The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Crossing Sword


From the very start, it is just a small young sprout.


As the dew drips down, the silver sprout begins to grow gradually. Its branches extend and silver leaves started to unfurl towards the heavens…


Afterwards, the buds of flowers begin to awaken. It, no, she stretches her back and a thin veil begins to form, turning into beautiful petals one after another.


Its slow growing phase was completed in just a short few seconds. Unfortunately, the one that bloomed isn’t a true rose but an ice rose on the finger of a young lady.


“Ice Creation, Rose Garden.”


Lightly pinching on the branch of the rose, the leaves and flower petals floats away with the wind. Hidden under the calm tone is explicit killing intent. Behind Elisa’s back is an entire garden of silver roses and rewinding just a few seconds before, it was an empty plot of land devoid of life.


Every single rose is exquisite to perfection. Every branch and leaf vein seems to be trembling and breathing, as though it really has a life. Just looking at its silver chilling qualities, it shows apparently that it is a product of magic.


A wind blows… No, the air is still calm, it is just those roses that played the part of being blown by a wind. Countless rose petals float along the wind, becoming sharp knives in the wind.


“Killing Intent: Dancing with Roses.”


This may seem like a serene and beautiful sight, but it is a fatal trap that takes away lives. From the start, there wasn’t any wind here. Those rose petals that seemed to be floating in the wind are in reality, knives of ice controlled by the Mage.


Every single petal of that ice rose may seem soft and weak, but it is incomparably sharp. It can even cut through plate mails.


Every single ice blade is targeted towards one target… It is that fiery red giant egg.


Countless cold flower petals attacks the giant egg, but the moment it comes close to its body, the tiny petals vaporise instantly.


But Elisa didn’t give up. With a snap of her fingers, another 3 roses bloom in the air. It frantically absorbs ice mana to strengthen itself and the result of the flower petals gathering the magic is that the ice branches begins to mature…. Looks like she is gathering her magic to throw a big one in.


“Aiya, to force out the Little Cradle so fast. Your family’s Elisa really isn’t simple at all. Compared to the immature Annie, it really is a strength that completely suppresses hers. Did you teach her that? It really is beautiful, I didn’t expect you still have a technique like this. But, if I didn’t sense wrongly, her killing intent is real? She really wants to get rid of Annie?”


It is impossible for Xiao Hong to mistake it with her eyes. She is phrasing it this way just not to make things awkward for me.


I shook my head. I knew her meaning, how was it possible for my Ice Magic to be so exquisite…


“No. You know that my understanding towards magic is very simple and violent…”


“Gather magic power and blast him. If you can’t destroy him, gather more magic to blast him. If you still can’t get him, blast his outer shell a few more times, then gather firepower towards his core. To tell the truth, your declaration then made me and Magaret speechless. Your understanding towards magic stopped at the stage of a cannon stand and your understanding towards Elemental Magic stopped at colors. Your control towards element is also so rough and you totally ignore the properties of elements. I really can’t comprehend it, how did you become a SemiGod Undead Mage?”


“Of course it is relying on the golden fingers of the system, as long as my strength is there, rank is not a problem!” Fine, I won’t say this kind of truthful words.


The talents of humans tend towards the good. Outstanding talent towards the Power of Order (Holy Light, Law are all lower concepts under the Power of Order) and swordsmanship talent has already made me easily become an ace among the knights. When I converted to dark magic, I had difficulty grasping the ideas of dark magic. But, Necromancy is obviously a lower concept below the Power of Chaos, but I was able to comprehend and use it easily, which shows that my aptitude towards the Power of Chaos isn’t that bad either and this was already very hard to come by.


As for controlling Elemental Magic exquisitely, is simply blasting magic power over a mistake? The simpler it is, the more basic and powerful it is. Back then, when I invented ‘Ice Aeon’, which left its mark as an extremely powerful Forbidden Spell in history, its original principle was still using magic power to blast the enemy, except that its mana consumption is much more outrageous…


Elemental Magic originate from the Ancient Elemental Gods so going by logic, it should belong to the Chaos faction. But due to its outstanding destructive powers and the low requirements to learn it, it became the one of the mainstream magic between the 2 factions.


“Hmph, the understanding of other people’s view towards Elemental Magic are the wrong one… Fine, don’t look at me like this. I know that I suck at that aspect, you are a master of Wind and Fire, well recognised Fire expert, so don’t bully this Ice Mage rookie.”


“No, don’t put yourself down. Your skills may suck but as your mana is pure and your storage capacity is humongous, you are, on the contrary, extremely scary when it comes to releasing Forbidden Spell-level magic. But your disciple went the exact different road form you. Her control over magic even allowed her to carve the veins of the leaf. The rose blades is indeed very creative, but due to its exquisiteness, it is weak and fragile, so she seemed to have went overboard to.”


“She is a Fire Elemental Demon after all. Even if she had studied Ice Magic for nearly a century, but the amount of Ice mana that she can accumulate is limited. You also know, the only Ice magic that I do know are those big magics. When though they aren’t difficult to grasp, but they have a high requirement on the mana capacity. She is unable to utilise the higher-level magic and Forbidden Spells, so she spent a lot of effort on Ice Creation and related magic which I don’t specialise in. But the results seem to be quite good.”


