The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 25: Judgement


Ever since Goddess Eich created the world, when Goddess of Order Astrya and Goddess of Chaos Cynthia created the first generation of dwellers, the war between Order and Chaos became the unending theme of this world.


When the 2 equally powerful Goddess overexerted themselves and fell into a deep slumber concurrently, the remains of their creations continued the war for them. After the Gold Tribe and Sulfur Race fought each other to extinction, the Moon Elves, representing the Silver Tribe and the Giants, representing the Mercury Race, continued the war of their beliefs.


This war had been unending ever since the inception of the world.


When the Order suppresses the Chaos, a relatively stable era of Order begins whereas if the Chaos manages to reign supreme, then the Chaos era of pandemonium begins. A change in era could represent the rise and fall of innumerable races.


The future 7 Hells are more or less related to this eternal war. Or rather, it could even be considered an extension of the eternal war.


After the 2nd generation Goddesses fell into a deep sleep after their fight, such that some of them say that they are dead, a subordinate God of Astrya, the God of Light, also the god who singlehandedly created the Holy Light, became the core of the 3rd generation Order gods.


Of course, just like every powerful people who gets on the throne via luck, the short life-span humans praises the greatness of Holy Light but forgot the might and power of the previous dominant generation.


As for the Chaos faction, I apologise but due to the fact that they regard violence and freedom as a virtue, they have yet to decide on a boss… But their absolute power had always been a tier higher than the Order faction. After all, in the Chaos camp where power reigns supreme, the weak cannot survive.


Furthermore, when the first generation children of Order, the Angel Civilisation became a historical phrase and the remaining angels became the servants of god, the first generation Demons of Chaos still continues their merry-making in the Abyss and occasionally, they cause some trouble on the surface as well.


It is to the extent that despite having only 7 Main Gods on the Order Faction, the Chaos Faction has a total of 13 Main God-level existence. If they were to unite together, perhaps only the Goddess of Chaos Cynthia would appear in the world once more.


Fine, this is the basic setting of Eich’s Hell. In the game, there are 2 main faction, Order and Chaos. Every gamer, before their descent, must choose one of the two and the choice is permanent, unless you delete your character and start all over again.


The war between the 2 parties had been brought all the war to today. Each of them have tasted victory and for most of the time, it was the Order Faction that was slightly on the upper hand


Maa, everyone understands the reason. Since it is the primitive and barbaric laws of jungle and one person can never remain the strongest, then on what basis that it is you who should be sitting on the throne and not me? Alright, it ends up in an internal strife and when battling outsiders, they try to drag each other’s feet. Finally, despite looking strong, once they go all out, they all go down together.


The Sulfur Race and Golden Tribe are exceptionally strong. Even the weakest of their grown individual is at minimum gold-rank and above and their sovereigns aren’t any weaker than true gods. Due to the nature of the Chaos faction, the more battle experienced Chaos beings tend to be slightly stronger than their Order counterparts despite being in the same tier.


Even so, they are still equals in war. Eventually, after many wars, 90% and above of the Sulfur Tribes and Golden Tribes fell in battle. The Elemental Dragons and Metal Dragons, seeing the threat of the extinction of their species, were unwilling to continue acting as fodder for the war, so they started walking together to form the Dragon Tribe today which have distanced themselves from this eternal ‘Sacred War’.


Under the perseverance of the gods of both faction to fight on… The high-tier Elves replicated their body structure to create the Wood Elves, Moon Elves, Night Elves, Silver Elves and similar kinds of Elf tribes. Even the Angels have created the first generation of Mountainous Human Tribe. These tribes, in their grown form, at minimum have a battle power of silver-rank and thus, they were named the Silver Tribe.


Naturally, when there is an injection of new blood on one faction while the other station’s population were gradually dwindling due to war, the scales of war began to tilt.


Then, the Sulfur Race who weren’t adept in creationism found their own solution.


