


But now, due to the escape of his sister, he became the abandoned child of the family. From the lack of flexibility of his flesh, Victoria obviously lacks the talent to become a warrior and becoming a Mage requires money, an astronomical amount of money. It would already be good if the poor and weak Vicadore was able to prevent that little pocket money he has from getting snatched away, so how was it possible for him to come into contact with magic? In addition to that, he lacks strength, resulting in his place in the family getting lower and lower.


“Hehe, it is actually kind of funny now that I think of it. If I didn’t transform into a girl due to the God’s punishment and awaken my talent to the Divine Arts, I might have become a bed toy of some Matriach. However, a small Silver-rank Priestess is still a toy in the face of those influential figures. Lord, I am your property now. So, what do you intend for me to do?”


There is traces of worry within the smile of the ‘young lady’, but her delicateness made her seem more pretty and feminine. The soft voice that sounds almost like a pleading can incite a man’s desire to dominate. In the instant, I recalled the small drama that played in my brain.


“Hehe, your sister is in my hands, you know it… I’m sorry, I accidentally used the wrong words.” This face is really too dangerous, I accidentally almost said all of my heartfelt words out…


Looking at the door, there seems to be movement. Fortunately, I stopped in time, so they didn’t rush in.


“Then, you…”


At this point, I was a little vexed. My initial decision was to stay as far as possible from such a dangerous existence. But Victoria is the future Moon Queen in ‘history’, the potential in her strength and influence is something cannot be doubted. If I were to just leave her to rot, it would really be a pity.


Turning the Epic Hero to a naive woman was enough, if I were to change this Female Queen into a rice bug, it would be seriously a waste.
TL: Naive woman -> The word used for woman here describes her as being manly/ having heroic spirit


“Just follow your sister for now. But, we don’t keep idle people here. What are you skilled at? I will help you look for a job.”


“…A male Dark Elf’s must-know techniques to serve their father. Actually, it is useful on both males and females… My evaluation in this aspect is very high and now that you are my master, if you have requests, I…” At this point, the ‘young lady’ lowers her head embarrassed, the blush extending all the way to the ears as her face brought about the look of spring. Her Elf ears quivered, adding on to her cuteness. This is already a rare show of restraint among the Dark Elves, but…


“Please excuse me!” I stand up and walks towards the wall. Then… I knocked on it with great strength.


“Pah pah pah!” The entire mansion shakes and not long later, this kind of earthquake would happen multiple times in this small camp. Fellow male brethren would look at the swelling of their friends and flash an understanding smile.


“He is a male, Roland, you must endure it! Even if she is the prettiest one you have met, but he is still a male! Even if her physical body is a female, but he is still a male! You, Roland, are definitely not a gay! Definitely not!”


After chanting silently in my heart, I offered my boundless sympathy to the King of the Winter Wolves… Looking at such a face everyday coupled with such a cute personality, it is simply too easy to walk down the wrong path…


“Alright, let’s continue on. What are you skilled in? Don’t bother talking about Lorci’s stuffs.”


“But… Lord, is your head okay?”


“It’s fine, continue on.”


Looking at this ridiculous man whose head turned more than 200 degree and was crooked at the neck, Victoria can only exclaim in her heart ‘Lord Wumianzhe is really incredible. Even when his neck is crooked to that angle where a normal man should have long died, he seems not to be in pain at all.’


“I am not very good at interrogation and poisoning, the instructor said that I didn’t have much talent in them. However, for history, strategies and military affairs, I am the best in the entire academy. In fact, I am probably the best in the entire Morsblight City.”


Hearing this, I started to pay more attention. Her strengths in analysing history and military stratagem just might just be the best in the entire Dark Elf race. Then, I would have really picked up a treasure this time.


“Then, help me to analyse the situation of the current Underground Alliance.”


“That… Yongye Scepter should be a ploy that Lord set up, right?”




I personally sent this Yongye Scepter over, causing Shou to be under immense pressure to the extent that he even almost fell out with Molly. Following the flow of time, trouble will keep coming. This is obviously a trap for him, so saying that it is a ploy that I set up isn’t wrong. If he only analysed this much, then I must say that the Moon Queen might really be have been blown away by the wings of the butterfly.


“Then, Lord, are you intending on attacking Dragon Queen Molly? If that is what you are intending, please give up. You are underestimating the Underground Autarchs. This is a trap that they have set up!”