Xiao Hong and I chatted while at the same, keeping our guards up to be ready to strike out at any time to prevent any serious injuries from occurring.


Initially, Annie had already decided to go out to gain some experience in real battle. When she learnt that Elisa is also a Gold pinnacle Mage, Annie challenged her and the sight before me is also within expectations.


They may both be Gold pinnacle but with the accumulation of hundred years of experience, Elisa was able to have an overwhelming advantage over her and very swiftly, she forced Annie into the Little Cradle stage.


“Pah!” Which a snap of her fingers, the 3 roses which have gathered sufficient magic power bursts open and the fragments, as sharp as knife, rotates as it flies towards the giant egg.




Before the ice fragments hit it, following a roar, the giant fire egg bursts open and the flames spread in all directions. At the same time, a 3-meter big Phoenix flies to the sky.


“The Little Cradle absorbs and stores its power until its limit before exploding into a Phoenix Strike, Adam’s classical shameless battle strategy. In the Fire Phoenix form, Annie’s high body temperature can easily melt any ice, the incompatibility in elements is too obvious. Looks like your student Elisa is going to lose.”


I smiled in reply. “She won’t lose. Why don’t we bet something, like that red gem defense accessory in your treasure vault.


Xiao Hong also smiles, “I’m not betting. After so many years, is there any single bet you lose in?”


I tried my best to recall and realised that that it was true I haven’t really lost in a bet… Without a 100% chance at victory, I refuse to bet. Even if I am forced into it, I would definitely cheat and if I were to really lose, of all odds, I would probably refuse to pay.


Xiao Hong’s had decided not to bet but the scene that unfurled before her eyes made her regret her decision a bit.


The Phoenix flies to the highest point and after a sharp roar, it starts swiping down. At the same time, Elisa didn’t stop her attacks but in the face of the burning Phoenix, the countless ice splints, ice spears and ice awl melted into water even before it could touch her.


Facing immense danger in front of her, Elisa was extremely calm. Her both hands twirl around in the air and the water vapor that was gathered earlier instantly solidifies and countless ice threads tied the Phoenix in place.


“You, cannot tie Annie down!!”


Following Annie’s declaration and burst of strength, the ice threads melt continuously and Elisa could only continuously form new threads in exchange to seal the Phoenix’s motion. It has already come to a critical period of their duel, it is the harmony of Fire and Ice, a dance between the two young ladies.


When Elisa finally finish weaving her web, sealing Annie within, a familiar call of the Phoenix rings out and fire begins to burst in all direction again before forming back into a Fire Phoenix which begins its charge once more.


“A second Cradle? Little Annie sure learns fast.”


This time, after using the formless web of water vapor is gone, Elisa no longer has any methods of stopping her.


When magic is ineffective in stopping her, facing Annie who was charging in at high speed, Elisa had nowhere to retreat to.


“The Warrior has closed in on the Mage, Elisa has lost. Ahhhhhh, I knew I should have bet with you. Were you just faking it just now?”


“No, if you really bet with me this time, you would have lost. For sure!”


Xiao Hong was on the verge of asking something but the next scene that she saw left her in shock.


Towards the charging Phoenix, Elisa actually took in a deep breath of air and opens her arms, getting ready to catch her.


“That charge of that Fire Phoenix Transformation is actually the God Sword Blessing of the Phoenix, she is seeking death!” Xiao Hong was intending to terminate this duel but I stoped her. “Don’t underestimate Elisa.”


“Tssssssssssssssss!” That is the familiar sound of meat being grilled on a metal plate. Most probably, her both hands are already cooked but Elisa, seeming to feel nothing, threw away her staff, pulls in her stomach while sticking out her chest, draws her right hand behind and punches!


“Dang!” This fist actually gave a sound like the metal pole hitting the bell.
TL: Metal pole hitting the bell -> This


While everything was still shaking, the Elemental Barrier of the Phoenix scatters and a red-haired young lady who was turning her head around appears from within…


What happen afterwards is an one-sided slaughter.


“Arm lock, throwing techniques, grabbing the enemy’s hand while hugging their legs and sending a hook, metal plate crush, neck-pulling and the Hell’s great rotation… Aren’t these those weird fighting techniques of yours?
TL: All attacking techniques and really no idea what it means so I’m just going to directly translate word for word.


“Please call it self-defense skills of a Mage. These are precious fighting techniques that came from another world.


Un, calling it wrestling techniques aren’t wrong too…


At this point, Annie’s arm has been locked in a ? position and can only pat the ground to surrender. The winner is already determined, and it is Elisa’s complete victory.


“So that’s how it is, half-demon huh? What fearsome brute strength.”


“Yes, this brute strength is sufficient to compete with DemiDragons. You haven’t seen her sweep yet. With just a light sweep, she can send the entire sofa flying. Then, she would take my secret money stash and treats it as the wages that I owe her…


Fine, seems like I accidentally exposed something but this isn’t the main point now.


