The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Fracture


In the southwest suburb of Vance City, there is a wall and a small castle. This is where the mercenaries of a wealthy Gray Dwarf merchant used to station.


In the underground world where the powerful thrives through exploiting the weak, money is often forced to make dealings with strength and wealthy merchants are often not too far from having a big army. But, it is a pity that the mercenary team that the Gray Dwarf chose to hire was a little too ambitious. In less than 3 months of being employed, they got rid of their boss and escaped with his money.


Afterwards, this land was purchased at a cheap price by another merchant. This merchant has trade dealings with Liu Huang Mountain City so he sold it to us at a slightly higher price.


Personally, I like this piece of land a lot. It might be a little too far from the heart of the city and the land around it is quite remote. But to us, who have quite a bit of enemies in the city, it is actually a good thing.


At least, no one would be hurt in the traps set up by the Hunters and Mages and the landmines happily set by the Gnomes.




“Un, it was indeed the right choice, Otherwise, these frequent explosions would disturb the neighbors.”


After hearing the explosions that I have gotten used to, I nodded my head as I looked at the 70% done Gnomes whose souls were floating out of their body.


Looking down, I casually ignored the 2 naked man who just flew past… Eaglestorm who grew a pair of wings + Xueti who is riding on him.


Should I exclaim at Eaglestorm’s powers? Despite Body Transformation being a high level technique that only few of the Great Druids who specialise in Transmogrification can use, but he used it to give himself a human body to spread his teachings of not wearing clothes.


“Wowowowowo! I am the king of the world!!”


Alright, looking at the Tauren, he was slapping his chest and shouting loudly in the air. He is simply too much of an eyesore to ignore, so…


I picked up a round-shaped Gnome landmine and threw it over like a frisbee.


The frisbee made a perfect curve but Eaglestorm’s sharp eyes notices the sudden attack. By tilting his body slightly, he easily dodges the attack.


“Haha, you missed!!” That dumb cow didn’t know that his identity was long exposed by me and still shakes his butt towards me, flinging his bird…


“Using that ‘King of the world’ as the target, test the might of the fixed cannon towers and the Gnome’s hand grenades, fire!”


After passing down an order to the engineers and firers, I turn around and leaves. As I expected, the screams of agony of the 2 fools could be heard for a long time.


Hmph, to dare to show your bird in front of me… Anyway they are Legend-rank and their tough enough, they won’t die even if they fall down directly. It is a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of our defense devices.”


“Yes, Lord!” Truthfully, my words were excessive. To an engineer, as long as there is a chance to try out their treasures, why would they be worried about the life and death of their lab rats.


3 Gnome cannons continuously fires and the Gnome firer’s hand grenades never stopped. ‘Suoooooo‘ and multiple rockets fly towards the sky…


While a large portion of people looked skeptically at the rise of engineering, perhaps due to my interests as a Transcender from a foreign world, I made Liu Huang Mountain City support the development of engineering.


In current times, due to the presence of many engineering master, Liu Huang Mountain City has become the sacred land of engineering for the entire underground world.


This time, in order to sustain those ‘Rolands’, I brought all of the engineers to make up for the incident previously. With the help of the engineers, the last-minute defense system is currently being renewed at the speed of 3 times a day… Seems like I accidentally used the wrong phrase, but it is enough as long as the meaning is there.
TL: He used the phrase that the authors normally use to promise their readers to public _ amount of chapter each day and the phrase means 3 chapter a day.


Cough, after researching the engineering system of this world carefully, I realised that their energy source is still mainly derived from the energy crystals found within magic beasts. The fossil fuels are still a few centuries too early before it can be truly used. In that instant, I knew that it was impossible for engineering to hit it big in a short period of time.


Why? It is just the basic conservation of energy. If you want to move a giant device that is sufficient to kill a top-tier magic beast, you must first use the magic crystal of a top-tier magic beast… The Titan Heart and other kinds of permanent energy source cannot be mass produced. On top of the unrefined usage of fossil fuels by Gnomes, the negative view in most people’s mind that engineering = explosion also makes it difficult for engineering to be spread around the world.


At the same time, there is a ruckus at the doorstep. I walked there and saw the familiar Dracon, Beifeng.Herault. He is currently carrying a sack with something struggling within, intending to sneak in… But it is a pity that the Dark Elf Knights wouldn’t let such an obvious criminal act go and had him surrounded tightly.


“Let go of that horse!!”


2 hoofs were exposed from the struggling in the sack.


“…I am a Centaur, not a horse! Right, is there anyone outside? Save me! Save me! There is a kidnapper here!”


“Hey hey, Town Security ladies, I am just following the teachings of my instinct and fulfilling my role as a Hunter by bringing a prey back. This isn’t a district under your control so you can’t dictate my actions right.”


In a moment, the Town Security was at a loss of words. From a certain sense, they really do not have the authority to carry out the law in this city.


Looking at this perverted Hunter who is good at debating, I couldn’t help but to think of the new perverse meter created by the Town Security — Beifeng meter, and my head starts to hurt.