The Demons, through offering strength, longevity and knowledge as incentives, managed to successfully get the first generation of humans, the Mountainous Tribes, to join the Chaos faction. Now, they are known as the dwellers of the Abyss of Hell — Devils.


After the incident, the Devils and Demons started an endless bloodshed to vie for the crown of evil, making the demons incomparably regretful of their decision then. But again, it was their fall to depravity that strengthened the battle power of the Chaos Faction significantly back then.


After tasting the sweetness, they successfully lured Fallen Angels, Red Dragons, Black Dragons, Fire Giants and Giant Devils to join their faction. These new races formed the Mercury Tribe and became the arch-enemy of the Silver Tribe.


The betrayal of the 1st intelligent humans, the Mountainous Tribes caused the Order gods to purge the 1st generation of humans, which created the possibility for the birth of a 2nd generation of humans, which is the human society now.


But this generation of humans were created with the idea of fodder in mind.


Compared to the other tribes in the past, they are extremely weak individually and their lifespan is exceptionally short. What the creator was hoping to make was just fodder which can’t cause much damage even if they turn their back against them.


But surprisingly, this weak race changed the entire flow of the battle.


Weak at birth? This provided them the motivation to pursue power, to study and invent weapons, magic etc. They studied martial arts from the Beastman, smithing from the Dwarf and Giant and magic from the Elf.


Short lifespan? This made them cherish their time more and with their endless pursuit for knowledge and endless motivation, their footsteps reaches even Heaven, Hell and other dimensions.


Furthermore, the iron law of the world dictates that stronger a race is, the harder it is for them to reproduce. In comparison, the weak humans have a scary reproduction ability.


Basically, once the numbers are there, the humans who possess great potential wouldn’t lack geniuses who can face the Gods and Demons head-on.


After experiencing countless wars, when the age of the Giant Devils came to an end, the world from then to present times belongs predominantly to the humans and this is the best example of the strength of humans.


The strong existences in the Chaos Faction aren’t just for decorations as well. They are still unable to create beings but they can twist the laws of the world… Thus, the ancient human king, the dictator who ruled the world many years ago started crawling out from the tombstone, powered by the endless power of death rather than their stamina and blood pulse.


He is the first Undead, also the oldest Death God Ayer.


For a significant period of time, Undeads served as a war tool for Demons and the Malevolent Gods.
TL: Malevolent gods refers to gods of the Chaos Faction if there’s any confusion.


I must say that the bloodthirsty undead who crave the souls of the living to fill up their emptiness are a convenient tool of war. They do not fear death and their numbers are unending.


No one would wish for their own brethren to be reduced to simply fodder and a tool of war. So, Death God Ayer secretly granted the intelligence of the Devils to his own brethren. Even though only undeads who were Silver-rank and above can start thinking, but this was enough to create the earliest Undead Lords. Under the command of the Undead Lords, there are countless subjects who fight fearlessly for them.


Since they aren’t even afraid of death, then why should they accept slavery?


Alright, so what happened afterwards is the betrayal of an entire race.


Now, as seen from the Xiluo Empire, the Undeads are an individual tribe. Often, there are human Mages who fear death and in search of longevity, they converted themselves to an immortal Undead and the core of the Undead race — Lich, was born like this.


The never-ending war between Order and Chaos is something not even the dead can escape from. Upon death, the souls of those who believes in the Gods of Order would be sent to the Heavenly Realm where the gods live. The strong would have a chance to become a Messenger of God and continue fighting for them. As for the faithless, cultists and evil, their souls would flow along the River Styx through the Abyss and Hell. There is a possibility that they might be converted into a Devil or Demon at any time and climb up to shore.


The War of Dimensions between the Abyss and the Heavenly Realm and the eternal war between the Order Faction and Chaos Faction still continues to function as an never ending meat grinding machine


For the player, this is not only history, but also the storyline for the future plot.


Once you choose a Faction and join this world, endless wars and calamities would follow by your side.