“She hasn’t demonstrated her battle prowess in mid to near range combat when she gathers all of her steel wires mixed together with ice wires. Have you forgotten that she is a fire element half-demon? She has astonishing immunity towards fire damage. Also, coupled with her ice magic that is effective against fire magic and her outstanding close combat skills, she is Annie’s nemesis.”


“You seem to be very delighted?”


“Of course I am delighted. My disciple just beat Adam’s disciple. She might have certain advantages due to clashes in their attributes, but doesn’t this mean that my ability to teach is above that of Adam’s?


“Hah, she is a shared disciple between you and Magaret.


Finally, after watching the entire battle by the side, Lily couldn’t take it any longer and interrupts.


“Madam Lorci’s envoy has already waited for 2 days. May I ask when does my Lord has the free time to meet her?”


“No hurry, Dark Elves all have cheap bones. If you try talk to them nicely, they won’t listen to you. Leave her be for 2 days, until she understands her situation.”


Hearing that, despite the fact that I was obviously slandering her own brethren, Diana and Yawen who was standing beside Lily nods their head vehemently.


“I heard that it was a Matriach of a middle-class family, so it is more unlikely for them to interact obediently. In my opinion, we should at least leave her for half a month.”


It isn’t the first time I am trying to communicate with the Dark Elf Nobles so I am quite experienced. If these female nobles are Lorci’s Priestess, that would make them even more difficult to deal with. In the eyes of Lorci’s Priestesses and Dark Elf Matriachs, there are only 2 types of males in all races. A slave with a master and a wild-born slave that is temporarily without a master…


I don’t even to have to see her to know that the envoy would immediately use a tone of as though doing charity towards me, choking people to death the instant she opens her mouth.


“Males, may the light shine upon your head (This is one of the most venomous curse of the Dark Elves), our female goddess has sent her will and you must…”


Basically, socialising with Dark Elves will become a one-sided affair of them giving orders. It is one thing if you agree, but if it is war straight if you refuse to agree. This kind of eccentric socializing method makes it highly possible for discussions to fall through… However, Dark Elves basically don’t need to socialise. They spend most of their time fighting. In a way, being able to socialise means that the other party has recognised your strength. At the very least, fighting would not be beneficial.


I can guarantee that the Dark Elves still think that we owe them a favor… Why? Back when the 2 Underground Autarchs attacked, by not joining in and stabbing us in the back, in the bizarre values of the Dark Elves, just by not causing further harm, it can already be considered as an outstanding act of kindness.


This situation is sort of like a test. If the proud envoy still managed to get VIP treatment, this means that you have something to plead them for. Then, they would propose absurd conditions in exchange.


So, to interact with Dark Elves, time and patience cannot be lacking. Whoever who takes the initiative to negotiate would be at a disadvantage right from the start.


But, if we are competing in terms of patience… Hehe, I am a very patient person. It is best to wait until the envoy of the last Underground Autarch is here so that everyone can start the haggling together.


In this instant, from the other side of the field, a group of Dark Elf Justice Knights ran here. They are wearing a thin shirts and are barefooted. Yet, they carry a heavy chain mail and were shouting a fearsome chant as they walked past us…


Do you feel like the scene is a bit familiar? That is how I punished Diana from the start.


Seeing my questioning eyes, Diana replies slight embarrassed.


“The punishment was tough but after I reached my limits, I felt like my powers reached a new peak. This kind of carrying weights barefooted drills is very effective in training one’s will and pushing one’s body to the limit. Thus, I promoted this sort of training method in the team. Then, 2 comrades who were stuck at Silver pinnacle broke into the Gold-rank right after their first try.”


Gratitude could be seen from her beautiful eyes but I didn’t feel the happiness. Instead, I asked worriedly.


“I am not asking about this, your chant…”


“Oh, that, ‘one two one two, train hard, three four three four, catch Roland, five six five six, boil Roland soup, seven eight seven eight, save our dowry’. That was created by the lass Momo, reminding us that we must remember our goals.”


“The others are still okay but dowry? Are you all in such a rush to marry someone? Then why did you all reject the advances of the Knights in the city?”


“Oh, you are misunderstanding something. This dowry is a slang word we are used to saying. You see, we, Dark Elves, don’t have the same concept of marriage as other races. Finding a companion, isn’t it still marrying a man? In our slang, ‘dowry’ refers to ‘marrying a man’s money’, which is equal to your so-called treasuring a wife for money.”
TL: A bit hard to translate, treasured wife’s money (???????) -> ??? means something to be cherished while ??? refer to men who marry women for money.


Speechless, my head swayed.


“I respect the customs of different tribes, so I still can accept it. But, isn’t Roland…”


Before I can finish my words, the two Dark Elves Captain’s faces were full of frost…


“Two times, our house, our salary and properties that took us so much difficulty to accumulate. Lord, just this thing, I can’t give it up. I must account to my sisters!!”


Alright, there is nothing more to say. Looks like this crime is mine to carry.