“There are too many perverts in Liu Huang Mountain City but Beifeng’s pervert meter cannot be matched, so he became a SI unit for perverse. The Beifeng meter is decided by a vote from everyone. As he is hated by everyone, he is known as 1 Beifeng. The one that always flirts with female nobles, The Moving Obscenity, only has half of his hate ballots, so she is 0.5 Beifeng. The explosion maniacs brother is 0.6 Beifeng, that ugly eagle hooked-nose (Eaglestorm) is 0.8 Beifeng, that Tauren who always strips naked is 0.1 Beifeng…”


“Wait, even though they are both perverts with a fetish for nude running, why is there such a great disparity between them?”


Hmph, it is hateful how he brings it out and flings it about despite not having the capital.”


Their answer made me sweat profusely.


“Also, don’t just look at how gruff he looks, that Tauren is actually quite obedient. He doesn’t retaliate when you hit him, he doesn’t even scold you back when you insult him. He is fit and can undergo beatings, fulfilling all the standards of a good man in our heart. Actually, many girls in our team are interested in him. If he could get rid of his bad habit of stripping naked, he might be even more popular. After all, no one who wish for their own property (male) to be exposed in the public…”


Fine, should I say as expected of Dark Elves? At that time, I tried to test them a little…


“Then, what about Roland?”


“10 Beifeng! I’m sorry, I know that he has dealings with the legal system and you hope to spare him. But whenever we think of him, everyone starts to grind their teeth in resentment and finally, we decided to give him the highest value!”


“…10 Beifeng huh. Hehe, then what about number 2? 5 Beifeng?”


“Of course it is Beifeng himself 1 Beifeng! Hmph, that bones must be a pervert whose head got dunked in water, otherwise why would he keep doing things that harm others and don’t benefit himself.”


Fine, the moment I recalled of the fact that I was seen as a 10 Beifeng dumbass whose head is dunked in water while the silly cow on top is only 0.1 Beifeng and popular among the girls, my anger seems to rise from somewhere…


“Engineers, if you all are unable to shoot him down, then you all will be confined as a group. If you hit them down, they will be confined instead. Put in more effort, I want to see results before lunch.”


Alright, the moment that my voice echoes out, the firepower is increased by more than 3 times. At the same time, I walked slowly to the side of the Dracon who was still standing triumphantly.


“You lot, did you all turn dumb from reading too much codex? Indeed, this is not the district under your control, but you all aren’t enforcers here too. Since you all came in your own capacity as an individual, there is no one here to interfere with you all. What is the point of considering so much when you want to beat someone up?”


Beifeng is indeed alert and just when I finished my sentence, he was already ready to make a run for it.


“Incantation of Law: Judgement, Incantation of Law: Stripping of Freedom.”


As expected, Beifeng who had just done a kidnapping turned light red and was immediately stopped on the spot by the Incantation of Law.


“Beat him up!”


Maybe my commands were excessive. The Town Security whose hatred was exploding immediately swarms in. Those who are kicking were already considered mild, there are those using whips and shovels… Looks like, the rule in Liu Huang Mountain City preventing the abuse of those captured had the Town Security quite frustrated from restraining themselves.


A fight bursts out here and instead, I look worriedly at my quest board.


“Daily quest: Set your dogs out to hurt others. Order your subordinates to surround and beat up people who you find an eyesore. The stronger the target, the more vicious the beating, the better the reward. Current progress: 2/3… Hero, did you think that as a Demon King, I won’t have my loyal lackeys? If you want to face me, first get rid of my underlings the Left and Right Guardians 3 Sky Gods 4 Heavenly Kings 5 Gold Warriors 6 Protectors 7 Arhats 8 Sky Dragons. Hahaha, I will be waiting for you at the 99th floor of the labyrinth.”
TL: References to Buddhism, can’t find the exact English wordings


“There is still one more lacking, who should I look for? Forget it, anyone will do. With these bunch of perverts, do I still need to be afraid of being unable to find a reason to beat someone up?”


“Thank… Thank you. But, can you be responsible for me?”


A shy voice resounds by my side, but the content was unbelievably explosive. Even the Town Security forgot to beat up Beifeng and the Gnome cannon firers stopped from the shock.


“What, what, what, responsible? Me?”


Fortunately, the mask covers my expression. Otherwise, everyone could see my silly look from my old lower jaw bone falling down.


Looking carefully, it seems that I recognise her.


“You… from that day?”


“Great! Lord, you still remember me. All because of you, I lost my most precious thing that day.”


A golden-colored horse tail sways along with the wind. The other half of the horse body is still in the sack but the redness of her embarrassment extends all the way to her neck.


“Lord… Can you be responsible for me… I don’t request a lot, as long as I have sufficient food, I don’t mind sleeping by the corridors.”


Vaguely, I feel that the gazes from my back has changed from respect to one looking at trash.


“She is so small… It can’t be that Lord is also a special product from Liu Huang Mountain City — Pervert.”