Eich’s Seven Trials, the first 2 trials are problems that could be solved internally among humans. At that point in time, a Silver-rank on the surface is sufficient to serve as a main attacker. When the 3rd trial, The Undead Calamity, and the 4th trial, The Return of the Demons and Devils, starts, it would have risen to the level where the Golden Tribes interfere directly in the war. The Gold-rank Humans can only count as higher tier fodder.


Not mentioning the 5th and 6th for now, the 7th trial, also the final calamity, is the revival of the 2 Goddesses and the epics of the war of ancient gods play out. At that time, even with the strength of the SemiGod which I once reached can only count as slightly higher quality fodder.


When that time comes, the Gods begin fighting directly on the mortal world. The Eich Continent cracks and cracks, all of the doors to other worlds open and the powerful otherwordly tribes completely changes the world into a living hell.


As for why there isn’t a 8th trial, when the world has been cut into 3000 pieces or more, that isn’t important anymore…


No wonder Seers tend to be eccentric. How can I take it lying when I know that a future of a doomsday is awaiting…


Maybe, I turned mad the moment that I became aware of the calamities in the future. I pursued power in a frenzy, slaughtering in a frenzy, used my golden finger system to improve myself in a frenzy and at the same time, the crimes that I committed are boundless.


Following my law that a sinner should be judged, I’m afraid that the 1st one that should be burnt on a stake should be me.


Even so, I don’t intend to argue my way out. I admit my crimes but I have no regrets. Furthermore… I seemed to find a way to divert the course of the world and have done much in preparations.


In this moment, the time that I have waited so patiently to come is probably here. The system’s notice about the game’s main storyline is also the start of the 1st trial ‘Whisper of the Demons”.


The start of the main storyline, in the original ‘history’ also means an influx of players to change the fate of this world.


If it was just like that strangely real advertisement slogan ‘A true world is awaiting, you hold the future in your hands’, then the 7 calamities probably have something to do with those shortsighted and dumb players.


The one who opened the seal to the Abyss that allowed the Demons and Devils to roam the surface is a bunch of player mercenaries who were blinded by greed. Furthermore, the Calamity of White Bones which pulled the entire world into the midst is in fact the Invasion of a Undead Lord-level player.


The irresponsible otherworldly visitors fight for the sake of gold coins and equipment. They view the original inhabitants as puppets to fool to extract their remaining value out. They made the hard-to-survive calamities into an impossible-to-survive hell.


Of course, for the world to continue moving forward, the one who fought the war and sacrificed themselves many times, some even deleting their accounts, were also this bunch of otherworldly guests.


This time, in this real world, there are no longer any gamers who have the future in their hands. The only one who can change the future is this incomplete bone watcher over here.


“Thou swears to reverse cause and effect, change the course of fate and bring the populace safely out of the calamities.”


Alright, after a bunch of crap, I believe that everyone is sick and tired of the settings and background. Let’s get back to something concrete.


I have been thinking about how to survive the ultimate end of these calamities for a long time. Un, at least how to stop the repeating loop of the Eternal War.


“Holy Light huh?”


The Holy Light which conquers over 30% of the world’s believers became my experimental aim.


The foolish God of Light have indeed fulfilled his motives and became the strongest god. But the him now, due to the influx of too much faith, he was assimilated by the faith and lost his humanity, turning him into a concept-like existence.


A little tough to understand? It is like an old PC downloading the entire internet’s data at one go, causing the CPU to explode. The entire system is jammed, leaving only the hardware operating.


Un, the God of Light is that PC which exploded. He is only now instinctively maintaining the basic programmes whereas his owner has already disconnected. On the other hand, as he represents the concept itself, losing his owner made him even stronger.


As similar Concept Gods, the ‘great’  Mother of Earth and ‘wise’ Goddess of Magic, they are incredibly powerful but other than providing power to their own believers, they don’t even have a sense of self, thus depriving them of the ability to interfere in the mortal world.


“The son of Order who believes in the light has authority to wield the Holy Light.”


The preaching of the Holy Light might seem noble but in actuality, it is just a machine-like way of dealing with the qualifications to use Holy Light. It refers to the 2 prerequisite to using Holy Light and anyone who fulfills these requirements can use it. Firstly, he must be of an Order bloodline and secondly, he must believe in the light…


Alright, my experiments have proven that it is just a load of bull and a demon in a human body can use the Holy Light as well. It is enough as long as you brainwash yourself to make him think that you really believe in the Holy Light and fool that dumb Light-brand receiver.


But just Holy Light isn’t enough.


Holy Light is a concept one tier under Order, its core being ‘cleansing’. That’s to say, it causes everything to proceed on naturally along the laws of the world. So, existences that defies the laws such as the Undead who defied the laws of death and the chaotic Demons and Devils who do not obey laws are naturally his arch-enemy.


In reality, Holy Light is indeed the nemesis of these 2 Chaos lifeforms… So, those who intend to use Holy Light to pursue peace and harmony are just like those who pursue military might to bring about world peace. Anyway, the result is destroying all of their enemies.


But, Eich’s long history has proven that it is impossible to completely wipe out a faction. Order and Chaos can’t destroy each other totally. After a short-lived victory, the next rebound will be a fierce revenge.


Since destroying the other faction is impossible, then getting along is the only plausible solution… Getting along with the completely unreasonable Chaos lifeforms? If word were to spread out that I said this, then I would have really proven my honorary title as ‘The Lich whose head was dunked in water Roland’.


“If only there was a boundary which everyone could follow by.”


This is my most initial thought. Afterwards, I recall the agreements made among countries in my previous life. Then, I remembered my legal career which I passionately worked in in my previous life…


“Alright, since I’m so idle now, being trapped Liu Huang Mountain City, so why don’t I just give it a shot. There’s nothing to lose anyway.”


Thus, ‘dang dang dang‘, the Supreme Court was built. ‘Dang dang dang‘, the 4 Halls were erected. ‘Dang dang dang‘, the entire legal system has been formed…


So, when the thick notebook which J filled with different laws was somehow recognised by the Origin of Order and became the God Equipment Origin of Codex, the Power of Law also rise to become a concept equal to the Holy Light. The one who found it hardest to believe that these all had happened is me myself.


After a long state of disbelief, I fell into a state of uncontrollable frenzied laughter and intense joy… Then, laughing and laughing, I started crying. I don’t even recall how long had I been in a state of madness, how long I had struggled…


“Hahahahaha, so the solution was so easy after all. For an entire 300 years, I have been walking in circles. To think that the key would be on me from the very start.” After countless failures, this is the first time I saw the day of hope.


The core of the Holy Light is ‘cleanse’, putting back everything back to the Order they belong to. The core of my Power of Law is ‘Equality’. Every life, every existence has a reason and order in their existence. Even Chaos itself is a twisted form of Order. As long as both parties work within the boundaries they agree on, then coexistence could be possible.


This boundary is the basis of the Power of Law.


“Those who bypass these boundaries will be punished and even sentenced to death. Regardless of his identity, strength and race, in the face of the scale of law, everyone is equal.


The first Power of Law is similar to the primitive form of the law we have now, an eye for an eye. It is very crude and hard to control. It hurts both the opponent and the user. Fortunately, as long as my horcrux isn’t damaged, it is just a matter of reviving. I am used to dying anyway… Cough, after adding in more laws and changing the core principles, the current Power of Law is getting closer and closer to the ‘Laws of Equality’ I hope to create.


“As long as the Law Enforcers give up their sense of self and decides to fight for equality and justice, they are able to wield the Power of Law.”


I imitated the simple rules of the preaching of Holy Light but I was still far away from the day of achieving that.