“Furthermore, a centaur. Her lower body is a horse. So his taste is the same as Beifeng’s. No wonder Lord couldn’t find a girlfriend in Liu Huang Mountain City and fools around the moment he comes out.”


Hmph, Momo’s perfect image of him in my heart has crumbled, how disappointing. I thought Lord was cool but I didn’t expect him to be a pervert as well. What’s more, a hypocrite who pretends to be righteous. Hate meter explodes! At least 0.9 Beifeng!”


“This… Actually we shouldn’t comment too much about his private relationship. Lord is a male after all, so he has the freedom to choose who he loves. However, messing around in the start and abandoning her afterwards is wrong!” The Town Security Captain Diana is understanding like always, but I really don’t need this kind of interpretation.


Huala!” Hearing the sound of the movement of ropes, I immediately lowered my head. Not surprisingly, a cold magic wire flies past slightly above my head.


Hmph! Master, do you like Phoebe or iron? Let me book for you in advance.”
TL: Phoebe


“I don’t need a coffin!!” Even if Elisa doesn’t point out what these materials refer to, but the frost on her face, the blood veins on her pretty face and those endless wires that were furiously twisting about is sufficient to tell everything.


“Such a picky customer. Then, just die on the cross on the fields. Not only is it environmentally friendly, we can also make good use of trash as a scarecrow to get rid of pests.”


Under Elisa’s summons, countless ice form from the solidification of water vapor, turning into wires that brings about death. As for me, I can only dodge frantically.


“Centaur lass! I promise you! I promise you everything and I will be responsible. Help me explain quickly!!”


“Great! Lord, since you are willing to provide Anya with a job, Anya will work very hard for you. Ahhh, ever since I lost my job because you of, Lord, I really didn’t know what to do. It was fortunate that you were willing to provide me with a job.”






After shouts of surprise, from the explanations of the Centaur girl, everyone finally understands that it is just a misunderstanding.


The one before me who is speaking shyly and even playing with her horse tail is Centaur Anya, the unlucky fellow who lost his job after I caused a scene in the Platinum Order Auction House. She, who viewed her first job in life as the most precious thing to her, naturally can’t forget about me who caused her to lose it.


“…That, initially, on the afternoon 2 days ago, I found a job in a restaurant as a waitress. But, a Holy Knight caused a scene there, saying that she wants to arrest a criminal. In the end, she broke tables and chairs in her fight and ran away. In the end, the boss said that I failed to stopped them and even wanted me to pay… Those Elf Holy Knights are so fierce, how could I have stopped them.”


Holy Knights? Furthermore, Elf Holy Knights? This isn’t Liu Huang Mountain City, so I turned my gaze to the Town Security and unsurprisingly, that lass named Momo was intending to sneak away.


“Capture her!” Alright, a few seconds later, there is another dumpling on the floor that is mumbling to herself. “This is too much. How could it be my mistake to punish those slave traders, Momo isn’t wrong.”


“Yesterday afternoon, I found another job in the bath house… But, it was so scary! A bunch of naked perverts rushed in to bathe and after bathing, they ran out naked again. Furthermore, they didn’t pay any money and scared away all of the customers. The boss blamed me for not stopping them again and I lost my job once more…


I silently focused my gaze on those engineers. In the next instant, the firepower tripled once more.


“Yesterday afternoon, I found another job as a servant at the Lion King Residence. But, several hours later, I met with misfortune once more. It was so scary, a very beautiful big sister suddenly rushes in, saying that she wants to borrow the scepter to take a look. My boss refused and they actually started to fight. In the end, half of the Lion King Residence was destroyed.”


“Is that big sister black-haired red-eyed and there is a dragon tattoo-like insignia on her left face?” That centaur girl’s story is simply too legendary that even Xiao Hong came over to listen. But at this point, she suddenly asks seriously.


“Dragon Empress?”


After receiving confirmation, Xiao Hong smiles and her smile was full of malice.


“It is her. Hehe, borrowing Yongye Scepter to take a look? This can only be used to fool a kid. The 3rd reason commonly used by the Dragon Tribe’s for extortion ‘Borrow me that so that I can take a look, I’m just going to take a look’… If if you really lent her that scepter, then you can be prepared to never get it back.”


“The 3rd? Then what are the first 2?”


“I heard that there is a beautiful princess in your home, I heard that the boy in your home is destined to become a dragon-slaying hero…”


“Then, wouldn’t there be a reason to extort from both guys and girls… Who created them? How exquisite! Truly a genius.”


“Of course it is me who was born smart and pretty. But it is a pity that those idiots wouldn’t admit. I was obviously the one who created it but everyone just used it.”


“Ha, there are some things that can be done and not said. Now that you said it out directly, naturally, their pride cannot accept it. However, since the fragile alliance of the Dragon Empress and Beastman Sovereign is starting to fracture, the Dragon Empress should have came alone… Un, pass the message to Kajah and Eduar. Maybe, today’s 3rd dog will be quite strong and I would be able to reap great rewards from my daily quest.”