As a newborn power of concepts, the Power of Law is still weak and requires an influx of faith for it to grow. Now, only Liu Huang Mountain City where the Power of Law is the thickest, in an area around the Origin of Codex can the Power of Law be a power of concept equal to the Holy Light.


“After all, there’s no God of Law. But, there will be one…”


Just like what I said when I was teasing the Town Security (Undead Playground), there will be a God of Law and the Power of Law that is recognised by the entire world. As long as my scheme… Hehe, I think using the word plan is better, works as I expected, what should be there will be there.


“There will be a God of Law and Enforcers who wield the Power of Law will roam the entire world. Every city will establish its own justice and legal system…”


…It will all be there! I swear on my horcrux!


This time, I won’t be the silly individual who tries to block the truck with his weak arms to try to change ‘history’. This time, we, all of the Law Enforcers who believe in the law, will become the authors of a brand new history.


When Adam that fool asked me if it was worth it to sacrifice so much for such an intangible dream, my answer remains the same.


“Of course it is worth it. My dreams are like the sea of stars. My Power of Law will one day surpass the lame Power of Holy Light.”


Yes, it was without doubt that I am poaching from the of the Holy Light. Maybe I should be glad for the fact that the God of Light has lost his sense of self or else suddenly getting erased by a ray of light from the sky would be my eventual ending.


But now, those foolish Holy Knights are instead, overjoyed over a new power in the Origin of Order and even specially sent people here to study it…


Let me return to my corner to laugh a bit. When the Power of Law becomes mainstream and legal systems are built up all over the continent, would there still be a need for the existence for the Holy Church who repetitively preach the old values? Is this the legendary act of cornering oneself?


This reminds me of another world where the teachers in those monasteries became the creators of modern science, thus helped digging the grave for creationism… History are indeed similar all around the world, the ones who dig the hole at the first are always people from the inside.


Un, when that time comes and they lose their jobs, as repayment, I will open the system and provide job changes for Holy Knights to Justice Knights, Priests to Judgementor and Holy Mage to Law Incantationer. The tips of the service I provide then should be quite substantial.


“Lord, we are done with the preparations.”


Elisa’s voice interrupted my wonderful daydream.


This is the First Hall of the Supreme Court, also the largest Court, capable to holding up to a thousand people. But due to its large size, it is expensive to upkeep this place and thus, I have only used in on several occasions.


“Now, it is time to show the world the true divinity of the Power of Law. From here, as Liu Huang Mountain City as the origin, the Power of Law will truly penetrate every corner of the world…”


A deep voice was only describing plainly, but it reverberates within the huge hall and eventually becomes an ancient and heavy resonance, as though like the sound of the feedback from history, as though that it was the decided future.


Now, as I sit on the top of the court, the entire spectator stand remains empty while on my left stands the strongest person of the judicial system Judge Kale.Diya and on my right, the blank-faced Xueti, who is a Legend-rank.


Elisa carefullypassed a thick old book filled with yellow pages forward. The old boom which felt like it might scatter with just a blow of the wind is the highest God Equipment of the Power of Law, the Origin of Codex.


“Old companion, I haven’t used you ever since you became a God Equipment.


Caressing the familiar binding, I felt a little sentimental. Looking around me, Kale and Xueti nods, indicating that they are all prepared to go. Thus, I started speaking.


“I, the Supreme Judge Wumianzhe.”


“I, first tier Judge Kale.Diya.”


“I, second tier Judge Xueti.”


“We call for a Council of Judgement! Begin the hearing!”


Following our declaration, the silver light of the Power of Law scatters down like stars and the entire world was shrouded with a blinding silver light. The next moment, we are no longer in the old court, but in a space devoid of anything.




Taking over the God Equipment Origin of Codex, the Saint Great Law Incantationer Kale.Diya strokes the beard he was proud of and speaks with a deep voice:


“The Court of Stars!”


Legend-rank experts pull their distance apart from Gold-rank experts through showing to the world the shine of the souls, their Soul Imprint. If so, then what does a Saint-rank expert has to differentiate themselves from Legend-rank experts.


“It is the world. Saint-rank experts have their own Soul World, allowing them to project their ideal world in their hearts into reality. In the world they created, they are able to exert 300% of their usual strength.”
Soul World: Literally means the world of the heart.


Very quickly, with the help of the Origin of Codex, Kale completed creating his own Soul World.


That is a court created by the light of the stars. There is the judge’s seat, defendant’s stand, plaintiff’s stand, whatever a court should have are all there. In this court, all kinds of fighting tools and abilities have been voided and no lies can be spouted. The only thing one can rely on is facts and explanations through the law.


In this moment, the empty spectator stand is filled with figures created by the shine of the stars. The star spirits of the ancient heroes were invited as spectators to view this mystical judgement.


But unlike normal spectators, they will use their justice which the world sing praises about to make a judgement. If they find the judgement to be unfair, they can forcefully terminate this judgement. On the other hand, if they find the judgement imperial, they wouldn’t be stingy with their applause.


“First of all, the crime of escaping from jail!”


Pah!” The gavel strikes down and innumerable starlight were formed. The defendant’s stand is filled with intangible figures at this moment and the escapees from Liu Huang Mountain City Prison fell into a daze.


Their physical bodies were now looking blankly forward with no strength in their limbs. They simply stood there in a daze, as though their souls had escaped. In reality, their souls


“Why am I here…”


“This is?”


Towards the chatter of their souls, I lightly knocked the gavel.


“Incantation of Law: Silence!”


Then, only the sound of Xueti’s mumbling of the spell could be heard.


In this court, the effects and the consumption of mana for Law Incantations has been increased significantly. Despite it being just a 1-circle Incantation of Law, he has already chanted for an entire 30 seconds!


“Incantation of Law: Judgement!”


When Xueti finally activates the Law Incantation, a bright red light appears on all of the souls and a vague image appears on their forehead, signifying their guilt. It shows how they attacked the prison wardens, escape from jail, kill the patrols blocking the way and bring harm to ordinary citizens on the way.


“147 innocent citizens died and the estimated loss totals to 3.62 million gold coins.”


The star spirits on the spectator stand begins to ramble angrily. To these ancient heroes, the hurting of innocent citizens are the shame of the powerful. It was an act they can’t accept. Many of them even turned down their thumbs towards them.


“Death penalty!!”


“Death penalty!!”


Then, all of the videos finally reached the final scene. It was the physician monument outside the Liu Huang Mountain City Prison gates. On it is some laws that I personally written.


“Liu Huang Mountain City Statute 97: Escapees from prisons will be hanged!”




My gavel also strikes down immediately afterwards.


“1461 defendants judged guilty of escaping from prison. The court sentences them to death by hanging! The sentence is to carried out immediately!!”


The next moment, all of their souls return back to their body. Just when they were, despite being drenched in cold sweat, glad that it was just a nightmare, they failed to realise that a sensation on the neck was making it harder and harder for them to breath…


Following which, ‘hulah‘ a crisp sound rings and their heads are pulled up by an intangible rope, leaving only their legs to kick in frenzy.


Even though they were grabbing their necks frantically, causing multiple wounds on their necks, but they unable to grab hold of that formless rope. After numerous seconds of struggling, both of their hands slump down, strengthless.


After concluding the first round of judgement, I took a deep breath.


“The execution has been completed. The second crime, the crime of betraying the city!”


It was similar to the previous process, just that the defendants this time is the remaining councilors who conspired with the other Underground cities, the trolls who made use of this chaos to rob and slaughter others and such…


“Death penalty!! Decapitation!”


Following the fall of the gavel, thousands of heads fall to the ground. Seeing how the sinners suddenly fall dead, there already are citizens of the city kneeling down to thank the appearance of this miracle!


“The third crime, the crime of war and bribery!!”


This time, following the strike of my gavel, my sight changed continuously, and finally, I arrived at the battlefield a distance away, the sulfur mountains which have been turned into an ice field!


The both parties on the battlefield didn’t seem to have notice the arrival of the Court of Stars. Only Magaret and the Beastman Tribe Head seems to be tilting their head to look in this direction.


“It is normal for Magaret who had stepped into the realm of SemiGod to feel me but that Beastman… Looks like he isn’t a normal Saint-rank.”


But the arrow is already drawn, I had no choice but to proceed ahead.


“Thou warns the court that the crime is still ongoing and the invasion is happening right now, so a judgement must be made immediately to lower the losses of the victim!”


Pah.” Kale’s suggestion is logical and it could save the powers of the Origin of Codex which was on the verge of drying up. There’s no reason for me to reject it.


“Agreed. Shorten the process and begin judgement immediately!”


“This land belongs to the jurisdiction of Liu Huang Mountain City. The invaders, the Underground Alliance Army, and the victim, Liu Huang Mountain City, is clear to see. Following the codex…”


“Death penalty!”


“Death penalty!”


“Death penalty!”


The 3 judges came to the same conclusion and voices of ‘death penalty’ could, even more so, be constantly heard from the spectator’s stand. The judgement of the Council immediately took effect and thus…


In the next moment, on the ground, regardless of whether it is the strong military officers of the Beastman or the old experienced Beastman soldiers, after being labelled with the insignia of guilt, blood started to float out from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears. They solemnly drop on the floor, dead. The Red Dragons and Black Dragons in the sky had their eyes rolled back and fall to their deaths.


The strong warriors die one after another mysteriously and an eerie silence envelops the entire battlefield. Even the wise Magaret was stunned up on the sight of such a situation.


The fiery battlefield from before chills down in a blink of an eye after the verdict was passed.


The ground was full of corpses of the invaders…


In this moment, the Underground Alliance Army has been almost annihilated. The exception would probably be the Dragon Empress who was loitering around the sky.


After realising that something was amiss, the strongest Dragon of the underground world abandons her comrade and the battlefield without hesitation and simply turns away to flee.


From the very start, I didn’t include the SemiGod Dragon Empress into the judgement. As a SemiGod tier, she is too powerful. Given Kale’s strength, even with the help of the God Equipment, he would be unable to judge her. If he tries to do it forcefully, the entire Soul World might even shatter.


“If only I was in my best condition…” I shake my head. Just like Magaret’s catchphrase ‘Hypothetical situations are meaningless, ?if? is only an excuse used by the weak to console themselves’. I better focus my attention on the present.


The judgement has already ended and the star spirits have scattered. With a sweep of the battlefield with my eyes, I saw the dead Beastman Sovereign standing up and he even glared fiercely at me.


In his beast eyes, a black-green inferno was burning fervently with bone-piercing hatred.


“So it really is the doings of the Demons? Looks like it is a noble, seems like I won’t be able to get him.”


I am familiar with that flame. That is the Chaos Inferno that originates Hell, only great demons with noble bloodline can wield it.


In the next moment, Shou.Nuya’s figure disappears completely in a patch of black smoke.


As for our side, the dissolution of the Soul World seems to have reached the final phase.


“Lord, looks like I must apply for 2 months of long break.” After saying this, the old Kale who overworked himself this time falls to the ground unconscious.


“Good job.” After getting Xueti to settle Kale properly, I glanced helplessly at the Origin of Codex which have lost its glow. After spending so much energy, looks like the God Equipment is in for a longer break.


But looking at the city area which began to regain its peace, the survivors for was thankful for the miracle and the citizens who begin to hug each other, thankful for being safe, I felt that it was all worth the effort.


Finally, I strike the gavel down lightly.


“End of hearing. Court dismissed.”

Wow, long chapter. This represents the end of the internal strife arc. The next arc is going to be a little more interesting.

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